Revenge Is Sweet - Cover

Revenge Is Sweet

by Always Luscious


Fiction Sex Story: When John's wife decides to go out with her sisters, he suspects that she'll be slutting. Left at home with his wife's daughter, he decides that what's good for the goose, is sauce for the gander.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   First   Oral Sex   .

Each time that John looked at her, she saw love in his eyes. Even when her mom first brought him home and Mara was still in pigtails, there seemed to be some attraction between the grown up and the child. Indeed, right from the beginning the girl harbored feelings for her mom’s boyfriend.

To be sure, John was taken by the beauty of the youngster; indeed that fact may have been in the back of his mind when he agreed to marry Angela, the girl’s mother. Although he had never done anything before with an underage girl, there was something in Mara’s manner and looks that fanned forbidden desires for the child.

Mara sensed his attention in her. As with most young girls, she was too innocent to know that there was a difference between love and lust.

During the next couple of years, as she started to lose her little-girl looks, in addition to their flirting, her new step-dad began sneaking peaks at the youngster and even copping some ‘accidental’ feels. Mara had sometimes noticed when John’s hands brushed her boobs and butt. However, she had never associated his touches as doing anything wrong. Unfortunately, for the young girl, she was already smitten with her mom’s new husband - her new daddy - and though she wouldn’t admit it to anyone, she felt that she was in love with him ... and she was convinced that he had strong feelings for her.

Mara had just turned fifteen when this happened. Early on in the week, Angela had told John that she and her two sisters were going out on their semi-annual get together, which always involved hitting a bar or two. He was upset because after the sisters’ last time together, he had found sticky panties in the hamper. When he confronted his wife, she initially looked frightened, but when she realized that he really didn’t have any proof of her doing anything wrong, she dismissed his suspicions as just that. Still, in his heart, John knew that his wife had probably slutted around. So, when she announced this week that she was going with Michelle and Yvette, he was quite upset.

After Angela left on Saturday, John and Mara settled in for the night to watch TV. Feeling depressed, John decided to drink, and opened up a bottle of gin. As he sipped his GT, Mara sat cuddled back against him. As the liquor began to loosen him up, he soon began to get ideas. While on his second drink, he asked his stepdaughter if she’d like one.

Mara looked at him with suspicion that he was putting her on. After waiting about ten seconds, she asked, “Can I?”

“As long as you don’t tell your mom,” he instructed.

Within the next hour, Mara not only finished a full GT, but she’d also shared a joint with him, and was now on her second drink.

Suddenly, the hidden desires that both of them had been suppressing rushed forth. First they were kissing, and that quickly escalated to where they were swapping tongues in each other’s mouth. Just as quickly John had dropped himself back onto the couch and brought his 15-year-old stepdaughter back atop him.

Then he had the young girl in his arms, crushing her into his body, his hot mouth plunging up onto hers, his tongue plunging between her soft lips, beyond the barrier of teeth and deep to the point of choking her.

Feeling her stepfather’s hands cupping her buttocks and the swelling bulge in the front of his pants pressing into her softly quivering belly, Mara’s excitement quickly rose. As they kissed, she automatically sucked and nibbled at his tongue, the tiny tingles that had seemed to burst into being in her virginal loins, now seemed to be spurring her on.

At last they came up for air; he was breathing heavily into her face. “Oh baby girl, I love you so much.”

Then, after extricating himself from beneath her, he was rolling her onto her back. Deftly, John maneuvered the youngster so she had one leg draped onto the floor and the other at the back of the couch, and he was between them, his body atop hers.

Mara gasped. She knew that this was so wrong, but she didn’t care, if this was the only way she was going to have him, she just didn’t care!

She felt John’s mouth now crushing onto hers again, his tongue smashing against the hot petals of her lips, his right hand moving beneath her sweater, upward along the naked flesh of her trembling ribs to her full, bra-covered breast and smothering it in his hand, his long fingers kneading and caressing through the material while the breath seeped helplessly out of her.

“Mmmmm,” she moaned into his mouth.

Mara was quivering with strange, intensified feelings she had never known existed; her loins tingled hotly, moistly, between her legs at his wonderful masculine nearness; still she struggled lightly. In truth, his lust was frightening her and she didn’t quite know what to do, she wanted him and yet she was afraid. At 15, she was still an innocent and although she realized what was happening, she had never experienced it, and was frightened of the unknown.

She felt him kissing her passionately now, his hand creeping up beneath her sweater to fumble at her back with the fastener of her bra, while his warm, wet mouth and tongue moved eagerly over her face. She realized that all sense of time and place were leaving her as her mother’s lover urged her on.

“Mara, oh Mara,” John moaned again.

“D-daddy, oh John,” the young girl murmured.

“Oh Mara,” he groaned. “It’s been so long ... I love you so much...”

Breathlessly now, Mara gasped into John’s mouth as his hand slipped back around and beneath her loosened brassiere to caress the smooth, firm flesh of her now throbbing breast, the nipple hardening erectly as he pinched and rolled it gently between the thumb and forefinger, raising further unbelievable passions inside her, overwhelming any shame that she might have.

“Oh Sweetheart, we’ve wanted this for so long,” John breathed hotly into her mouth, running his hand down her ribs and over the full swell of her rounded hip and along her outer, covered thigh, then behind and up to press beneath and cup the softness of her buttocks, “I want to fuck you so badly! You’re going to love it ... every second of it.”

To his surprise, the youngster groaned and pushed eagerly against him when he used that word. It was as if the word itself excited her!!!

“Daddy ... Oh John!” she gasped. “We ... I ... Oh, we shouldn’t ... we can’t... !”

Mara’s brain reeled in the throes of the fogging emotions that had swept over her, and she wagged her head negatively, visions of her mother, interspersed with the face of her step-dad, flashing in and out of the youngster’s mind, while the obscene word he had spewed at her, along with its complete meaning, ricocheted erotically throughout her aroused senses. Yet, even as she tried to oppose him, she sensed the barriers of her restraints crumbling rapidly; the very sound of his use of that lewd, yet exciting word, strangely excited her.

“Yes ... yes, we can, baby,” he whispered softly, covering her mouth with his and sucking at the youngster’s lips, his hands suddenly moving to unzip the zipper at the back of her slacks. Remembering her reaction just moments ago, he added, “I’m going to slip my cock right up into that tight, cherry cunt of yours, gently and sweetly ... hold your luscious ass tight in my hands and fuck my cock into your pussy until you swear you’re in heaven.”

Mara stared fixedly up into his eyes, her breathing increasing with every licentious, but passion-building word that came from his lips.

John saw that the young girl was aroused with his words. “But first, I’m going to lick and suck that hole between your legs like you’ve never dreamed of in your lifetime...” he went on, his hand slipping down inside the loosened waist of the young teen’s slacks over the flat plane of her quivering belly, and slowly down to the thin, nylon-covered swell of her pubic mound to gently stroke and tease at her dampening vaginal lips beneath. “And you’re going to love me for it, baby ... love and beg me to fuck and suck and fuck you...”

“Ohhhhh God,” Mara whimpered, breathing heavily. Her arms were clutching tightly around his neck in a sudden, uncontrollable burst of passion that completely bewildered the 15-year-old girl, a desire that her vibrantly aroused young body could not, and did not want to harness.

She kissed him wantonly, thrusting her tiny tongue deep into his mouth, while the middle finger of his hand that she had let slip down inside her slacks pressed and rubbed at her moist, nylon-shielded vagina, and she knew that she was going to let him ... let him do whatever in this world he wanted to her, convinced that he loved her and not her mother!

“Are you ready, baby... ? Ready to become a woman ... my woman... ?” he whispered, suddenly removing his taunting hand from inside her slacks, then abruptly lifting her bodily into his arms. “Ready to be sucked and fucked ... made love to fully for the first time in your life... ?”

“Oh God ... Oh God, yes ... yes, Daddy,” she blurted, hardly realizing the words had come from her own lips. “Love me ... please, love me ... Make me a woman, John darling... !”

John Ford could hardly believe the passion-choked response that gasped from his young stepdaughter’s soft, moist lips into his face. He knew only that the heat and aroma of her young hot breath was driving him crazy, causing his mind to block out how wrong this was ... forgetting everything else in the world except the pagan magnificence of this virginal creature in his arms. Christ! He couldn’t wait any longer!

She clung to him, her arms locked around his neck, her head on his shoulder and he carried her whimpering and mewling into her bedroom. There in the darkness, he kissed her again and felt her tongue slide into his mouth with a wantonness he’d bet she never realized she possessed. His prick throbbed and strained in his pant-leg, until he was certain it was going to break, rip out by the roots, if he didn’t release it soon.

“Oh God, Daddy ... I’m afraid ... I’m afraid,” she whined, “I want to ... I do ... but I’m afraid...”

John felt her hot tears against his face. “It’s alright Mara ... it’s alright. You want to be a woman, don’t you... ? Don’t you?” he hoarsely rasped in his horny state.

“Yes ... yes ... yessss... !”

“Then, don’t be afraid, baby girl,” he reassured her. “I’ll be gentle ... and we’ll make beautiful love ... fuck to our hearts content ... really find and love each other ... until every muscle in our bodies is relaxed and filled with love. Isn’t that what you want?”

“Yes ... oh yes, Daddy ... I want you to! I do!” she gasped.

John Ford knew that his young stepdaughter wanted him. He had always known that Mara had a crush on him but until now he had been able to keep his lust from erupting full blown. He couldn’t stop now however, his cock was like an ax-handle. Shit, he’d rape her if she tried to stop him.

He put her down and said, “Do you want to undress yourself baby?”

“Yes, but let’s do it quickly Daddy, I’m frightened, please touch me ... please hold me.”

Hurriedly, but almost hypnotically, Mara began to remove her clothes, her mind spinning. In the darkness, she could hear the rustle of John’s clothes and suddenly a tingling chill spiraled through her at the thought that within moments she would be in bed naked with the man she loved ... her handsome, wonderful stepfather, with his hot hard flesh pressed tightly against her own; his thing rigid and throbbing, in anticipation of making love to her. ‘Oh God, mama, you’ll just have to understand ... I love him! I love him! He was meant for me ... not for you ... don’t you see mama? John is meant for me!’

Suddenly John was behind her, his arms slipping around her waist as she stood there with her flimsy nylon panties, her last covering. She felt his lips on her naked shoulder while his hands smoothed over the bowl of her smooth, quivering white belly.

The young girl shuddered, delighted at his touch. “Mmmmmmm.”

He said nothing, only let his hands slide upward over her hot, satiny flesh to her smallish, budding, pointed breasts, his hot, sensitive hands slipping beneath to cup upwards and lift them as the cool air brushed entrancingly against her unleashed nipples that had burst into hardness.

“Christ, you’re so hot, baby,” groaned John as he caressed the fourteen-year-old girl’s breasts.

Mara felt his hands massaging and kneading and stroking her vibrant naked breasts, pinching at the tiny, hard cherry nipples and rolling them between his fingers, causing unknown erotic fermentations to spasm blissfully throughout her whole body. Then, he was moving around in front of her. She stood perfectly still, her hands by her sides, trembling wildly from the excitement swirling through her.

John lowered his head, cupped her breast and sucked the erect throbbing nipple deep inside his hot, wet mouth. The young girl swayed in the darkness, the overwhelming rapture causing her to nearly lose her balance.

“Take off your panties,” he said, still holding her one breast. And she did, rolling them down her hips and bending forward to push them down all the way. Then she straightened, her panties in a useless pile on the floor at her feet.

John took both breasts then, one in each hand and held them until he bent; finally kissing and sucking each one individually. He was fascinated in her firm young tits, so taut, so hot and exciting. He couldn’t believe that this young girl was so wanting. She was prettier than her mother ... she was so much hotter than her mother! The night had begun with him thinking ... knowing ... that Angela would be fucking another guy before she returned home. Now he would fuck her daughter!

The back of Mara’s legs were now against the mattress of the bed. John gently guided her down atop the blanket and then moved atop himself. He moved toward her on the bed and as he did so, his aroused stepdaughter reached up and wrapped her tender young arms around his neck. Once again, he thrust his tongue into her eager mouth, one hand rubbing over her breasts and down her side, across her belly, finally reaching the moist velvetness of her hot, sensitive vaginal split.

The youngster issued a high pitched whimper into his mouth. “Eeeeeeeeeeeemmm...”

When her step-dad’s fingers toyed momentarily in the sparsely covered pubic hair, her breath burst from her lungs with the shock his fingers brought her; then, searchingly, he discovered her tiny excited clitoris.

“Ahhhhhmmmmm ooooom.”

He tweaked and pinched it, raising gasps that exuded into his mouth, and then he ran his fingers downward through the sensitive, undefiled flesh to the small unbroken opening of her vagina.

While his tongue fucked into his child’s hungrily receptive mouth, Mara couldn’t hold back the tiny moan that fell from her lips. She unconsciously pressed her pelvis forward as she felt her step-dad’s middle finger trail down the length of her vaginal split, separating the soft curled strands of hair as it went, and then penetrating slowly, gently into her. Then his finger slowly began massaging at the small elasticized channel mouth, into the damp, tiny hole of her maidenhead, into the un-penetrated passage of her quivering vagina, and then finally, slipping up into the moist opening of her maidenhead.

‘Oh God, ‘ he groaned inwardly to himself as he felt the delicious moistness of the fourteen year old girl, ‘I’m going to lose my mind, I really am. Forgive me Angela, forgive me, ‘ his brain swirled wildly, ‘but you hurt me and now I’m going to hurt you so that you’ll know what it’s like ... but oh God! This girl feels so good, so very good ... ah ... so very good!’

John, breathing harshly now and dizzily excited, eased his rigid thick middle finger all the way up inside the girl’s cunt. It was incredibly tight, hugging and squeezing his spearing finger. Her twat was not only deliciously snug; it was hot as fire and wonderfully juicy. He imagined cramming his achingly bloated dick into that searing hole and he almost came just thinking about it.

“Oooooooo!” Mara squealed. “Oh, Daddy. That feels so good. Your finger feels great inside me.”

Mara’s whole being had seemingly come alive with a seething sexual desire. Her stepfather’s wonderful hands were setting her right off into space! Had she ever known anything to compare? Who was this man making love to her - the devil, himself?

And then, his finger was slipping smoothly in and out of her rapidly dilating passage, and a wave of new exciting sensations rippled over her flesh. He started finger-fucking her, jerking his stiff finger roughly up and down in her clinging slick fuck hole. Mara groaned. She’d never felt anything so good in her life. Until now she wasn’t aware that this was a sensation she really craved, something hard and rigid pumping and stuffing her cunt; she certainly was aware now.

“Uhhhhhh!” she whined. “Do it to me, Daddy. Do me with your finger. Aaaahhhh -- so GOOD!”

John was going wild feeling his girl’s powerful young cuntal walls gripping and squeezing his finger. He could well imagine how that greedy action would feel around his deeply-shoved cock. He fingered her faster, harder, and she responded with squeals of pleasure and an enormous rush of pussy cream that boiled around his jerking finger and gushed out of her cunt to soak his hand.

“DO it to me, do it to meee!” she screeched. He was shocked at how his girl was now responding.

His thick finger stuffed her virgin cunt completely, creating delicious friction as it pumped. Mara felt the pleasure building in her belly until she could hardly stand it anymore. That this was her own stepfather mattered not.

‘Oh ... ohhhhh! I’m lost ... oh my god! His finger is like a soothing balm inside me ... and I’ve needed it so bad ... so long ... oh mama, please forgive me!’

She began an instinctive jerking motion with her hips, shoving her greedy wet cunt up and down the thick spike of her stepfather’s finger. She shoved faster and faster until suddenly she felt the violent explosion of pleasure deep in her cunt.

“I’M AHHHH...” she gasped. “Ohhhhhh, Daddy, it’s happening -- WHHHAAAHHH!”

John felt his finger gripped and squeezed as if it were trapped in a vise. The youngster’s convulsing cunt squeezed and released his cream-drenched finger again and again as she came. He was astounded at the violence of her orgasm. This sexy teenager was exceptionally horny, way above average in her lusty needs. That thought made him groan with horniness. He’d be more than glad to satisfy her needs with his iron-hard cock.

Mara hardly had time to come down from that awesome high when she was again paying attention. Her stepfather was slithering down her body. In the darkness of the room, she stared at the shadow of his body as he half-lifted himself and spread her thighs, then crawled slowly between them, his face hovering just above the child’s moist and excited loins.

Mara felt the flat palms of his warm hands pressing against the softness of her inner thighs, urging them to part further, and her breath bubbled in her chest as she waited in the dark with mounting desire for what she hoped would happen next.

“Oooooohhhhhh!” Mara lurched and groaned as John’s hot moist lips closed over the soft pubic mound at the base of her belly. Then, she sensed wet, taunting kisses being lavished on the blonde, hair-lined slit of her wildly aroused vagina ... delightful, tantalizing kisses on the closed tingling lips of her now, feverish cunt, kisses that she suddenly realized she would willingly sell her soul for ... his tongue flicking snakelike at the soft, quivering opening, just as he had promised. Every muscle in her body taunted at the insanely pleasurable licking of her still-closed vagina while uncontrollable groans of ecstasy rolled from her lips.

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