Angel's First Submission - Cover

Angel's First Submission

by Angelique La Serge


BDSM Sex Story: A submissive's first submission to her master

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   BDSM   Light Bond   .

She arrives at her Master’s home at the appointed time. She is dressed exactly as she was instructed to dress, short black leather skirt, white braselette, white garter, black silk stockings, black heels, nothing else. She pauses at the door to catch her breath and collect her thoughts. She is nervous. They have spoken for months now on the computer and on the phone yet this is to be their first r/t meeting. He told her she would be tested today. Her heart pounds at the thought and she can feel the familiar warmth growing between her legs. With shaking hands she knocks on the door.

The door opens and she hears his voice, “Come in My Angel. What a good girl to be so prompt.” She begins to speak, to tell him how she is feeling; how happy she is to finally meet him, but he puts a finger on her lips, “No Angel, no words, in fact no sounds. No matter what I say, no matter what I do, you are to remain perfectly still and perfectly silent. Do you Understand?” She silently nods her head. He takes her by the hand and guides her to a large room. The room is dark except for a small area illuminated by candles.

He leads her into the center of the circle. There he turns to face her and raises her hands above her head. She knows by the look in his eyes that she is to leave them right there. He begins running his hands down her arms, then her sides. He reaches behind her and undoes the braselette. It begins to fall and he follows its dissent with his fingers, tracing a path down her breasts. As his fingers brush across her nipples waves of pleasure dart through her body, she remains silent. He pauses for a moment to hold her breasts in his hands, he has envisioned this moment for a long time. Fantasy has become reality.

With a sharp intake of breath he lowers his mouth to one nipple, swirling his tongue across it, savoring the feel of it in his mouth. With his fingers he lightly pinches her other nipple. Her mind screams yet, miraculously, she remains silent. She is determined not to fail him. With one last nibble, he leaves her breasts and begins tracing a path with his tongue down her flat abdomen swirling it in her belly button, toying with the small loop ring there. Slowly he travels lower, sliding his hands down her sides as he does. He brings his fingers behind to grasp her firm ass, and begins to knead it. Now kneeling before her he lays his tongue on her pussy lips, stroking it across the outer lips, catching the droplets of moisture there, reveling in the scent and taste of her.

Beads of sweat begin to form on her forehead, she begins to shake. The intensity of the desire she is feeling at this moment, for this man, is heretofore unparalleled. She begins to wonder if she may fail him. The desire to touch him, to yell out his name is intense; yet, with determination, she remains silent. He has a determination of his own, he brings the fingers of one hand forward and reaches into her pussy, relishing the warmth, smoothness and moistness of her. He inserts 2 fingers in her cunt and trails a path back up to her asshole, bringing her nectar with them. Slowly he inserts first one then two fingers into her tight hole. Once again her mind screams, this is more than can be humanly expected. Her breathing comes in gasps. Her entire body is on fire. She wants-no needs-to scream! She remains silent. His fingers still filling her, he parts her pussy lips with his tongue, again dipping into her cunt, his own mind racing. He is impressed with her strength and determination, but he hopes she can’t stand much more. He knows he can’t. He slides his tongue forward finding her clit, swollen and pulsing, and begins to lightly flick it. Unbidden a low, soft moan escapes her lips.

Immediately, he stops what he is doing, stands up and grasps her wrists. With an inward smile, he sternly looks into her eyes, “Oh Angel! I ask one small thing of you. You can be so good but when I least expect it, you fuck up! You know this means you will have to be punished?”

With tears in her eyes she softly replies, “Yes Master I know.”

His hands still grasping her wrists he leads her from the candlelit area into the darkness. Her heart begins to race, this time from trepidation. They have only spoken of punishment before, this will be her first time to experience it, she is anxious. He leaves her then, standing there in the darkness. She can hear him rustling around on the other side of the room, then nothing. She stands alone, the darkness engulfing her, the silence filling her ears. Intently she listens for the slightest sound, all she can hear is the sound of her heart pounding. Suddenly the area is illuminated by a light over her head.

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