Having the Neighbor Over for Coffee - Cover

Having the Neighbor Over for Coffee

by AndrewTheStoryteller


Erotica Sex Story: Meeting the new neighbour and having some coffee

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Fiction   Interracial   Black Female   White Male   Anal Sex   Analingus   Oral Sex   .

It was just 6:30 in the morning. I was sitting out on my front steps, sipping on my first coffee of the day, enjoying the morning sun as it rose higher into the sky. What a beautiful morning. The damp morning air smelled fresh and the golden sun warm on my face.

I was just swallowing the last mouthful of coffee as I caught sight of neighbor’s door opening. She emerged from her house wearing her housecoat. I could tell by the sway of her large tits under her robe that she was probably naked underneath it. As she stooped to reach for her newspaper, the sash on her robe let go and her robe fell open. WOW, her tits had flopped loose, dangling to and fro. They were indeed magnificent.

She hadn’t noticed me yet. She didn’t seem to be overly concerned her robe was undone, as she didn’t immediately close it back up. As she stood up, I diverted my stare from her breasts to her mid riff. She had a generous black bush between her long, curvy legs.

As she glanced towards my direction, she noticed me looking at her. She smiled and waved to me as she tucked her breasts back in and secured the sash on her robe. I waved back. She didn’t seem bothered by me catching her in a state of undress, so to speak. I quickly recovered and raised my coffee cup towards her.

“I just made a fresh pot, care to join me?”

She hesitated. She looked at me, I was sitting on the steps, wearing only my boxer shorts. She shrugged her shoulders as if to say why not and yelled back, “OK” as she tucked the newspaper under her arm and began to walk towards my place.

As she approached the steps I stood to greet her. I was being mesmerized by the action going on under her robe. Those large, high-riding melons of hers were bouncing beneath her robe with every step she took. I tried not to stare, but it was obvious that I was.

When she reached the steps, I reach out with my right hand and introduced myself, “Hi, I’m Andrew.”

She shook my hand and replied, “Hi, I’m Shawna.”

She had the most gorgeous black eyes and alluring smile I had ever seen. I reached for the door, “Come on in so I can get us some coffee.” She hesitated slightly so I quickly added, “then we can come back out here and enjoy this marvelous morning.” She nodded her agreement and followed me into the house. I poured our coffee as she looked around my kitchen.

“Cream or sugar?” I asked.

“No I prefer mine creamy white,” she said.

I don’t know if I heard her right or not. But as I turned towards her, I caught her checking out my ass. I began to walk towards the front door. I suddenly felt her lightly run her hand across the cheek of my ass.

“Nice shorts,” she said, “they must feel really nice against your skin.”

“Yes, they are REAL silk.” I said as I continued towards the door.

I held the door open for her. As she passed by me, I noticed what looked like little thumbs pressing against her robe. WOW! Her nipples must have been pretty long and hard to press that far out through terrycloth! We sat down beside each other on the top step and sipped our coffees in silence.

I was trying to think of what to say when she blurted out, “I have never been with a white man before.”

Well that broke the ice. I said, “Neither have I.”

We both began to laugh. As she giggled, her tits began to bounce up and down. Her sash was loosening and I could see her robe slowly opening up again. She didn’t close it this time. While her tits weren’t hanging all the way out, I could still see all the way down to almost her nipples.

By now, my cock was starting to come to life. I was mesmerized by the way her robe was slowly coming undone. What I hadn’t realized was that she was staring at the bulge in my shorts. She was purposefully allowing her robe to open, be it tantalizingly slow, to watch the reaction of my cock. Just as her robe fell totally open I felt her hand begin to rub the head of my now hard cock. I jumped from the unexpected caress, but quickly recovered in time to see her hand snake its way up my leg into the crotch of my shorts. Her hand felt warm as she gently cupped my balls and slowly rolled them between her fingers.

As she slowly released them and reached her small hand around my swollen cock, she said, “MMMM, maybe you could give me some of that cream you mentioned earlier...”

Her tits were now dancing back and forth across her chest as she massaged my cock. I quickly suggested that we go into the house. As she released my cock, I began to stand up. As soon as I did, she grabbed the top of my shorts and yanked them down. My cock sprung free. She had remained seated and my cock was now right in her face. She opened her mouth and swallowed my cock right down to the balls. She slowly withdrew it from her mouth, sucking so hard that it “popped” from her mouth.

She smiled up at me and said, “I like the feel of the warm sun on my tits, do you mind, I prefer to stay outside.”

I quickly grabbed her hand and said, “Let’s go into the backyard then.”

We ran around the house to the deck. My deck has a high privacy lattice that goes entirely around it. As we fell into the chaise lounge chairs, we began to laugh. It must have been quite a sight to see, a big man running with his shorts around his ankles, a big hard cock flopping around between his legs, and a dark voluptuous beauty running with her robe wide open and her large, firm tits bouncing to and fro for the entire neighborhood to see. Luckily, it was early on a Saturday morning. Hopefully the rest of the neighborhood was still sleeping.

I made the first move this time. I got up and walked to her chair. I stood with my cock at eye level and said, “Now where were we?”

She reached up and grabbed my cock. Her small fingers barely closed around my hard shaft. As she pumped it back and forth, precum drooled from the tip. In a lightening fast motion she flicked her tongue out and swiped the moist, sticky drool from my cock. She ran my cock across her lips, licking up even more of my juice. She slowly opened her mouth and began to feed my cock into it. At the same time she reached out and grabbed my ass-cheeks in both of her hands.

She then pulled me forward towards her, forcing my cock all the way into her mouth. I felt the head of my cock hit the back of her throat. But she didn’t stop. She didn’t even gag. I felt her throat open and my cock being pushed down it. Her muscle control in her mouth and throat was incredible. I could feel her throat muscles squeezing my cock as she began to withdraw it from her throat. Just before my cock came totally out of her throat, she relaxed these muscles again and slammed my cock back in.

That was it, sperm shot from my balls. As my cock began to spurt uncontrollably she pulled my cock out of her mouth. The first jets of cum splashing all over her magnificent tits making nice contrast against her dark skin. She rubbed my cock around her nipples as gobs of cum shot out of my still spasming cock. As my cock slowly began to shrink, she took it back into her mouth and pumped it with her hand. Her swirling tongue prompting the last drops of cum from my spent cock. As she licked the last few pearls of cum from the tip, she looked up at me and smiled.

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