Auntie Susan - Cover

Auntie Susan

by Alex


Erotica Sex Story: A teen goes after his uncle's wife

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   Fiction   Pregnancy   .

This is a true story. It happened about four or five years ago. My name is Alex and my dick got me into more trouble that summer than I could have ever imagined. It was no surprise that I had been hot for my aunt almost from the first day I ever met her. Her relation to me is her husband and my mother are siblings, so me and her don’t have the same blood, so to speak. She had two kids (my cousins); and me being an only child, slept over her house almost every weekend so that I could have kids to play with. And that’s how it went for the first couple of days. I pretended to play around with my cousins (her kids) but no one in the household had really seen me looking at Aunt Susan as I played. She was old, but boy was she beautiful. Even though she was entering her forties, I still enjoyed looking at her firm, thin body, and the way that her buttocks would tighten in her jeans as she reached up to put a dish away into a drawer.

The day of luck finally came for me when, by coincidence, her husband was called away on an important business trip, for a week, to Europe. Her kids were no problem because they had already planned to go out that evening with Susan’s sister to see a movie and then spend the night at her place. I had been asked if I wanted to go, but I told them that I rather wouldn’t due to a headache. And it was just me and Susan, all alone, all night, in her house. I knew I had to try something or I would go crazy.

Aunt Susan’s house had an in-ground swimming pool in the backyard and from fear of me getting bored, she offered if I wanted to go for a swim. I agreed. She slipped into a one-piece bathing suit which was made of cheap fabric, while I used my boxers. The water was cold on contact. After our bodies adopted to the water’s temperature, I started a conversation.

“Auntie Susan, how does kissing feel?” I asked, risking my pride.

She giggled, “You’re seventeen years old; you don’t know yet?” I remained in silence, feeling a little stupid. She continued, “Its nice, I guess. With your uncle being away all the time on his business trips, I don’t really get to do it anymore.”

I spoke, “Do it?”

She laughed, “Kissing, silly, not the other thing.”

Finally I talked her into letting me try it to her. I held her in my arms and slowly pressed my lips against hers; my dick rose. I said, “That was fun, Auntie, can I try again?”

Susan, uncertain of herself, said, “Well, I guess so, but whenever the uncle is here, don’t.” She stressed the “don’t.” And once again, I kissed her. This time longer. She tried, with not much strength, to pull away from me, but I held her there. And my dick felt as if it were going to explode. Finally the kiss ended and she smiled, “You’re a good kisser, Alex.”

Finally, I went for the ultimate chance. I pulled her hand quickly to the outside part of my boxers where my dick stood erect in captivity of them. She gasped. “Auntie, look what you made happen. How am I going to get rid of it now?” She attempted to slap me with her free hand, but I blocked it and using it, pulled her to me for another kiss. And I think we both knew what was going to happen next, because her struggling soon stopped and she gave into that kiss.

We were out of the pool and into her bedroom, upstairs. We were practically making-out and her sheets were getting wet from our wet bathing suits. Since her bathing suit was made from cheap fabric, I easily ripped it apart and revealed what made me cum right in my boxers, her breasts. They were very big and stiff from the cold water.

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