The Great Bed at the North Pole - Cover

The Great Bed at the North Pole

by Andy D S


Fantasy Sex Story: She was a tease, even on Christmas Eve. What would her gift be?

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Rape   Reluctant   High Fantasy   BDSM   MaleDom   Oral Sex   .

Laura did not know what to do.

She was a tease and proud of it with her bouncy, rarely perturbed, tits and cunt. She had flirted outrageously with Bob at the Xmas party at the Royal Plaza in Orlando until midnight and then had left him at her apartment door with a fleeting kiss on the cheek and a lingering look down her amply extended bodice. She knew power then. Bob was handsome and seven years her senior. Probably too old to ever fuck but quite satisfactory for presents and support. Bob would buy her fancy expensive clothes for months in the hope of taking them off her.

What had gone wrong? Her mind was all dizzy. Weird thoughts danced and cavorted.

After Bob had departed she had dumped her clothes, checked her makeup and put on a powder blue spaghetti strap nightie. It clung to her tits and then dropped straight to her navel where a matching bikini panty began. Her dark auburn hair fell to the middle of her back, unbound and free. Still tipsy she had collapsed into her four-poster bed, cuddling into her blankets except for her left foot that dangled out in sensual invitation. A thin gold chain circled the ankle.

Next thing she knew she was on her belly with a laughing fat madman sitting on her ass binding her hands. In no time she felt her panties being ripped free and offered to her thrilled wet lips. She had tried to shout out but her panties filled her mouth and her rapist stuck several fingers in past her teeth pushing her panties into the back of her chaste hot throat. A strip of her hot pink bed sheet was fitted between her clenched teeth and pulled taut behind her head. Grunting helplessly she collapsed into her pillow weeping rapturously as her Xmas rapist finished with her elbows making her breasts stick up nicely and pushing her frail nightie to the limits. Turning up her face for the first time, she could only see a huge shadow bending over her with large hands darting quickly over her prone form. The darkness hid her attacker. It was a terrifying and exciting situation. His hands freely roamed her body making her tingle, spasm and jerk about especially when her nipples and cunt were stroked and pinched. What had gone wrong? Still she flirted with the large man.

Her legs were widespread to each bottom poster of her own bed leaving her open and available. Her long hair was looped and yanked to the top of her own bed.

“Ooouch!” she complained though it sounded soft and muted and more so like: “Ooocchhh!”

She was left pulled firm and taut. Moving her head rewarded her with sharp pain. At least her legs were only strained to be so wide. That pain would take awhile to build properly. Cupping her pear shaped tits, he coaxed them from her nightie, licked and played. She struggled and squirmed which only increased her entertainment value as a tease and flirt. The immense bulk of the man settled over her and began pumping and chuckling.

She was filled in a single exceptionally cramming shove: “Ohh!”

To which he responded, “Hohoho!”

He continued to wrestle joyfully for several minutes with her exquisite body. She continued to resist vainly and was covered by his massive weight for her efforts. He finished into her whimpering flesh, wiped his dick across her thighs and left to do other things as she chilled from her sexual joust. No matter how she struggled her bonds remained in place and her mouth remained cluttered with panties. Her thighs ached from their forced separation. She knew she had been partially domesticated and more lessons were upcoming whether she liked it or not.

He returned to find her still showing off. He petted her curves making her cry quietly in frustrated desire before he rearranged her limbs into a crossed ankle hogtie with accompanying upper torso rope bra and rope panty. Her damned long hair was pulled back making her look straight ahead. A double loop snared her hair and connected it to her ankles with her wrists and cunt. It was uncomfortable but made a poignant point of her helplessness. Her remaining clothing laid in a blue puff around her waist. Next she was stuffed into his black bag. Blackness surrounded her leaving her to fantasize and react by herself to the strain on her arms, back and jaws. It had been a long time in the bag. Occasionally, it was opened and she could see a red-sleeved hand reaching in to grab a wrapped present or to add a writhing comely female in bonds and gags. She shuddered, unable to sleep, aroused and denied. Christmas Eve was supposed to be fun with the promise of gifts in the morning and happy whoops and hoots. Instead she seemed ready to be a present for someone! What a sad state of affairs!! And her back!! Pulled into a crude cup shape forcing her tits and flat belly to inflate outwards. Curse her hair for holding her configuration and not letting her relax for second. Her scalp crawled with the strain!

After hours, days, weeks of ill treatment and unrelenting shelter from the ills of liberty and feeble female stupidity, a hand grasped her ass, groping her plump bottom to her excitement and personal enthusiasm until he seized her crossed wrists and snatched her up.

“Eearghh!” She argued senselessly as she was pulled out of the clinging sack ass first. There she was united with several other girls equally bound in various hogties and balls in a row.

With her head held up and back she was able to view the others a little as compared, for example, to a cute thin blonde in a pink negligee peering between her clamped thighs or a charming Negress in a white slip weeping into the floor on her belly with her feet pinned side by side and touching her blue fingernails. The room was well lit but of their owner she could only observe his hairy bare legs prowling about his prizes. What appeared to be a bright red bedspread was in front of her. What better place for a captured slut than a bed?

Another slut was dropped by her side. Her eyes captured the comely competition dressed in a black negligee and a prim hogtie that kept her knees pinned much to her dismay. What a horrible evening! A hand reached behind Laura and brushed the sensitive flesh between her ass and cunt. To her astonishment she was delighted! She could not do anything except wiggle her cunt against the floor.

“Nice and hot for Santa!”

Santa! He was a myth! What sort of crazy collected girl sex toys with that line! Still he had the upper hand and he knew how stimulated she really was. More than she was aware of too.

“Hmmm!” She cajoled.

The adjacent blonde moaned until Santa slapped her rump affectionately to calm her.

He pinched the Black who fidgeted happily under his guidance. “Ooohh!”

He left them to grab another damsel from his bag that seemed so small but had held all of them easily and a lot more.

Laura began to believe in Santa. She had been a bad girl this year. A very bad girl. She remembered Bob just from early this Eve. And he was not exceptional. Not at all. It did appear that she was to be punished and severely. Strangely she welcomed Santa, or whoever he was. Already she had fucked against her will. What else could possibly happen to astonish or shame her? Yes, she believed. Lord, did she believe in Santa!

Now the readied sluts were lifted and placed on an immense and soft bed with fluffy white pillows. The distant walls had idyllic scenes of nymphs and satyrs frolicking in a pastoral setting. The bedstead was not a double or a triple but large enough for a reindeer team and a football team to romp around.

As Santa settled in amongst his personal annual favorites, she could see he was nude. Scraggly white hair covered his immense chest and jolly belly. His beard was as long as her own hair and white as snow. A snow fuzz graced his genitals from which a mighty pole rose for the sluts to admire and nose gasp at. As Laura saw it for the first time, she wondered how it had ever fitted inside her. She had been well stuffed but the sight she beheld made her heart pitter-patter with trepidation. There was no fair way to measure it except as it approached her lips. She guessed it a minimum of ten inches in length and probably fifteen. And the thickness would choke her she was sure.

Santa relaxed on his back as he progressed in aligning his zealous and thrilled nymphs. They eyed each other with greed, not wishing to share. Laura was the same to her shame. Half of the girls’ cheeks blushed nicely as they realized their feelings and ultimate common utilization. Everybody’s breasts were inflamed with a reddish color.

Laura and four other struggling strumpets crowded around the enormous Santa cock. They remained in their strict hogties. Panties and gags no longer plugged mouths thus liberating anxious red tongues that licked at thighs, balls and cock. Laura was lucky along with the thin blonde to be put at the cock head with their soft but firm boobs resting on the side of his ponderous belly. Her hair had finally been released from her ankles. She sobbed in gratitude and sucked at the cock’s head trying to down it in a single gulp. The blonde hissed until Santa pushed her head away to glide further down his shaft. With less competition Laura launched herself and jammed her face as far down as she could. After three or full deep sucks she found her throat accepting the full measure of Santa’s prick with the strong assistance of his great hand on her slender neck and itchy scalp. Her nose encountered his pubic hair, which mingled with her own auburn tresses.

Her breasts fluttered frantically as she near fainted at what she had done. Two brunets straddled the thick thighs and slurped and suckled his balls and upper thighs.

Occasionally they grazed upwards hopefully and lapped at the base of his cock trying to swallow more. The remains of a pink nightie with flowers and vines circled one waist. The other wore a black nightgown. The Negress gratefully accepted center stage and commanded the long underside of his cock and nuzzled Laura and the bosomy blonde away when she could. When she did succeed the two girls found her shoving her head down most of the full length and leaving them kissing her cheeks and throat as a meager substitute blowjob.

Two other squirmy bitches lay on flat bellies at his sides with deeply curved backs nipping at Santa’s nipples with ruby lips. One was a moody Eurasian with lustrous shiny black hair cascading to her derriere. Laura had seen her hair knot and knew she had cursed her vanity as she had. Even more so since she still had knotted knees and a short leash from her neck. She had been caught looking half down and half up while in her ride sack. The other whore across from her possessed far shorter bright red curls. Her tits were smallish but her skin was crystal clear and pale to an extreme degree.

Two more nubile maids (A brunette with curls past her shoulders and a blonde with pointy tits) completed Santa’s frantic bed adventure team. Full bodied and bouncy jugs splayed out of their negligees. Sitting on their tied and crossed ankles, they bent forward as much as their hogtie would allow. Santa helped of course with a hand on the back of each neck from time to time. They kept their mouths closed and whined as their tits were tickled and sucked. They appeared to be teenagers. What evil things they had done can only be imagined but high schools can be wicked in the ways of growing girls. Laura certainly knew from her own experience. She only wished she had been taught a lesson when she was younger too. With denial for their mouths they peered sadly at the great pole. The Santa touched their shoulders and lowered their boobs to his mouth. His tongue meandered over all four nipples. The young sluts jerked and fussed. Timidly they complained but remained focused on their tasks. Everyone shared access to Santa’s hands. They wandered everywhere but especially lingered squeezing spicy bare asses and the itchy spot under the cunt. When his hand rested on the back of Laura’s head she rekindled her exhausted tongue and sucked down far lower on his dick. His hand guided and corrected her mouth actions as well as the others.

With the blonde licking her throat and the Negress busy trying to kiss her lips and the junction with the cock, Laura gulped low to the root of Santa’s cock. As she slid up and down with Santa in control of her head, she marveled. The great length required her to wheeze and pant. Her tits danced hysterically under her. Her arms and legs were secured behind her and were no help nor offered any stupid resistance. She had no choice but to squirm and writhe with her knees and belly. She had thought she would choke but once it was in she was fine but really stuffed and full. It pulsed warmth well into her upper chest and even tingled her lungs and breast from inside her. When it erupted she trembled in her own orgasm combined with the strangling effect of a load of sperm. She swallowed some desperately. Santa kept her face jammed down far enough for her breath to caress his balls. A smattering of white cum sputtered out her nostrils to glisten on the balls and stain her face. The Black slut licked every white drop tenderly and frantically. Completed, he let her withdraw. As it popped free she spent several seconds kissing the engorged purplish tip before the blonde put her mouth on hers and sucked her tongue. Taking advantage the black girl swallowed the prick. Santa clamped a hand on her head and she began her trip down the pole. Laura and the blonde commenced their assistance. Laura on her lips and the blonde on her cheeks and throat.

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