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by Allen Bergmann


Fan Fiction Sex Story: The gang help Elaine with her choice of panties

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Jerry and George were sitting in the coffee shop waiting for Elaine. As usual, they sat down and started talking. “Listen Jerry, how come you don’t want to double with me?”

“Listen George, I don’t like to double with you because you start putting on a ridiculous show. You start thinking you’re funny, and frankly your jokes are pretty boring.”

“Hey I tell great jokes!”

“Yeah right.”

“Listen Jerry, you should just shut up and double with me.”

“George, you don’t even have a date!”

“Well I know that, but still.”

Suddenly Elaine interrupted their conversation. “Hey you guys! What’s up? I just got back from shopping. I have a date tonight. A great date! Don’t you remember Jerry that doctor friend of mine that I introduced with you to at the gym?”

“No, not really.”

“Damn it Jerry, you’re really losing your memory.” Elaine always got annoyed when Jerry forgot something she told him. Oh well, she didn’t really care today. She had a hot date. She moved one of the bags that she brought with her and reached across the table for a menu.

George noticed her shopping bag and asked her what she bought.

“Oh, I went to Victoria’s Secret today.”

George’s eyes lit up. He loved women’s lingerie and he always had a massive crush on Elaine. He masturbated a million times thinking about her, and he imagined her in all sorts of lingerie in the past. “You went to Victoria’s Secret?”

“Yeah, I always go get sexy underwear before a big date.”

“That’s true, you told me once before.” Jerry did remember that bit of information.

“Yeah, I got a really cool g-string that should turn my date on in a huge way if you know what I mean. The only problem is that I can’t really be sure that a guy will really like it. I mean, I’ve bought some underwear before that I really liked but didn’t really do it for my date.”

“Oh yeah I remember. You bought a ridiculous pair of pink panties one time.”

“Hey lay off Jerry, I happened to like that pair. Anyway, that’s exactly what I mean. I can’t just run out the dressing room and ask a woman for her opinion you know.”

George saw this as a perfect chance. “Well hey Elaine, why don’t you wear it for us. I mean, Jerry’s seen you naked before and I’m one of your closest friends. Besides, you really wouldn’t even be naked in front of me.”

“Are you crazy George! I’m not standing in front of you too in my panties. Forget about it.”

Jerry had always known about George’s love for lingerie and tried to help his friend out.

“Actually Elaine, George does know a lot of lingerie. He showed me some stuff that he bought for Susan once, and let me tell you it looked pretty sexy to me.”

Elaine looked at Jerry and then George. She started to give in until she got a mental picture of what the situation would look like and then said, “Forget it boys.”

George noticed how she hesitated before she said no and decided to keep persuading.

“Elaine, how don’t you remember how I got accepted for that job as a bra salesman?”


“Well, how do you think I got the job? I know my lingerie.”

Elaine looked over at Jerry and he was bobbing his head. She thought about it once more and decided to let them judge.

“Oh to hell with it. Jerry’s seen me before, and George you’re not getting close to me understood?”

He nodded his head in approval. He really couldn’t believe it. His dick was already hard just imagining the potential of what he might see. He might even see some pubic hair through the sides of her panties.

So the three of them ate lunch and went up to Jerry’s place. Elaine went into the bathroom and the guys sat down on the couch. “Listen George move over to the end of the couch.”


“I don’t want to look at a semi naked woman with you right next to me.”

“Good point.” George moved over to the end of the couch. All of a sudden the bathroom door opened and Elaine came out wearing her T-shirt and a towel around her waist. “Okay you two, you have to give me your word that this is in the vault.”

“It’s in the vault!” Both of them yelled out in unison.

Elaine looked at both of them and said, “Ok.” Then she dropped her towel to the floor. She was wearing a tight black g-string that beautifully exposed her legs and her ass.

“Don’t I look great in this?” She turned around to show her night tight ass.

George was trying to look hard to find any sign of her pubic hair, but she moved around too much and he couldn’t really tell.

“Ok so you guys think I look sexy?” As she asked her question she covered herself up with the towel.

“Oh yes. Definitely Elaine.”

The guys had huge bulges in their pants, which Elaine did not fail to notice. She felt flattered and laughed to herself about it.

“Well Jerry, I’m gonna go put my pants back on.”

As Elaine closed the door Jerry and George quickly started talking about the little show they just received. “Hey wasn’t that great George. Did you see the way her pussy lips were marked up against her panties?”

“NO I didn’t see that. Where?”

“Her panties were pulled up a bit too tight. You couldn’t see it? Well maybe it’s because your side had less light than mine.”

“What! You didn’t tell me that Jerry! Why didn’t you tell me? You’ve seen her naked before. You should have thought about me for a little bit.”

“Sorry Georgie, I guess I just forgot.”

“You forgot? How could you forget?”

Jerry started laughing as he turned on his TV set. George was pissed off. He couldn’t believe that he blew a perfect chance to check out Elaine’s pussy. At the time, Jerry was surfing the channels he came across a news report that dealt with animal fur and how it was making a big comeback. Jerry yelled at Elaine so she could come and see the report, “Lanie, CNN says fur is making a comeback in women’s clothing!”

Elaine, who was outraged with the idea, ran out of the bathroom wearing the panties she was originally was wearing. Her panties were just regular white bikini briefs, but the front part of them was sheer just up to the tip of her labia. Elaine was furious as she stared at the TV screen as the news channel started showing a whole group of women wearing fur coats. Meanwhile, George was stunned by the sudden turn of events and his eyes were glued towards Elaine’s panties. He could see her pubic hair right through the material. He could actually see individual strands of hair pressed up against the see-through material, some of which were actually passing through the fabric. Elaine had quite a hairpie. She didn’t like the idea of shaving all the way because it just didn’t seem natural to her. Besides, she was too lazy to keep doing it on a regular basis.

During this whole incident Jerry didn’t really notice Elaine’s outfit because he was used to seeing her in this state when they dated years ago. So a few more moments later Kramer barged into the room.

“Hey everybody!”

Everybody glanced over at Kramer and waved back. It took Kramer only a few seconds as he noticed Elaine’s state. He glanced at her panties and as usual he decided to confront his friend with complete honesty.

“Listen Elaine you really need a haircut, pronto.”

Elaine was confused.

“What do you mean I need a haircut? I got one yesterday?”

Kramer pointed down towards her waist and responded, “Oh, not there my friend.”

Elaine quickly looked down and saw that she forgot to put her pants back on.

“Oh my God! This is so embarrassing!” She instantaneously covered the front part of her panties with both of her hands and ran into the bathroom.

George was outraged once again and lunged towards Kramer. “Why did you say that for? I was busy looking!”

“Well my friend she does need a shave.”

“No she doesn’t. I happen to like the natural look.”

“Well the K-man doesn’t. I like mine all smooth out. Trust me buddy, once you go shaved you never look back.”

Everybody grew silent as Elaine came out of the bathroom. Her face turned bright red from all the embarrassment. She got her purse from the table and waved goodbye to everyone. As she closed the door George and Jerry yelled at Kramer.

“Oh look what you did!”


“Now she’s never gonna feel comfortable.”

“Well of course not. Not with all that hair she’s carrying around.” And with those words Kramer left the apartment.

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