Dream Sex - Cover

Dream Sex

by Jon Bohor

Copyright© 1996

Erotica Sex Story: Man's dream about an athletic woman

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   .

She is tall and athletic, with short blonde hair tipped with a silver tint. She is a figure skater. You can tell by the muscles that ripple through her beautiful legs as she walks. She has a sweet girlish face. Her eyes are bright; they dart around the room playfully. She wears a touch of eyeshadow and a touch of lipstick. She licks her lips and they stay wet.

He thinks of her pussy lips wet, with the hair around them trimmed short and neat like the hair on her head. He thinks how nice she looks in her sequined skaters costume, so tight fitting.

She puts a hand to her mouth and bites at her fingernail. The hand is strong, with long fingers, but the skin on it is so smooth. He thinks of her hands stroking his chest, playing with his hard cock, her smooth fingers stroking its smooth skin. He wants to push his cock into her wet pussy, rub it against that place deep inside her. He wants her to be sensitive there, so he can please her that way.

My Dream

He takes off her skaters costume first. All her skin is smooth and firm and lustrous, healthy. Her pussy lips are glistening, naked with the hair around them trimmed (just as I knew they would be.) While he undresses, she just sits on the edge of the bed, breathing deeply, watching him. She wants to be passive with him. Her beautiful bright eyes flicking over his body make him hard. As he walks toward her she gazes at his stiff cock.

He kneels between her perfect legs and they kiss deeply, her breasts and tight tummy pressed against him. He reaches between her legs and finds her mound and touches it. It’s the first time he’s touched her there and she says “ohh”.

He kisses her neck. She rubs her smooth hands on his smooth chest. She’s very wet now. He pushes her back onto the bed and spreads her outer lips and licks her, sweet and sour and feminine. He spreads her inner opening, slippery and smooth. He teases and strokes her clitoris with his tongue, she is squirming, she puts her hands to his head but he breaks away and reaches around her legs and holds her wrists, and then plunges into her with just his tongue. She struggles against him as he teases her, twists her wrists around in his hands. She moans and then holds her breath and then comes, struggling all the way through it.

She rests — still breathing hard, her toned muscles working. He watches her. He thinks of her on the ice, competing. The spectators can see her bare legs and arms, but none of them have seen her naked breasts, or her beautiful pussy. He thinks of her figure skating, as she spins into the air, of her walking down a busy street barefoot and naked — his cock glows with heat, hard against her thigh — and he knows she could do that with the same dignity and the same Eros that she does fully clothed.

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