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Damn Kids

by Anonymous

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Erotica Sex Story: A party disturbed the peace of his hideaway. He gets something out of it though

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I live in a quiet rural area and have for quite some time now. The only real commotion I have out here is the odd teenagers using our country road for drag racing and hunters trespassing during deer season. Until recently this was a real haven to come home to after my long hours at the office. I view my home as a cottage really, a place to relax and enjoy peace and quiet when I leave the hectic rigours of the city.

Just this past summer I had new neighbours moving in next door. Now, next door means about a quarter mile away, but that is as close as I want anyone to be. It seems the people next door, Jan and Frank Lindsay, moved out here for the same reasons I did. I think they should have consulted their two kids first, because from all indications their two teenaged kids, Kate and John, were none too pleased about moving away from their friends and being isolated out in the country.

I have horses as a hobby and ride them out on my property, 36 acres, when I get the chance. I was riding one day and saw John in the distance just walking. I rode up beside him and introduced myself and had some small chit-chat. Turns out that John has always liked horses but because he was in the city, and his dad, from his account, is an anal retentive city slicker did not want livestock on their property. I said to John that he could come over tomorrow and ride one if he wanted.

The next day came and John had a great time. Over the course of the next couple weeks I think he started to like living out in the country. I offered John a job if he wanted doing odd jobs and cleaning the stalls, you know all the shit detail work. He figured, what the hell, he is stuck out here anyway, loves horses and could make a few bucks, why not?

Everything went well, and I became good friends with the Lindsays. John told me his sister Cindy was going to have a bush party at their place for the end of the school year. I did not like the idea because I knew that teenagers, booze, fire and my property beside theirs might spell trouble.

The night came for the party and I could tell from the start, it was going to be a big one. The cars were already backing onto the road and heading my way for parking. Hey, I was a kid once too and ripped it up a few times. But, now this was my eden they were disturbing. I tried not to pay too close attention to what was going on, but the noise and music was loud, it carries over the fields pretty well. Around 12:30 AM I thought I’d call over and just ask politely if John could at least turn the thumping hip hop music down a bit. When I called over, the line was busy, in fact it was busy for the next 1.5 hours every time I tried. So I went out to the barn and saddled up Trots, my favorite Morgan pony, and headed over to the party. I could see the bonfire in the distance and could see all the figures milling about, they were a lot of people. I stopped with Trots at grove of trees about 200’ from the fence line and started walking over.

I noticed that my fence was all ripped apart, and that a bunch of teenagers were playing football or something on my property. I was fucking mad. I headed towards the house when something caught my eye. A young girl was passed out in my field. When I went up to see if she was all right, boy did I get an eyeful. She was just lying there with her legs spread and her mini-skirt hem pretty much riding right along her waistline. Her ass and legs were fully exposed to me. I don’t know what it was that came over me, maybe the shitty rap music, the fence being busted, my being horny, but I decided to see what else was under those flowered panties of hers. I checked to see if she was really out of it, and she was incoherent but really pissed. I asked her a couple questions, she just moaned, then I moved her onto her back and she just kept sleeping.

This chick was a knock out. She was wearing a little plaid skirt with solid white tight shirt. I lifted up the hem of the mini-skirt again and could see the faint outline of her fun lips. She was blond, maybe 16 or 17 years old and around 110-120 lbs ... Although she was sloshed, she still had her make-up done perfectly and was prime for a good lesson on trespassing. I lifted up her white t-shirt and she started to wiggle a bit and open her eyes. I immediately backed off. I thought to myself “what the fuck am I doing?” but then she didn’t respond any further and I talked myself back into it, or was it my cock talking myself back into it?

This time I just grabbed the two little strings holding the top of the shirt up and tore them off. I peeled the shirt back to revel what looked like two perfectly ripe melons. I had never seen such perfect tits. I unclasped the (thank god) front hook and out popped two perfect titties. The nipples got instantly hard from the outside air, and they were young and pink. Her belly was tight and hard, like an aerobics instructor’s belly. I starting sucking on her tits and she responded with a little protest but I didn’t care now. I grabbed her tits and mashed them together, pinched the nipples and pulled them really hard. She let out a faint squeal.

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