Lonely Sister - Cover

Lonely Sister

by Anonymous


Incest Sex Story: His sister is broken hearted and needs him for comfort

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Incest   Brother   Sister   Chan Erotica   .

be me and sis in our early 20s a few years separated

we bought a house when a few years earlier, we both needed a
mortgage to get the place we wanted (more of an Investment than anything)
we lived together for a few years, nothing ever really happened,
I had seen her nude once or twice by accident I think she may
have seen me once, but I didn’t have my contacts in, so you know
Either way I never really settled down to easy playing the game
She has a boyfriend, pretty solid guy, for about 4 years, started
seeing the guy right after high school.
One day she become sullen and shit, keeping to herself in her
room crying a bit I find out soon enough the guy dumped her (he
got a job at some oil field).

Either way she is like this for a week or two, her friends come
by to try cheer her up and they fail
One night I have a few buddies over, we are drinking shooting the
shit playing some poker watching the game
Sister comes down lets us know we are too loud, I invite her to join us
she does. First time in a while she had some fun
I was hoping maybe she could hook up with one of my friends, you
know to get back into it

Either way we are now drinking and having fun, I end up inviting
my fiends (girls) over slowly turns into a party
I of course try getting it on with the one girl who won’t give it
up to me, because I am not somebody she is in love with, so I
drink my woes away
eventually people start leaving, a few help to clean up, but they
all leave around 3 or 4 in the morning
My sister is passed out on the couch, sadly, I was hoping she
hooked up with someone.
I cover her up and go to my bed.
In the middle of the night someone comes into my room, I am piss
drunk and forgot everyone left, except my sister.
whoever it was walks up to my bed, stands there for a second,
like she is hesitating or waiting for me to do something
after that moment I can feel cool air over me as she lifts my
covers and gets under
I can feel her scooch over, she slowly moves her hand onto me, I
can feel her fingers tremble slightly against my stomach,
she starts caressing slightly, going a little slower and lower
every time
I half sleeping tell her to stop, not tonight. Yeah sometimes I
am to much in the bag to want to do anything
I just grab her hand and wrap her arm around me, and start going
back to sleep
but now she is using her leg to start rubbing the inside of my
thigh, eventually she is again using her hand, rubbing my crotch,
stroking my shaft through my boxers

again I tell her No just let me sleep but she is insistent
she straddles me, Fuck am I not in the mood
my hands are holding onto her knees, she reaches for one and
leads me up between her legs
If I had sighed I wouldn’t be surprised, but my hand reaches what
she has wanted me to reach.
she is wearing nothing under her dress, or at least not now.
She starts me moving my hand, until I take over, by now I am
waking up both of me
Damn this girl has a nice pussy, no meat flaps really nicely
trimmed pussy, feels tight, tighter than the girls I have been
with at least
The thought comes to my head, this is Cassidy (the girl who hasnt
ever given it up to me), I mean if it was any of the others there
would be something familiar about them
I set my head up against the pillows, damn it I can’t tell who it
is, already got my contacts out, and it’s dark as fuck
As soon as I finish getting comfortable I reach back in between
her legs, she bends over and lands a kiss on my nose (clearly too
dark for her), she corrects and gets my lips
She keeps moaning, And I keep getting harder, I reach my hand
towards her waist and squeeze a little
She moves her hair over one ear and then I hear her unzip the
side of her dress, a few tugs and it falls to her other side

I bet if I could see my smile at that moment, it would be ear to
ear, I reach with my free hand toward her breast
I think to myself, well it is a little bigger than I imagined,
but then again I haven’t seen her nude before
She kisses me again, this time it’s deeper, a little more
ferocious than before, ‘damn Cass what got into you?’ I whisper
she stops kissing me for a moment as the rest of her tenses up.
I can feel her her breath a few inches from my lips.
she starts kissing me again, but there is something else,
is she crying? No it is definitely just her kisses on my cheek.
At this point my dick is having the fight of the century with my
waist band,
she reaches down and pulls my boxers down, not all the way but
She moves up enough that I can feel her lower lips just start
caressing me, Damn did I ever wake up
I start moving her waist a little harder than she was. I just
wanted to get in there,
I can feel her moving over my entire shaft. My mind was going
crazy with lust
I feel her move up a little higher, just enough to get me
positioned properly,
I can feel her small hand keeping me from moving as she slides
she moves but not all the way down, I grab her ass and push her
down all the way,
she lets out a little moan, just enough

there was something off about her voice, but what I couldn’t tell
she keeps kissing me allowing a slip of a moan every few strokes,
I don’t want to stop so that little voice in the back of my head
gets ignored
I let her know, ‘Cass this is just what I wanted’, she stops
moving and stops kissing me again,
WTF is wrong here
‘Hey are we OK, here?’ She didn’t say anything, but I felt her
tears (definitely crying) fall on me,
‘Wait you don’t have to, I mean we can stop right now.’ The
silence is starting to kill me, it was only a moment but still
she tries to get back into it, but I can tell she’s not into it,
I pull her and myself onto our sides, then get out
‘Are you OK? Cass?’
I can hear her finally say with a trembling voice, ‘I ... I’m
sorry, I just needed... ‘
Wait this isn’t Cass! It’s, God no, STACEY! I let out a yelp
‘What the hell, what are you doing?’
Now she is crying audibly, ‘I just... ‘
‘Just what, you’re fucking me! YOUR GOD DAMNED brother.’
‘I’m sorry, I just wanted, I mean I have been so lonely, ever
since... ‘
‘And you have been there this whole time.’
‘I’m sorry.’
I pulled up my boxers, I wanted to say something but nothing came
out, just shock
‘Can I just stay’ she whispers

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