Eleventh Grade Teacher - Cover

Eleventh Grade Teacher

by John-John


Erotica Sex Story: A teacher is enthralled by a young student and succumbs even though he knows it's wrong.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Fiction   FemaleDom   Anal Sex   Analingus   Oral Sex   Pegging   .


There was a girl in my 11th grade class who was in danger of flunking. I had tried to tutor her a few times at lunch but it was not enough time. She worked after school and there was no time then. I hate any of my students to fail and thought it would be wonderful if I could have one class with no E’s.

In some desperation I told her that she could come at my apartment on Saturday morning for a real tutoring session. Christy gave me a long searching look and agreed leaving me slightly puzzled and uneasy.

On that warm spring morning she rang my bell at the hour we’d agreed upon, and I let her in. I only noticed it later but she was wearing high heels. Tight spandex shorts, and a v-necked t-shirt cut to expose her tummy. For 17 she had a very mature body. She carried her books under one arm and a large handbag on the other.

We started the lesson and there I made my mistake I let her sit next to me. I tried hard to concentrate on the material while she seemed attentive and I became more and more aware of her body next to me.

Once she leaned closer to look at the materials and the cloth of her short t-shirt fell forward; I got a good look at her full breasts and prominent nipples. My dick became very hard. Christy sat closer and her thigh touched mine. She moved her hand onto my knee and my student looked at me with her face inches away. I do not know who started first but then we were kissing deeply, our arms around each other, she was caressing my dick through my pants.

We kissed for a long time penetrating each others mouth with our tongues. She started unbuttoning my shirt and she kissed me on the neck moving lower as she undid successive buttons. Her tongue circled my nipples and lapped at their small peaks. She pursed her lips around one and sucked. It felt good.

I cupped Christy’s breasts under her shirt and caressed the bare skin. She paused a moment, removed her short t-shirt, and went back to work on me. Her tongue was on my stomach now and her hands unfastened my pants and unzipping me. She pulled my underwear down and fastened her lips around the head of my cock. I couldn’t believe what was happening.

I looked down at her sandy brown hair. She gave a long suck that sent a bolt of pleasure through me. When she looked up at with her beautiful face and suggested we get into bed and do it right, I didn’t argue. Picking up her handbag she followed me.

Setting her large handbag down by the bed, Christy took the rest of my clothes off. I reached for her breasts again and sat on the edge of the bed.

She knelt and took my dick in her mouth again. She gave me an expert blowjob. I had never been blown so well. Her tongue would swirl around the head and try to force its way into the urethra. Then her gorgeous head would bob up and sown and she would use her lips and the front of her teeth on the shaft and head. She caressed my balls and teased my asshole with her fingertips.

The pleasure was becoming so intense that I wanted her to slow down. Christy would have none of it. Her head bobbed even faster. Her mouth was like a vacuum chamber and her lips were a tight rubber ring. She made me come so hard I thought my head would burst.

I shot into her mouth thinking I would never stop coming. There must have been 10 or 12 spasms because my cock was still jerking when there was no more semen.

Ordinarily my prick goes soft after a hard come like that, but Christy kept her tongue going all the time, and it stayed stiff.

She snuggled up next to me and said, I want you to fuck me now and later I’ll fuck you. At the time I didn’t realize the significance of her words. Looking into her eyes I kissed her deeply and rolled her onto her back.

Mounting her, my hard cock thrust into her. The age-old rhythm and her excitement combined, took control of her and she fucked back. Christy held me tightly. Her eyes were closed. Her face was a grimace. Her pelvis gyrated up and down against mine.

After only a few minutes of this she arched her back, raising her butt off the bed and we ground our pelvises together while she came with a long drawn out moan.

After a short rest she propped herself on knees and elbows and we did it doggie-style. While plunging her pussy from behind I came again and so did she. I rested on her back and my dick softened and slid out of her.

We ate a light lunch and talked about school, teaching, homework, anything. Then we were kissing again and she was fondling my hardening dick. We were embracing lying in bed. Christy was on the bottom. Her hands caressed my lower back and then my ass cheeks. She slid a finger into the crack and teased my asshole.

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