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New Ark


Chapter 3

Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 3 - All the adult men on a starship die of a mysterious illness and a small group of surviving boys must copulate with the remaining women and girls to replenish the population. Naturally sexual mores change and social complications develop.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   mt/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Science Fiction   Post Apocalypse   Space   Incest   Mother   Son   Brother   Sister   Pregnancy  

Six years had now passed from the ending of Project Seed. Keiko and I were now officially adults. Since we were over the age of 21 we could participate in all ship’s decisions and were fully informed about the implications of living on a generation vessel. Since the trip was expected to take up to 400 years, we knew that we would be dead long before we reached our destination. Our children and grandchildren would have died as well. Perhaps our great, great, great grandchildren might live to see our arrival at the new planet, tentatively named Terra Nova.

We were reminded that unmanned probes had returned the information that it was suitable for human life. Temperatures and gravity were similar to those on old Earth. There was an oxygen atmosphere and large expanses of liquid water. Additional probes from our own ship confirmed the results. Our task on the starship was to preserve the best aspects of human civilization and deliver a population of competent pioneers to start a new world.

Keiko and I went about our lives as newly fledged adults. She was now a fully accredited teacher. We spent time with each other, raised our two children, laughed, and loved. Our life was ideal, at least within the context of New Ark.

Keiko progressed rapidly through the educational hierarchy of the ship. Education was considered of great importance. With our small population, everyone was required to learn multiple skills since no one knew what might befall us. In addition to being a fledgling physician, I was also certified as a structural mechanic. Periodically I was required to don a space suit and conduct an examination of the exterior of New Ark and repair damage from micrometeorites. Keiko was on the shipboard events management committee and was supposed to coordinate meetings of specialty groups.

As part of this latter chore she was asked to arrange a meeting of senior teachers from all over the ship to discuss plans for the coming year. The meeting would be held in the small conference hall in our section of the ship. She was supposed to arrange temporary housing for the two dozen people who would attend. Temporary housing simply meant asking local residents if they would put up someone for the three days of the meeting. It was impractical for everyone to go home at night. We agreed to put someone up in our small apartment.

I was totally surprised at the identity of the guest. It was Amy Bergen. Yes, the same. She and Keiko hugged each other. It was apparent to me that they knew each other well. Mrs. Bergen was still gorgeous. She was a bit older, of course, but her figure was perfect and her legs superlative. The meetings were scheduled to start the next morning so we had an opportunity to catch up on what had happened during the intervening years.

Mrs. Bergen’s child, my son, was now in school and was staying with Amy’s next door neighbor for the rest of the week. From what Amy told us, he was a fine boy, Someone to be proud of. I don’t know for sure if Keiko knew that I had fathered the child. I suspect that she did. We ate a nice dinner together and had a bottle of bootleg fruit wine that one of our neighbors had created. I am told that it was quite good. Old timers say that resembled a good Earth wine but might have been a little stronger. Sort of like a less sweet port or sherry. After Keiko and I put our own children to bed we relaxed for a long talk.

By the time we finished the bottle of wine our talk became unusually frank. I noticed that Keiko and Amy took every opportunity to touch each other when washing dishes and cleaning up the residue of our meal. Finally I got the courage to ask if they had known each other outside of the classroom during our school days.

“Well, of course,” said Keiko. “Didn’t you know that Mrs. Bergen, Amy that is, and I were lovers. I mean, after all, you got to fuck all those women on weekends and what did we have. There were 20 available women for every man on board and we got to go to the Project Seed sex chambers only twice a year. And I got knocked up at 14 the first time I went. That put me out of action for a long time. My mother had died and Amy literally saved me from going crazy. After I gave the baby up for adoption she comforted me and held me and loved me. All that time you boys were fucking other women.”

It was the first time I had seen my wonderful wife, Keiko, deeply angry at me. We had had fights just like any husband and wife, but this was deep resentment.

“Go easy on David,” Amy said. “It’s not his fault. He was just a 14 year old boy too. What did he know? I was the one who recruited him into Project Seed when you were both in my class. I didn’t know you liked each other and I certainly didn’t know you would get married. And, if you hadn’t already guessed, he is the father of my last wonderful child. I love you but I also love David. He gave me the most rewarding evening of my life after my husband died. You are indeed a lucky woman.”

Keiko was taken aback at Amy’s rebuke. She looked a bit sheepish.

“Oh David and Amy, I’m so sorry. I’ve been hiding my feelings about Project Seed for so long. I always thought it was unfair that the boys got the pleasure and the girls had the babies.” She came over and kissed both of us as if to make up.

“Well some of us women thought it was unfair too. We didn’t need to be fucked to have children. We could have had babies by artificial insemination. But the ship administration thought that total abstinence from all heterosexual intercourse would warp society. So we established a rationale for baby making as sort of a lottery. We didn’t want to eliminate sex between men and women but we wanted to give it a reasonable justification. Every woman got a chance to do it once in a while. You were one of the unlucky ones who got caught the first time. My two girls came during the middle of the program. My lover was a young boy who simply shoved his penis into me, ejaculated, and called an end to the session. It was one of the most unsatisfactory sexual experiences I ever had. It was his first time and I probably frightened him. But I got pregnant. I had my last child, David’s son, nine months after the program ended. He was my very last coupling, and by far the best.”

“Sure, between my infrequent chances at sex with men, I had women lovers. Women have to help women sometimes. Just as I helped you Keiko. You know that I like sex. It didn’t much matter to me whose hand was at my pussy and whose mouth was on my tits as long as I had a climax. Six months between fucks is a long time to wait. But I really loved you Keiko. You seemed to care for me as much as I did for you. And David, you know that I thought of you all the time when I masturbated. Our last evening together was like a dream come true. I love you both so much. I hate to be a cause of friction between you. It’s all in the past anyway, Can’t we just kiss and make up.”

By this time both women were hugging and crying. I came over and they grasped me into a three way hug. Despite my intention to be sympathetic and caring, I felt my erection rising. Soon I had a massive hard on. How could I not in the arms of the two women I loved most in our little world. I felt a hand reach down and hold it but I couldn’t tell whose hand it was.

Finally Keiko said, “It’s getting late. I think we should all go to bed.”

We had prepared a bed for our guest, a very comfortable pull out couch, in the living room. But then Keiko surprised me still again.

“We have plenty of room in our bedroom. It’s a large bed and I’m sure we will all be comfortable. It’s not as if we haven’t slept together before. Well, perhaps not at the same time.”

We sat around and talked for a while, mostly about casual things, yet the 600 pound gorilla in the room was the realization that in a little while I would probably have my cock in Keiko’s cunt while she would be eating out Amy’s pussy. Or perhaps it would be the other way around, I would have my cock in Amy’s cunt while she ate Keiko’s pussy. But how to get started?

Keiko was the practical one, as she usually was. “Amy,” she said, “why don’t you start by undressing David and me. While you are taking our clothes off, you can decide what you want to do next.”

Amy took another gulp of her drink and rose, slightly unsteadily, to her feet. I’m sure the wine didn’t affect her yet so it must have been the anxiety of the situation. She approached me and started to unbutton my tunic. I helped with the hard buttons but she did most of the work. Within a minute she had it unfastened.

“While you step out of those clothes, David, I’ll work on Keiko.”

Keiko was easier. All she was wearing was a loose tunic over her bra and some panties. Amy was used to woman’s clothes and had her undressed in a few seconds. She unsnapped the bra and Keiko’s breasts swung free, glad, I’m sure, not to be confined any more. I instantly appreciated Dr. Cohen’s comments on the advantages of lower gravity on the female figure.

Then Mrs. Bergen, Amy, shrugged off her own clothes. Nudity was not a big deal aboard New Ark. It’s hard to be uptight about personal privacy in such confined quarters. But it was still odd for me to see the two women I lusted after standing buck naked in the same room without any idea of what to do next.

Again Keiko solved the problem. She looked at Amy’s lovely mounds, then reached out her hands and grasped a breast. Her fingers sunk into the elastic tissue as she slowly pulled the boob toward her face. Amy didn’t move. She just stood still waiting to see where Keiko’s fancy led her. Keiko engulfed the nipple in her mouth and started sucking. Amy put her hand around Keiko’s head and held her close. After about a minute of sucking, Keiko released Amy’s breast, then looked closely at it. The wet nipple was engorged and the areola had become bumpy.

Amy took a step backward, bent over slightly, then put one hand on Keiko’s mound while the other cradled my balls and cock. It was almost as if she couldn’t decide whom to do first. It must have been an odd sight. The three of us were nude, standing next to each other like statues in a Grecian garden. Mrs. Bergen had a hand in each of our pubic areas. She was working my cock with her fingers and rapidly making me hard. I couldn’t see but I could sense that she had some of the fingers of her other hand in Keiko’s cunt. In a sense, she was giving me a hand job and finger fucking Keiko. I had the feeling that Amy would, if she could, give both of us orgasms at the same time.

Keiko, very perceptive Keiko, immediately understood the nature of Amy’s dilemma. Amy wanted both of us in the worst way but she was afraid that if she fucked me first, Keiko would get jealous, and if she fucked Keiko first, I would get jealous.

“Amy,” Keiko said, “there is no need to decide which of us to do first. Remember that in a threesome, we all do it to each other together. The main rule is not to leave anyone out. Each person should try to get the other two to make love to each other. The best part is when we all can make each other cum at the same time. Let’s all get on the bed and we will see what happens.” I’ll never know where Keiko picked up such nuggets of wisdom and I was almost afraid to ask.

Bowing to the logic of Keiko’s approach, Amy squeezed my, by now, fully erect penis and removed her fingers from Keiko’s cunt. Reluctantly letting go of our private parts she lay down on our large bed.

Amy was as fantastically lovely as I remembered her. Her legs were still firm, well-shaped, and very, very sexy. Her body had changed only slightly with the years but her breasts had become objects of classic beauty since she stopped nursing. To my regret I wouldn’t be able to suck milk out of them anymore but they would be wonderful to caress.

Keiko said teasingly, “How about if we both make love to you at the same time? I’ll start by loving you above the waist while David will love you below. Or would you rather I did the left side and David did the right side? Then we can switch positions. Is that OK?” Keiko winked at me and I nodded my assent. I was really glad that Keiko had regained her sense of humor.

“I think that either would be great,” said Amy seriously, “but if I really get to decide, this is what I want. Keiko, I remember sucking your pussy from our time together. Your juices taste wonderful. So while I play with your tits, I want you to sit over me so that I can suck your cunt until you climax. And David, while I’m sucking Keiko, I want you to do the same to me. Put your head between my thighs, suck me and finger fuck me, and when you feel me getting really hot, I want you to jam your big cock into me and fuck me for all I’m worth. If we do it right, we can all cum at the same time. Won’t that be great? And then when we get done, we can all take turns doing each other.”

Keiko sat down on the bed and put her arms around Amy, kissing her on the mouth. Amy’s hands found Keiko’s breasts and started kneading them gently. She raised one to her mouth and tongued the nipple. Keiko held Amy’s head to her breast with one hand and lowered the other until it could touch her mound. Her outstretched fingers stroked Amy’s cunt lips. Then Keiko shifted her body and gently placed her pussy over Amy’s lips. In the meantime I loved and kissed Amy’s beautiful legs until they started to move in what I recognized was a pre-orgasmic dance. Then I crawled between Amy’s legs and worked my hands up her thighs. I remembered that the inside of Amy’s thighs were very sensitive. My memory was good. As I fondled the soft flesh on the inside of her thighs she started to squirm.

Amy wrapped her long dancer’s legs around me and tried to pull me up to her cunt. When I got there I found Keiko’s hand stroking Amy’s outer pussy lips. Keiko removed her hand and guided my head into place. Without missing a beat, my tongue replaced Keiko’s fingers on Amy’s labia. I could faintly hear her moan with pleasure even through my head was buried between her strong thighs. After a few more minutes of sucking and nibbling, Amy’s cunt was sopping. Her juices flowed freely and were quite delicious. The taste brought back memories of our precious night in Project Seed.

Amy’s pussy lips were swollen and her clit was protruding like a tiny cock. I teased her clitoris with my tongue then wrapped my lips around it and started sucking. As I caressed her clit with my lips and teeth, her muscular thighs closed tighter around my head squeezing me in time with each suck. It was as if Amy’s body was talking to me through her legs, encouraging me to work her clitoris harder. But I didn’t want to give her a climax yet. I wanted my cock inside her when she came. I felt that it was time for a real fuck.

I gently pried Amy’s thighs apart, even though she tried to hold me close, and rose to a kneeling position between her legs. My prick was exactly level with her cunt. Amy wrapped her legs around my butt and pulled me toward her with her full sexy calves. I rubbed the end of my cock against her clit to moisten it slightly, although I was leaking pre-cum like a faucet. A final thrust of Amy’s legs pulled me right into her welcoming vagina, the first time I had been in her since the last day of Project Seed years ago. It felt wonderful. All the old memories came back. I knew that I would have to concentrate on not cumming too soon otherwise I would blow my wad on the spot.

On my knees, I could see over Amy’s body. Her hands were holding Keiko’s breasts from behind. Keiko was straddling her face while Amy was avidly licking and sucking her cunt. It was an isosceles triangle of sex, Keiko on one side, me on the other, and Amy at the base connecting both of us. Keiko and I looked at each other, reached out and held hands. I could see from her face that she enjoyed Amy’s eating out her cunt immensely. Keiko’s body started twitching as Amy started licking her clitoris. One twitch for each lick. Keiko’s eyes got glazed and an energized look passed over her face. She appeared as she did just before a climax when we fucked. “Are you nearly there?” I asked. Keiko nodded. She licked her lips. I don’t think that she was in a condition to speak.

The way Amy was moving and twisting her body showed that she was on the verge of orgasm too. There was no need to hold back my climax any longer. I began driving my hard cock into Amy’s cunt assisted by the motion of her legs around my body. Every time I would move back, she would flex her legs and pull me forward. In a sense, she was fucking herself with my cock. It was attached to me but she was moving it in and out.

Keiko had passed beyond the glazed state and was on the verge of cumming. She placed my hands on her tits over Amy’s hands. “David, Amy” she managed to utter. “Squeeze hard.”

We both grasped Keiko’s tits. I helped Amy squeeze them in time with the motion of her legs. We were all in sync with each other. Amy’s tongue on Keiko’s clitoris, Amy’s legs pulling my cock into her cunt, our fingers on Keiko’s nipples. We were all rising to a climax simultaneously. The feeling in my prick was overwhelming. I could feel my sperm bursting out. It was a massive cum.

Keiko, gasped and shuddered while I watched. She threw her head back and screamed “Yes, yes! I’m cumming!” And Amy, quiet Amy, literally spasmed under us. Her body twisted and turned. She screamed I’M CUMMING, I’M CUMMING. How her screams avoided waking the children, I’ll never know. She breathed deeply as she came down from her high. Her face was flushed. Finally she freed her mouth from Keiko’s cunt and said “That was fantastic. I’ve never ever cum so hard. I love both of you so much. Thank you, thank you both.”

“Now,” said Amy. “I think it is time that we all went to sleep. I have to get up early to attend the meeting tomorrow. It would be better if I used the bed that you prepared in the other room otherwise I might just try for a repeat performance and none of us would get any sleep at all tonight.”

After Keiko and I lay down in our own bed, she hugged me and said, “Put yourself in me. No, don’t fuck me. Just put yourself in while I talk to you. I’m going to be completely honest. We owe it to each other.”

“I hope you don’t mind too badly that Amy and I relate to each other the way we do. You are not the only one that wants her lovely body around you. I hated Project Seed. For a long time I thought it ruined my life. I had just turned 14 when I was selected for my visit. I was a virgin and my first chance at sex hurt terribly. My partner was one of the older boys and it was obvious that he didn’t care how I felt. He didn’t even try to get me excited. He just drove his cock right into me and I felt things tear inside. The pain was awful but I got pregnant right away and spent the next year in misery having the baby. Because I was 14 and alone, I gave the baby up for adoption just after it was born. I didn’t even get to see it.

Amy was very kind to me. I thought of her as Mrs. Bergen then. She was just a very understanding and sympathetic teacher. She held me and comforted me and helped me through the pregnancy. She loved me when I needed love. I had dinner in her apartment one evening and fell asleep on her bed. She lay down next to me, held me in her arms, kissed me and gave me my first real climax. I guess I must have fallen in love with her. I hated sex with Project Seed but I enjoyed it with Amy.

After I gave the baby up I thought that I would spend the rest of my life as her lesbian love toy. I fondled her and kissed her, sucked her and fucked her. After she had her babies she would hold me in her arms and let me nurse from her tits. I lived for the times we would lie in bed and eat each other’s pussys. Her body is such a playground and I had a free pass on all the rides. She is one of the reasons I decided to become a teacher.”

Keiko went on. “I hated boys. You guys seemed to be having so much fun poking different women every week. It wasn’t until I started hanging out with you that I realized that boys and girls could be friends. Amy was often busy with her twins and with school responsibilities so she had less time to spend with me. I know you liked me in school and you were fun to be with. I didn’t plan to have sex with you. I didn’t even know if I liked boys anymore. Maybe it would hurt just like before. But you were so nice to me and you seemed to want to sleep with me so much that I gave it a try.”

“The first sex we had with each other was a revelation for me. Not only did you make me cum but I learned to enjoy it and I learned to enjoy you. I found that I really liked having you inside me. You gave me better climaxes than anyone I’d ever been with. In fact that’s when I started to fall in love with you. I’m sure you know that I’d had sex with a few of the other guys in Project Seed and with a couple of other women. I was even in some three ways. That’s where I learned the rules. But you were the best and I grew to love you deeply. I’ve never been with another man since we got married and I have no intentions of ever being with another.”

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