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by Anonymous

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Erotica Sex Story: A romantic interlude between a couple of old friends.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Fiction   Anal Sex   Oral Sex   .

Let’s see - the first time I was with Allie...

First, I should describe Allie. At the time, she was 20, and I was 25. She’s a short blond, about 5’3, with good measurements - I’d venture to guess 36D, at least, with probably a 32 waist and maybe 35 hips. Very lush. Her hair was worn short back then, in kind of a curly helmet around her head.

She has a roundish face, always had a big grin, and wore little round glasses (not in bed, but the rest of the time). Her nipples were pink, not too large or too small, but they stood up into little pointy hills when sucked on. Nice legs, great ass.

At the time we started screwing around, she was living with Karl, a friend of mine. She told me that she and Karl had an open relationship, and I happened to know that Karl was also sleeping with another woman named Carol at the time, so I wasn’t worried about complications.

Allie and I had almost fucked when we’d first met some time before, but she’d just been starting to see Karl then and didn’t want to get things confused, and I’m always willing to take no for an answer ... especially coupled with a, maybe later statement.

Anyway, I was moving to a new apartment, and Allie offered to come over and help me pack. We’d been seeing more of each other than usual lately, because she’d started playing in a game I refereed every week.

Now, Allie is a very sexy and very sexual woman, and she can’t speak to a man, or even many women, without flirting. She was obviously being provocative and inviting when she mentioned coming over to my place, but she tends to be a tease, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I found out.

She showed up and gave me a big hug, wiggling her body against me very erotically ... but as I say, she was like that. I showed her up to my room (I was renting a room in a big house at the time) and excused myself to go back downstairs and get something I’d forgotten.

When I came back up, I found her lying on the floor next to my bed reading a porn magazine she’d dragged out from under my nightstand. She looked up, all big eyed and innocent when I came in, and then looked down at the magazine and said, mock-demurely, “Just curious.” I think she would have blushed if she could have faked it convincingly, but I knew damn well she wasn’t embarrassed.

So we started putting stuff in boxes, with her contriving to brush against me as much as she could. I was starting to get the picture here (I’m slow with women most of the time) but apparently I wasn’t moving fast enough for her.

Finally, she pointed at the home movie projector on top of my dresser and said, “What’s that for?”

I explained that I used it to project 8mm and 16mm porn loops, which I had quite a collection of (this was about 8 years ago, long before I had my own VCR, and I’d gotten the films from a friend). She tried to look all innocent and said, “I’ve never seen one of those - what are they like?”

Well, I’m slow but I’m not stupid; at that point I pulled her close to me, wrapped my arms around her and said, “Well, most of them start something like this,” and I kissed her. Her head tilted back, her mouth pressed hard into mine, her lips opened, and she sucked my tongue expertly into her mouth.

As the kiss continued, I dropped my hands to the cheeks of her ass and started softly squeezing them through her shorts. She kind of moaned and slipped her tongue forward into my mouth. At the same time she slid her arms around my neck, grabbed my shoulders for support, and jumped up, wrapping her legs around my waist, grinding her crotch into mine.

We were only two steps from my bed, so I moved us both forward and dumped her onto the mattress, dropping down on top of her but taking my weight with my arms. We never broke the kiss while doing this. On my bed the kiss continued for several minutes, our tongues slipping in and out of each other’s mouths.

My hands went up under the loose t-shirt she was wearing, pushed aside her bra cups and started squeezing her breasts and rolling her nipples between my thumbs and fingers, while her hands moved between us and tried to unbutton my fly. I was wearing Army camouflage fatigue pants with buttons instead of a zipper, and after about 30 seconds she broke the kiss long enough to say, “You get these damn buttons.”

I slipped my hands back out from under her shirt and quickly unfastened my fly. She immediately reached into my pants - I wasn’t wearing underwear - and started fondling my rock hard cock (only about six inches, but I’ve always been content with it).

I shoved my pants down to my knees, then my ankles, and kicked them off. She kept squeezing my cock and started murmuring, “Oh, it’s so nice,” over and over again, all the time bending slowly over at the waist and bringing her face closer and closer to it.

I felt her hot breath on my cockhead while she gently squeezed and stroked me, then the wonderful warm, wet sensation of her mouth closing over me.

It was obvious from the start that she loved to suck cock; she groaned deep in her throat as my dick slid past her lips and she started to quickly pump her mouth up and down the modest length of my shaft, moaning the whole time.

I lay back and enjoyed it for a few seconds. But I wanted to see her - I’d been lusting after her for a long time - so after half a minute or so I gently pulled her back up and told her I wanted to get her undressed. She started to shrug off her T-shirt and I stopped her. “Let me undress you,” I said, and she smiled.

I slipped her T-shirt off over her head and pulled it down off her arms. Then I tilted her chin back and kissed her hard again, sliding my tongue into her musky mouth and enjoying the taste of my cock on her slick tongue. Her hands went back to my crotch, one cupping my balls while the other gripped my cock firmly.

My hands went behind her and unsnapped her bra; I pulled it off her, exposing her lovely large breasts and sweet pink nipples for the first time to me. I kept kissing her while I caressed and squeezed her tits for a moment, then dropped my hands to the waistband of her shorts. Her tongue danced lazily with mine while I unsnapped them; her left hand was cupping my balls while her right slowly pumped and squeezed my saliva slick cock.

I pulled her unsnapped shorts off, snagging her panties with my thumbs and pulling them all down her legs and off over her feet at the same time. Then I spread her legs, knelt on the bed between them, and lowered my face to her sweet pussy for the first time.

She smelled delicious; I spread her lips with my thumbs and planted a kiss on her clitoris, then let my tongue slide down the side of her outer lip to her cunt and slip up inside. She moaned. I ate her for a few minutes, but finally she pulled me up, kissed me briefly but thoroughly, and then dropped her head between my legs again, eagerly taking my cock back into her mouth.

For the next 15 minutes I lay back and enjoyed the most avid, eager, willing and skillful blowjob I’ve ever had. She pumped her head slowly and rhythmically, sucking firmly, moving her tongue steadily against the length of my cock inside her mouth. Every few minutes she’d stop, let my cock slide out of her mouth, and lick up and down the sides of it for a few seconds before letting it slip back inside.

When I started to breathe heavily, she moaned eagerly, lifted her head long enough to say, “I want you to come in my mouth please,” and then she started pumping her mouth up and down the length of my cock faster. The slurping sounds and her moans were almost as sexy as the sensations of her hot, wet mouth sliding up and down my shaft, and after another minute or so I shuddered in pleasure and came hard, my load erupting into her mouth like a geyser.

I could hear her gulping and she moaned as she did it, kind of an ‘MmmMmmmm... ‘ sound as she swallowed my come and kept steadily pumping her head with her eyes closed, obviously revelling in the taste and feel of my cock in her mouth and my come pumping onto her tongue and down her throat.

She kept sucking me for several minutes after I finally stopped coming, mouthing me right through the initial softening into another hard on. Then she looked up at me brightly and said, “Mmmmm, now, you want to fuck me in my ass?”

I said I’d fuck her anyway she liked and she said that she was worried about getting pregnant, so she’d like me to sodomize her. “Sodomize me, please,” was exactly how she put it, which I thought was kind of cute, and it turned me on like hell, too.

She turned around and got on all fours, giggling, as I moved into position behind her. Her legs spread apart beneath her as she flattened her torso to the bed, with only her ass slightly elevated above her heels. “Fuck me,” she moaned. “Oh, yes! Fuck me.” I knelt behind her, grabbed her hips, and moved the head of my cock up to touch her puckered anus gently.

“We’ll need a lubricant,” I cautioned as she flexed her hips just a bit, moving her asshole delightfully against my glans.

“Just spit on it,” she said, her hips gyrating again. “Come on, slide it in...”

“I’ve got a better idea,” I said. Shifting my weight slightly, I moved the head of my cock to the mouth of her pussy. With my hands on her hips, I held her in place as I slid my cock easily forward into her wet cunt.

“Nnnnhhhh,” she said. “Ohhhhh ... but you can’t...”

“I’m not going to come in there,” I reassured her, thrusting my hips a few times to pump in and out of her pussy once or twice. She felt nice; not particularly tight, but warm and wet. “I’m just getting it slippery.” I fucked her for a few more strokes - she really did feel good - then pulled out, my cock shiny with her cunt juices.

“Now I’ll slip right in,” I said, once again positioning my cock tip at the opening of her anus. I actually felt far less sure of myself than I was trying to sound; the last time I’d fucked a girl in the ass, the girl had been willing, but it had been her first time and she’d been both very tight and very nervous.

It had taken me the better part of ten minutes, using a lot of Vaseline, to get her relaxed enough to let my cock make initial entry. I shouldn’t have worried. I was obviously far from Allie’s first anal lover; her asshole dilated like an opening flower, and I slipped in as smooth as butter.


Her ass was hot and tight and velvety; not like a cunt because it was dry and warm yet silky smooth. It pulsed around my cock as I pushed home, and I heard Allie moan throatily as I shoved my cock up her ass until my balls were resting against the mound of her cunt. The channel of her ass, and especially her ring muscle, flexed and relaxed along the length of my buried cock while she moaned.

Finally she gasped and rasped out, “Fuck me harder! Oh, fuck my ass really hard!”

I did as she asked, pulling back slowly and then slamming myself forward again, driving my hard cock back up her ass brutally. I set up a fast, deep, slamming rhythm, pounding away at her buttocks with my hips, savagely fucking my cock in and out of her tight, clenching rectum. She started to moan and squeal, writhing on the bed underneath me.

Her head whipped back and forth, her hair flying over her eyes as she gasped and shuddered. My hand was in front of her between her legs rubbing her clitoris between one thumb and forefinger; I have no idea how many times she came before I finally stiffened, gasped, and pumped bolt after bolt of come into her tight, grasping asshole.

After that we rested for several minutes, me laying on top of her, my half hard cock still buried in her asshole until it finally softened enough to fall out. Once that happened I rolled over onto my side and slipped my arms around her. She cuddled up against me and started kissing and licking one of my nipples.

After about five minutes, she tilted her face up at me. “I should get going,” she said, not sounding particularly enthusiastic about it.

“Okay,” I said. “Do we have time to make love again before you leave?”

“Sure,” she said with a big smile. “I was hoping you’d ask.” She sat up and looked down at me, trailing her fingers idly through my matt of chest hair. “How do you want me?”

I looked up at her. “Is your jaw sore from sucking me off before?”

Her eyes widened and she giggled. “Not that it would matter, but no ... I’ve sucked guys for LOTS longer than that. And even if it was I’d still suck you again if you asked me too.”

“I’d love to come in your mouth again,” I told her, smiling.

Her eyes lit up. “I was hoping you’d say that,” she said. She slid down my body until her head was opposite my crotch, leaned over me, and casually but with obvious relish mouthed my cock again.

She fluttered her tongue underneath my cockhead for several seconds, then let it slip back out of her mouth with a soft slurp. Looking up at me, she said, “Just so you know - whenever we’re alone together, I’ll suck your cock whenever you want and for as long as you want. And you can come in my mouth any time.”

Then she took me back between her lips and sucked me off for the second time that evening, eagerly gulping down my come fifteen minutes later when I shuddered and groaned and came in her mouth once more, nursing at my cock for several seconds after I finished coming to make sure she got it all, then sighing and kissing my cockhead when it finally went limp and she let it slide back out of her mouth. “Mmmm,” she said, laying her cheek against my stomach and licking her lips, “that was wonderful.”

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