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Daughter-in-law Wants a Baby

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Chapter 4

Drama Sex Story: Chapter 4 - His daughter in law comes to him crying. His son seems unable to get her pregnant. Can he help her? Should he help her?

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Fiction   Incest   Mother   Son   Brother   Sister   InLaws   Oral Sex   Pregnancy  

After my sisters had left for Italy I hung around their house for a couple more weeks working with the new guys we had hired. I could use the rest. The last few months had been hectic. It’s a guys fantasy to have several girls around for sex any time they want, the reality can be draining; in more ways than one. The twins had actually buckled down and started studying more because they could pop into my bedroom any time they wanted to work off some tension or just for pleasure.

Initially I had felt guilty about fucking Lindsey; she had been asleep, and I was really careful not to wake her, so she really never knew it happened. But then over the next few days she began coming on to me, taking my hand and pulling me into her bedroom at night, or, if the twins got to me first she would slip into my bedroom after they were finished and had left.

But now they were going to be gone for months in Italy. Nancy will have had the baby and should have recovered during that time. Hopefully our sex life will have returned to normal by then.

I knew it was time to go back home. Our new employees were ready to work alone so I didn’t have any excuse to delay me. If I wasn’t getting any sex here I could just as easily go home and not get any sex there. The plus side would be spending time with my wife and daughter, the down side was my mother-in-law was there and the sight of her every day would remind me why I was not getting any at home.

Once home I was more irritated with my mother-in-law than I had anticipated. She had moved in a month ago while I was with my sisters. The excuse was to help with the baby while I was gone. I suspected it was to ensure we had no sex life. She had this crazy notion that you were not supposed to have sex while you were pregnant. Nancy could not stand up to her mother so that meant we had no sex life. Plus in the time she had been here she appropriated my favorite chair. Nancy should deliver in two months; another month or two to help around the house and then I should be able to shoo Helen out the door.

I was roused from a sound sleep when Nancy got up out of bed early one morning. The sun was up but I was used to sleeping later in the morning now. As she walked across the room towards the bathroom the light from the window turned her nightgown into see-through gauze. I looked up the length of her slender legs, remembering how they felt spread beneath me. Then my gaze lifted to her swollen stomach; my baby growing inside of her.

She turned on the bathroom light as she walked in but did not completely shut the door. Through the space I could see her as she lifted the nightgown over her head. Her breasts were larger than normal, fuller: her erect nipples sticking out. She took each breast in a hand and rubbed them like she had an itch. My cock gave a twitch and began to get hard.

I rose up on one arm and called out to her, “I could do that for you.” I motioned with a finger for her to come back to me.

Nancy reached out for the door, “You know better than that, Mom’s in the next room.” She started to close the door and paused, “I’m going out. There’s a new maternity store that opened in the mall and they are having a great sale. I want to check it out before all the good stuff is gone.” With that she closed the door.

When I heard the shower begin I knew any remote chance was now gone. I reached down and began slowly stroking my erection. I was so hard it ached. Maybe after she’s left I’ll get rid of the backlog, relieve some tension, maybe that will help.

After about forty-five minutes I could hear the signs that she was finished. She turned the light off and came out. I let go of my cock but my erection was causing quite a tent under the covers. She walked over to me to give me a kiss goodbye. When she reached the edge of the bed I lifted the cover off me, exposing my hard-on to her.

She gave a little laugh, “You seem to have a little problem.” She reached down to grab me and gave me a few slow strokes. “Well, perhaps not so little.”

As she started to rise after giving me a kiss I suggested, “Maybe a kiss somewhere else might help my problem.”

Nancy sat on the edge of the bed while continuing the slow stroking. “Come on. You know how Mom is.”

I hoped I was not letting the anger I was feeling towards her mother show, “We have not had sex in what, seven months? And then after you have the baby it’s going to be months before you will be able. You know there is nothing wrong with having sex when you are pregnant. People do it all the time.”

“Those people don’t have her as their mother.”

I didn’t say anything; I guess I had a look on my face somewhere between the anger and the ‘sorry for myself’ emotions that were running through me at the moment. I just looked back at her.

She continued slowly stroking me for another few seconds and then looked down at what was in her hand. She turned back to me and said, “Well, maybe I have a few minutes.” She got off the bed and kneeled down on the floor. Our bed is a bit low so her head was at the perfect height. I couldn’t believe she was actually going to do this. We had not had oral sex since we first got married. That was entirely my fault though. She was eager but I had a phobia from an earlier toothy experience. Fortunately my mother had got me over it.

Nancy’s hand tilted my cock towards her as she slowly moved her mouth closer to the head of my cock. She stopped stroking me and moved her hand down to the base, cupping my balls. She leaned forward a bit closer, looked up at me and then back at the head of my cock. I lifted my hips, trying to get her to take me in her mouth but as he got closer to her lips she just moved her head back a bit. The frustration was building in me. She’s just teasing me. She’s going to get up any second and just leave. I was preparing myself for that when she leaned forward and gave the head of my cock a little kiss. She turned to look at me, “There, is your boo-boo all better now?”

I groaned in frustration and was about to let my head fall back on the pillow when I saw her smile, open her mouth, and then I watched as the head of my cock, plus an inch or two disappear in her mouth. She ran her tongue up the bottom of my shaft and then around the head several times. She quickly pulled her head away and said, “Just for a few minutes. I have to leave soon.”

I nodded my head in agreement. I would have agreed if she had said “when I’m done I’m going to cut this off and take it with me.” I don’t think I was even listening to what she said. I just wanted her to continue.

She took me back in her mouth and began bobbing her head up and down on me. Every so often she would pull me out of her mouth and lick me up and down my shaft; from my balls up to the head. Each time she pulled her mouth away I was afraid my time had run out but she would just take me in her mouth again and suck on me for a while and then begin bobbing up and down. I reached down and pulled her hand away from the base of my cock. I wanted to feel just the sensation of her mouth on me; sucking me, licking me, her tongue swirling around the head of my cock.

The couple of minutes became five, and then ten. It felt so good I began lifting my hips to get deeper in her mouth as it bobbed up and down on me. My balls began getting that tingling feeling. I was about to cum. “Honey, I’m going to cum.” I thought I should at least warn her in case she did not want me cuming in her mouth. She never hesitated, if anything she began going even faster. I lifted my hips up off the bed, here it comes.

“Nancy, do you want to wait a few minutes and I’ll go with you?”

I looked up and there was Nancy’s mother, walking into the room in her robe. I had not even heard the door open. She was picking something off one arm and had not looked up to see us yet. Nancy turned a bit to the side to look, my cock still in her mouth. My sperm must have ran and hid at the sound of Helen’s voice. I certainly was not cuming now.

Nancy’s mother looked up just as Nancy began to pull her mouth away from my cock. “What are you doing?” The shock on her face was apparent.

Nancy jumped up from her knees, muttered, “Sorry I have to go,” and quickly ran past her mother out of the room. I got up and followed her to the door, my erection swinging back and forth as I walked, but I was too late. I could hear the front door close as I got to the bedroom doorway. Helen had stepped aside as I walked by so when I turned she was now behind me, between the bed and me. I was in a rage. I felt like one of the cartoon characters with steam coming out of their ears. How could she but into our lives like this? What we did was between the two of us.

I took a step towards her. I don’t know what I was thinking; my hands were balled up into fists at my side. I was naked in front of her but didn’t even think about it. I was trying to think of something that could get us free from her.

Nancy took a step backwards. “I’m sorry. I’m used to it just being Nancy and I. I forgot you are home.

I took another step forward and she backed up some more. I felt like slapping her. I wanted her to feel some pain. She looked down and I saw her mouth open and her face turned red. I looked down. My erection had not gone away and it was pointed at her, swinging side to side as I took another step towards her. Helen inched backwards until her legs were just inches from the foot of the bed.

She covered her mouth with a hand, “I’m sorry. I should go now.”

She looked down at my cock again and then quickly looked back up. I looked down and noticed the head of my cock and several inches of my shaft glistening from what had to be Nancy’s saliva and lubricant from me. She had to notice too. I don’t know what was in my mind as I took one more step forward. We were just inches apart now. She started to take a step back but as she lifted one foot her leg hit the bed she lost her balance and began to fall backwards onto the bed. She waved her arms around trying to stay up. I reached out to help but only got the belt of her robe as she fell backwards onto the bed.

As she fell the robe came untied and fell to the side of her. She was completely naked under the robe. She lay there for a moment while I looked from her breasts down to her curly pubic hair. Her legs were slightly spread and I could see the lips of her pussy. She frantically tried to pull the robe back around her but I reached out and pulled the sides from her hands and spread them out again.

I don’t know what I was thinking. She had caused such a strain between Nancy and I that I just wanted to return some of it. I certainly did not plan what was going to happen.

I always knew that Nancy’s mother was good looking. She was pretty and had a nice figure for an older woman. Now I knew for certain. Gravity had taken some toll on her breasts, plus a lot of breastfeeding, but she still looked great. I moved up to the edge of the bed, still holding the sides of her robe open.

“Please Todd, don’t. Just let me leave.”

I just stood there looking at her. She began kicking with her feet against the bed, trying to move farther away from me. Her feet just slid on her robe without her moving. It took her a moment to realize that she was caught in her robe, preventing her from moving. She gave a shrug of the shoulders and slipped out. She began kicking again and now was able to begin moving up the bed, her breasts bobbing up and down.

She had moved just a couple of feet when I reached out and grabbed her ankles. She kicked, trying to get loose but I held on and pulled her back towards me. As she slid down the bed towards me I began spreading her legs apart. I had not even given it a thought until she said ‘don’t’. Then the thought began to crystallize in my mind. If she does not want Nancy and I to have sex she can just take her place.

“No Todd, don’t. I’m Nancy’s mother.” Her voice sounded frantic, scared. She was pushing at the bed trying to move away from me but I still had her ankles in my hands, holding them spread apart. I let go and quickly moved up on the bed, putting my knees between her thighs before she could close her legs.

“No Todd. Please don’t. This isn’t right.”

I put my hands above her shoulders so she could not move up and began drawing my hips back, my cock dragging on her stomach. She must have felt it and looked down between us. She let out a drawn out ‘nooooo’ and reached down with one hand trying to push my cock away as it began moving across her pubic hair. I got back to my knees and grabbed one of her wrists in each hand. I let myself fall forward, spreading her arms out spread-eagle on the bed until I was once more above her with my cock lying on her stomach.

As I pulled my hips down she began to squirm under me until my cock passed through her pubic hair once more and then down past her pubic bone. She began to get frantic, repeating ‘please don’t’ over and over. To keep her still I lowered my weight down on her, paused for a moment, I wanted her to anticipate this, feel something of the frustration she had caused me, and then I thrust up into her. She let out a gasp and arched her back for several seconds before flattening back out on the bed under my weight. It felt so good inside of her. Her struggling against me only added to the sensation.

I pushed again, wanting to get deeper but I felt blocked and she cried out in pain. “No, it hurts. Please get out of me.” For a moment I had the crazy thought she was a virgin then I realized she was just dry. I pulled my cock back an inch or so and gave her several short shallow strokes trying to spread some of the pre-cum coming out of me. I thrust into her again and was rewarded by sliding in deeper; almost there.

Helen dug her feet in and bucked up against me hard, still trying to get me off of her. Her struggles felt good. The effort was in vain but it gave me an idea. I let go of her wrists and sat up on my knees. The movement caused me to slide out of her and she gave a sigh of relief; that too was in vain.

Her legs were splayed out to each side. I began digging at her thighs with my knees, trying to get under them. When I succeeded in getting under them, forcing her legs up in the air, I moved forward a few inches so my legs would hers up and spread apart. I looked down. My cock was pointing up in the air right in front of her pussy. I reached down and took myself in my hand and pushed my cock down until I was positioned right at her entrance. I leaned forward and watched as the head of my cock slowly disappeared back into her.

She cried out, “Not again.” But now she was in a position where she couldn’t even squirm to try and get away. “Why don’t you say anything? Please don’t do this. I’m your mother-in-law.” I didn’t have anything to say. She was where I wanted her. Talking wasn’t going to change that.

I looked down; about half of my cock was inside of her. This time it had gone in smoothly. When I looked up she had closed her eyes and was just lying there; her arms still spread out above her head where I had left them. She had nice breasts, not as nice as Nancy’s but then Nancy had not had as many babies sucking on them.

Her nipples were erect. She was not enjoying the fucking but her body still reacted, just the same. I leaned down to her and took a nipple in my mouth, sucking on it and then running my tongue back and forth over it. I realized Nancy and I had something new in common; we had both been inside of her mother’s pussy and we had both sucked on her nipples.

After giving both breasts some attention I put my hands on the top of her shoulders to keep her from sliding up and then thrust hard into her. It was a smooth stroke, no resistance at all. I bottomed out in her. I could feel the heat of her body from the head of my cock to the base of my shaft. Holding her shoulders I pulled back and rammed back into her again, and again; each time she let out a little gasp but did not say anything.

I could feel I was not going to last much longer. Nancy sucking on my cock and then this had me near the brink. I let go of her shoulders and lowered myself onto her. As I began thrusting into her I could feel her legs flopping around as my thighs hit against hers; her feet occasionally bounce against my butt. Each time I rammed into her I could hear the air come out of her with a little ‘unh’ and the slap of my body against hers.

With a loud grunt I pushed into her hard and held it. Then that sense of heat and tingle spread from my balls down to my toes and up to my scalp as I erupted in her. It felt like I had months of sperm backed up in me as stream after stream left me to pool deep in her pussy. With each burst I pushed my cock deep in her until finally I was reduced to just a twitch or two against her.

I lay there for several moments, my weight still spread across her body, waiting for my breathing to return to normal. I could feel a rivulet of sweat running across my face before falling onto her neck.

Just before cuming I had slipped my hands under her butt to hold her tight to me as I exploded inside of her. Now I pulled them out so I could put part of my weight on my elbows. I turned my head towards the nightstand and saw the clock. I was startled, only a few minutes had gone by. It seemed like we, or rather, I, had been at it for a half hour.

I took a couple of deep breaths. I could feel myself begin to soften, pulling out of her ever so slightly. My initial anger was now gradually being replaced with guilt; I had just raped my mother-in-law.

I lifted one leg and moved it from between hers to the outside of her leg and then rolled off of her onto my back. For several minutes now she had not said a thing. I began to worry about the consequences. I had raped her. Was she going to tell Nancy, the police? I had moved from overwhelming anger, to guilt and now to fear.

Helen lay there with her face turned away from me. Still without a word she sat up, swung her legs around to the edge of the bed, sat there just a few seconds and then stood up somewhat unsteadily. She looked back at the bed just for a moment, picked up her robe and pulled it to cover her breasts before turning away; still without a glance at me. I looked down her body from her shoulders, past her trim waist to her slender legs. In spite of having several children she had maintained a good figure; not thickening like many women her age.

The top of the bed was low enough that I was looking up slightly at her butt. I glanced at the space between her thighs and saw a bead of white liquid building on the lips of her pussy. I was entranced, enough liquid had built up that it began to lengthen, an inch, then two. She moved slightly and it swayed back and forth. Just as it was about to reach her inner thigh she pulled the robe around her body blocking my view and then slowly walked out of the room.

I wondered if I should follow her and apologize. ‘Mom, I’m sorry I fucked you. Please don’t tell anyone; especially Nancy’. Yes, that will go over well. Well, it’s my fault. I will just have to face the music. That thought lasted about thirty seconds. The mind is a mysterious thing; I began to rationalize. By the time I was in the shower I was thinking why should I apologize? It’s her fault after all. She should have stayed out of our sex life. If she wasn’t here none of this would have happened. And even if she just lay there, she probably enjoyed it too. I know, guys are so stupid.

By the time I was out of the shower and dressed I was past that phase and back to worrying; what’s going to happen when Nancy gets home? Helen’s bedroom door was closed but I could hear her inside playing with our daughter. At least she was not on the phone to the police. I went into the den and began working on some presentation material.

I went into the den and began working on a new seminar. Every few minutes I found myself staring off into space, worrying about what was going to happen when Nancy got home. Helen was still in her room. I would feel better if she came out and screamed at me. At least then I’d have an idea of what was going to happen.

After a couple of hours I was finally distracted enough from my thoughts to make some actual progress with my work. I had just finished a draft of a new chapter when I heard the garage door motor start; Nancy’s home. I looked at the clock; she had done some serious shopping, it was just after 5 O’clock.

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