Trip to Seattle - Cover

Trip to Seattle

by als2475


Erotica Sex Story: Sick of women's shenanigans, a guy experiments with men

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Ma   Consensual   BiSexual   Fiction   Anal Sex   Oral Sex   .

It all began as a simple business trip to Seattle, just two days there and then back home. But, as I thought about the trip, I wondered if I should make it a three day trip and finally fulfill a forbidden desire of mine. My desire to have sex with another man.

I was always curious about man-on-man love, but had never pursued it. I enjoyed women too much, so much that I married one. Then, my marriage failed and the thought of being with a man popped up more often. As the months passed and I was continually rejected by women, the thought grew into a fantasy. I had heard of many women turning to each other during times like this and I began to think, “Why can’t men do the same?”

I figured it would be a worthwhile adventure and sure couldn’t hurt my sex life. I was tired of women and their lies and games. Maybe giving them up for a while would be good for me. So, I booked an extra day in Seattle and set about making my gay fantasy a reality.

My first two days I spent conducting my business and researching the upscale gay bars. I am a professional and was definitely looking for another professional for my first time, someone slightly older, friendly and kind. I was looking for someone like me.

I found several good places and after my business was concluded, I dressed casually and went to the closest bar. It was called “Chin-up Charlie’s”. It was a kind of piano bar and catered to the more sedate, professional gay men. No bikers or queens, not that I have anything against those groups, but I wanted my first time to be sedate and professional.

I hesitated at the door, I was stepping through to a different part of myself, after tonight, I would be different. If my friends or employers found out, they would look at me differently. The world was going to change for me. I took a deep breath and strode into the bar.

Inside, it looked like a normal piano bar, with someone quietly playing the ivories. It was only different in that there were no women. Only men; men drinking, men talking quietly to each other, men trying to find a companion. I knew I had picked the right place. I walked over to the bar and ordered a martini. I was a little nervous, I knew I wouldn’t be able to approach anyone and with so many handsome guys, I felt I might be ignored and my fantasy would fail.

I shouldn’t have worried. The men must have been able to smell my virgin ass, because within five minutes I was getting hit on. They were all very polite and any one of them would have been a good time. But I was waiting for someone; someone who would fulfill my need ... and that’s what I told them, that I was “waiting for someone”. I was approached about six times during the first hour I was there, but none of them were him. Then suddenly, he was there. I saw him walk in and our eyes met briefly, I held contact for a second, then broke it. I looked back a few seconds later and he was walking towards me. He stepped up to the bar next to me and ordered a seven and seven. As the bartender fixed his drink, he turned to me and said, “Hello.”

“Hi,” I replied, hoping he would pursue me. He was perfect, average height, good-looking, and there was a quality about him that I found hard to explain, but it made him perfect.

“My name is Robert.”

“John,” I answered.

And our conversation began. We talked at the bar for a while, then moved to a table where we talked some more. After an hour or so, Robert asked me the question I was hoping he would ask.

“John, would you like to go to my place and talk some more?”

I quickly agreed and we left. Robert lived in a high-rise apartment complex. His place was great. It had a view of the Seattle skyline and was well appointed. We sat on his couch, listened to some music, drank white wine and talked some more. We sat very close, his arm around my shoulders. Then he moved in and kissed me. It was my first kiss with another man.

It was good, very good. Our kiss grew more passionate and his hand moved onto my thigh. When the kiss ended, I told him quietly that this was my first time and the rest of my story. He smiled and said, “Don’t worry, we’ll be fine.” We got up and walked to his bedroom; he had a big king-size bed.

Robert could tell that I was nervous so he suggested that he give me a massage. I thought, “Well, that’s an old scheme, but its worked for me before, so why not?” I took off my clothes, but left my boxers on. Then I laid facedown on the bed. Robert gave me a fabulous massage, using a scented oil and starting on my back, then moving down to my legs and butt. His strong hands felt great kneading my flesh, I felt my tension and inhibitions fade away. He then told me to turn over. I did and he continued the massage, kissing me from time to time. I began to get aroused, as was he. He looked down at the tents our cocks were making and said, “Why don’t we take these off?” I nodded. He slid his underwear down his legs exposing his manhood to me. His cock stood up tall and proud; he was about my size, a good six inches. A drop of pre-cum formed at the perfectly circumcised tip and, feeling brave, I reached out with a finger and scooped it up. I brought it to my lips and licked the tasty treat off. My eyes never left Robert’s as I did this; he smiled in approval. Then, he reached forward and gently pulled my boxers off. My cock also stood tall. We were both completely naked. I felt exposed, but very excited. I wanted this to happen.

Robert then continued his massage, but it took on a more erotic style. It seemed to center around my cock. And then it was just on my cock. I felt his hands stroke me up and down, bringing me to full hardness; it felt wonderful. I watched his hands move on me and then his head descended. He gave me a few licks with his tongue and then took me into his mouth. I moaned in pleasure and watched him work my hard rod ... His hands continued to work my shaft and balls as his mouth and tongue did indescribably pleasurable things. He was an expert cock sucker, the best I’d ever had. Were all men this good?

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