Kyla, Monty, and Me - Cover

Kyla, Monty, and Me

by AlphaEd


Erotica Sex Story: A man meets a woman and her dog

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Zoophilia   Bestiality   Oral Sex   .

Before I went to San Francisco, I had no idea that people engaged on regular basis in this lifestyle. I had seen “dog and pony” shows in different parts of the world including some other type of animal/female shows. I thought that it was all for entertainment of men and some women at the time but thought nothing more of it.

Kyla explained to me that having sex with a dog was no more than a step up from what most “normal” dog owners do. They dress up their dogs, they put them in beauty contests, spend billions of dollars on food, veterinary bills, medicines, grooming and they have special cemeteries for them and in some cases leave millions of dollars in inheritance money to them.

A “real pet lover” goes a step further and treats their pets “like” humans and engage in sex with them. She told me that she took care of Monty better than some people give their kids and she spends very good money grooming, vet visits, foods, medicine, vitamins and supplements for Monty.

Monty has never been with a female of his species but he doesn’t miss anything because as Kyla put it, “He gets everything he needs from me.”

I met her at the Golden Gate Park while I listened to an outdoor concert. She had a large dog, beige and white, learned later he was an Anatolian Shepherd.

Anyway, we started talking and she invited me over for a drink. Her name was Kyla and she was about 5’9”, dark red hair and green eyes. We made small talk and then we started talking about sex and the kind of alternative life styles in San Francisco and what we were into.

I’m a straight male and the most I had done was being involved with two bi-girls at the time. She told met that she was bi also but her choice was fucking dogs. I was a little taken back but I tried not to show it.

We started making out while “Monty” (that was the dog’s name) lay in the corner on his pad and watched us. I fucked her in every position and did everything except anal. By the time I finished, I was bushed and lay there resting.

She called Monty over and he began to lick her ass and pussy. At first I was a little shocked or maybe just uncomfortable but then I watched Kyla’s face and realized she was experiencing utter pleasure. I became more active and started playing with her breast and nipples. Her breasts were small but her nipples were about a half-inch long. I got under her and sucked on them for a while as I stretched my arm under her and rubbed her clit. Kyla was moaning and groaning and her ass was pushing up against Monty’s tongue.

I was surprised at what was going on but I was curious and excited. I watched as Kyla began a series of orgasms as she moaned and pulled at the sheets with her hands. I tongue fucked her mouth for a couple of minutes while she went thru her orgasms as I pulled her nipples and rubbed her breasts. I maneuvered myself under her and started sucking her nipples and caressing her breast. I reached back and rubbed her pussy as I felt Monty’s tongue on her. I rolled her clitoris with my fingers and Kyla went into another orgasm.

She started groping for my groin and I moved over so that she could use her mouth on me. To my surprise she deep throated me immediately as she moaned and shook.

She took a breather and reached back patted her ass and said, “Okay Boy, Okay”. Monty jumped up on her back as his front paws slid alongside her ribs until they locked on her hipbones. He adjusted his position and in two strokes he found her pussy, and “slid” his dick into her. Kyla just moaned and grunted when Monty was fully seated.

Monty’s dick was not extremely long when it went in, however I was to find out later from Kyla that a dog’s dick gets bigger and longer once it is in. Monty was a well-trained dog and his “sliding in” was a result of many days of repeated training.

He was an amazing dog that knew exactly what Kyla expected from him. As he lay on her back, he drooled and quickly lapped at her back and wiped it up. I could tell that Kyla’s pleasure was enhanced by this action from Monty. Also, I noticed that he had grabbed her with the side of his paws so as not to scratch her, although his paws were well trimmed.

Once he was seated, I sat up and continued pulling on Kyla’s nipples, which she seemed to like, and I watched the action as Monty proceeded to do what he did best. Kyla told me later that once the dog inserts his dick, his dick continues to grow and get bigger.

Monty was fucking Kyla with hard and deep thrusts. Kyla would grunt every time Monty shoved it in. I assumed that he was bottoming out. This went on for about five or six minutes. Kyla would deep-throat me every time she went into an orgasm and would only pull back when she stopped shaking.

Monty seemed to be adjusting his position and then he pressed hard against Kyla’s body. She groaned and deep throated me again. Monty began humping at a rapid pace this time and Kyla started shaking and deep-throating every time she went down.

Monty stopped and was shaking for a few minutes. She reached back and held his hind legs and said to him “Good dog, good dog. Lay down boy, on my back.” Monty knew what was required and he leaned over her body and licked her neck and ears.

Kyla kept cumming and deep throating my dick. I couldn’t hold it any more and shot down her throat. She deep throated me and held while I finished. She was breathing hard through her nose. We lay there together for about 20 minutes while she rested. I was later to find out that she was actually tired and could not have moved if she wanted to.

Finally, after about 20-30 minutes, Monty dropped down off her back and began licking her all over again. I lay there in front of Kyla while she licked me. I started getting hard but she told me we would have to wait a few minutes while she cleaned up. I told her I wanted to know all about her and Monty and how she got started; how it felt having Monty’s dick inside. I was converted on that day. I have loved women who fuck K9s since then. I have lived with other women and have had sex with other women who loved K9 for over 12 yrs.

Kyla’s Story: Kyla told me she had gotten started six years before she met me. She was Bi and after one of her afternoon runs in the park, she noticed a woman and a German shepherd. The woman was very attractive and Kyla thought she might be a good sex partner for the evening. They said hello and talked for a while and then she went with “Eve” and “Randy” to their apartment.

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