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by Andrew Stevens


Incest Sex Story: Slut sister comes home drunk and passes out giving him a chance to check her out.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Drunk/Drugged   Fiction   Incest   Mother   Son   Brother   Sister   Oral Sex   Pregnancy   Indian Erotica   .

You know, you can’t judge a book by its cover.

I have an older sister, Julia who’s 24 this year and I’m 18. Julia has this innocent look that you can’t even think in any possible way that she’d go for discos and pubs. Well I’ve seen her there with a bunch of guys (lucky she had not seen me).

I find Julia very sexy and attractive. She’s 5’2”, nice curved tight buttocks, long sexy legs and natural rounded big boobs. I’ve started investigating her personal activities to find out what she is and was. The outcome results she goes for every rich dicks in town. She smokes and drinks (no one in the family knows). Well the way I see it, she could be considered a very high-class hooker.

The relationship between my sister and me is like far distant relation. The age difference was too much for us to be close. I’d fantasized about her very often. It’s not my fault, she’s damn pretty and sexy what can I do?

Julia returns home late every night. Our parents were not at home most of the time but when they were, Julia would just say it was a study discussion.

It was about 4 am, I heard Julia’s footsteps. She was not walking straight but she’d managed to enter her room. Julia was not this late usually. Since we shared the same bathroom, I heard Julia puking. Julia must have had too much I thought. I could not sleep thinking what she would be doing now, an hour later I went to her room. Her door was left open. She was lying on the bed with towel wrapped around her. I tried calling her but there was no response.

A funny feeling started in my shorts. I went closer to her. Her strong smell of her perfume emitting from her bare skin. Julia was knocked out by her heavy alcohol consumption. Her makeup was partially off. The knot of her towel was not tight. Her shallow cleavage wanting me to adventure deep. Her lips were wet and silky which wanted me to kiss them. A quick shift of gear occurred in my shorts. She lay drunk and helpless. I felt afraid to go on. If I don’t, I’ll waste the chance of my lifetime.

It would not be harmful if I just finish it off with a kiss, I thought. I brought my lips to her as I kissed her lingering. It was wonderful when her soft lips touched against mine. I could get the taste of her lipstick as I sucked her more. I’d then realized that I’ve completely removed the lipstick by my kiss. One kiss was not enough so I went for another, long and passionately. Julia did not response.

My penis hardened and throbbed through my shorts. I got brave and started to undo the knot of the towel. Her towel fell apart exposing her entire naked body. She was not wearing anything underneath. A creation of arts that was so beautiful and sexy Julia’s body presented. Her body was practically an art. Pink-pointed nipples crowned her big rounded breast. Her breasts were so perfect and I just instantaneously cupped them. I’d pinch her nipples to make them hard. There was something else that I’d never expected to see: Her inner most secret tunnel.

Her pussy was well maintained. It was bald as I could see her long crack. It didn’t take me long to be naked. I was not sure if I would want to fuck her. However my erection needed a place to fulfill my desire. Before I went further, I wanted her taste. Her salty piss stain was the first I got from my lovely sister, later was the love juices. My tongue made all the way in her tunnel as I felt the hot moist flesh of my sister’s. It was more than a dream. I started to push my tongue further in. Her pussy was awake. Her juices were returned to me as a favor of gratitude. I took in as much juices I could. My erection was begging me to be there. Maybe I’d go for one stroke and then leave her alone

There I was positioning my penis to her vagina. Slowly I trust into her until my end. Feeling the smooth walls of her vagina come into contact with my hard rod. Unable to satisfy my hunger, I went for another then another. I started to stroke inside her back and forth. My tempo raised, I went faster and then the mistake. I’ve just fucked my sister. Shooting deep inside her shot after shot, I’ve planted loads of seeds that could make her life change. Neither of us was in protection. I got off her, her crack was leaking with sperms. Being very frightened, I cleared all my trails off and wrapped her towel around her.

I saw Julia the next morning and everything was cool. Expression on my sister’s face was normal. Nights after nights I’d try to go in her room but it was locked. Two months later since that incident, Julia was pregnant. Mom was the first to receive this news. Mom was cool about it. She did not beat or hurt Julia. Julia did made a confession, which I overheard that she had many relationship with guys. She was uncertain who could be the father.

Mom had told me that I should take very well care of Julia since there is no one except us. My relation with Julia was getting close as we get see and talk very often. Thinking of the flashback where I had sex with her made me feel bad. I was still uncertain that maybe I could be the cause of it. Mom again told me to take well care of Julia and be beside her all the time. Ever since then I’d get to sleep with Julia every night. Mom then suggested using her room since the king-size bed is more than enough for two.

A month later, Julia was complaining saying she needed a bigger bra. She removed her shirt showing me her trapped breasts inside her tight bra. A sudden shift of gear occurred within my shorts. Her breasts have taken a new shape since the last time I saw. Much bigger and a strong pointed nipples which I could see pointing through from the fabric of her bra. I suggested that she could uses mom’s bra. (Mom was bigger size than Julia in all ways was. Mom was 5’4, plump, wide hips, slim legs like Julia but a little fatter and a bigger pear type breasts.)

On that night, mom and us were all in the same room. Julia requested for mom’s bra. Mom at first hesitated but later she agreed. Casually mom slid her nightgown below and took off her silk black bra. Being shocked that mom actually took off her bra in front of me made me sexually excited. Mom breasts was gigantic, slightly saggy but her nipples were dark brown and big. Her areola was a bit rough not smooth like Julia’s. Casually like mom, Julia took off hers and put on mom’s. It did fit well but I could not get the glimpse of her breasts since it was too fast.

“You know Julia, it better to sleep without clothes when your are pregnant. It may relieve whatever pain you have during the night.” Mom advised. A sudden tightness in my shorts occurred by mom’s statement.

“But mom, how can I be naked with my brother,” Julia stammered.

“There’s nothing to ashamed off, you’re going to sleep with your brother not with some other guys which you used to do,” mom pointed out.

“And for you Bill, you’re also going to be naked just to make this fair,” mom instructed. That night all three of us were naked but cover with a single blanket. I felt really shy lying between two naked females. If I were to face Julia, I might do something stupid. I faced my direction to my mom. My erection was to the max. I tried to cover as I could. Facing mom as my wet erection accidentally touched her belly button made her eyes opened and she looked at me.

“Feeling so cold, honey,” mom whispered. I just nodded to secure myself. Unexpectedly mom moved closer to me.

“Billy, I usually have something to hug with while I’m asleep, just positioned yourself comfortably so that I can hug you. By the way put your penis below me, I don’t want it to get trapped between our stomach.”

Uncontrollably I positioned my penis below mom and tried not touching her vagina. Mom must be crazy for me to put my penis below her, what would happen if I could touch her private parts. Mom came very close to me and brought her knee above my side hips. As a result of her movement, my penis made contact with mom’s vagina. An electrifying shock merged in me as I tried to move back.

“It’s ok honey, I don’t mind. You are my son, I’m sure nothing will go wrong,” she smiled as she whispered. I felt her heat on my penis. Mom’s pussy was bald like Julia’s. I even felt the moistness of her bald pussy. Her crack was slightly opened which made my dick to positioned between there. I would tend to move a little which unexpectedly cause a fiction between our private parts.

“Are you feeling comfortable,” mom asked while moving her hips.

“I’m sorry mom it’s just I end up moving there. Can I put my hands over your body,” I asked.

“Of course you can honey, don’t worry about rubbing me there, just go to sleep.” As if I could sleep with her vagina touching my penis!

Mom ran her warm hands across my bare buttock. I did the same, running my warm palm across her buttock made her come closer. Her breasts were in contact with my hard chest. My penis was pushing against her crack. My palm was on the crack of her buttocks unknowably massaging there.

“Honey are you find difficulties sleeping,” she whispered.

“I ... I guess so. I’m afraid my erection might go inside,” I stammered. I thought mom would throw me out of bed. Instead she moved much more closely as she took my penis and rubbed over her slit. It felt so wonderful.

“Shhh! We don’t want to wake your sister.” She smiled. I felt the opening of her moist slit and I tired to push. Mom however never let me go in her and stopped.

“No! Billy what are you trying to do!” she looked mad.

I got froze for a moment.

“I thought...” I paused.

“Billy I just wanted to make you cum, that’s all. How could you have an idea like that.” she said. I apologized to her and she started to rub me again. I could feel mom’s warm breath against my nose. It didn’t take long for me, I started spraying my rich seeds over her slit and made a mess around her cunt. Mom’s hand was coated with my sperms. My body tensed no more. I felt much more relaxed. No a word came from us. It was total silence. Mom did not wash her self but remained sleeping with me. It was around 3 am, I woke up from a dream. I saw mom was fast asleep under the dim light. My erection got its strength back, demanding me for one more round. I started to run my palm against her buttocks. Slowly I began to run it down her buttock’s crack where I found her anus. Mom was still sleeping. My erection started to hit against mom’s slit. I started to play with her anus by circling it around and then going lower to her vagina.

“What are you doing?” a low voice tone came from mom. She felt my penis against her slit. All she did was remove my hand from there and she started to do the same thing, stroking it against her. I could tell mom was not fully awake. This time was a bit different. She rubbed my penis hard against her slit. Each stroke she made, the harder my penis is pressed. It took almost six strokes to make the head of my penis positioned inside her. She stopped. Guess she fell asleep. I felt my penis about to slip out without support I pushed a little as it went in feeling her warm walls. Another inch was made and I felt warm and moist inside her. I moved my body towards her as I got all my length in her and started to rock. Mom signed. My hard penis blew inside her and she was not aware of what was going on.

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