Watching Sandy - Cover

Watching Sandy

by Cling


Erotica Sex Story: He's sleeping at a friend's house and is woken up at night. Leads to interesting things

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/Fa   Ma/mt   Mult   Consensual   BiSexual   Fiction   Sharing   Group Sex   Anal Sex   Analingus   Cream Pie   Oral Sex   Water Sports   .

I was in junior high, a fourteen year old 8th grader, a big guy for my age, 6 ft, 240 pounds. My dad, divorced, lived in a bad part of the city, but worked at a small factory about 25 miles from home. When I went to live with him, he decided that I should attend the small school near his work, to stay away from the inner city crime and drugs. One of the workers he was in charge of; Edward, lived a block from the school - they made a deal, I would stay with Edward and his wife, Sandy, during the week, go home with Dad on weekends.

Edward was 27, short, stocky, already a little bald, always laughing. Sandy was only 19, taller, with dark short hair, glasses, and pretty heavy. She had pimples like crazy, small little ankles, and big legs, stomach and boobs. She also smiled a laughed all the time, and always wore big floppy sweatshirts and cut-off sweatpants. She drove me crazy - I was 13, horny as hell, constantly beating off, usually to an image of her boobs.

Their house was small, an old church outbuilding. I had a room that was sort of detached off the back, shared the bathroom with them. My room was unheated or air-conditioned. If it was cold, (rarely) or hot, (a lot), I would sack out on the floor of the “den”, which was actually the open hallway in front of their bedroom.

It was during a night in the “den”. The weak air conditioner tried to keep up with the 95 degree heat. I was laying on a comforter, just a sheet to cover with. Sandy and Edward were about 8 feet away in their bed, just through a large open archway. Two days earlier, I had glimpsed her hairy bush while she was tying her shoes. The shorts’ leg had gaped open, and I saw the dark hairs. I had cum at least 5 times since, replaying the scene. I had become obsessed with trying to see her body, looking through the windows before I went in the house, listening to her pee in the bathroom. She wore a large T-Shirt to bed, her big boobs flopping. Edward wore boxers. I wore my stupid briefs. I had beat off already before going to sleep.

I awoke, the stupid streetlight shining in thru the living room, right over the top of me. I heard muffled noises. I moved my head a little, and saw Edward’s feet spread, moving, covers kicked off. I instantly knew that they were having sex, and I was as hard as a rock. I scooted to my right, near the wall, and raised onto my elbow. I could see the streetlight illuminated bed clearly. She was sucking his cock. She was topless. I was amazed ... I had never seen such a giant cock, all of 8 inches, skinny but long. (I was short, all of 5 inches, but very big around, earning me several nicknames later, “tunacan”, etc.) Her boobs were great balloons, tipped with very large nipples, about an inch long, and at least an inch in diameter. One of them was in his fingers, pulled straight down and out, making her tit “cone” out. She had one hand on his cock, sucking up and down with her mouth. Her eyes were closed. Her other hand moved to his large balls, cupping them. He pushed her head down with his other hand, fucking her mouth. I started beating off. She moved his balls aside, still sucking. She fingered his asshole. His butt lifted off the mattress, fucking her mouth more. Her eyes opened, looking right at me! My hard-on died instantly, I moved off my elbow, laying my head down, faking sleep, not breathing. I heard whispering. I was dying for real, couldn’t breathe.

I heard Edward get out of bed. I moved to fetal position, expecting to be attacked. Instead, he said; “ Milt?”. I “slept” harder. “ Milt? - It’s OK, look at me.”

I opened my eyes - he stood there, boxers on, looking down at me. Sandy was now at the foot of the bed, looking at me, topless. I stared at her giant nipples.

“Milt?” I jerked back to him. “Milt, it’s OK, we understand.” I just drooled, scared shitless.

“Milt”, she said, “Sit here with me, it’s OK.” He helped me stand, my eyes constantly going to her tits. I sat.

He said; “ We understand, you’re a man”, (a man? I thought - I didn’t feel like a man.), “ and this is normal.”

She said:” Did you like watching us?” I nodded, staring at her tits. “Would you like to see more?” I nodded, quickly, this time.

Edward said; “You can watch all you want, and if Sandy says you can, you can help.” I nearly fainted. She said, “Yes, watch, and I know you were playing with yourself, you can do that too.” They were both smiling. As she talked, I noticed that his hard cock was sticking out of his underwear. His hand moved to her nipple, only two feet away now. She turned and switched on the small lamp, saying, “There, that’s better!” The light revealed how brown her nipples were, how red and purple his cock was.

He pulled the nipple again, both still smiling at me. She said, “Watch...” She grasped his cock, pulling to her mouth, engulfing it. She sucked him, watching me. She squirmed, pulling his boxers down, stopping her sucking for just a moment. He pulled at her nipples. She squirmed again, pulling her shorts down with her free hand. He said, “Help her”. I grabbed the shorts, at her knees by now, and pulled them down to her feet, she had to spread her legs to free her foot. I saw it, a black haired slit, lips puffed out. I stared. She sucked him. He leaned over, running his finger on her pussy. His finger easily slipped in, making a wet sound. He started pumping her with his finger. My shock was gone now, my cock was hard in my shorts.

She said, “Take it out, Milt.” I pulled my briefs down, standing at the side of the bed. “Milt, you have a great dick,” she said. She laid back on the bed, and he moved between her legs, kissing her pussy. “ Watch him, Milt, he is eating my cunt.” I nearly came, just by her saying that word. I had not dared to touch my cock. She said, “Look closer, so you can see.” I moved to the right, I could see his fingers in her, and his tongue licking her. She pushed his face into her. Her other hand touched my chest as she smiled. She grabbed my hand, putting onto my cock. She squeezed it hard before releasing.

He moved up, exchanging positions with her. He was on his back, his huge cock sticking straight up. She straddled him, and guided his hard-on into her, sitting all the way down.
She was sitting on him. Fucking him. He pulled her nipples. I stroked myself once, nearly cumming. He took my other hand and put it on her tit, she is bucking up and down, I can hear the squishy wet sound of his cock. I make two stokes and cum, squirting three big stringy loads. The first hits her in the side and on the side of her tit. The second hits his chest, the third hits his chin and face.

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