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Daughter-in-law Wants a Baby

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Chapter 5

Drama Sex Story: Chapter 5 - His daughter in law comes to him crying. His son seems unable to get her pregnant. Can he help her? Should he help her?

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Fiction   Incest   Mother   Son   Brother   Sister   InLaws   Oral Sex   Pregnancy  

Over the next six or seven weeks my mother-in-law and I tested that ‘four or five’ several times. Several times a week I would stay up late and once my wife was sound asleep I would go to her mother’s room and we have a very enjoyable hour or so.

As Nancy’s time got closer it became too dangerous to continue like we had before. She had a hard time sleeping at night and would toss-and-turn. Frequently she would get up and come out to the living room and watch TV for a while. She was uncomfortable walking so she went out less.

Her mother and I were limited to several quickies each week, timed when Nancy would get in the shower. As soon as I heard the shower start and would hurry over to Helen’s bedroom, jump on her and cum as quickly as I could. On occasion Helen came to my bedroom and would get on top of me. We would go at each other while listening for the water to stop; trying to cum before it happened. It relieved some sexual tension but was rarely satisfying. Plus I knew that our time would be ending soon; the baby would be here and then not long after that Nancy would be ready and my time with her mother would end.

I was thinking these thoughts one morning just a few days before Nancy’s due date. Nancy was going out to do some last minute shopping with my mother. That should make quite a site; what looks like a mother and daughter walking around the mall with ‘nine-month’ stomachs sticking out. I had to chuckle.

But it also presented an opportunity that Helen and I was looking forward to; Nancy would be out of the house for a couple of hours at least.

I got up, put on some boxers and my robe, and went to the kitchen to see if Nancy had left yet. When I walked into the kitchen Helen was standing at the sink in her robe rinsing some glasses. I walked over behind her. “Good morning. Has Nancy left yet?”

Helen nodded towards the window, “No, she’s out getting the paper.”

Great. We are going to have to wait a while. My mother wasn’t even here yet. I looked out and saw Nancy talking with Mr. Jeremy, our next-door neighbour. Even better. Getting into a conversation with Mr. Jeremy is like falling within the influence of a dark hole; you don’t escape. It would be a good thirty minutes before she could get away. That would be plenty of time.

I opened my robe and pulled my boxers down and kicked them aside. Moving behind Helen I lifted up her robe, perfect, nothing underneath. She giggled and tried to swat my hands away. Holding her robe up with my arms, I put my on her hips and moved up tight against her. Her skin felt hot against mine in the cool kitchen and I could feel myself begin to stiffen.

“Not here, she’s right outside.”

“Yes, but look who she’s talking to.” We all knew Mr. Jeremy and each of us had become trapped at some time.

I moved my hands around to her stomach and then slowly moved up to her breasts, taking one in each hand. As I cupped them she pushed her butt back against me. It could not have taken even a minute and I was completely erect now. I pushed forward and the head of my cock moved between her thighs. I pushed against her and the friction of her thighs on my cock felt so good.

She moved her legs slightly apart and my cock moved up so that my shaft was rubbing against her pussy. I put my hands on her hips and tried to get her to tilt back towards me but she either did not understand or didn’t want to.

She pulled her hands from the water and grasped the edge of the counter. I pulled again at her hips and she tilted back towards me. It was perfect. I pushed forward into her, sliding deep into her.

Helen gasped, I don’t know if she expected this; we had never done it like this before. “Todd, we shouldn’t. Nancy’s right outside.”

I didn’t say anything, just kept ramming into her, pulling her hips back to me with each thrust forward. When she began pushing back I let my hands move back up to her breasts, rubbing her hard nipples with my fingers. Her moan told me she was enjoying this.

“Your Mom is outside.”

The words stopped me in mid thrust. I looked around Helen’s head to see my mother standing next to Nancy. I almost laughed; in profile they looked so funny. Both of them with their stomachs sticking out, their hands resting on top, they looked ready to pop any second. I was still surprised with Mom; I didn’t think Dad still had it in him.

Helen said, “Maybe we should wait until later.”

“It’s okay. Just a little bit more. I’m close. They are going to be talking out there for a while.” I didn’t want to get close and then get interrupted so I started moving in and out of her faster; ramming hard against her.

“Not so hard, you’re making my head bounce up and down.”

I slowed down but it was hard not to go fast; it felt so good inside of her.

“Stop. They’re coming.”

“So am I.” Helen tried to move away but she was pinned between the sink and me. I pushed hard into her, lifting her up onto her toes. As Helen struggled to move away from me the first stream shot into her. I heard the front door open and a second and third stream of my semen was left in her. I heard the voices in the front room but I still had cum squirting out of me. I pulled out of Helen and turned towards the coffeemaker on the counter as Helen pulled her robe down. I could feel my cock twitch as little spurts continued to come out. Thank God my robe is dark. Hopefully it won’t show.

I quickly tied my robe and was grabbing a coffee cup from the cupboard just as my wife and mother walked in the room. I poured myself a cup and looked over my shoulder to say ‘hi’ to them. I was still pretty hard and was having trouble hiding it.

My mother said hello and walked over to give me a kiss and a hug. I gave her a kind of sideways hug, using the coffee as my excuse. I looked over her shoulder and saw my boxers lying at Helen’s feet. Oh, shit. I extended the hug and waved at Helen to get her attention. I pointed at my boxers and she bent to grab them, wadded them up and stuck them in a pocket of her robe.

Mom let go of me and held me at arms length, “Todd, you look flushed. Are you feeling alright?”

“Sure Mom. I’m fine. I was just doing some morning exercises and came out to be sure I saw you before you and Nancy left.”

Mom gave me a funny look but seemed to accept it. I had never been one for morning exercises, at least not the kind done out of bed. But she probably figured I was getting older and needed them to stay in shape.

Nancy and Mom said goodbye and were gone. We wouldn’t see them for several hours; after shopping they were going out for a fancy lunch. Helen stayed by the window until she saw their car drive away. The immediate need for sex was satisfied for me, I was wondering what was for breakfast.

But that was not the case for Helen. Her appetite had just been whetted. When the car was out of sight she came over, took my hand and pulled me out of my seat. I followed her hand-in-hand down the hallway to her bedroom. Once inside she took off her robe, tossed it aside and then stood there looking at me. Every time I saw her like this I was amazed. She looked so much like my wife; an older version sure, but really sexy all the same.

When I did not move she pulled me towards the bed and pulled my robe off. She saw that I was still flaccid. “I don’t excite you any more?” she asked. She stepped backwards toward the bed pulling me with her. “For what I want, I really require a hard cock. Maybe this will help.” She sat on the edge of the bed and pulled me closer. She took my limp cock and sucked it into her mouth. I was soft enough that she was able to get almost my entire cock in her mouth but that quickly changed. Looking down at her lips wrapped around me and feeling her tongue wash over and around the head of my cock quickly had me getting harder by the second. As I watched more of my cock appeared out of her mouth as she couldn’t hold it all.

Once I was again rigid she pulled her mouth away from me and moved farther up onto her bed, pulling me with her. She pushed me onto my back and then climbed on. There was no need for foreplay; she got me inside of her and began moving on me.

It was barely a minute later that the phone rang. Helen said several choice words regarding the timing and picked up the phone. Her “Hello” was less than courteous.

“Oh, Hello.” She mouthed ‘your mother’ to me. She listened for a few seconds before saying, “All ready? At the store?” Mom must have said something else while Helen covered the hand piece and whispered to me, “Nancy’s water broke. They are on the way to the hospital. Helen listened for a moment more then said, “Okay, we’ll bring her bag. We should be coming in about thirty minutes.”

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