Truth or Dare - Cover

Truth or Dare

by Allen Bergmann


Fan Fiction Sex Story: The New York gang in 'Friends' starts a truth or dare game. Where will it lead?

Caution: This Fan Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Fan Fiction   .

TV Show FRIENDS- Erotic Parody

It was a typical boring night in the girls’ apartment when suddenly Joey got the idea for a fun thing to do.

“Hey everybody, let’s play truth or dare!”

“Hahahahaha, what are you Joey, some sort of idiot.”

Rachel couldn’t believe Joey would suggest that kind of a game. Oddly enough, the rest of the people in the apartment liked the idea. Monica thought it would be kind of fun to play silly games, Phoebe thought the same thing, and Chandler loved the idea of maybe hearing some interesting secrets about the girls.

Rachel couldn’t believe her friends; “I can’t believe you girls! Don’t you think we’re maybe a little too old for such a stupid game?”

Everybody sort of ignored Rachel and got into a little circle. Joey, who thought of the game, decided to start the game first.

“Ok, this question’s for Monica. Mon, do you like to give oral sex?”

Monica sort of blushed but answered.

“Ok, the truth is I do. I like feeling of being in control and I don’t mind the taste at all.”

Everyone was shocked with Monica’s sincerity, especially the guys. Their dicks responded immediately by getting a little hard. It was now Monica’s turn and she knew exactly what she wanted to ask. “Ok, Rachel same question.”

“Oh no. I don’t want to answer.”

Everybody was quick to jump all over Rachel and after about five minutes of arguments she answered.

“No. Ok? The answer is no.”

Everybody looked at her with a face of disbelief.

“What you guys? What?”

Everybody kept staring for about another minute until she finally said, “Ok I like it. All right is that what you want to hear? Listen you guys I don’t feel right playing this game. I mean I don’t mind telling you guys my personal things but how will I know that you guys won’t tell everybody?”

Monica wrapped her arms around Rachel and said, “Aww, Rachel, we’re your friends. I don’t care if Joey and Chandler know that I like sucking dick because I know I can trust them. Listen; tonight is just a great chance for all of us here to get to know one another. What do you say Rachel, are you in?”

She thought about it for a moment and said yes.

Both Chandler and Joey grew two mischievous grins on their faces. About an hour went by and everybody in the circle told some of their most intimate secrets.

Chandler decided he was going to try and get the girls to try more daring stuff if he got them a little drunk so he brought out a bottle of wine from the refrigerator. For the next hour the girls had drank about three bottles and were a bit woozy. Finally Chandler decided to make a big leap in the game by asking Monica to take her clothes off.

“What are you crazy Chandler, I’m not getting naked.”

“No no Mon, you could keep your underwear on.”

Monica looked around at Phoebe and Rachel who were laughing pretty hard. Monica decided that she might as well do it and prove to everyone that she wasn’t a chicken. After all, the boys had seen her walk around the apartment in a T-shirt and panties. She looked around the room and saw Rachel and Phoebe smirking. Neither of them thought that Monica would go through with the whole thing, but they were wrong. Monica stood and unbuttoned her jeans. As she pulled the zipper down she could feel Joey and Chandler’s eyes just staring right between her legs. The guys got rock hard as her panties came into view. They were black, but that’s about all they could notice from where they were sitting. Monica then took her T-shirt off to reveal a matching bra. Her tits looked huge, almost as if they were going to pop out of their container. The guys were trying extremely hard at this point to cover themselves up, but to no avail.

Phoebe noticed and said, “Ooh, some people are enjoying the show.”

Monica didn’t mind what was happening to the guys, she was actually quite flattered. However, as she pulled her jeans down she failed to realize that her panties were also coming down by mistake. Her panties didn’t come all the way off, just a few inches. However, the top of her thick black bush did come into view and everybody in the room saw it. Monica had a lot of pubic hair that was shaped into the traditional V shape. She only shaved her sides for swimming and that was just about it, leaving her middle quite thick. Monica was extremely embarrassed and she quickly adjusted her underwear. She finished taking the jeans off and stood in front of everybody now in her beautiful black bra and matching bikini panties. Everybody just laughed from what they had just witnessed and they started to tease Monica about it.

Phoebe said, “Wow Mon, that’s a pretty big bush you got there.”

Chandler agreed.

“Yeah, wow, that was amazing.”

“Don’t you do any shaving at all. I keep mine pretty well shaved.”

Monica who was now red from embarrassment sat down and said, “Yes Phoebe. I do, but not the whole thing.”

“Neither do I.”

Rachel was quick to point out.

“Yeah Phoebes, you see, what’s your deal?”

“I just think it’s cleaner to have it shaved that’s all.”

Monica who felt offended by this conversation said, “Ok Ms. Clean, why don’t you prove that your shaved. I DARE you.”

“Ok, I will.”

Phoebe lowered her pants to about her knees to expose her panties. They were pink panties that seemed to fit phoebe a little bit too tight. Her pussy lips were pressed up against the tight fabric of her panties and her labia were clearly marked out. She lowered about a few inches of her underwear down to unveil everything except her labia. Her mound was indeed very smooth. Not a single hair resided on her pussy.

“Here everybody, feel it.”

She ran her fingertips along the top of her mound to sort of show everybody what they were permitted to touch. They all did, even though the girls hesitated at first. It truly was a very smooth surface. Phoebe had just about enough of her situation and decided she was going to make the game a lot more fun if she got the guys involved.

“Ok, this one is for the boys.”

Joey and Chandler looked a little worried now. “Why don’t you guys strip to your undies.”

Monica and Rachel started to cheer. They were tired of having the girls be the only people to have to suffer humiliation. The guy took their clothes off very fast and sat down. Phoebe didn’t let them get off the hook that easily. She wanted them to really be embarrassed.

“Oh no you guys, stand up.”

The guys refused to do it at first, but they had no choice. Chandler stood up first. He was wearing a pair of briefs that did little to hide the phenomenon below his waist. His cock was nearly popping out its holder. It was pointing straight up at the ceiling. The front of the waistband wasn’t even touching his stomach because his dick was pushing it forward. The girls went wild.

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