She Punched Me - Cover

She Punched Me

by John D. Rodburn

Copyright© 2024 by John D. Rodburn

Incest Sex Story: His sister starts hitting him for no apparent reason, but it turns out to be something good

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Teenagers   Consensual   Fiction   Incest   Brother   Sister   First   Oral Sex   Pregnancy   .

It’s amazing how you can be leading a normal life one day, and have it turned around the next. Take, for instance, my fifteenth birthday. I was just sitting on the couch, watching TV, when it happened. My sister reached over and punched my leg. She happened to get her knuckles right on the top of my thigh bone. I was in pain for three days.

Here lately, it had been nothing for her to slap my leg, hit me in the shoulder, or even pop me on the back of the head. I don’t know what had gotten into her. It got to where I would cringe every time I was near her.

Danielle (Danny) is two years older than I. I asked her if she was getting me ready for my Freshman year, or what. I never got an answer. She just punched my arm again, and smiled.

When she hit my leg, I knew that I couldn’t yell. While we watched TV, Mom and Dad had a bunch of people in the kitchen playing cards. That was every Tuesday and Thursday night. We had to keep the volume way down because of their game.

Part of the pain I was feeling was when my leg cramped up after she hit me. I got up immediately and started walking it off. I looked up at her, and she had a look like, “Ha, ha. I got you.”

As you can imagine, there were all sorts of things going through my head. Above all, I wanted to just smack the living shit out of her. Two things prevented that. The noise would have interrupted their game ... and she is my sister. You can see my dilemma, right?

I sat back down, but I hugged the arm of the couch. I had my legs pulled up and was rubbing the sore spot. Danny had been sitting away from the arm on her end, but now she was hugging that one. I went on watching TV, but kept her in the corner of my eye.

She did it again, only it was her foot this time. I got sucked into the show, and wasn’t watching. Her foot caught me just below where her knuckles got me before. I was in pain again. Mind you, neither of us had our shoes on. She caught me with her heel.

I sat there, through another segment of the show, and had my hands guarding my leg. Just as a commercial came on, and I was getting up to get something to drink, she hit again. The problem was, I was partially standing. She had aimed to where my leg had been, but got my balls and ass instead. I doubled up, but she just giggled.

I finally got to where I could stand. I don’t know what everyone in the kitchen thought when I walked in there bent over, but I don’t care. I was in and out as fast as I could be.

I grabbed several pillows off of the love seat, and the chairs. When I sat down, I piled them up around me. I guess I talked myself into a false sense of security. Not ten minutes later, her toe jammed right into the spot that her heel hit before.

That was the straw that broke the camel’s back, so to speak. It was time for revenge. I figured I could catch the show on reruns next year. I turned with my back against the arm of the couch. Danny must have sensed what was coming because she did the same thing. All of our feet went out at the same time.

We spent the next few minutes kicking each other with our feet. I finally got one of hers under me and pinned it in a way that she couldn’t pull it back. Unfortunately, that works both ways. She pinned one of mine.

She kicked at my face once and I caught her foot before it connected. I held on for dear life as she struggled. I kept kicking at her hands as she tried to grab mine. That worked for a while. She finally grabbed my foot and pulled.

Suddenly, it was apparent what had happened. Our legs had intertwined. One of my legs was under her, as hers was under me. We each had hold of each other’s other leg, and had pulled as far as we could go. The only thing separating our genitals right then was the pants we were wearing.

I only had on a pair of shorts. Actually, they were an old pair of boxer style swim pants. I had given up underpants the year before. I don’t even remember why now. The thing is, the legs were real baggy, so I don’t know if she saw anything or not.

Danny had on a tube top and a pair of shorts. The legs on hers were baggy too, and I could see the front of her panties. In the ensuing tussle, her tube top had come off of one of her tits.

We stared at each other for what seemed like an hour. During that time, I was getting harder, and I knew that she could feel it. It was obvious that she did when she started to smile. Suddenly, even I could see the end of it coming out of one leg hole.

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