Elly and Krista - Cover

Elly and Krista

by Anonymous


Incest Sex Story: Brother, sister and friend experiment and take each others' virginities

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Incest   Brother   Sister   First   Oral Sex   Petting   .

My sister Krista is a natural beauty, with light-brown hair, athletic body and a slightly bitchy attitude. Honestly, up until this point in our lives, we didn’t really engage in incestuous activities besides really mild experimentation like peck kisses. We usually got along ok.

Anyway, her best friend Elly was the same age, fifteen something. Pretty tall for a girl, long silky brown hair, cute looks, VERY athletic and well developed body. She very obviously had a massive crush on me too. Every time she visited our house, she always spent an unusually large amount of time hanging around me and talking to me, and we ended up getting pretty intimate. Back then, I was a bit of a “bad boy” who always got in trouble at school for misbehaving, knew all the swear words and enjoyed sex and violence. I’m pretty sure Elly was attracted to me with stuff like that in mind.

Anyway, one day Elly comes over for a sleepover. As usual she hangs around me a lot. Me, Elly and Krista played a round of Mario Party 5 together, watched some TV, and did various other stuff.

Then later in the afternoon, Elly and I start talking about porn and sex when Krista wasn’t around. We watch a few videos from my collection in my room and the atmosphere starts getting hot. She starts asking all kinds of questions, looking up to me as the older, more knowledgeable source of information, which I answer to the best of my knowledge.

Anyway we continue watching on my computer and talking about it for the next few minutes until Krista enters the room looking for Elly. My sister already knew Elly is into that stuff, and that I have a bunch of videos, so the sight didn’t really surprise her and she joins in watching.

Gradually Elly starts getting more flirty, hinting she is interested in actually trying something. I ask her if she wants to try, she hesitates a bit before asking what, with Krista sitting beside her on the floor. I ask her if she wants to kiss, both Elly and my sister laughed in embarrassment (even though it’s actually not the first time I’ve kissed her).

Elly replies with ‘Ok.’ looking excited.

We’re both sitting on the floor cross-legged, and after a bit of giggling and hesitation, I get on my knees and move my face toward her and give Elly a short kiss on the lips. All three of us then proceed to laugh in the moment, especially my sister looking on.

Elly and I decide to keep going at it, seeing how long we can hold a kiss on the lips for. Eventually she sticks her tongue out, which I instinctively back away from in embarrassment.

Both girls started laughing, and now want to try french kissing. I compose myself and give it a try with Elly, it was very warm, hot and slippery with our tongues stroking each other’s.

Krista was kind of gasping in excitement watching, but between me and Elly, a sense of intimacy is beginning to build as we french kiss more.

After we get tired of that, the theme of “what next” begins to pick up, and my heart is starting to beat pretty fast. I’m still not attracted to my sister at all, but feel really attracted to Elly.

Then to my bewilderment, Elly asks me to try kissing Krista, saying she wants to see it.

My sister said immediately “No way, there’s no way I’m kissing Kevin.”

Elly keeps persisting saying she really wants to see it, and I eventually give in because I really want to keep this going, but Krista was still extremely hesitant.

After a good few minutes of convincing, my sister eventually finds her resolve and consents to being kissed on the lips, probably because she didn’t want to disappoint her friend.

I bend forward to give my sister a kiss, but she kind of turns her face away in embarrassment at the last second.

Elly keeps telling her to stop being a wimp and just do it. Finally I kiss my sister on the lips, but we’re both averting our gaze, while Elly gasps.

It felt extremely weird but kind of nice in a way. Krista got over the weirdness pretty quickly, and we kissed a few more times.

Eventually we all heard footsteps from outside my room and all backed away very quickly. My mom opened the door wondering to check up on us and tell us dinner will be ready soon. Not sure if she knew what was going on, but she didn’t say anything, and we all decided to go downstairs.

We ate dinner, watched some more TV in the living room. We were kind of on edge over nearly being caught from before.

Eventually mom goes back to her outdoor area to read Marie Claire and smoke her fags, and me, Krista and Elly go back upstairs to my room.

Once again, we’re at a stage where we’re asking each other what to do next. I decide to try and escalate things by saying we should try touching each other’s bodies.

Elly was cool with it, Krista decided that she does’t want to do that.

So I start feeling around Elly’s tall, slender body, palming her generous chest, her thighs, her ass, trying to get her sensitive areas.

She keeps giggling like she’s being tickled. Eventually start rubbing her vagina over her shorts which makes her really embarrassed, but she’s still cool with it. Krista still watching in awe.

Elly laid down on her back and I started rubbing her crotch. She started off giggling, but after about thirty seconds she started getting really into it with her breathing. After a bit of that, I asked her if she wants to do the same to me.

Elly started palming my chest with her two warm hands before moving lower to my groin. I let her start massaging my penis a bit, before asking her if she wants to see the real thing. She does, I pull my pants and underpants down at the same time, Krista immediately looks away in embarrassment and laughter as Elly looks on, but averting her gaze a bit.

Elly seemed quite surprised by the amount of hair covering my crotch.

I’m already hard, so I ask her to try giving me a handjob, which she starts after a bit of hesitation. I’m standing up, Elly is on her knees in front of me, and her warm, sticky, sweaty right hand is now strumming my dick, and it feels like my self control is diminishing.

I can see my sister peeking from further back, but she’s obviously embarrassed.

Within a minute or two, I feel like I’m on the brink of cumming, so I then quickly tell her to stop because I don’t want to stain the carpet.

A look of disappointment overtakes Elly’s face.

“If you want to see me cum, we can go to the bathroom where there is no carpet and the clean up is easier.”

“Ok, let’s go.” Elly’s quick answer betrayed her eagerness.

So I pull my pants back up, have her follow me to the bathroom, Krista also hesitantly follows in the back.

Once in the bathroom, I pull my pants back down, sit on the toilet seat and still harder than ever.

Elly kneels down and starts stroking me again. I didn’t last more than a minute. Her stroking hand made me feel so good, better than any other hand job or masturbation session so far. As came hard. My jizz jetted out my cock towards her, but it didn’t hit her face, but fired across her shoulder, hitting the shoulder of her purple top and hitting the tiled floor. Elly seemed to freak out a little and doesn’t know what to do with my firing cannon and before she thought about putting her hand in front of it, few jets landed on her top.

Elly was upset a bit about her stained her top, but seem to be having a fun time.

“Take off your top so that we can rinse it before it gets stained permanently.”

I guess she was too excited and didn’t mind. She pulled it off and revealed her perky tits. She was wearing short shorts only.

Sister then lets Elly borrow a pyjama top from her room next door.

After that, we start deciding what next, and it becomes a theme for the next hour or so. Elly and I kiss some more, fondle each others private parts, and I also non-french kiss my sister a bit more, even though she’s still not overly keen to get involved, preferring to spectate. I also convince Elly to put her mouth around my sore dick and try giving me a blowjob. Not like she sucked hard or anything, and I wasn’t cumming but it still felt really warm, wet and nice.

It’s still the evening and neither Elly nor me take our clothes off while we’re messing around because it would be very bad to get caught by my parents periodically checking on us. However we pledge to go further after 11pm tonight when both my parents are asleep. At about 9pm my mom sends both Krista and Elly to bed in Krista’s room, but they’re obviously pretending.

Later at night when my Mom’s light has been off for like 30 minutes, both Elly and Krista quietly enter my room again, with my lights turned off. Don’t really want to turn the light on, so have to use a small torch and my computer screen for light. Elly and I have already kissed and groped a lot today, but this time we undress and get naked in my dark room (sister keeping her PJs on). All three of us are constantly whispering through it and laughing under our breath, as my heart-rate starts going into overdrive, especially as Elly took her panties off. We then both get on my bed, start kissing and hugging some more, I kiss her boobs, her small subtle nipples, her belly, her coot, and she’s obviously suppressing her tickled laughter all the way through.

As this continues, the atmosphere grows more intimate. Both Elly and I get under the duvet naked, still hugging, kissing and rubbing each other, and my dick is starting to get hard again. Krista is still sitting on the bed, watching with interest and holding the torch up for us. After some time passes, I finally whisper to Elly, asking her if she wants to do it, and after some initial hesitation and quiet, embarrassed laughter, she says ok.

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