That Old Black Magic - Cover

That Old Black Magic

by Anonymous

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Erotica Sex Story: Horny for his new beautiful neighbour, James resorts to a magic formula hoping that it would work

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Magic   Fiction   Gang Bang   Interracial   Black Male   White Female   Anal Sex   Oral Sex   .

James punched the side of the chair as he angrily clicked off the television. He couldn’t get Donna off his mind. She had moved in to the apartment down the hall two weeks ago. He could imagine what she looked like naked - her blonde hair and blue eyes accentuating her melon shaped tits, tight ass and long beautiful legs. He realized that a black man like himself had very little chance of scoring with this girl, no matter how good looking he was.

He opened his closet and began going through some old books that he had bought in a used bookshop. Unusual books were a hobby of his since his school days. He began reading a book on African magic spells, and came across the formula for a potion that he had not seen before. James closed his eyes as he repeated the incantation on the page.

A week later, he rang Donna’s bell and she answered looking annoyed.

James told her he had gotten a sample of an exotic foreign perfume, and he wanted her to have it. She tried to turn it down, but he insisted and she took it just to get rid of him.

The next night, James was watching the tube when the doorbell rang. It was Donna, wearing a tight little mini dress and looking very aroused. She told him that she loved the perfume and asked if she could come in. The door was barely closed when she dropped her skit and pulled her sweater over her lovely head and stood in front of him completely naked.

Without saying a word, she knelt down and unzipped his pants. He stood there looking down at her in surprise and delight as she began sucking and licking his long black dick and balls, taking the full length of his rod down her throat. It worked, he thought, as he savored her sweet lips around his cock.

Before he knew it, he was on top of her on the sofa, his dick buried in her shaved pink pussy. She was moaning in ecstasy as she began cumming while he thrust away in her.

After a few moments she eagerly pulled him over and climbed on top, mounting his black staff, and screaming with pleasure as she came again in waves.

James had never seen a woman so possessed. He thought he was hearing things when she got down on all fours and implored him to stick his, “big black cock up her white ass.” He was surprised how easily his cock slid up her tight little ass, and began reaming her forcefully. He slapped her ass cheeks as he cornholed her. The feelings building inside his body as he fucked her perfect body were almost indescribable. He gripped her perfect hips and thrust into her for all he was worth.

A she felt his orgasm growing and suddenly pulled away. She pulled him to a standing position then quickly knelt down in front of him and took his slimy cock into her perfect mouth and blew him until he exploded with huge gobs of spunk. His passion was so great that he stumbled back and blew his remaining load on her face and tits as she rubbed his cock in it and sucked him dry.

They made some small talk afterward, and she asked him if he belonged to the Jam club. The Jam was a black member’s only nightclub and few whites ever ventured there. He did, and she asked him to take her there that night. James was surprised, but eagerly agreed. He couldn’t wait to show her off to his buddies. And to fuck her brains out some more.

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