Return to Summer - Cover

Return to Summer

by AnastasiaMoon


Incest Sex Story: Greg returns home from his first year in college to a more mature sister

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Fiction   Incest   Brother   Sister   First   .

He couldn’t believe what he saw when he returned home from his first year of college. At some point over the past months, his gangly little sister had grown to a lovely young woman. He admired Lily’s graceful form as she bounded across the lawn to greet him. She was four years his junior, and they had always been close; he protective of her, and she doting on him. He immediately discovered that she was the same chatterbox she had always been, already carrying on excitedly about starting high school in the coming fall, and asking him dozens of questions about college. “Slow down, little one,” he chuckled as he pulled her into a bear hug. “I’ll be here all summer!”

As he held her against his chest, he sucked his breath in sharply. He felt the curve of her hips against his, her firm breasts pressed against his chest. He let her go quickly, ashamed at his sudden rush of arousal.

Gregory was home! Lily could hardly contain her excitement as she pounced into his arms. She knew she was talking a mile a minute, but didn’t care in the least. He set her down on the grass and she giggled as they raced into the house, dragging his luggage behind them.

Mom and Dad had a dinner date with the neighbors that night, and left the kids to fend for themselves.

“We’re going to a late movie after dinner,” Dad said as they headed toward the door. “If I find you two still up when we get home, there’s going to be hell to pay!” With that, he ushered Mom out the door, turning to give his kids a wink and a smile, pleased that his son was back at the nest, if only for a few months.

“Well kiddo, why don’t you go hop into your PJs, and I’ll put the movie on,” Greg said, already moving toward the VCR. He had rented the latest thriller, and couldn’t wait to watch his little sis hide under a blanket, waiting for the scary part to be over. He watched her climb the stairs, and decided he may as well get comfortable himself. He shed his shoes, jeans and sweater and got comfy on the couch in his boxer briefs and T-shirt.

By then, the opening credits had begun, and Lily was making her descent. He looked up as she came into the living room, clad in a short cotton nightie, her long black hair freshly brushed and gleaming.

“You didn’t rent one of those scary movies again, did you?” She asked as she flopped on the couch next to him. “You know I hate those things.”

“I know, but I couldn’t resist,” he grinned, patting the couch next to him. “Come sit by me. I’ll keep you safe.”

“All right,” she reluctantly agreed, “but I see one drop of blood and I’m outta here!”

He laughed; she resigned and snuggled up next to him. He could feel her warmth against his side; smell her girlish shampoo. He breathed a long sigh of contentment as he put his arm around her.

Just then, the bad guy jumped out of the bushes, and she jumped right into his lap, her head buried in his shoulder. He put his arms around her, and she raised her head. “Can I look yet?”

In that instant, she looked so damned tempting: the pouty lips, the wide eyes. He just couldn’t resist. He bent his head and kissed her full on the mouth. For a moment, she kissed back.

“Greg! What are you doing?”

“I don’t know. Should I stop?”

In answer, she slowly raised her lips to his. She felt the softness of his lips against hers, and her body began to melt into his. She had only recently discovered furtive kisses stolen during foolish party games. Never had she felt a kiss so sweet. His tongue probed her lips, and they parted. He delved inside and tasted her sweetness.

When he felt her tongue escape her lips and delicately brush against his, all reasonable thoughts left his mind. He placed his hand on her cheek and kissed her deeply. Lily sighed and leaned back in the cradle of his arm. Greg could hardly breathe as his hand slid from her face to the crevice of her collarbone, and finally to her large, firm breast. Her nipple hardened instantly beneath his hand. Lily felt a small shock course from her breast to her loins as he encircled her nipple in his fingers. Greg could not believe how her nipple swelled! Lily’s breathing was coming heavily now. She had never felt such sensations. A soft moan escaped her lips. At the sound of her voice, Greg abruptly stopped. “Lily, this is so wrong. You’re my sister! What are we doing?”

“But Greg, it can’t be wrong! We’re so close, you and I, and it feels so good.” Lily protested.

Even in his shame and conflict, Greg could not deny his extreme arousal. His cock felt like it could literally burst at any second.

“Greg, please...”

With the growl of an animal Greg lost all control and pulled the nightie over his sister’s head, leaving her clad in only her tiny cotton panties. His sister. So perfectly small and delicate. Her breasts oversized for her frame. He caught sight of her nipples, the dark peaks pointing skyward, begging to be suckled. He pinched one nipple between his thumb and forefinger, and the other in his mouth. Sucking slowly, his tongue rolling around the peak, he could feel her nipples grow ever harder.

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