The Computer - Cover

The Computer

by Amanda Erickson


BDSM Sex Story: Amanda has a torture session with a stranger of a computer chat

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Fiction   BDSM   MaleDom   Humiliation   Torture   Anal Sex   .

With careful consideration Amanda knelt down in front of the door. Her short blonde hair was combed out, smooth and shiny, and she had taken pains to apply a small amount of blush on her usually white face. Her long smooth skinned arms fell down by her sides and she sat back on the heels of her feet.

The apartment was very warm and a cool breeze chilled her as her master entered. He looked at her and smiled warmly, heating Amanda’s heart, if not her body. He dropped his briefcase and keys on the side table and slipped off his shoes.

“Hello, my pet,” he said to her.

Amanda smiled back at him, pleasured at hearing his voice. “Hello Master.”

Amanda quivered as he walked toward and ran his fingers over her smooth shoulders. His touch excited her and she wondered what was in store for her.

“Amanda? I’m afraid I’ve got to go out for a little while, to the grocery store,” he said.

Amanda sighed in disappointment.

“But don’t worry. I have something cooked up for you.”

Amanda raised her eyes. “Really, Master? That would be wonderful.”

“Yes little one. Go get your ankle cuffs and the box of toys, would you?” he asked softly.

Amanda stood up and fairly ran to the bedroom, grabbing the soft nylon ankle cuffs and the box of toys. With bursting excitement she carried the items back to the living room. Her master wasn’t to be seen.

“Master?” she called out.

“I’m in the computer room, Amanda,” she heard him say.

Amanda walked down the short hallway to the computer room and saw him logging on to the Internet. He eyed the box she was carrying.

“Very good, Amanda. Get out the anal plug please, the one that vibrates,” he told her.

Amanda shivered as she sifted through the box and removed the knobby plastic plug. Her fingers shook as she handed it to her master.

“Very good. Now the KY Jelly, please,” he said.

Amanda scooped the large tube from the box and opened it for him. She watched as he squeezed a generous amount onto the plug and spread it over the pale plastic.

“Bend over the chair,” he commanded.

Amanda didn’t hesitate and she quickly bent over the chair, raising her petite ass high in the air. She felt the slick tip of the plug being placed at the opening of her anus and she felt her master push. With a moment’s concentration, Amanda relaxed herself enough for the plug to enter her unimpeded. She had held the plug before, so was used to its width.

“Aahhhhhhhhh,” she moaned out loud.

Soon the plug was entirely in her and she felt her master switch the tiny toggle that began the low speed vibrations. She could barely hear the humming noise but felt the tiny movements inside her ass with a sensitivity borne of pleasure. She squirmed as her master lowered his fingers and wiped the remaining KY Jelly over the soft warm lips of her sex.

“Now sit down in the chair, Amanda,” he told her.

Amanda stood up and waddled around to the front of the chair. With a groan she sat down in the smooth vinyl seat and felt the anal plug driven even higher into her body. Her master took hold of the ankle cuffs and knelt down behind the chair.

“Spread your legs to either side of the chair, sweet,” he said.

Amanda moved her legs, spreading them wide. She felt her master’s hand on her left ankle, buckling the ankle cuff around her smooth skin. In moments, she shivered as his fingers cuffed the other ankle. She gasped as he drew her legs backward and under the chair, locking the clasp between the cuffs. She felt so exposed and vulnerable, parted and tied open. She loved it.

Her master returned to the toy box and removed a small strand of thick rope. With careful movements he ran the rope across her waist and down below the chair. His dexterous fingers tied a knot well beneath her reach under the chair, holding her down.

“Now Amanda. I will leave your hands free. If something happens and you HAVE to get up, use the scissors to cut the rope. Then you can get on your knees and unclasp the ankle cuffs. But do this only if it is an emergency. I expect to find you tied up when I return.”

“Now perhaps you are wondering what is going on. I was on the computer last night and I checked out the access log history. I knew you were getting on chat rooms but I had no idea which ones. I am quite surprised. Female Humiliation and Punishment? Really,” he shook his head in feigned amazement. “In any event, I decided to have a little fun with you. Since I can’t be here to torture you, I have arranged for someone else to, over the net. You will log in to your favorite chat-room and look for someone with the screen name ThePerfectMan. Whisper him and he will tell you what to do to yourself. Be totally honest with him since he and I are friends. Lastly, you will do EVERYTHING he commands. Understand? Everything. Obey him as you would me. And finally, just to let you know that I will be checking up on you, here is the video camera,” he pointed to a small webcam sitting out of reach on the bookcase. “My friend will record the chat conversation and I will compare it to the video recording.

“And Amanda. I hope you find everything just as humiliating and punishing as you desire,” he bent down and kissed her. “See ya,” he said.

Amanda nodded her head and turned to face the computer as he walked from the room. Her fingers danced across the keyboard and she could barely stand the excitement of what was happening to her. Imagine! To be tortured by a strange man! She quickly logged on to her network and signed on to her room.

“24 f wv” she typed, as she entered the room. The room host welcomed her immediately. Her eyes scanned the participant lists and she suddenly saw the name she was looking for: ThePerfectMan. Her hand shook slightly as she clicked on his name and whispered him.

“Hi Perfect,” she typed.

“Well hello Amanda. I was told you would be here,” he answered.

“Well, I am. Do you know what is going on?” she asked.

“Of course. I’m in on the whole thing,” he replied. Amanda could sense him chuckling.

“Oh. Of course. Well, I’m ready,” she typed.

“Very good, Amanda. Is that anal plug in you already?” Perfect asked her.

“Yes” she replied. “My master put it in me before tying me down to the chair.”

“Excellent. That makes it easy for us. Now, open the desk drawer to your right. Your master told me that he left a present for you in it,” she read.

Amanda reached to the desk drawer and opened it. A beautifully decorated box stood in the drawer and she reached in and removed it. With careful fingers she opened it and found a pair of small, gold, screw type clamps. Her fingers turned them over and she smiled with delight.

“Do you like them?” Perfect asked her.

“Oh yes! They are wonderful!”

“I’m glad you like them. I had something to do with their selection.”

“They’re beautiful.” Amanda said.

“Now. Should we begin?”

“Yes Sir.” Amanda typed.

“Very well. First, I want you to remove both of your vibrators from the toy box. Then, I want you to turn them both on and hold them to your nipples. Do you understand?” she read.

“Yes Sir,” she typed. She reached into the toy box and pulled out two vibrators. With a twist, she turned each one on. She held both in one hand and typed.

“Putting them on now.”

“Good,” she read.

Amanda held the tips of the vibrators directly on the sensitive nubs of her nipples. The shuddering vibrations of the shafts excited her intensely and she felt her muscles tightening. The anal plug added its own interesting dance to her nerves and she shivered with delight as her nipples swelled and rose.

“I know you can’t type with vibrators in both hands, but I want you to know that I am aware of what is happening to you. Your nipples have hardened and you are feeling so much desire. I know that you need satisfaction. But you must also understand that this is a punishment. And we are in a room called Female Humiliation and Torture. You are already being humiliated, now it is time for the torture. Now put the vibrators down.”

Amanda reluctantly did as told.

“They’re down,” she typed.

“Good. Now remove the small clamp with the chain weight from the toy box.” Ordered Perfect.

Amanda reached into the toy box and found the small clamp and chain. A weight dangled from the end of the chain and she quivered with excitement.

“Ok, I’ve got it,” she punched in on the keyboard.

“Good. Now put it down and pick up a vibrator. Turn it on and put it in your pussy.”

Amanda’s hand shook as she picked up one of the vibrators and turned it on. Carefully she placed the tip at the lips of her sex, slowly rubbing and pushing it into her body. Once the vibrator was deep with in her she used one hand and began typing again.

“It’s in me.”

“Good, Amanda. Now pull it out and lick it.”

Amanda moaned as the vibrator came out of her flower and she brought it to her lips. She quickly licked the entire length of it, sucking the juices of her own sex off it. She hadn’t turned it off and it vibrated in her mouth as she sucked. Her left hand held it to her lips as her right played on the keyboard.

“Sucking it,” she wrote.

“All right, Amanda. Once it is clean you can turn it off and put it down,” she read.

Amanda pulled the vibrator out of her mouth and turned it off. She dropped it on the table next to the other vibrator.

“OK,” she told her computer torturer.

“Next take the small clamp with the weight and clamp it right on your clit,” he ordered.

Amanda shook. Everything had been pleasurable up to this point. She had been subjected to this torture before and she knew how much it would hurt. Her fingers picked up the small clamp, feeling the weight of the small metal medallion dangling from her fingers. She looked down and carefully positioned the clamp, pushing it open with her fingers. She moved it till the small flap of her skin, her clitoris, was right between the two smooth jaws of the clamp. Slowly, she let the clamp close, feeling the cold metal bite of the clamp grip her already sensitive and delicate flesh.

She cried out when it bit, gasping and shaking as her legs fought to close in response to the pain. She forced her self to let go off the clamp and she felt the sudden weight of the medallion fall and yank hard upon her clit. Her loud cry echoed through the room.

Her breaths were ragged as she dealt with the sensations coming from between her legs and her fingers returned to the keyboard.

“Oohh it hurts so bad!” she typed, her fingers making multiple errors which she painstakingly cleared before sending the message.

“I’m glad, Amanda. It’s supposed to. Now take your new nipple clamps and place them on your nipples.”

Amanda groaned again, but dutifully picked up each clamp. They were screw types, requiring her to position the open clamp on her nipple and slowly screw the clamp closed. This allowed her to set the pressure exerted on her poor breasts. She tightened each one till she felt the delicious tightness, but no pain. Then her hands returned to the keyboard. This time she typed more accurately, her body used to the pain from her clit.

“They are on now,” she told her tormentor.

“I know, Amanda. But they are not tight enough. Make at least three more turns with the screw Amanda.”

“What?” she responded.

“You know exactly what I mean. Your master told me that you wouldn’t tighten them all the way. Now I want you to twist the screws at least three more times. That way I know that you’re experiencing pain, and not pleasure, through those little jugs of yours.”

Amanda trembled and her fingers danced on the keyboard.

“Please. Please don’t make me do this,” she begged.

“Do it now, Amanda,” she read.

Amanda hung her head and reached up to her right breast. The clamp screw slowly twisted as she screwed it and after three turns sharp sparks of pain spurted upward through her entire breasts. Her nipple was discolored and her breaths came in ragged sobs. She repeated the procedure with her other breast and found she could barely type.

“Iiimmm readddy,” she wrote, her fingers incapable of hitting the right keys.

“Good, Amanda. We are getting to the middle of our little torture session. Now I want you to pick up the vibrator again and put it in your pussy. Turn it on.”

Amanda took her time typing her response. “Bbbuutt wwhaatt abouttt the cclamp??” she wrote.

“The clamp is on your clit, Amanda. Just push the vibrator in beneath it. That is where your hole is anyway. But, just for fun, make sure that the vibrator hits or jangles the clamp every time you thrust it in. I know. Hold the chain in the same hand as your vibrator. That way every time you push it in you will yank on your clit at the same time.”

Amanda shook her head as her hand picked up the vibrator. She turned it on and positioned it between her legs. As she pushed it deep, she began to cry, feeling the intensity of the pain and pleasure rock her. Once it was completely in, she grasped the chain with her thumb and held it. She pulled the vibrator almost completely out and she cried out as the chain yanked hard upon her clit. She began pumping herself, feeling the severe pain and phenomenal pleasure enhance each other and she found herself nearing orgasm.

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