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A Swap

by Anon Pixnixer Author


Drama Sex Story: An insecure guy wants proof that a bigger dick would make his wife come harder

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Fiction   Sharing   Oral Sex   Size   .


Jeri and I had been married for about ten years, and most of our relationship had been great. We enjoyed most of the same things: music, sports, movies, and sex. We made love often, and it was usually super.

Nevertheless, I had always had this nagging feeling that she was not being completely satisfied by our lovemaking. Still, I had to admit that she almost always seemed to reach orgasm, particularly when I took her clit in my lips and licked back and forth across it as fast as my tongue could go. I could see her tummy muscles tighten in spasms as she groaned faster and faster until she cried out and then relaxed, becoming all soft and warm. Her climaxes were similar when I pushed my cock in as far and as fast and as hard as I could, but those orgasms were not as intense (at least I wasn’t sure). As a result of this concern, I began to wonder whether I might be falling somewhat “short” in fulfilling her sexual needs.

As time passed, I began to develop a fantasy as to how to test my theory that Jeri would be more satisfied by a bigger cock. At first I thought about getting one of those giant dildoes I’d seen in the porno store, but decided that that would have been so obvious as to negate the value of the test results. The only true test would be for Jeri to think that I was fucking her, but with a bigger cock. However, at least so far, there were no hospitals providing dick enlargement operations, so that meant that if I was ever going to find out, I would have to find someone else (with a really big dick) to fuck Jeri while she thought it was me!

Where does one begin to recruit someone for this sort of a plan? I couldn’t go to a nightclub and “pick up” someone. It had to be someone I could trust, someone safe, and someone “hung”. There were plenty of guys at work that would love to get their dick in Jeri, but there’s the old saying about “don’t shit in you own backyard” that made co-workers out of the question. So what to do?

It was about this time that an old friend from my high school days called to say he was back in town and would like to get together and renew our friendship. I didn’t put the two situations together at first, but when Mel and I began reminiscing about out days together on the Tennis team, I remembered why I had envied him. As I recalled, Mel’s prick was as big soft as mine had been hard, although we never made a direct comparison. I thought that he was very probably (at least physically) what I needed to fulfill my fantasy “test.”

As Mel and I talked, I learned that he was recently separated from his wife, and that they were going to get a divorce. He stated his displeasure at reentering the dating scene, saying that all the really great women had already found someone and gotten married or were at least living with someone. He also confided that he had once had a desire to pursue Jeri, but that I had “beaten him out”. This was almost too unlikely to believe, but what the hell, I decided to give it a try and see how far I could make this go. Could I really let another man fuck my wife?

Over the next several weeks, we had Mel over for dinner and we went out to the movies together a few times. Jeri fixed him up with some of her girlfriends from work, but nothing clicked. All the while, I was making casual hints about Jeri and me to Mel, trying to see if he showed any interest, He seemed genuinely concerned about us, and I felt more comfortable all the time about revealing my fantasy to him.

One night, after dinner, as we were having a drink, and Jeri was on the phone with a friend, I decided to open the door on my soul a little wider. I asked Mel to confirm that he still found Jeri attractive, which he did. I then began to explain my concerns about our physical relationship.

He understood, and joked, “all you pencil-peters have that fear.”

“Thanks a lot”, I answered. “You’re a big help.”

“Well, what the fuck can I do about it?”, he asked.

“Look Mel, can I tell you something in confidence without fear of your having a bad reaction.”

I proceeded to carefully outline my fantasy to see if Jeri would have a stronger orgasm if she were making love to me and I had a bigger dick.

“So how you gonna do that?” Mel asked.

“Well”, I said, “You asked what you could do...”

Then I went full ahead and detailed what I thought could work to fool Jeri into thinking that she was screwing me when in fact she’d be screwing Mel. Mel was not too eager at first, but after some long-winded rationalizing, I began to turn him toward agreeing to give it a try. I asked him just how big he was, to which he replied “big enough!”. Finally I got him to admit to 10 and half inches. “Sure!” I said.

“Want proof?” he asked.

“I’m from Missouri. Show me!”

I got a ruler, he got it hard, I checked, he’d lied ... it was actually just over 11 inches.

“Whoa”, I said. Over size, maybe this wasn’t such a good idea after all. But I’d committed to this course, and I was determined to get the answer to my question.

Obviously, it would be necessary for Mel to be present without Jeri knowing it, so the first order of business was to select a location where I could be fucking Jeri while Mel was close by. We decided on the rec room, because of the storage room nearby where Mel could hide until I got things going. There were these big floor pillows that Jeri and I had fucked on before, so that wouldn’t arouse her suspicion. Next, we had to figure out how to get Mel into the storage room without Jeri knowing that he was even in the house. We figured that we cold “sneak” Mel into the house while Jeri was at the store.

Then we had to come up with a way for Mel to relieve himself in case he had to take a piss while he waited in the storeroom. An empty coffee can with its plastic lid would work OK. Since there would be no easy way to signal Mel when to come out of the store room, we agreed that he would just have to peek around the doorway to the rec room and use his own best judgment as to when to come in. The lights would have to be off so that Jeri would not be able to see Mel and I trade off.

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