After the Party - Cover

After the Party

by Bad Bad Dad


Incest Sex Story: After getting dumped at a party, his daughter tells him the wildest tale and they concluded the evening in the most pleasurable way

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Ma/ft   Mult   Consensual   Drunk/Drugged   Fiction   Incest   Father   Daughter   Anal Sex   First   Oral Sex   .

I watched the high school erupt with well-dressed young men and women for a few minutes before pulling up to the door. For the most part I ignored the suited boys unless they had their arms around one of the many made-up teenage girls. Their dresses were, more often than not, too tight for their blossoming figures, their skirts too short, their necklines too low. I wasn’t complaining, only wishing I could take home more than one.

The passenger door opened and Rebecca climbed inside, her long skirt slit far on my side. I could see her black stocking and a bit of her upper thigh where the stockings ended, but the slit continued. She made sure her high-heeled right shoe was inside before slamming the door and sniffling, pulling her seatbelt around her ample chest, barely hidden by her black dress.

“What’s wrong?” I asked as I pulled away from the school, slowing down to admire a blonde girl in a blue gown.

“Michael dumped me,” Rebecca mumbled.

“What?” Michael and my daughter had been dating for a few months. I wasn’t too fond of the boy, but he knew his manners and kept his hands relatively to himself.

“He’s dating Michelle now,” she snapped. Then: “Whore,” under her breath. I pretended not to hear.

“You didn’t put out for him, did you?” I asked.

“No. I wouldn’t do that, Daddy,” she defended herself.

We went the rest of the car ride in silence. She sniffled a few times, and I put a hand on her knee, gently stroking the black stocking. We arrived at home and went inside. Rebecca was about to go to her room and change, no doubt, but I took her by the elbow and said, “Would you like some wine before bed, dear?”

She looked at me oddly, then smiled. “Sure.”

I had never allowed her to drink alcohol before, so she was both surprised and a bit excited by my invitation. I led her into the living room, where a bottle sat in an ice bucket. I popped the cork and poured two glasses of wine. We sat on the couch together, and I put my arm around her shoulder. She leaned her head against my chest and slowly sipped from her glass.

“You know, Michael isn’t good enough for my little girl, anyway,” I said.

She nodded. When her glass was empty I surprised her again by refilling it. She took another sip, then said, “Daddy?”

“Yes, dear.”

“I’m sorry. I wasn’t entirely truthful in the car.”

I felt myself squeeze her arm a little tightly as a flash of anger went through me. I caught myself, afraid of ruining the mood, and responded: “Really?”

“I kind of put out.”

“Kind of?”


“Tell me.”

“The long story or the short story?”

“The whole thing.”

“Remember when I went to that party last night?”


“Well, even though you told me not to, I drank. A lot. I’m sorry, Daddy, but everyone else was doing it ... and I know that that’s no excuse, but Michael was kind of ignoring me and everyone else was having fun, so I started drinking too.

“I was really trashed and I saw Michael going into one of the rooms with Michelle. I got pissed off and followed them up there to yell at them. They were really drunk, too. When I opened the door Michael was sitting at the foot of the bed, with his pants and underwear down around his ankles. His...”


“Yeah, it was all hard and everything. Michelle had her sweater off; she was just wearing her little whore cheering skirt and her socks. She was sitting next to him, giving him a handjob. Seeing his ... cock ... I was getting turned on, even though I was pissed about seeing him with Michelle. She was just looking at me, all superior and everything, and Michael was starting to say that he needed satisfaction, and he loved me, but I wouldn’t do anything for him. Michelle looked at him and she was like, ‘She won’t even give you a blowjob?’

“She pushed him down onto his back and started sucking on his cock. I was so pissed that she was just doing this in front of me like she didn’t even care. She stopped and looked at me again. ‘Come on, Rebecca,’ she said. ‘It’s fun.’

“I didn’t know what to do, but I was sure if I left them there alone then Michael would dump me and everyone would hear about what a lousy girlfriend I was from Michelle. I didn’t want her to win, so I took off my tank top and got on my knees between his legs. I started licking his cock while she held it up, but I wasn’t sure what to do. Michelle said, ‘Like this,’ and showed me how to take his cock in my mouth and suck on it. So I started to do that.

“For a while I was fighting to keep her away from his cock so that I could give him the blowjob. She stopped trying to suck on it whenever I lifted my head and pulled her panties off. She sat on Michael’s face and I knew he was licking her pussy while I was giving him a blowjob. That pissed me off, too, because I just wanted that bitch to leave. Sorry.”

“That’s okay,” I assured her. “Sip your wine and continue.”

She did so. “Well, anyway, after a while my mouth was getting tired so I just started licking the underside of his cock and Michelle leaned down across his body and was licking the other side. Our tongues touched a few times, and then we were kissing, suddenly, with his cock between us. Michael started to cum, and Michelle and I let him do it all over our tongues and lips. We were kissing some more, then, with his cum in our mouths.”

“Is that all?”

She took another sip of wine. Then, softly, ashamed, “No.”

“What happened next?”

“Michelle climbed off of Michael and started touching my breasts, kissing them, and licking my nipples. I was getting real horny, and I started touching her, too. We made out for a little while, and Michael got dressed. I wasn’t feeling angry anymore, and I wanted to have sex or something. I thought I was going to explode.

“Michael said we should go to his house, and we said we would. We walked there ... getting dressed first, of course. Michelle and I were ignoring Michael, walking together, talking a little, and kissing and stuff. We snuck into Michael’s room so we wouldn’t wake his parents. Michael said he wanted to fuck me, but I said I couldn’t. I’m sorry, Daddy.”

“It’s alright, sweetie, don’t worry about your words, just tell me what happened.” I was getting incredibly aroused from this story, wondering just what this Michelle looked like.

“Okay, well, Michelle said she’d fuck him. He took off his clothes and lay on his bed. Michelle hadn’t put her panties back on and she sat on him and let him fuck her. Michael said he’d lick my pussy if I sat on his face, so I took off my pants and panties, and did so. Michelle wouldn’t be quiet, and I tried to be, but he made me cum twice while he was fucking her. I was facing away from Michelle and she reached around me and took off my top, and started squeezing my tits again.

“We heard some sounds from the house and someone went into the bathroom and started using the shower. We tried to be quiet, and I came again and got off of Michael. He was about to cum too, and Michelle got off of him quick and started sucking his cock again. He came in her mouth and it started dripping out and along the sides of his cock. I really liked his cum last time, so I started to lick up what she was missing. Then we kissed some more. While we were kissing, Michael passed out.

“Michelle said she had to go to the bathroom and ran out of the room. I started thinking about what I’d done, and wanted to go home. I started to get my things together, but Michelle came running back into the room, giggling. She grabbed my hand and pulled me up. ‘Come on, Rebecca, you gotta see this,’ she said. I tried to get away, but she dragged me to the bathroom.

“A guy was in the shower. We could kind of see him through the glass doors. He was jerking off. Michelle took off her sweater and skirt. ‘What are you doing?’ I asked, too loudly. The guy in the shower stopped suddenly, and peeked out.

“‘Want some help with that?’ Michelle asked him. It was Michael’s dad. He grinned at us. I was still naked and so was Michelle now. I covered my tits with my arms and tried to back out of the bathroom, but Michelle put an arm around my shoulders. ‘Come on, it’ll be fun,’ she said.

“‘I have to go home,’ I said.

“‘I’ll take you girls home when we’re done if you want to take a shower with me,’ he said. Michelle nodded and stepped into the shower, dragging me in by one arm. I looked down and saw that Michael’s dad had a huge cock. It was making me horny again. Michelle started kissing him on the lips and he had one hand all over her ass. He reached past her with the other one and started touching my tits, squeezing them and pinching my nipples.

“‘Would you suck my dick, Rebecca?’ he asked. I didn’t want him to get pissed off and I kind of wanted to, so I got down on my knees and started sucking his cock like I had done to Michael. I looked up and saw that he was putting his fingers inside Michelle’s pussy. He was rubbing outside of it a lot too, ‘cause she shaved her pubic hair. I was moving my lips back and forth on his big cock a lot, and fast.

“After a little while he said he wanted to fuck me, but Michelle said, ‘She’s saving herself for marriage,’ to tease me. ‘I’ll fuck you, though,’ she told him. I stopped sucking and stood up and got out of the way while Michael’s dad pressed Michelle against the glass doors and put his cock between her legs. She groaned when he pushed himself into her and he started pumping in and out of her really fast. He reached out for me and I let him pull me up to him. He tried to kiss me on the lips, but I pulled away and he sucked on my nipples instead.

“After a while he kept saying he was going to cum. Michelle quickly turned around and knelt on the floor, with her mouth open. He started jerking his cock near her mouth and he pushed my head down. I kissed the head of his cock and licked him until he started shooting cum onto Michelle’s tongue. I licked his head while he came, too, and got some more cum in my mouth. When he was done, Michelle grabbed me and started kissing me again.

“Then Michael’s dad turned off the shower and said we should get dressed to go home. We went and put our clothes on while he did the same.”

She finished her glass of wine and I poured another.

“Was that all?”

She looked sheepish. “Almost.”

I sighed, gently rubbing the bulge in my pants. “What else happened?”

She swallowed hard. “When we were getting dressed, Michael woke up again. He asked what was going on, and Michelle said that his father was taking us home. He got up and went with us into his dad’s car. I sat up front with his dad and Michelle sat in back with Michael. I tried to sit with Michael, but Michelle was being a bitch and wouldn’t let me.

“I kept looking back, though, and I saw that she had her hand in his pants and was whispering stuff in his ear while she jerked him off. We got to her house first, though, and Michael wouldn’t go in with her. I got in the backseat while she stumbled to her front door. When she was inside Michael’s dad continued toward our house. Michael took my hand and put it on his cock and said I should jerk him off while I told him about the shower. I was ashamed, though, and said I wouldn’t talk about it, but I stroked his cock for him a bit.

“I didn’t even notice that we had gone past our house until we were near the strip mall. Michael’s dad parked in the empty lot and stopped the car. He got out and came around to the backseat, sitting on the other side of me.

“‘What’s going on?’ I asked. I tried to get out, but I couldn’t get over them.

“‘Relax, Rebecca,’ Michael’s dad said. ‘We just want to fuck you, precious.’

“‘No!’ I insisted. ‘I won’t have sex with either of you. Leave me alone.’ Michael had his cock all the way out now. It seemed bigger than before. I was still jerking him off and didn’t even realize it. I took my hand away.

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