Cold Night - Cover

Cold Night

by Karrie Stepanek

Copyright© 2022 by Karrie Stepanek

Drama Sex Story: A teen and her abuser

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Coercion   NonConsensual   Fiction   Incest   Father   Daughter   .

The room was very cold. A naked bulb gave harsh illumination to the bare floorboards and Spartan furnishings.

He looked at her, questioningly; she turned away and shrugged meaninglessly. Her face was set, without life or hope. He sighed. Taking her by the shoulders he drew her back to face him. At first her lips were unresponsive to his kisses, then she softened against him and clung as if drowning.

He drew back a little and gently traced a line down her cheek with his fingers. Her eyes were pools of darkness that held the look of fear. Tenderly he kissed her again.

As he gently unbuttoned her blouse she stiffened and looked bleakly out of the window. He fumbled with the catch on her bra, and again with her suspenders, but at last she stood nude before him, chilled in the twilight air and with shoulders slumped in resignation. He paused, filling his memory with the sight of her. It had been a long time. She was now over Sixteen. He rubbed the goose flesh off her cold skin as he admired her body.

As he undressed and slowly sat down on the bed she never moved. At last he motioned her down and, taking her face in his hands, began kissing her more passionately. Her hands whispered across his skin, tracing the powerful muscles of his back. A tattoo stood out in harsh contrast on his shoulder and she gazed, mesmerized. Woman and snake, snake and woman.

He cupped her large breasts and kissed them gently. The nipples were small and hard with the cold. With his tongue he ringed first one and then the other, and then slowly teased back and forth.

Her hand moved hesitantly down to his thigh and wavered amongst the blond curls. Impatient, he reached down and nudged her hand towards his manhood, now standing hard and erect. As she stroked it timidly, his hand in turn brushed past her dark curls to sink deep into her warm wetness. She moaned plaintively as he moved his fingers in and out, monotonously, in and out.

Turning, he lifted her, and then closed his eyes as she impaled herself on his warm shaft. Her hands fluttered about his head as she sat in his lap, him deep inside her. As she rocked back and forth her breathing quickened, and she too closed her eyes.

Gently rolling her back onto the bed, she raised herself on his forearms and began slowly pumping back and forwards. With each stroke he drove into her, crushing her soft breasts against his smooth hard chest. She whimpered faintly, now gasping for breath and urging him in with her hands. But he breathed deeply and silently as he moved faster and faster.

At the moment of release he came with a long sigh, and slowly sank down beside her. As they lay breathing deeply, sheened in sweat despite the chill, he murmured his thanks. She merely stared at the cracked ceiling.

After some time, father and daughter slept...

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