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First Time

by Cindy

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Incest Sex Story: Girl helps her cousin with an issue

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Fiction   Incest   Cousins   First   .

When does a girl know it’s time to do it, to take that big step, and lose her virginity? I have a few friends who have been having sex for a couple of years now, and they can’t even remember the first boy’s name. So I decided, I was going to remember it, and I’m going to have a permanent record of it.

I bought myself a camera and carry it with me all the time, so when the time is right, I’ll have fun times to look back on, and I’ll know, who he was, what his hair was like and all the details. The only problem is finding who I want to do it with, if I’m going to record it, it’s got to be someone good looking.

Time goes on ... three months later, my cousins are visiting; they are staying in our house for a week. We hang curtains in my room to divide it into three, Brett sleeps on one side of the room, farthest from the door, I sleep in the middle, and Sharon sleeps the other side, closest to the door.

We get on together real well, and the sleeping arrangements mean we have little or no real privacy. We are always peeping at each other while dressing and undressing, especially Brett and I. I Love his body, and I think mine turns him on, I hear him play with himself at night, after he watches me get changed.

OK To cut a long story short, I walk into the bedroom, and straight into the middle of a subdued discussion between Brett and Sharon, “You can, it’s OK, there’s nothing wrong with it!” I hear him say.

“I want to, but it’s not right, it’s just not right, I want to help you, but you’re my brother, and it’s totally wrong.”

“But you’ve done it before, with other guys, I know because I’ve heard them brag about it.”

I stick my head through the curtain, “What’re you two whispering about? What do you want help with Brett?”

The two of them jump, and look guilty. I see Brett’s penis sticking up in his lap, through the open fly of his pants. He seems not to notice.

“You’re supposed to knock before you come barging in here,” Sharon said, then she continued on in a more subdued voice, “Brett has a problem, he’s 20, and he’s still a virgin.”

Brett goes beet red, and he hangs his head.

“That’s no problem, I’m a virgin too, and it’s not so bad.” I tell Brett.

“Yeah, but you’re only 15, it’s no big deal for you. But I’m 20, and it’s embarrassing as hell for me.”

“He wants me to have sex with him, but I’m his sister, it’s not right for us to do that,” Sharon explains as I look at Brett. He’s still hanging his head; with his cock still sticking up looking like it is going to burst it is so hard and shiny on the knob part. A drop of crystal clear fluid in the hole in the end of it.

I make a snap decision, “Would you like to do it with me? I’m not your sister, I’m your cousin, that’s different, don’t you think?”

Sharon looks at me in surprise, Brett looks up too now, then he looks me up and down, I feel his eyes stripping naked, there is a tangible tension in the room. I can feel my nipples harden under my shirt as I realize the full magnitude of what I just suggested, I’d just offered my cousin the use of my body.

I had never even been naked in front of a male before. Sure, I knew that Brett had peeped at me heaps of times through the curtains, but I made sure he didn’t get to see too much of me, now I’d impulsively offered my whole self to him.

“Are you sure? Do you know what you’re saying?” asks Sharon, “You can back out now, because once he’s done it, it’s really done!”

The words she used, “You can back out” that made my mind up, I am going to do this. “Wait here, I’ll just get ready.” I duck through the curtain to my side, and grab my camera. I pause, and then strip my clothes off, I put my t-shirt back on, and a pair of denim shorts I know make Brett drool. I leave my panties and trainer bra on my bed; the panties are all wet anyway. I’m totally excited about this.

I walk back through the curtain, my heart beating so hard I’m sure they can see it through my chest. “Sharon, I want you to take pictures of us, I want them so I can remember this forever.” I look at the two of them, “I’m serious.”

Brett says, “That’s wild, can I have copies? so I’ll remember too?” He smiles at me.

“You’re too weird,” Sharon says, shaking her head, “you don’t just want me to watch you doing it, you want me to take pictures of the whole thing?”

This is hard for her to believe, her brother and I are going to fuck in front of her, and I’m asking her to record it.

Finally Sharon shrugs and says, “OK, this is really weird, but let’s get started!” She picks up the little camera.

I look at Brett and my heart is nearly exploding out of my throat now. Looking into his eyes I lay on the bed on my back. He lays diagonally across me, his hands on my breasts, squeezing them firmly his fingers circling my nipples. His fingers send electric shivers up my arms, across my chest, and down into my groin. He slides his hands under my t-shirt, and squeezes my bare breasts, teasing my nipples. My heart bangs under his hand, this is awesome, letting him touch me, it feels so naughty, so wrong. I know that I should stop him, but I don’t, I let him go, I want to feel more sensations.

Brett slides my t-shirt off me, over my head, and then bends over me and sucks my nipples. “Mmmmm,” he mumbles.

I hear Sharon moan, “Go big brother! C’mon get your shirt off too, it’s not fair otherwise.”

Brett stops his attentions to my nipples and rises up on his knees and unbuttons his shirt. While he’s kneeling above me he says, “You are beautiful.”

I look up at him feeling all warm and wet, it feels different to be here, half naked, thoroughly mauled, my breasts warm from his handling them, and cool at the nipples where he was sucking them.

As he unbuttons his shirt, I see his man nipples, with little hairs around them. I want to touch them; I reach up before he gets his shirt off, and pull him back to me. We rub our naked chests together and I can feel the heat of his body against mine. The sensation of skin on skin becomes too much for me, the electric sensations almost unbearable.

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