My Wild Older Cousin - Cover

My Wild Older Cousin

by Bob Banger


Incest Sex Story: Living in the Bahamas has its perks. Relatives want to take advantage.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Fiction   Incest   Cousins   Anal Sex   Oral Sex   .

I was preparing dinner when the phone rang.


“Hey cous.”

“Hey you.”

It was my cousin from Michigan, Claudia, I was expecting her call as I was told she was coming to vacation in the Bahamas.

Since I moved down to the islands, my social life has been anything but boring. I come from a large family and since I’ve been living in Nassau, there is always somebody from the family coming to vacation and trying to take advantage of the situation.

“I’m trying to check into the hotel and they’re telling me that they don’t have a room for me. They’re overbooked and nobody is leaving at this time. The fucking bastards.”

“Which hotel are you at?”

“The Courtyard on Bay Street west.”

“They can’t find something else?”

“The only room they found was at Bahamar. It’s very nice, but it’s very much out of my league. The courtyard is what I can afford, not stupid Bahamar. They’re willing to pay the cost of their own room, but the difference in price is still way out of my budget.

I bit the bullet.

“You can stay with me until a room opens up.”

“Really? Are you sure? I don’t want to impose; after all you don’t know me. We’ve met what, once? and that was over twenty years ago.”

“No imposition I assure you. I have the room and I lack the companionship. So you’re most welcome to stay as long as you need.” I offerend knowing very well that she’ll probably stay the whole week at my place.

Claudia, whom I met once long ago was the eldest daughter of my father’s oldest brother. At fourty-five she was a decade older than my thirty-five years, and would be the oldest woman to come over and stay her holiday at my place.

“I live about twenty-five minutes away from the Courtyard. I’ll come pick you up.”

“Oh thank you! Thank you, thank you. You’re a life saver. Dad told me you’re a sweetheart.”

“So how do I recognize you.”

“Well, I’m wearing a short white skirt and an orange shirt over it. Oh and my hair is now bleached blond, not brown like you might remember.”

“I should be there in about thirty.”

I drove out west to her hotel knowing that this has the potential to be a nightmare for the next week.

I pulled up to the hotel and was well surprised by Claudia. She was tall, very busty, fit and looked amazing for somebody I dreaded would be an old hag from the cold part of the country. I walked up to her and introduced myself.

“John? It can’t be you. My god you’ve gotten big. I vaguely remember you as this little skinny kid that came to visit twenty five years ago. Holy mother of god. How tall are you now?”


“Look at those muscles!”

“I like to stay fit.”

“You must have the ladies following you all over the place.”

“Anyway, that’s all you have?” pointing to the lone suitcase behind her.

“Yeah, I pack light.”


I put Claudia’s suitcase in the trunk and opened the left door for her as she headed to the right side.

“Unless you want to drive, you better come to this side.”

“What? Really? You guys drive on the left?”


She came around and I watched her get into the car and her short skirt ride up her long healthy legs. She seemed all too eager to spread her legs and give me a clear view of her sheer panties.

This woman looked great. Not bad so far.

I got into the right side and took off towards home. While I was driving I kept looking at her and her legs.

Claudia was a chatter box. She didn’t shut up the whole way. I couldn’t get in a word during her long uninterrupted narration of her life and her coming to stay with me.

What I could remember of it all was that she desperately needed a vacation since she hadn’t had a break from work since her husband died five years ago. It was pure luck that she won this vacation from her favourite radio show, but the bastards obviously were too cheap to guarantee a stay at a good hotel. Aunt Martha had given her my phone number and told her to call me while she was down and I’m a sweetheart. I’m sure she told me other things, but who can remember all that.

We arrived at my house at the end of Flemming Avenue. I led her into the house and she zoomed past me to the back which was on the beach.

“Holy crap cous. This place must have cost you a fortune. Right on the beach? Nice!”

“Well, if you’re in the Bahamas, you must live on a beach or what’s the point? Right?”

“Damn right. Good for you.”

I put her suitcase in the guest bedroom and went back to the kitchen to find Claudia had gone outside. I followed her and found her sitting on one of the loungers enjoying the setting winter sun and the beautiful view in my practically private beach.

“You sure got a nice place here.” She said as she felt me approaching.

I was surprised to find her in her panties and bra.

“I hope you don’t mind. I couldn’t help it. I need the sun on my skin. I haven’t seen the sun for months now. You know how Michigan is.”

“I don’t mind at all. You can go naked for all I care.”

“I can? I was told that public nudity was illegal here.”

“Well, it is. But, if you stay behind this hedge you’re on my property, not in public and as you can see, nobody is around and I surely won’t snitch on you.”

“I think it’s too early for me to go naked yet.”

“Anyway, you hungry or did you eat on the plane?”

“Yuck, don’t remind me. That airline had the most awful food I’ve ever laid eyes on. You can say I’m more than hungry.”

“Good. I prepared some lasagna and it should be ready soon. Care of some wine?”

“I would love some.”

I went back inside and got a couple of glasses and a chilled white wine bottle. I poured Claudia a full glass and myself a normal one.

“To a nice vacation.” I toasted.

“To a great vacation!” Claudia replied as we clinked glasses and took large sips.

“Careful with that wine on an empty stomach.” I cautioned as I saw Claudia down at least half of the very full glass that I gave her.

“I’m here to enjoy myself. Being tipsy is part of the fun. Do you think you can handle a tipsy old lady?”

“Old lady? Where?”

“Smooth John, very smooth. Thank you.”

“Seriously, you look awesome. You look younger than me for god sakes.”

“Hah, flattery will get you everywhere.”

“Just stating the fact.”

“Thank you.”

I couldn’t keep my eyes off her sheer panties and the clean-shaven flesh underneath. I think Claudia noticed my glances and opened her legs farther giving me a better view between her legs.

As she did, I looked up to find her looking into my eyes.

“Like what you see?” She said trailing her hand across her stomach, over her crotch and down her thigh until she laid it beside her on the lounger.

“Absolutely beautiful.”

“I’m not too old for you?”

“Stop with the age thing. Old is in the mind. If you think you’re old, you’ll behave old and be old. Think young and you’ll be young.”

“Well, with a hunk like you, I sure hope I can look young enough.”

Just at that moment my watch chimed as the time ended for the cooking Lasagna, interrupting a conversation that wasn’t going too well.

“Well, old lady, do you think you can drag that ass of yours back into the house so that we can have dinner?”

“Hey! That wasn’t very nice.”

“Well, you’re the one going on and on about being old. To hear you one would think you would need a wheelbarrow for your ass to stop it from dragging on the ground as you walk.”

“What?” She screamed laughing hysterically. “Wheelbarrow for my ass? That’s a really new one.”

“Ok, glad you like it. Now, let’s go before the lasagna starts burning. Don’t forget your glass.”

I turned and went to the backdoor bringing the wine bottle with me. I watched Claudia’s reflection in the backdoor glass as she got up, fixed up her large tits in her bra to make a good cleavage and she adjusted her panties by giving herself a deep camel toe. I think she really wanted to seduce me. Wouldn’t be the first female relative to do that.

We settled down at the table as I brought the lasagna and dished it out. As we ate, and I can say that Claudia’s appetite was impressive, we discussed her plans for the vacation.

“So, what’s your plans for the vacation? You’re here for one week right?”

“Right. I don’t have any plans yet. I had hoped that the hotel has some plans they could suggest to me during my stay.”

“I’m an expert here. I’ll suggest few things that you may like.”

“You would? Wow, you’re like the perfect host. Lodging, food and activities. You should charge for your services.”

“I do.”

“You do?” She asked seriously.

“Of course. You know the old adage: Cash, grass or ass?”

“Oh you! Well, don’t have any grass. I’m low on cash. So I guess ass?”

“I have great accommodations and services, so if it’s ass, your ass will have to work hard.”

“Oooo. I like the sound of that.” Claudia said as she stood up and came beside me and bent over facing away from showing me her barely pantied ass. “Will this ass be enough to pay for you services?”

I smacked her right cheek a bit hard startling her, but she remained in position.

“Let’s finish eating first. Sit.”

Claudia grabbed her ass cheeks in both hands and then spoke while squeezing them to make them kind of talk.

“Ok, whatever you say sir.” She said and almost fell on her face laughing. She was getting drunk.

Claudia sat back in her chair and was clearly excited. Her face and upper torso were flushed.

“So tell me about you. Kids?”

A cloud came over her face. Shit.

“Sadly no. James and I tried for years. It turned out that we both are low in the fertility department. We gave up after few years and decided to enjoy each other. I loved him very much.”

“Sorry, didn’t mean to open old wounds and foul the mood.”

“No worries. In certain situations, not being able to get pregnant is a big plus.”

“I guess so.” I replied as I thought hard about salvaging the previous mood.

I didn’t have to think much. As I contemplated what to say, a big dollop of sauce slipped off her fork and landed in her cleavage. As she reached for the napkin, I beat her with my finger and swiped the red sauce from between her tits and licked my fingers.

“Oooh!” She exclaimed.

“I can do a better job with my tongue if you wish.”

“I wish, I wish!” She invited.

“Come here.”

Claudia stood and came around the table to my side as I pushed my chair back and turned it to face the side.

She stopped a foot or so from me and bent over offering me her tits to clean up. I brought my face to her bountiful chest and did my best to lick every trace of sauce off her skin.

She held on to my shoulders and held her breath.

Her bra was more decorational than supportive and her heavy tits dangled. So I reached with my hands and felt their weight. Quite heavy. Her nipples were hard and poked out and into my palms, so I grasped them thru the thin fabric and tweaked them as I finished licking between the fleshy orbs.

“Oh I like that.” Claudia sighed.

I pulled her nipples down bringing her body lower until her face was level with mine. I looked into her heavily lidded eyes and kissed her parted lips. She returned the kiss enthusiastically and her tongue wrestled with mine as it probed her mouth.

As I pulled back from the kiss, Claudia quickly dropped to her knees between my legs while I still had a firm hold of her big nipples.

“You want me to start paying for my stay?” Claudia asked as she reached for my shorts.

I let go of her nipples and silently raised my hips a little off the chair and gave her room to pull them down. As my cock was released, it struck her left cheek.

“Oh my! It matches your size.”

“You’re talking too much.” I said pulling her head towards my hard cock.

Claudia didn’t disappoint. She opened her mouth and took as much of my cock to reach her tonsils. Her lips closed on my shaft and I felt strong suction being applied.

For the next few minutes Claudia gave one of the best blowjobs I’ve ever experienced. She used her hands, lips, tongue and throat to give my cock sensations that few women ever did. She even tried and mostly succeeded in taking most of my cock into her mouth and down her throat. I guess age results in experience.

Soon I felt like I’m about to come and didn’t want the first time to be in her mouth. Plenty of time for that later.

I reached for her nipples again and pulled her up using them.

“Enough sucking. Time for some fucking.” I said as I turned her around and reached for her barely-there panties. I pulled them down her ass and gave her a hard smack on her right cheek.

“Can you use your pussy like you can your mouth?”

“You bet I can.” Claudia said as she bent forward and I felt her hand reach between her legs to my cock. She lined it up and brought it to her fat pussy. She didn’t need to swipe to get it any more wet. In one motion, she sat and took three quarters of my cock into her tight dripping pussy.

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