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Mom's Urges Are Uncontrollable!

by Ails


Incest Sex Story: A horny mother on a trip to Vegas with her family. Will she be able to resist her urges? Well, you should know the answer to that.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   mt/Fa   Consensual   Fiction   Incest   Mother   Son   Brother   Sister   Oral Sex   .

My name is Alissa. I am a 38-year-old mother of a 19-year-old daughter named Kristy, and a 18-year-old son named Derek. My husband of 42 is Ron. Ron is a pretty solid man, still has some pretty good abs from his daily workouts, and wears a much-traveled tan.

Derek is still in his shy stage. He is a cute kid, stands about 5” 9” tall, and is starting to get a husky build. Kristy is something else. She has an incredible body. Firm perky breasts and a beautiful round tight ass. She has long brown hair and big brown eyes.

We packed the car, and prepared for our departure to Las Vegas. Ron had won a trip for four so we decided to take the kids although they were too young to gamble. With all of the new hotels offering roller coasters and arcades, they would have a great time.

425 cacti later, we arrived in Vegas. It was dusk, and the air was still warm as an aftermath from a scolding hot desert afternoon. We were all hot and sweaty because of the lack of air conditioning in the car, but what the hell, we made it! We were in the city of sin and lust. But how could I be thinking of lust with the kids along. I was horny for Ron’s cock. My white shorts hugged my pussy well, I could feel the pressure as my moisture squeegees up against my panties.

Ron’s cock was thick, and well veined. You get off on just looking at it. It always seemed to be semi hard. With my hand on his thigh during our long trip, I was continuously nipping the head of his cock through his shorts with the tip of my finger. I was in and out of daydreams of us getting to the hotel and fucking like rabbits. However, then I would pinch myself and come back to the reality of our darling kids being with us. Somehow, I was going to need to find a release of this sexual pressure building up inside me.

We finally arrived to our hotel room. I think it took us about thirty dollars in tips to get us and our luggage out of the car and up to the room. There was no question that this trip was going to cost some bucks although the room was free.

Kristy and Derek found their way to one of the double beds in the room and crashed. Ron and I staggered into the room after them and closed the door behind us. Our asses were sore, we were all hot and wet, and we didn’t care about anything but resting for now. Except me, I had a hunger in me that wouldn’t stop burning.

I awoke to the sound of the neighbouring room’s door slamming. Kristy and Derek were asleep. There was a note on the pillow beside me from Ron that he had gone down stairs to try to lose some money on the black jack table. Ron was always the gambler, could never stay away from the urge to try to break the house.

I stood up and walked to the vanity. I found my hand automatically reaching down to press against my aching pussy.

“God I am so hot! What am I going to do about this?” I asked myself in an audible whisper.

I went back to my bed, and tried to read some of the hotel magazines that were lying around. I felt that this might just take my mind off my wicked thoughts of sex with my husband. I heard from behind the cover of the magazine that was at my eyes a moan of one of the kids stretching. I put the magazine down on my lap to see what was going on. They were both asleep still.

For some reason, my attention locked on my daughter Kristy. She had on a half shirt and a pair of tight shorts. Her long hair twisting around the soft sultry curves of her face and breasts. Before I knew what hit me, a shot of adrenaline shot up the front of my body. It was a sexual bolt of lightning that took me by surprise. I quickly pushed the thought aside in denial of any such occurrence. I did think her body was hot. Her tanned legs and sinfully seductive facial features made me a little twitchy.

“Mom?” I heard from her full lips in a low tone.

“Mom, where is dad?” Kristy stated as she stretched and began to awake.

“He went down stairs to try and lose the rent,” I stated.

“Oh,” is all she could muster as she rose from the bed.

She walked out to the balcony and leaned against the rail. The city was just about fully lit up now. Our nap had taken about an hour of our time since we arrived. I went outside with her. We didn’t say much as we looked at the panoramic view of the city. Although my eyes started to drift, I must admit. Kristy’s half shirt was getting to me. I never had sexual thoughts towards another woman before, but in my heated state, I was seeing things in a new and wicked light.

Kristy’s half shirt was hanging loose just below her breasts. The shirt was pushed away from her body by her 36C breasts. I could almost feel them with my eyes. From out of the bottom of the half shirt appeared her flat tummy, and connected to that was a sumptuous ass that connected those steamy hot firm legs.

“Down Alissa!” I told myself. “She is your own daughter.” However, the thoughts I was starting to have were hot. I knew I need sex and soon. I was falling into one of those “I’ll do anything, no matter how wrong it is” modes. I kept telling myself no, but my mind was on fire with yes’s. How wild could I think sexually speaking?

Then out onto the balcony arrived Derek. Now I was scared. As I appeared to be just mom on the outside, pouring them each a coke and making small talk, on the inside I started thinking of what my son’s cock looked like. Was it thick and full like Ron’s? Probably not at his age. I also started wondering if I could get him hot and worked up if I tried. God to think of what it would feel like to try to seduce my own young son. I know he has never had sex before. He would absolutely buzz in either fear or adrenaline if he knew how I was thinking right now.

I left the room, and arrived back at the vanity. There I looked in my suitcase for something extra sexy to wear. Why? I couldn’t answer that question, not even to myself. I knew why, and it was all wrong. I wanted to try to get my kids sexually heated. I wanted to look sexy enough for my daughter to get aroused. I wanted my son to get hard and wet. All the while, they had no clue.

Kristy and Derek were now back inside sitting on the edge of the bed. They were playing cards and looking rather bored. Then I arrived at their side. I was now wearing a short skirt and a halter that tied around my neck.

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