Blossom - Cover


by Allen Bergmann


Fan Fiction Sex Story: Nick overhears Blossom telling her friend about a public performance that she did and couldn't help getting turned on by the story

Caution: This Fan Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Fan Fiction   Incest   Father   Daughter   Oral Sex   .

Nick Russo walked into his house on a beautiful morning day in spring when in the midst of his walk towards the kitchen he began to wonder about the future. His kids would soon leave the house in a couple of months. Graduation was just around the corner for them. He found it hard to believe that he hadn’t thought of it before, but it was true. It’s as though someone finally told him the news.

“Wow, my kids are growing up so fast.” He spent the entire morning thinking about it. He figured that it shouldn’t bother him all that much since he would be seeing them at vacations. However, that wasn’t enough for him. He was really going to miss them a lot. Joey and Tony were out spending the day together at a ballgame, and Blossom was upstairs talking with Six. Nick thought that he might take the opportunity and talk to Blossom for a while. He should spend every moment he could bonding with his kids. So he decided to surprise Blossom by making chocolate chip cookies, he favorite snack.

After he made the cookies he decided to go upstairs and give them to her. He wanted to be as quite as possible so that she would really be caught off guard. As Nick got closer and closer to the door she could hear his daughter and her friend talking. By the time he actually stood in front of her door he could actually hear everything. To him it sounded like Six was trying to convince Blossom to tell her something.

“Come on Blossom tell me everything.” Six loved to talk. In fact, it was her one true gift. She could talk faster than anybody in town.

“Ok, but you got to promise Six not to tell anyone and you can’t think less of me ok?”


This sounded like something serious. Nick put the cookies down on the ground and waited for Blossom to tell her story.

“Ok, well you remember last week when Vinny and I went to the school football game?’

“Yeah, that was the day I bought my new mini-skirt.”

“Exactly. Well something happened that day.”

“What, tell me!”

“Well we left in the middle of the game because we wanted to go make out. But by the time we got to Vinny’s car he just couldn’t take it anymore. He wanted me to go down on him right there.”

Nick couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He wanted to storm into that room and kill his daughter, but he couldn’t do anything because he wanted to hear the full story.

“Oh my god Blossom! You sucked Vinny’s dick right there in his car! What are you crazy? Someone could have walked by!”

“It was worse Six. I did it right there in the parking lot. We were walking towards his car when Vinny just stopped walking and he took his dick out.”

“What do you mean he took his dick out?”

“I mean that he just took his dick out. He lay back against a car and opened his zipper. He had a huge erection Six. I mean, I’ve never seen it get so big. I thought it was gonna explode or something. It was like he was gonna cum just by me looking at it or something.”

“Wow. The only time I’ve ever seen an erect dick was when I caught your brother masturbating in the bathroom.”

“Don’t worry about it Six, you’ll meet some great guy and you two will fool around a lot. I promise.”

Nick wanted to kill his daughter. There she was talking about blowing some no good punk kid in some parking lot. He never felt so disappointed before, although he did feel a weird twitch in his pants. In fact he was getting aroused. Nick always had a huge attraction for Six. He would always try and catch glimpses of her in the shower when she slept over. He would also rub up against her on hugs. Nevertheless, it was Blossom who was telling the story and not Six and he was still getting a hard on.

“I mean, why can’t I get any guys Blossom? Is it because I talk too much?”

“Six just shut up for a minute. I haven’t finished telling the story.”

“Ok I’m sorry. Go ahead.”

“Well, so Vinny had this raging hard on right. So I refuse to suck him at that particular moment, when he tells me ‘Come on baby. It’s more fun this way.’ So I thought about it for a minute and realized he was right.”

“You did?”

“Yeah. I mean think about it Six. When have I ever done something crazy? I realized at that moment that I would regret not doing it for a long time. The thought made me so wet Six.”

“Whoa, Blossom Russo I can’t believe I just heard you say that.”

“Hahaha, I know. So anyway, I went over to Vinny and pulled his jeans down to his knees and I just started sucking like crazy. I did all the things he likes. I sucked his balls, I jerked him off, and I went down all the way on his shaft.”

“Wow Blossom, I’m impressed.”

“That’s not all of it.”

“It isn’t?”

Nick couldn’t believe it. He was so angry and so horny at the same time.

“No. While I was sucking Vinny off these two kids, about 13 or 14 saw us. I don’t think Vinny saw them, but I did. They were behind one of the cars a few feet away from us.”

“What did you do?”

“Nothing I continued sucking.”

“What! You let them stare at you.”

“Six, it was such a turn on. I mean there I was with my mouth filled up with dick and two kids jerking off watching me do it.”

“You saw them?”

“No, but I could see their shoulders moving really fast. I felt like such a whore Six, but I knew that I couldn’t let such an erotic moment pass me by. Imagine if you were one of the kids. Watching a girl give another guy a blowjob. I felt like I was doing a good deed.”

“Some deed.”

“I remember I kept saying dirty stuff like ‘Give me your big cock, or fuck my mouth sweetie’ so the kids could hear me.”

“No way!”

“Yes way.”

Nick couldn’t take it any longer. He ran to his room and masturbated.

“Let me ask you something Blossom?”


“Where did he umm you know? Cum?”

“In my mouth.”

“You swallowed? That’s disgusting.”

“Look Six, if I tell you something promise not to think even less of me.”

“What now?”

“I always swallow.”

“Blossom eww! That’s so gross.”

“Look Six, it’s better than getting it in my face, eyes, or hair. Take my word for it. Whenever your future boyfriends want to blow their load. Take their dick and start drinking. It will save a lot of cleanup time. Trust me.”

That night, Nick masturbated on five different occasions thinking about his daughter. Every time he saw her after that day he would get aroused. He even started noticing her body. Her breasts looked pretty ripe, and her ass looked delicious when it wasn’t covered up with the usual baggy clothes that Blossom wore. It went like this for a couple of weeks until one day Nick couldn’t take it anymore and decided to approach his daughter. He had it all planned out.

Nick waited for Blossom to take a shower and after she came out of the bathroom in her towel he would walk into her room and confront her. So he waited till the golden moment came and walked into her room. He only waited about five seconds after she went in so she wouldn’t have time to put on some clothes. He knocked on the door twice and went in. “Dad. Could you give me a minute.” She was wearing only a towel that clung to her body right above her tits, and a pair of white cotton panties which could be spotted when she moved too much (the towel was rather small).

“Look honey I just came in to talk to you for a minute.”

“Is something wrong.”

“No, no, not really. It’s just that you’re leaving soon and we never get much time together these days.”

“I know dad.”

He didn’t know how he was going to tell her about what he heard the other day. He was extremely nervous, so he decided to just blurt it out quickly.

“Look Blossom I overheard you telling Six the other day about the blowjob you gave Vinny in the parking lot.”

“You what! Dad what were you doing? Spying on me?”

“No honey! I came up to surprise you by bringing you chocolate chip cookies and I just overheard you when I came in.”

“Oh, so that’s how those cookies ended up on the floor next to my door.”

“Yup. But look Blossom it’s ok. I know you’re old enough to be doing those things. I’m not mad at you, I just want you to be careful.”

“Wow dad, is something wrong? I didn’t think you’d react this way.”

“Well it’s just that I got to thinking. I raised you up all by myself since you were very little and here you are now having sex. Look honey, I know this is an unusual request, and it’s really hard for me to say.”

“What is it dad?”

“Honey, would you mind if I saw you naked?”


“I know it sounds awkward honey. It’s just that my little girl and grown up into a woman and I haven’t even seen her. I used to give you baths when you were little and I didn’t see how you turned out. Look honey I don’t want you to be uncomfortable, I just want us to be able to trust each other.”

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