Jaime's First Try - Cover

Jaime's First Try

by als2475


Erotica Sex Story: A husband surprises his wife with a night on the town and in a hotel room.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mult   Consensual   BiSexual   Fiction   Light Bond   Anal Sex   Oral Sex   .

I had finally decided that the time had come in my marriage to introduce a new sexual variation. Not that Jaime and I were having sexual problems or anything; it’s just my nature to fulfill my fantasies and push the limits of Jaime’s sexuality (which, I am happy to report, seem almost non-existent). I chose the night for our surprise and got us a room at the finest hotel in town. I left this note for her at our house:

Jaime my love,

I would dearly love for you to meet me at the Grand Luxury Hotel tonight at 8pm. I have a nice surprise for you. The kids are at friends.

Wear your black garter belt, stockings, thong, and bra. Over them you may wear whatever you wish.


I knew the note would peak her curiosity and maybe even turn her on a bit. I was sure she would fantasize about what may happen, she is well acquainted with my surprises and has always enjoyed them. I hoped tonight would be no different. I spent the time I had remaining getting supplies and picking up the big surprise.

At precisely eight o’clock, Jaime knocked on the door of the room. I had been setup and waiting since 7:30 (anticipation is the worst!). I quickly opened the door. Jaime was wearing her long black coat; I knew she had done this to prevent me from seeing what outfit she had on over the lingerie (what a tease!). She greeted me with a passionate kiss and it was all I could do not to take her right there at the door I was so excited. I recovered as she broke the kiss and walked by me into the room. I locked the door up tight and offered to take her coat. She smiled evilly and told me she was just fine. Tease! She looked over the equipment that I had set out: sleep mask blindfold, ropes secured to the four corners of the bed and the Camcorder. She looked confused for a second, we had used all of these items in the past, where was the surprise? It was my turn to smile an evil smile when she looked at me in askance.

I offered her some wine, which we drank and then we gazed lustfully at each other. Jaime excused herself into the bathroom. I quickly checked my surprise and then dimmed the lights. A couple of candles and some soft music perfected the ambiance. Jaime walked out of the bathroom just as I started the camcorder. From the position I had set it in, its electronic eye would see everything in the room. And it was going to get a show tonight!

Jaime walked to where I had taken a seat. As she came closer she undid her jacket belt and when she was within arms reach, she opened the coat and slid it to the floor. My cock got hard so fast, it must have made a sound.

There was my lovely wife in just the lingerie I had requested. The black ensemble set off her snowy complexion perfectly. The bra was a sheer front clasp demi bra that just barely covered her large nipples, not to mention barely constraining her 36D breasts. The matching thong was also sheer and as Jaime turned around, my cock got even harder seeing the thin material separating her gorgeous asscheeks. I also noted that she had worn the thong over the garter belt. That way, I could remove the panty and still leave the stockings on her well aerobicised legs. A pair of two inch black heels completed the outfit. I was sitting there with jaws agape, completely blown away! She had fulfilled one of my earliest fantasies. Of her coming to me wearing a long coat and little else. How had I forgotten that one?

My reverie was stopped short of drooling by a snide comment from Jaime about the tent in my slacks. She always loves the way I can’t hide my arousal from her.

I recovered my wits enough to say, “Why don’t you do something about it?”

She grinned and dropped to her knees before me. I unbuttoned my shirt as her hands quickly undid my pants. She pulled my slacks and silk boxers down in one smooth motion. My hardened cock sprang forth and Jaime fondled it lovingly. She smiled at me quickly and then proceeded to give my entire penis a tongue bath. The warmth of her tongue on my dick made me moan, and then I gasped as she took my spongy head into her mouth. As she licked and sucked my hard-on, one of her hands firmly stroked the bottom half of my shaft and the other fondled my balls. I sat there, enjoying this royal treatment like a king on his throne. Dreamily, I realized that now I was really being blown away. Jaime occasionally broke her lips off my cock to suck and nibble at my swollen balls. She even took me deep a few times, her nose buried in my public hair (a recently acquired talent for her).

Her long practiced oral skills were paying off once again, I could feel myself approaching the point of no return. My moans increased and Jaime picked up the pace of her blowjob, eager for me to come. She took me deep once more and I saw fireworks. My first spurt went straight down her throat. Jaime quickly pulled back and took the rest of my cum in her mouth, swallowing it all as it came. She never slowed her sucking the whole time. I felt like I came for hours. When I was finally done, she gently cleaned my softening cock with her tongue as I leaned back into the chair, exhausted for a span.

Jaime crawled up into my lap and cuddled with me for a few minutes afterward. Soon, we began kissing deeply and my hand found its way to her thong covered crotch. I could feel her wetness through the thin material. As I rubbed her, her breathing became more ragged and I knew she was turned on something fierce. I kissed her neck and jawline, all the while rubbing her pussy through her panties. My hand stole up to her tits and I fondled them. Pulling one bra cup down I exposed one of Jaime’s large nipples, already hard with desire. My mouth covered her nipple as my hand went back to her crotch. I pulled aside the flimsy fabric and touched her wet cunt directly. Jaime arched and moaned on my lap as I fingered her slit and rubbed her clitoris. I felt her melting under my ministrations and I knew she was ready for some serious fun. I picked her up and took her to the king sized bed. Laying her down, I kissed her deeply, my tongue sparring with hers. I broke our kiss and firmly grabbed one of her arms, bringing it towards the corner of the bed. She gave me some resistance, but the look in her eyes was pure lust. I knew she wanted to feel dominated and easily overcame her token resistance. I quickly secured her arms in the ropes I had prepared. I left her very little slack, knowing how she likes to be well secured. Her legs were still free, but that would change shortly.

First I wanted to tease her a bit.

I ran my hands all over her body, touching just enough to make her skin sensitive to even the lightest pressure. I licked her exposed nipple, I bit her neck, I nibbled her ears. Soon she was writhing with unfulfilled lust.

I moved down between her legs and ran my tongue up her thighs, stopping just short of her still covered cunt. From this vantage point I saw a large damp spot on her panties right over her pussy. I moved my face right over her mound and breathed over it, causing her to moan with passion. I gently licked right on the border of her panties, being careful not to touch her slit directly. She writhed more and told me to stop teasing her. I looked up at her and grinned. I slowly worked my way in towards her slit. Soon I was licking her pussy lips through the thong. I quickly ran my tongue across her slit, right where her clitoris is. She moaned deeply and I licked down her slit, from her clit to her hole. She gasped.

I peeled her underwear off her hips. They would get in the way later. Jaime’s shaven pussy looked great and I wanted to bury my face in it and eat her to my heart’s content. I settled for a quick swipe of my tongue along her slit and then set about tying her legs apart. I then placed the sleep mask blindfold over her eyes and kissed her quickly. My wife was now helpless, unable to see or move, she was completely at my mercy. Just the way she likes it!

Now it was time for my big surprise...

I felt a little trepidation, but went forward with my plan. I moved the camcorder closer to the bed so it would capture everything. I then went to the walk-in closet of the room. I opened the door and out came Leah with her bag of tricks. My big surprise for my wife was her first lesbian encounter!

When I had decided to do this, I knew I would have to find a special girl to have sex with my wife. Luckily, my friend Bill was a member of an exclusive gentlemen’s club that catered to every sexual fantasy. When I approached Bill, I told him I needed a call-girl, but not why. He assumed I was going to have an affair behind Jaime’s back, like he did with his wife. Little did he know that it was my wife who was going to have the affair, only I was going to get to watch the whole thing!

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