An Email for Mom: Dreams and Realities - Cover

An Email for Mom: Dreams and Realities

by Cole


Incest Sex Story: He writes a letter to his mom reminiscing about their first time together

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Incest   Mother   Son   Oral Sex   2nd POV   .

July 1, 2000

Dear Mom,

Hi, mom! So, how are you doing? Fine, I suppose. Finally, it’s about time that you break up with your boyfriend. Can you do it before I get there? How’s the weather there in New York? Here, it’s raining on the first day of July.

I can’t believe it’s been almost three years since we saw each other. You don’t know how much I’ve missed you. I still can’t believe what happened to us. You know ... that night before I came here to Seattle? Remember that fall of ‘97? How we got closer? Well, how could we forget...

You and your boyfriend just got into a big fight so you wanted to leave town and just drive wherever the road takes you. Being a good son, I refused to let you go anywhere alone especially with that state of mind. You said, “OK, you’re so sweet.” As soon as we’re done fixing our luggage, your boyfriend called up and told you he wanted to come over and settle everything. You just replied, “Just go to hell!” Obviously you were still upset so I suggested that we leave right away before he got home. In a hurry, we left the bags and everything. We even forgot there was a storm coming our way. So we drove upstate where I knew this hotel on top of the mountains. Remember that hotel? It used to be a castle. It was so beautiful up there and it was even in front of a big lake. Mohonk Mountain House? When we got there though, it was pouring already and to top it off the parking lot was full.

“Oh, mom, I forgot our bags!” I suddenly remembered. “Oh well, let’s just make a run for it,” you replied. So we did and we reached the front desk only to be told there’s only one more cabin left and it’s for honeymooners. Cold and shivering, we had no choice. The cabin was for honeymooners alright, king-size bed with a nearby fireplace, a Jacuzzi and a gorgeous bathtub. That was it, no doors or anything. I remember you were asking me if they served Japanese food. You always loved those Hibachi steaks. I answered, “Of course, you know how much I love those Sushi rolls.”

That was the last thing I remembered before I fell asleep when I hit the bed. Then I heard your sweet voice again.

“Is it OK if I use the Jacuzzi?” you asked. I said I’d take the bathtub. So I went in the bathtub and had turned my back on you but accidentally I looked into a mirror and I saw you getting undressed. My mind told me not to look but my eyes were glued. I couldn’t help it; here was my own mother in her naked splendor. “My gosh, she’s even more beautiful with out her clothes on.” I thought to myself. “Look at that neck, look at those shoulders, at those breasts.” I suddenly felt ashamed of myself for having lustful thoughts about my own mother. I still found the strength to close my eyes and finish my bath.

“It’s been a long day mom so I’ll go ahead, OK?” and you just replied “OK, sweetie.” But then you saw my shadow on the wall made by the glowing candles around us. I can still remember their scent. Vanilla and blueberry really made that room smell heavenly.

You were looking at my shadow while I was putting on my bathrobe. You saw the shadow of your own son’s cock.

You wondered, “Is that my son’s cock? How come it looked so big? Maybe, because it’s a shadow.” But nevertheless you said to yourself “Oh my, my little boy is a big man now.” But suddenly you realized with shame, “Oh no, I’m looking at my own son and I’m feeling this way. What kind of a mother am I?” you told yourself as you closed your eyes.

You whispered, “Maybe I’ll forget it when I go to sleep.” You tried everything to make you go to sleep but you just found out it was difficult to sleep besides a man. It’s been a long time since you shared a bed with a man. And when you pulled up the comforter, you saw “it” again peeking out of your son’s bathrobe. There it was, your own son’s cock, limp but still beautiful. And now you confirmed all those questions you had in mind, now you know you have a son who’s gifted with a really big cock, a big beautiful cock.

“Oh my, this is incest!” you exclaimed. And you tried to go sleep and you did. You were in dreamland already only to be wakened up by my own arm thrown over your side to encircle your waist. You checked if I was still asleep. So you tried again to go back to sleep but this time, you had to try harder.

You slept soundly and your dreams filled your sleeping mind. You were at the backseat of your boyfriend’s car and your boyfriend was trying to feel your breasts. It was prom night and you were nervous about letting him go this far. His hand was almost on your bra. And now you could feel his manhood as it pressed against your ass. He was hard. His cock pressed against your big, soft ass. You involuntarily pressed back at his erection. His hand closed over your tit. Your ass is now moving in tiny circles against his erect cock. You could feel it slipping between your ass cheeks.

You woke up. Frozen, you could not voluntarily move. You wondered if you were still dreaming, or you awake? You still felt a hand on your breast. The cock you felt in your dreams was still hard and it’s still there pressing between your ass cheeks. And now, you’re puzzled. If you were still dreaming, why were you wondering if you’re awake? If you were awake, why were you still feeling the hand on your tit and the cock between your ass cheeks? Very puzzling, indeed. Unless ... then the sudden crack of thunder snapped you out of your half-sleep. There was only one answer. Your own son! Your mind churned at the thought. It had to be.

You were certain you’re awake, still, collecting your thoughts. Yes, a hand was on your tit. Yes, a cock was rubbing against your ass and you still felt the familiar softness of cotton. The bathrobe! It was a feeling you knew very well. The hand on your breast was warm as it held you gently. It softly squeezed your firm mound. Your ass cheeks felt the hardness of the cloth-covered cock as it pushed into your cleft. You noticed yourself pushing back at the hard rod of flesh. What the hell was your son doing with his hand on your breast and a raging hard-on? You realized immediately that I was still asleep. I snored gently into your neck. You had to do something about this. My hand was softly holding your bosom as I slept. As you were lying on your side, your breast was exposed under your bathrobe. My hand slipped between the slit and cupped your bare breast. You held your breath. My fingers stroked over your nipple. It stood up instantly under the gentle fondling. You bit your lip. You just can’t believe how all of it was making you hot with lust.

You told yourself, “I must stop this. This is wrong,” but your ass pushed back against my cock. “Oh no, this is incest,” you reminded yourself again but no matter how hard you tried, all you thought was how big and hard was your own son’s cock.

The bathrobe you wore was short and it had managed to work its way up slightly as your ass pushed back against your son’s cock. You felt the hard shaft as it was against your ass, snuggled into the crack. I shifted slightly in my sleep and my erect cock slipped between your cheeks. You tried, but you couldn’t keep from wiggling your hips back unto my cock. The cloth covered penis of your son rubbed the underside of your cunt.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this!” you gasped as you felt it slide over your sensitive pussy to rest against your lips. You wriggled your ass in circles against my cock. Then you felt me shift my hips. I pushed my cock back at you. You reached behind yourself and your hand, you managed to hold the cloth apart. And you could see my erect cock against your bare, wet pussy. You held my cock in your motherly hand for an instant then you did something mothers don’t do with their sons’ cocks. You pushed your son’s cock up the cleft of your ass and nestled the head at the entrance to your pussy. I slept on, unaware of your actions. You took a deep breath.

“I can’t believe I’m going to fuck my own son!” you’re still in disbelief as you pushed your ass back, you felt my cock slid into your cunt. I had closed my hand firmly on your tit, squeezing it softly as you, my own mother pushed your cunt unto my cock. You shivered at the feel of my penis entering your pussy. It had been a long time since you were this wet. Groaning, you wriggled your hips unto the shaft of my cock. You began to hunch your hips back at me, your sleeping son. Your hips started to jiggle in a slow motion as you fucked yourself on your sleeping son’s cock. You felt the walls of your pussy close on your son’s cock as they gripped my cock tightly in their wet, slick embrace. I moved slightly. You stopped your movements with your son’s cock buried deeply in your pussy. I humped against your motherly ass. You began to move your ass in time with your sleeping son’s instinctive movements. You fucked back as I thrust into your vagina. You began to push harder against me.

“Oh my, I’m fucking my own son and I’m loving it,” you told yourself, still in disbelief. Your hips were making small, regular jerking circular movements. You’re breathing raggedly as you concentrated on fucking your sleeping son. The bed began to move with the steady tempo of fucking. You felt my cock grow harder inside you. You wondered for the first time if a man could cum during his sleep. You moved faster at that thought.

You can’t believe your son has not wakened up yet. You also can’t believe how fucking your son made you so wet. My hand on your tit closed tightly around the firm globe as I humped my cock deep into your pussy. You picked up the pace as you began to slap your ass back unto my cock. You felt your son’s cock pulsing as your pussy stroked up and down the length of my invading prick.

“Oooohhhh, my baby...” your clit throbbed and you reached down to stroke the hard nub. Your fingers found the timing of your strokes and you began to pull your pussy almost off my cock, then slammed your ass back at me. I held you, my own mother tightly as you fucked me. The bed rocked and creaked with your efforts.

“Oh mom, am I dreaming or am I really fucking you?” I asked as I finally woke up.

“Oh baby, you’re not fucking mom ... Mom’s fucking you...” I was in disbelief. Again and again you slid your pussy up and down my shaft.

“Ooooohhhhh, mom...” as you sank the full length of my cock into your pussy and your hips churned against the throbbing of my erect prick.

“Oooohhh, my baby, my beautiful baby...” you were near orgasm. You slammed your clasping pussy on your son’s cock. It began to throb hard inside the slick, hot tunnel of your vagina.

“I’m fucking my baby and I’m commmmingggg...” You felt your climax at the core of your pussy. You held my cock deep in you and your vagina massaged it with rippling motions of your muscles.

“Ooooohhhh, mom ... fuck me!” as I clung to you, my cock buried in your pussy.

“Fuck me, son ... Fuck me harder, baby...” as you held me deeply and made little humping movements.

“Ooooohhhh mom, I’m commmmingggggg...” as I tried to fuck you even harder.

“Cum in me, baby ... cum in your mother’s pussy...” then you felt my cock jerk once, twice, then my body stiffened. You gasped as you felt your own son shot jet after jet of hot incestuous sperm deep into your clenching cunt. Your fingers rubbing your clit and your pussy held my cock like a fist.

“Ooooooohhhhh, baby, fuck your mother faster ... ooooohhhhhh, baby you’re making mom come again ... oooooohhhhhhhhh...” bucking back on my cock you felt my cum splash against the walls of your milking pussy.

“Ohhhhh, my sssssonnnnn, ... ooooohhhhhh” you groaned and grunted and held my dick inside you as you came violently. You continued to massage my cock with your cunt as I shot load upon load of cum into my own mother’s cunt. You shuddered as your orgasm took you. Your hips moved spastically on my rock hard cock. The cum leaked out of your pussy and ran down your ass. You finally stopped, out of breath. Your son’s cock was still hard inside you.

“Make your cum drip on my ass,” you requested.

“Your sperm is so hot inside and out,” you said so I pumped my cock faster between your ass cheeks.

Yes, I still remember how your ass felt rubbing on my cock as you woke me up with your sweet but nervous voice.

“Honey, I think you’re having a dream, son. Wake up, sweetie ... it’s dinnertime,” you asked me again.

I woke up only to realize it was all a dream. Everything that happened was not real. The only real thing was my hand was still gently holding your breast and my cock was still nestled against your ass. To make things worse, I had come all over your denim skirt.

“I’m sorry, mom ... I just dreamed of Helene ... maybe I miss her so much...” as I tried to justify what just happened.

“I’m sure you do, honey ... I’m sure you do...” you tried to make me relax but there’s something about you that night that made me wonder. Maybe it was the way you smiled when you uttered those words. Maybe it was how your eyes glowed when you said them. Maybe, at that time, I was thinking that way so I wouldn’t get too embarrassed when we go out to dinner.

I remembered what you were wearing that evening. You were wearing that red gown you bought at the shop near the hotel entrance. How can I forget that gown? That gown accentuated your beautiful, motherly breasts while revealing your tiny waist. You were 47 years old then but your skin looked so young, soft and smooth. You were beautiful. Your eyes were almond-shaped. Your mouth was so sensuous it always looked inviting. Your figure was perfect. Your tits are only a little larger than average, but they were beautifully round with perfect nipples. You even had a perfectly flat tummy. And your ass, that beautiful ass, I can’t even describe how it’s begging to be touched. Something was different about you that evening. Your laugh was flirting in every aspect of the word. Your smile was, how could I say it, mischievous, even before we had that red wine. Something was really different about you that night.

When we got back to the suite, we decided just to watch our favorite TV show, “I love Lucy.” So I looked for the remote control and you decided to change into something more comfortable. And right in corner of my eyes, I saw you take off that red gown and slipped into something black. What surprised me was you didn’t even bother putting something below. How can I forget that black silk pajama top you wore with that matching black silk panty? Actually it was more of a thong. I don’t where you bought those because we forgot all our things back home.

I really didn’t know what had gotten into you. Not that I was complaining at that time but you were always this modest, churchgoing woman, and no one would ever think you would be capable of wearing such a thing. But if there had been anyone else there to see you teasingly walked in front of me while I was watching TV, he would have had a heart attack, no matter who he was. Simply put, you were irresistible.

There I was, watching “I Love Lucy” and getting the biggest hard-on of my life. I didn’t know what to do. There you were in front of me, seated on the edge of the Jacuzzi. Your legs were crossed revealing your smooth and long thighs. I almost jumped when you started asking questions.

“So, do you really miss your ... ex-girlfriend? ... What do you ... miss about her? ... Were you ... really dreaming about ... her? “ three questions you asked. But I just managed to give you one nervous answer, “Yeah...” You looked at the TV show and asked me, “So, do you watch I Love Lucy because you find her funny or is it because you find her sexy?”

“I find her funny and sexy.” I replied but still nervous.

“Do you find her sexy because she’s funny or do you her sexy because she’s ... older than you?” you asked as your right hand started playing with the water in the Jacuzzi.

“What do you mean, mom?” trying to sound calmly.

“What I mean is ... the girls you go out with ... most of your ex-girlfriends were... 10 to 15 years older than you. What I’m trying to say is ... you’ve always been ... attracted to mature women ... maybe that’s the reason ... why you’re attracted ... to ... me.”

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