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New Ark


Chapter 2

Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 2 - All the adult men on a starship die of a mysterious illness and a small group of surviving boys must copulate with the remaining women and girls to replenish the population. Naturally sexual mores change and social complications develop.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   mt/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Science Fiction   Post Apocalypse   Space   Incest   Mother   Son   Brother   Sister   Pregnancy  

If you read my account of the Project Seed population recovery project on the starship New Ark you might be curious about how things turned out after the project was discontinued.

Project Seed was a great success in restoring the population of the starship. There were now 3000 people on board, 2000 of them young children. The ship had become a huge nursery school. Naturally, half the children were male. In a generation life would return to normal. But, of course, social relationships were far from normal, at least during the decades immediately after the project was ended. At the start of Project Seed there were only 50 men to more than 1000 women. But now that the need for procreation was removed there was no social structure in place to regulate sexual liaisons. The difference in numbers of men and women was as great as it had been before. Competition for the available men was intense. It was complicated by the fact that many of the older boys had formed romantic relationships with girls of their own age.

As I learned in my reading, the design of a spaceship could be either be based on the philosophy that it should be constructed with sufficient reliability to function properly until the end of the mission or that it should be constructed to be easily and continually maintained by an onboard crew. Without advance knowledge of how long the journey would take or the hazards to be encountered, the designers chose the second approach. The side benefit was that continual maintenance provided a social function for a trip of indeterminate length. People would have something important to do and a high motivation to do it.

Although we had no provision for making large structures, we had well equipped workshops and laboratories and could construct replacement parts for just about everything. Technology had advanced to the point that computer controlled devices, given adequate instructions, could make just about any artifact needed from hairpins to semiconductor circuits. They could even repair and replicate themselves. Computer scientists and programmers were still needed to provide the instructions but much fabrication was done automatically.

Daily life on board the New Ark was largely a matter of performing those tasks necessary for ship function and the continuation of a civilized society. Most tasks were involved with food production, maintenance, education and research. Basic research was similar to that conducted in Earth’s universities. I didn’t know anything about that. Dr. Cohen told me that in medicine and biology most work was being done on understanding essential life processes. Applied research was devoted to improving ship’s systems and facilities and to provide techniques for coping with a new planet’s uncertainties. We had some communication with Earth’s scientists who were in sympathy with the Green Earth Society objectives and we even received copies of some journals and newspapers by radio communication. But the further from Earth we traveled, the longer the transmission delay and the older the information.

The majority of the ship’s systems were run by increasingly capable computers. They could handle just about any routine function, leaving only exceptional situations to be addressed by crew members. The computers were just about as intelligent as a human being, lacking only self-awareness to be considered sentient. At the rate that they were evolving it is likely that by the time we reached our destination they would be running the ship, keeping humans as their pets.

Both automation and the communal nature of shipboard life freed up a lot of time. Food preparation was done in large kitchens, just like on a luxury cruise liner. The ship’s designers wisely decided that it would be much more efficient to prepare 1000 meals at one time in a single location than one meal at a time in 1000 locations. We would usually eat our meals in a number of small buffet restaurants scattered throughout the ship. They were imaginatively decorated and provided the illusion of dining variety even though all choices were from the same menu. Varying work schedules required that most households had some kitchen facilities to prepare the occasional snack. The appliances were usually restricted to a microwave oven and a tiny refrigerator.

Fabrics were used only until they got dirty, then discarded and new ones almost instantly produced by special purpose machines. Everybody’s physical measurements were kept in a data file so garments were custom tailored when needed. The designers had calculated that it was more efficient to provide new clothing when needed than to launder and dry the dirty stuff. The old fabrics would simply be recycled.

We devoted most of our spare time to the arts and whatever athletic and cultural amusements could be performed in the confines of our ship. We had dramatic plays, concerts and dances. There was even an acting troupe that put on an annual cycle of Shakespeare’s plays.

The practice of marriage continued, but it was largely an agreement to share life’s responsibilities and the raising of children. It no longer implied strict sexual fidelity. Given the disparity in numbers between men and women, total fidelity would have been impossible to enforce. Mating traditions based on a holding a nuclear family largely disappeared, as did bans on incest. Relative age of mating partners made little difference. How could it? The average age of women on board was in the high 20s while the average age of the surviving males was in the teens.

Sex was looked on as a matter of entertainment. It tended to release tensions that otherwise might cause social unrest. After the end of Project Seed’s controlled mating, women and men, really boys, were allowed to get fulfillment as they pleased. Passive birth control was used to control the population. Girls and women had an implant which prevented pregnancy. A simple injection would restore fertility for a few months so they could have a child when they wanted. Nothing was left to chance.

There were 20 women for every man for at least a generation after the plague. This male/female ratio put strains on a social system largely based on equal numbers of the sexes. There was no longer any official need for copulation but sexual activity actually increased after the ship’s population had been restored and birth control was again widely adopted.

Bisexuality became the norm for most women. Because of the shortage of men some women opted to group into female only households similar to the nunneries or convents of the middle ages. Heterosexual intercourse was comparatively rare. Women got the largest portion of their sexual satisfaction by masturbation or relationships with other women.

One curious development was informal female “life enrichment” parties. An older lady told me that it was just like the Tupperware parties of her childhood. Groups of women would periodically assemble in someone’s quarters for an orgasmic orgy. They would engage in small talk over a light snack then pair up and fondle and caress each other until both climaxed. At a signal they would switch and the new partners would mutually “do” each other. The party continued until all had cum several times. Participants denied that this was lesbianism. There was no emotional involvement, it was pure physical satisfaction, simply an erotic massage. In some of the parties the participants wore semitransparent hoods to hide their identities. They were nude from the neck down but their faces were covered.

The parties spawned a sub rosa industry of making female masturbation aides. While never officially condoned by the authorities, the ship’s workshops produced a variety of vibrators, clit pumps, and dildos. There were even a few universal orgasm machines, which one woman nicknamed “Orgasmatrons” after a line in an old comedy movie. The name stuck.

The Orgasmatron was a comfortable padded box containing a vibrating, moving penis surrogate to be inserted in the vagina, suction devices which encompassed and caressed the breasts, a vacuum clit stimulator, and rollers for a whole body massage. Soft music was provided by tiny speakers near the woman’s head. A woman could lie in the Orgasmatron and have all her hot zones exercised simultaneously. I was told that it could give a women a decent orgasm in just a few minutes. It was an indefatigable lover. Some women used the Orgasmatron for hours on end, cumming repeatedly. It was better, the authorities felt, to turn a blind eye to this unorthodox use of ship’s facilities, than to incur the unrest of female crew members. Besides, the rumor was that Captain Scotia was partial to the Orgasmatron herself.

Naturally I never attended any of these parties but my sister Jane did. She told me it took the edge off. She even tried the Orgasmatron a couple of times but she said that she still preferred human contact. She confided in me that our sister Eva was a bit of an Orgasmatron addict, once claiming that she had cum ten times in an hour. Knowing Eva’s appetites, I suspect it was true.

Jane had a very practical attitude about sex. It was a pleasurable experience but it was all a matter of stimulating the right body parts. It didn’t matter much how it was done. She felt that a climax was a climax, regardless of how it was achieved. After a receiving a few orgasms in life enhancement parties she stopped thinking about sex for a while. Until next time, that is.

This situation was not unusual in human history. After great wars which decimated the male population, social acceptance of polygamy, harems, and concubines increased. It was that way for the first generation after the plague on the New Ark.

The society that developed was a compromise between individual liberty and shipboard discipline. The right of private property was limited practically to personal possessions but private privileges were many. The motivation for achievement lay chiefly in the winning of leadership positions and prerogatives, and, of course, in the recognition of a job well done. There was only a very limited degree of owning anything that could be classified as wealth. Resources of every description belonged as a matter of public interest to the community at large. It would have gladdened a Socialist’s heart.

That’s not to say that free enterprise was totally abolished. Everyone received the same allowance of clothing, for example, but all were free to decorate their garb in whatever imaginative fashion they chose. A cottage industry of garment alteration arose to provide fashionable alterations. The same with just about every standard item aboard. Payment was by trading job shifts or leisure time credits since New Ark had a currency free society.

Dr. Cohen told me that the ship’s social structure was like an Israeli kibbutz that she remembered from her childhood, albeit with more sexual permissiveness. Men and women still lived together but child care and rearing were a community responsibility. All adults attended to the day’s responsibilities while the children were in school or a nursery. In the evening the children returned to their parents, biological or adoptive.

I, for example, was engaged to Keiko. We lived together in a small apartment, actually a suite of cabins in the ship. We both attended the equivalent of junior college and intended to pursue professional careers. I wanted to study medicine, Keiko wanted to be a teacher. We loved each other, spent most of our waking hours in each other’s company, and slept together at night.

But there was plenty of opportunity to stray. When I left the security of our quarters to attend classes or for my mandatory participation in performing some of the chores aboard ship I was assaulted by the sexual advances of some of the older women. Walking to school I ran the gamut of lovely legs, exposed breasts and come hither looks. One absolutely beautiful woman would sit on a chair in a secluded entrance to her apartment and seductively stimulate herself as I passed. Every day she would progress further and further. The first day she simply caressed her body seductively. On the second day she exposed her large breasts and licked her own nipples. By the next day she had her skirt around her waist and was playing with her pussy. By the of the week she was writhing to a simulated orgasm. Of course this had an effect on me. I was seventeen years old and in thrall to my male hormones.

I made up my mind to take a few hours off from school and visit her but her apartment door was closed. Apparently some other young stud was quicker than I at taking advantage of such a blatant invitation.

Keiko and the few other girls who had boyfriends were aware of the competition from other women and tried to keep their own mates fucked to the eyeballs. I’ve got to say that it worked for me. I thought Keiko was absolutely lovely and she certainly satisfied my carnal needs. I strayed very few times during the next few years.

Mrs. Bergen had been promoted to be the principal of a new school at the other end of the spaceship and I rarely ran into her. Just as well. Keiko would have a tough time keeping me from straying if she lived next door. Besides, I didn’t want to do anything that would tarnish the most memorable evening of my life.

Our small population encouraged us to go back to the apprenticeship system of learning trades and professions. A student who wanted to learn mechanical engineering studied with an experienced mechanical engineer learning all the tricks of the trade. It was more formal than that, of course. There was a lot of textbook type learning from video and computer sources but the hands on practice was done just as it was in the middle ages. For my medical studies I would be apprenticed to one of the staff physicians on board. To my surprise it was Dr. Cohen. Apparently she had requested me as a student.

Dr. Cohen looked much as she did before, a few years older, but still quite lovely. She was an excellent teacher. I took all the computer and video courses to master the theory and she instructed me in the hands on practice of medicine.

The “random” coupling of Project Seed complicated our medical record keeping and diagnosis. Normally the propensity for some specific diseases is inherited. A father or mother will transmit the likelihood for incurring some ailment to his or her children. But the anonymity of fatherhood blurred the record. Or did it? Dr. Cohen confided in me that there was a record of all births stored in the central computer and, using DNA records, it was possible to determine the actual father of each child. My curiosity was tweaked. After hours, I downloaded the portion of the file that covered my couplings to see which children were actually mine.

I had fathered both of Dr. Cohen’s children, a girl and a boy. But she had told me as much. I was also happy to learn that Mrs. Bergen’s last child was mine too. But some things surprised me. I was not the father of any of Captain Scotia’s children. There was another set of triplets aboard that were mine but I had no idea who they were. Probably they were adopted by different parents.

The biggest surprise was finding out that I was the father of my Mom’s last child. We had indeed shared that wonderful session in the conception chamber. My baby brother was also my son.

I ran down the list of the other 50 or so children that I had fathered. I was only casually acquainted with most of the women. One had been another teacher at the school. We never got along too well in class but I remembered that she was great in bed. She was the one that Selina had to rescue me from after four hours of continuous fucking.

Some of the younger girls had been my classmates. I can’t remember lusting after them in school, except for Lara. I was the father of her daughter.

I never did find out who the father of Keiko’s child was. Just as well. I would have been overcome with jealously. I guess that’s why the list was not made public. Keiko is a very enlightened woman. She might feel that she owns her own body and lets me use it from time to time but I’m the jealous sort. In my soul I feel that Keiko is mine now. All mine. Her cunt belongs to me and I don’t want anyone else’s cock in it. Admittedly this was hypocritical on my part because I wasn’t that opposed to putting my cock in another woman’s vagina once in a while.

I made it a point to spend more time at my Mom’s apartment, allegedly to visit her, but really to see how my son was doing. That was before Keiko and I had children of our own. The little boy was now a bouncing two year old, in perpetual motion, running around the house and getting in all sorts of trouble. He would jump up into my lap and I would play with him. Tease him, tickle him, and we would both laugh together. Mom seemed pleased to see us together.

Mom and I talked over all sorts of things, She gave me some really good advice on how to be a good husband, all the little things to do to keep a woman happy. One day, after we had talked for a long time she said “I’m so glad you get along so well with your son.”

That startled me. She wasn’t supposed to know that. The whole object of Project Seed was anonymous copulation. No one was supposed to know who the fathers of the children were.

“Oh yes,” she said. “I know that you are the father. He is so much like you. You remember, we slept together during your last year in the project. It was such a memorable and wonderful experience and I enjoyed it so much.”

“Don’t look so surprised,” Mom went on to say. “I knew that I would be your partner in advance. The computer was not supposed to let members of the same household or blood relations sleep together but since our genetic characteristics complimented each other so well, it arranged a coupling between us. I was only 37 years old so there was a good chance I would get pregnant. And, thankfully, I did.”

“I may be your mother but we are not actually biologically related. Dr. Cohen asked me ahead of time if it would be all right. I was a little nervous at first but eventually I said yes. I’m so happy I agreed. I love the baby and that night was just about the best sex of my life.”

She came over and sat next to me, a soft vision of mature femininity. She put her arm around me hugging me as she used to. I kissed her on the cheek. Then Mom surprised me by putting her other hand in my lap right over my penis. She started gently rubbing me through my shorts. My cock got hard within a few seconds. Mom was one of the few women who could do that to me. Keiko, of course, Dr. Cohen, and certainly Mrs. Bergen. Little Timmy was down for one of his long afternoon naps so we wouldn’t be interrupted.

I was paralyzed. She unfastened the fly of my shorts and my erection sprang out. In a moment her lips were on it. More than her lips. She sucked and tongued the head of my penis as if it was the sweetest lollipop in the world.

“I used to wash your little cock when you were a little boy. But not in the same way. Do you remember? It’s grown so much. I loved having it inside of me. It has gotten so big in the last two years. I wonder if it would still fit?”

She arose and, still holding my penis, pulled me into her bedroom. We both disrobed. Actually Mom disrobed me. I was petrified almost to catalepsy. Then she shrugged out of her garments. It was the first time I had ever seen her fully nude body. Mom was in remarkable shape for a woman of her age. In fact she was in great shape for a woman of any age. She taught yoga and exercise classes three times a week and ran around the periphery of the ship every morning.

She was lovely and very feminine. She had an hourglass figure with big breasts, broad hips and a narrow waist. She was nicely padded but not fat. Her artist’s model figure made her resemble one of the women in those paintings by Velasquez.

“Do I look like what you imagined? Are my breasts too big?” she asked. She put her hands under one large breast and raised it up to me. It’s funny but I never thought of Mom’s breasts before. She was just Mom.

Her breast was big indeed. Bigger even than Mrs. Bergen’s. It took both of Mom’s hands to hold it up. Standing erect her nipples reached her belly button. It wasn’t that the breasts sagged. But there was a lot packed inside them. Age, breast feeding, and probably Dad’s enthusiastic loving contributed to their shape. Don’t get me wrong. Her breasts were not ugly. In fact they were quite nice. They were just big and heavy.

Light brown aureolae the size of small saucers decorated the end of her tits. Each was tipped with a large fleshy nipple. They didn’t look like Keiko’s much younger breasts. These were the breasts of a mature, very voluptuous woman. They were almost excruciatingly sexy. My erection grew rock hard from the sight of Mom’s body.

Mom lifted one of her breasts to her mouth and flicked her tongue across the nipple. Then she put the end in her mouth and sucked it. I watched her cheeks hollow and swell. The breast surface rippled in time with her sucks. When she pulled her wet nipple from her mouth it had grown to almost twice its normal size. Her hands lovingly caressed her breast as if she was stroking a favored child. She kissed it lovingly before she released it. The sight was so erotic that I almost came.

“I used to think of you every time I suckled your son.” she said. “I kept remembering our night together and I would imagine that it was your lips on my nipple. If I thought hard enough about it, I would have a little orgasm. I really miss Dad but I enjoyed sex so much with you that it made me forget about him for that evening.”

She continued to caress her breast while she talked. I just stared as she rolled her growing nipple between her thumb and forefinger. Little bumps appeared around the aureola.

“I haven’t been with a man since our wonderful night in Project Seed. Ever since then I’ve wanted to make love to you again. Since your Dad died, there is no one whose prick I would rather have inside me. Would you do your mother a great favor and make love to me?”

Mom sat down on the edge of the bed and spread her legs slightly. She placed both hands on her cunt and gently rubbed the moistening pink lips. Two fingers penetrated her vagina. Her hips began a slow undulating motion. I just stared unbelievingly. It was my Mom.

“I’m just getting myself ready for you,” she explained. “It always helps if I get a little wet first.” Mom looked directly at me. “Don’t be shocked,” she said. “I may be your Mom but I was a woman first. This just gets me started.”

She pulled out the fingers that had been in her cunt and licked them off. “I taste good,” she said. “If you have never sucked a cunt you might try mine. Dad always said that my juices taste delicious.”

Mom might have been putting on a sex show to entice me but it was apparent that she enjoyed loving her own body. And who wouldn’t, I thought. This dedication to self-pleasuring was understandable. There were no men of her age on board. She was a vital woman. Since Project Seed ended, any sexual release she received would have been at her owns hands or those of some other female partner.

She held out her arms toward me. By this time all my hesitation had vanished. My very erect penis led the way. I plunged into her now wet pussy. I pushed so hard that the end of my cock hit her cervix. Mom gasped, wrapped her strong legs around me and clutched me close. She tensed her body a bit and her cunt literally gripped my cock. Despite having had five children she felt as tight as a teen ager.

“Yes, yes!” she cried. “I’ve wanted this for so long.”

What was I thinking? I was fucking my Mom. But she was also a voluptuous woman. Her breasts were soft and full, her body warmly sensuous. Mom had no rough edges at all. She was a person with whom I had spent many loving years but she was also hot and sexy. A Venus d’Milo of sex. And, incidentally, she was a great piece of ass.

I was possessed by desire. It was a very intense fuck. As I moved in and out she squeezed the end of her breast to make her nipple stand up and pushed it into my mouth. I swallowed as much of her large breast as I could, licking and chewing the end. I wanted to suck milk out of my Mom’s massive mammary, but alas, she had none to give.

“Suck me, fuck me, suck me, fuck me,” she repeated over and over. “Bite me, chew me, fuck me!”

I stole a glimpse at Mom’s face. She looked nothing like the mother I had lived with for years. Her face was a mask of total sexual abandonment. She was giving her all to fucking. I drove into her as hard as I could and she responded by slamming her pelvis against mine, all the while pushing her breast into my mouth. I was drawn into her intensity. I totally lost control of my body and we fucked like wild animals in heat.

Mom and I made enthusiastic love for much of the afternoon. I felt her spasm to orgasm and I came immediately after. But that was just the appetizer. We both came several more times, sometime individually, sometimes simultaneously. We were indeed animals.

Our bodies melted together and it was hard to tell where one started and the other ended. Alternately I had my face buried between her breasts and her legs, sucking and chewing whatever I could reach. Mom sucked and nibbled my penis and swallowed my cum. Dad was right. Mom’s juices tasted delicious.

After nearly two hours of continuous lovemaking we stopped, physically exhausted by our efforts. Mom instantly reverted to being a mother and fixed us both something to eat.

“I’m so glad you’re not embarrassed by my forwardness,” Mom said. “Every mother wants to sleep with her son but so few get the opportunity. But this is a peculiar situation. It’s not as if we have never been intimate. You are, after all, the father of my last child. Certainly you are not my baby boy any more. I know that we will live and die on this ship. Our entire life will take place within this huge aluminum tube. We must get our enjoyment any way we can. As adults we can do whatever we want with our own bodies. And I intend to use mine to give me as much pleasure as I can get. I hope it pleases you too.”

We chatted for a while, small talk really. It was an odd situation indeed. Both of us were sitting nude at the small kitchen table talking as if it was a typical mealtime conversation. We had eaten together many times as a family when I was growing up, except that we usually wore more clothes. Another difference was that Mom was a little wet between the legs. Intermixed drips of my sperm and her pussy juices dripped from her vagina and dampened her thighs. Nonplussed, she used her fingers to wipe away the wetness then raised them to her mouth to suck them clean. She was not in the least embarrassed. I was impressed by her casual acceptance of the fact that we had just fucked like rabbits on an orgy. She was the essence of cool.

Mom asked about my training and what I planned to do. Did I intend to marry Keiko? Would Keiko and I have children? Mom said she was old fashioned enough to want grandchildren.

It was hard for me to concentrate on what she was saying. Mom’s full breasts rested on the table between us. My eyes were drawn to those beautiful mounds. Every once in a while Mom’s hands caressed their surfaces and her fingers rolled the nipples. It was an unconscious action. I’m sure she wasn’t aware of what she was doing but it had a profound effect on me. The Mom of my childhood had turned into a paragon of pure sexuality. I had to fight to stop myself from grabbing those tits and shoving them into my mouth. What a bounty of flesh. No wonder she couldn’t keep her hands off herself.

Considering Mom’s behavior of a few minutes earlier her conversation was real switch in tone. She sounded like a typical mother, worrying about her son’s future. But I was still curious about Mom’s sexuality. In a daring moment of frankness I asked Mom if she had ever participated in one of the “life enhancement” parties.

Mom said that Eva came over frequently to help her out. She knew that Eva frequently attended the life enhancement parties so she asked about them. Eva even dragged her to a few. Mom said that she had tried the Orgasmatron a couple of times on Eva’s recommendation. But then she decided against it. She said that while the device gave her an orgasm she felt odd having a vibrator in her vagina as suction cups pulled at her tits. It was like being loved by a vacuum cleaner.

I knew my own needs better than anyone else and since my husband died my best sexual experiences were with myself. Sex for one was often better than sex for two. “Why have a machine do something for you that you can do better for yourself.”

I remembered Mom’s loving attention to her breasts and cunt and realized that she was probably right. She knew her own body better than anyone else and could give it exactly the satisfaction it needed.

I wondered what “helping her out” meant, but knowing Eva’s appetites I could guess. But Mom didn’t talk about her specific relationship to her daughter. She said that she was still old fashioned enough to consider it a private matter. But then she went on to suggest that perhaps the three of us, Eva, Mom and me could get together for a family reunion some evening. I had a good idea what her invitation implied. Mom probably was planning an incestual threesome.

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