Starry Nights - Cover

Starry Nights

by John D. Rodburn

Copyright© 2024 by John D. Rodburn

Incest Sex Story: He liked watching stars.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Fiction   Incest   Brother   Sister   Pregnancy   .

I was about nine when we moved into our house. That was ten years ago. That first night, I needed a breather, so I stepped out into the back yard. I had thus far grown up in a big city, and had never really paid attention to the stars at night. At that moment, I started something that is still with me today. As often as I can, I slip out at night and watch the stars. Sometimes, I even fall asleep out there.

The only reason we can see as many stars as we can is that we live out in the country. Our parents own the property that the house is on, but the fields around us are owned by someone else. Hell, we even have an old barn out back.

It’s not unusual for others in the family to come out there too. Sometimes, we all go out after dinner and spend a few hours out there. I’m usually the last one to go in though. That night, I went in with everyone, took my shower, then put my sleep shorts on. I grabbed a blanket and went back out.

About two or so hours later, I was just getting up to go back in. I looked up when I heard the door slide open. There, with the lights from the kitchen shining through her thin nightgown, was my older sister, Jennifer. I thought better of picking up the blanket. I thought even better of even standing up.

“Oh, were you going in?” she asked, as she came closer.

“No. I ... was just ... stretching.”

“Good. I want to sit with you.” We sat down, then lay back. “Ah. A full moon. I wouldn’t mind going up there some day.”

“I hear it’s cold.”

“Not in those suits they wear. On second thought, I’d have to wear one of them. Never mind.”

“What’s wrong with the suits?”

“I would like to go up there and run around naked. Then I could thumb my nose at the people on Earth.”

“Why would you want to do that? It’s cold up there.”

“Yeah. I guess I can’t.”

We lay there for a while. I started picking out constellations and thought she’d said something. Just as I looked at her to say something, I figured out what I’d heard. She had her hand on her mound, sliding it up and down.

“Need some help with that?” I asked, jokingly.

She turned her head toward me, then sat up. She turned all the way around, then pulled her knee up.


“What? I was just kidding.”

“I’m not.”

I got my hand through the gap her knee made, then cupped her mound. She gasped. As I slid my hand down a little bit, my finger dipped between her lips and lay on her clit.

“YES!” she whisper/yelled. “Go up and down on it, Kyle. YES!”

I moved my finger around on her for a while, then she slid her hand up the leg of my sleep pants and grabbed my dick. Not long after that, she went off. I didn’t move my hand away from her, and she was still working on my dick with her hand.

“I’m going to go into the house with a big spot on the front of my pants, Jen,” I told her.

“Not if you take them off. You know I don’t have any on.”

She moved her hand as I took my free hand and pushed my pants down. She went right back to what she was doing.

“Are you going to cum soon?” she asked.


Jen sat up, then pulled her nightgown off. She swung her leg over my head, then sucked my dick into her mouth. When she did that, she planted her open pussy on my face. Naturally, I didn’t hesitate, and lit right in. I had her bouncing within a few minutes, then we both climaxed. She wouldn’t let go of my dick though.

“I have an idea,” she said, as she rolled off. She still held onto my dick. “Let’s see how many times we can both cum.” She slid her hand up and down my shaft again.

“They say that a woman can cum fifty times in a session. Can we try for that?”

“Only if you can keep up.”

“I already know that ain’t happenin’.”

“I came out here with the express purpose of drinking as much of your cum as I can,” she said. “I’ve only just begun.” She got a big smile on her face. “I know.” She let go of my dick, then stood up. “We’ll play tag. If you catch me, I’ll suck you. If you catch me, you lick me. We’ll do that until we can’t go anymore.”

“That sounds interesting. Go. I’ll count to ten.”

She took off in the direction of the barn. After a little bit, I couldn’t see her. A cloud had covered the moon. I got up and took off. I caught her about five minutes later. She dropped to her knees and sucked my dick in. She didn’t quit until I filled her mouth again.

“I know,” she said. “Nobody is IT. We’ll just run around trying to catch each other.” She took off again.

The clouds were getting heavier now, and I could smell rain in the air. That didn’t bother me though. A couple of times, I thought I’d seen her, but then she was gone. I finally came around a corner of the barn, and there she was. We bumped into each other, which pushed her backward. She twisted as she fell, and landed on her stomach.

“I guess we found each other, sis.”

I went down on my knees. I was going to turn her over and lick her clean, but I had an idea. I got over her thighs and lay my dick on her ass crack, then grabbed her ass cheeks.

“You have a really nice ass,” I said. I slid both thumbs down between her, along her pussy. I found her clit with one and moved it a few times.

“That could be your dick,” she said. “Just saying.”

She was so slick down there that I had no problems moving my thumbs.

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