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Daughter-in-law Wants a Baby

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Chapter 3

Drama Sex Story: Chapter 3 - His daughter in law comes to him crying. His son seems unable to get her pregnant. Can he help her? Should he help her?

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Fiction   Incest   Mother   Son   Brother   Sister   InLaws   Oral Sex   Pregnancy  

It’s around 10AM and I’m sitting at the desk in my room at my sister’s house staring at the screen of my laptop, trying to concentrate on the syllabus of a seminar I’ll begin teaching in two weeks. A couple of years ago my mother had started a business giving seminars and I began working with her right out of college. We have done pretty well and are beginning a new seminar series at the college my sisters attended. It will keep me here for the next several months until we have two new employees trained to take over from me.

Normally I would be at home or on the road in a hotel working on this but since the college is the same one my sisters go to I’m staying with them. When all three girls decided to attend the same school my parents bought a nice four bedroom home for them to live in while at school. The idea was it would be a safe environment and a nice investment that they would live in while going to school and then the house would be sold for a profit when they graduated.

It also gives me a chance to get to know my sisters better. I had been away at college for several years while they were in high school and then I had been pretty much on the road since I began working with mom.

It was quiet in the house; my sisters were out somewhere so it was a good time to work. I tapped out a few words on the keyboard but my head was not in it. I kept thinking of my wife at home. She was four months pregnant and barely showing but it might as well be nine months for all the good it would do. My mother-in-law was a real control freak. She believed that once you were pregnant there was no sex until around six months after you delivered. Since I was now out of town so much she had moved in with Nancy, my wife, to give her a hand with our toddler and help Nancy around the house. When I was home there was no chance we could have sex no matter how much I begged. “She’ll know,” my wife insisted. “I can’t lie to her if she asks.”

Over the last six months this would not have mattered. On one of our seminar road trips my mother and I had started a sexual relationship. It just happened one night after we left a bar. As it turned out she was frustrated with my father and I was feeling the same way with my wife; neither of us was ‘getting any’. Over the next several months we went at it like randy goats. But that all changed a month ago when both Nancy and mom announced they were pregnant. A week later mom told me we needed to stop. She said that she and dad were getting closer again since she got pregnant and she did not want to risk ruining it.

So here I am, pecking at a keyboard when I really wanted to be pecking at something else. I was relieved when the phone rang. I hit “save” and picked up the phone, “Hello.”

“Hi Todd. How’s my favorite son?”

It was mom. I had an image of her lying on the bed naked, her legs spread, waiting for me, her nipples erect, begging to be sucked on: A frequent occurrence when we were on the road. “Long-time-no-hear. What are you up to?” I asked.

I heard her shuffle some papers and her voice was distant, as though she was talking away from the phone, “I have the supporting text all worked out and printed for your seminar. I’ll FedEx it to you tomorrow.”

“You could always drop by and give it to me and perhaps I could give it to you.” I hoped I was not begging too much.

“I would like to but I don’t think that is such a good idea right now. I think my husband might object.”

That sounded a bit promising, no definite ‘No’ and ‘she would like to, but’. It sounded like there was a possibility. I decided to press, “Your husband doesn’t need to know.”

“Oh Honey, you know it’s not a good idea.”

“Why don’t you drive over? We’ll get a hotel room. Then when I’m inside of you we’ll decide if it’s a good idea or not.”

“I don’t know. I miss you too but I’m trying to be good.”

I could hear the possibilities in her voice. She wanted to but I needed to talk her into it. “You were always good. Now imagine yourself sitting on top of me, me deep inside of you, you rocking yourself to orgasm.”

“That sounds nice but...” and her voice trailed off.

“Listen, why don’t you come over tonight, check into the Shilo by the school and we’ll talk about it.

“I’ll think about it. If I do come over I’ll call you.”

Things were looking up. It looks like Todd is getting lucky tonight. I went back to my work with a renewed focus.

What Todd was not aware of at the time is that Lindsey, his youngest sister, had returned home and was walking past his bedroom door when the conversation on the phone started. She didn’t mean to listen in but the obvious sexual references got her attention. When the call was finished she scooted down the hall to her room and quietly closed the door behind her. She tried to study to pass the time until her sisters came home. They needed to talk about this.

Studying frequently makes me tired and I must have dozed off. I woke to the sound of my sisters bouncing through the house. I heard them as they said hello to Todd and then made their way to their bedroom. There was room in the house for each of them to have a bedroom but I guess twins like to be together. Sometimes I wondered what it would be like to have someone so close, perhaps even closer than a husband. I have no boyfriend right now so I guess relationships are on my mind.

When the twins got to their room I went in to join them. I found them pulling clothes out of bags. They had obviously been out shopping. They put a couple of sweaters aside and then Janine pulled out a nightgown and held it up against her for me to see. “Isn’t this nice?”

I didn’t know what to say. It was virtually see-through. Then Janelle piped in, “I have one too.” She held it up against her chest. I could see the pattern of her t-shirt through it with no problem.

“I hope you didn’t spend more than a couple of dollars for those. There can’t be more than a dollars worth of material in them.”

Janelle smiled at Janine, “I just wish we had someone to wear them for.”

The twins had guys chasing them all the time. I guess this was one of those dry times. I knew it would not last long. I wish I had half the action they did. I know I’m good looking, and have a pretty good body, maybe not as good as the twins, but still better than average.

Janine interrupted my thoughts, “What about Robbie? He’d probably lose a load in his pants if he saw you in that.”

Janelle lay the teddy down on the bed, “I’m not seeing him any more. He was getting too serious. I just want someone to have fun with.”

Janine looked at her and then smiled at me, “You mean someone to just fuck.”

“Well, yes. But Robbie was all over me with ‘I love you’, ‘let’s get married’. I’m not ready for that. After a couple of weeks I’m ready for someone new.”

I wanted to talk to them about Todd but was not sure how to begin. Was it any of our business? Should we butt in? What could we do anyway?

Janine sat back against the headboard, the teddy on her lap. “Hey sis, why the frown?”

I looked up to see the two of them looking at me. “I came home earlier and heard part of a conversation Todd was having with someone on the phone.” I hesitated, still not sure of what we should, or could, do.

The twins chimed in together, “And?”

It was a bit disconcerting when they did that. “He was talking to a girl on the phone and was trying to get her to come over here and have sex with him. She is going to come over here tonight and they are going to meet at a hotel.”

The twins giggled and looked at each other. Janelle started, “Our big brother is going to...” and Janine finished “get a little.”

I was surprised; they seemed okay with him screwing around on Nancy. “What about his wife?” I asked. “We all really like her. What if she finds out and they get divorced?”

Janine and Janelle looked at each other. Janine spoke first, “She’s right, we do like Nancy plus they have a kid and another on the way. It would be terrible if they broke up.”

Janelle thought for a moment, “I can understand his frustration. I hear her mother has cut off his sex life.”

That was a surprise to me. “What do you mean?”

“Her mother had miscarriage years ago and the doctor told her it was because she had sex while she was pregnant.”

“How do you know?”

“Mom told me the story a while back.”

I went over to the bed and sat facing the twins, “That’s just stupid. You can have sex when you are pregnant. Everyone knows that.”

“Well apparently her mother doesn’t.” Janelle gave me a mischievous grin; “From what I could gather from comments from Mom and Nancy, Todd is not taking it very well.”

I had my opening, “That’s what I wanted to talk to you two about. This girl on the telephone he was talking to; it sounded like an old girlfriend. I think they are meeting at the hotel by the school tonight. And even worse, she’s married too.”

Janine laughed, “Well Todd, you old dog.”

I was surprised. She sounded like she approved. “This isn’t good. What if Nancy finds out? This could ruin their marriage. We need to do something.”

Janelle turned to Janine, “She’s right. We all like Nancy and there are the kids to consider too. You remember when my Psych professor and I were seeing each other. After a month he wanted to leave his family and marry me. Like that was ever going to happen.”

Janine poked Janelle in the side; “You mean you were fucking him for a month.”

They seemed to be drifting from the point. “But that doesn’t help us with Todd” I said.

“You’re right,” said Janine. “I think I know just what will work for him.”

I was glad she had an idea what to say to him, I did not have a clue. “What are you going to say to convince him it isn’t a good idea?”

Janine got off the bed and went over to her dresser and opened a drawer. “I’m not planning on saying much of anything.” She pulled out a sheer teddy and held it up in front of her. “I think this will do all the talking necessary.”

Janelle got up and went over and pulled another teddy out. “I think I know what you are planning.”

Well I sure didn’t. “What are you too talking about?”

“Todd’s suffering from some frustration; a backup in the system so-to-speak.” Janine took off her t-shirt and pulled the teddy over her head. “I think these will help clear his pipes.”

They were both taking off their shorts and panties, which gave me a clearer picture of what they were planning. “That’s not going to help him; it will just frustrate him more if you are going to parade around in front of him.” I admit it; I’m a bit slow.

“We aren’t going to ‘parade around in front of him’, we are going to help him get off, relieve that backup. Now you need to change into something a little sexier than the usual big t-shirt you wear at night.”

She pulled out another teddy and tossed it to me. I could feel my face get warm; it wasn’t quite as sheer as theirs but it was certainly still see-through. “I can’t wear this. He’s our brother.”

“That’s right. He’s our brother. You are the one asking ‘Isn’t his marriage worth it’?” She motioned to the teddy in my hands. “And besides, he’s seen tits before. He just isn’t seeing any now.”

“Well, he hasn’t seen mine.”

The girls had now changed into the teddies. They were really short. Any bending at all and I could see right up to their crotch.

Janine and Janelle came up in front of me. “It’s just going to be a little show for Todd. We’ll jerk him off. You don’t have to. But you should be there dressed like us or it will put a damper on the whole thing and then it will all be for nothing.” She gave me that little pout when she really wanted her way, “Isn’t Todd worth it?”

“Okay, but I’m wearing panties with these.” No one objected and I found a pair that went with the teddy. I put on the panties and teddy and looked at myself in the mirror. Well they were right, we did look very sexy. I could see my breasts and nipples right through the material. Maybe if I stayed in back ... kept my hands up?

Janine and Janelle started for the door. “Let’s go.”

I still wasn’t ready. “Aren’t we going to talk about it?”

“What’s there to talk about? Let’s go do it.”

“Right now? But, what are we going to do?” I was still hoping for some kind of reasoning with him.

“We already said what we are going to do.” And with that the twins were out the door. They seemed awfully eager. They were whispering and giggling as we walked down the hall. When we got to Todd’s bedroom door Janine was in front. I expected her to knock on the door but she just opened the door and we walked in. Todd was standing by the bed in his boxers reaching for a shirt. That was a surprise: He was buff. I mean, he’s my brother, I had never really thought of him that way but he had a pretty good body, that is, for a brother.

Todd turned to face us, “What are you girls doing? Don’t knock any more?” Then he must have got a good look as the twins continued walking right up to him. As I watched him his mouth opened but he didn’t say anything. His eyes were fixed upon the twin’s chests, looking at one and then the other. I stayed partially blocked from view behind them.

The twins had to have planned what happened next because it was just too smooth. They walked up on either side of him without saying a word. They each put a hand on his chest and pushed. When he fell backwards onto the bed they climbed right up on each side of him, almost hovering above him. I walked up and stood by his feet, not sure what I should do now.

“What are you girls doing? You need to put some clothes on.”

Todd reached up to push Janine, who was closest to the edge of the bed, away so he could get up but all he could find to push on was her chest. He quickly pulled his hand away. “Sorry.”

“That’s okay. Nothing to be sorry about.” Janine began pushing at his legs trying to get them up on the bed while Janelle began pulling from the other side. “Come on, make room for Lindsay. She wants to sit up here. We have something we need to talk about.”

Todd moved his legs up onto the bed and tried protesting again, “You girls really need to put some clothes on.”

I could see his heart wasn’t in it. I glanced down and saw that I could actually see up one leg of Todd’s boxers. From this angle I could see his balls and part of his penis. My sisters made fun of me all the time about penis versus cock. They were always going around talking about some guys dick-this or cock-that and I always said penis; well, almost always. Whenever I was in a fairly serious relationship and we were having sex I did think of it as a cock; but this was my brother, he had a penis.

Todd was getting a bit desperate, “What are you girls doing? You need to stop and let me up?”

Janelle ran a hand up his thigh, over his boxers, to his hip. “Lindsay heard you on the phone earlier. We don’t think that is right. You can’t cheat on Nancy. You have a wife and family to think about.”

Todd lifted his head up off the bed and looked around Janine to me, “You heard whom I was talking to?”

I answered, “Well no, I didn’t hear who it was but I heard what you were talking about and we don’t think that’s right. You are married, and it sounds like she is also.”

Todd’s head dropped back onto the bed. He appeared relieved.

Janelle continued, “We don’t think you should be going around fucking old girlfriends now that you are married. Do you want to lose your wife and kids?”

Todd looked back and forth at the twins and me, “It’s not what you think.” But he didn’t sound very convincing and I think he knew it. “I don’t know what to do. Nancy and I have not had sex in months. Her mother has some weird idea that Nancy can’t have sex when she is pregnant so she just says no to me.” He shrugged, “What else can I do? I’m getting to know my hand too well.”

Janine bent down and slowly moved her breast across his face. I could see her nipple through the fabric as it slid over his lips. I glanced down at his boxers again. What can I say, I was a bit curious. His shaft seemed a bit longer than before. Then I saw it twitch and it stood up a bit straighter. Brother might be protesting but he does like this.

Janelle’s hand moved and it drew my attention. As I watched she moved a couple of fingers under his waistband. “We aren’t going to let you ruin your marriage. Maybe someone else’s hand will provide some relief with that backup of sperm you appear to be suffering from.” As I watched her whole hand slowly disappeared into his boxers and then through the opening by his leg I saw her fingers wrap around his penis.

Todd jerked up, “We can’t do this. You are my sisters.”

Janine moved one leg over Todd’s body, straddling him. As she lifted her leg Todd finally noticed she was not wearing panties. “No, really, this isn’t a good idea.”

Janine sat up and pulled her teddy up over her head and tossed it onto the floor. “Now what part of this isn’t a good idea?” She leaned forward, putting her hands on either side of Todd’s head, lowering her breasts until a nipple was once again against his lips. “Was it this part?” She moved from side to side, dragging her nipple across his lips. As I watched, his mouth opened and her nipple disappeared in his mouth. Then a moment later his mouth opened wider and he took her entire areole in his mouth. I could see his mouth move and I knew he was using his tongue on her nipple.

Janelle pulled her hand from Todd’s boxers, grabbed one side of his waistband and motioned for me to grab the other. We started pulling his boxers down and they caught on his penis. Janelle stuck her hand in, pushed his penis out of the way and then we pulled the boxers off him.

I sat there and watched as Janelle took his penis in her hand and began stroking him up and down. I could hear small groaning sounds from him and from someone else. I looked up between his body and Janine’s. She was hovering above him on her hands and knees. The other sounds I heard were coming from Janine; Todd had moved his mouth to her other breast and had the first one in his hand.

I felt Todd’s hips move and looked back down. His hips were moving up slightly each time Janelle stroked down on him. Janelle pushed his penis towards me. She wanted me to take it from her. I took it from her with two fingers. She started to move her hand away, saw how I was holding him and then reached back and pushed my hand so that it wrapped around his penis.

She asked, “You do know how to do this don’t you?” I nodded. Of course I did. What girl hadn’t jacked off her boyfriend at some point? I had my hand at the top but he was so big there was room for another hand below mine. I realized he’s a lot bigger than the boyfriends I had been with. But then, were they just small and Todd’s normal, or is Todd big?

I began stroking him up and down and it took just a few strokes before I could feel his hips moving with me. Janelle reached up to Janine’s butt and pushed her down until she was lying on Todd. She caressed the inside of one of Janine’s thighs; just above where it was pressed against Todd. She slowly worked her way up toward Janine’s pussy but didn’t touch it, just moved her fingers around it in a circle. Janine moaned and pushed back against Janelle’s hand, pulling her breast from Todd’s mouth.

I wasn’t surprised by their touching; I knew they did it on occasion. I had even joined them a couple of times after a particularly frustrating date. While I continued stroking Todd, Janelle began rubbing the lips of her pussy with one finger; lightly brushing her and then she slid one finger in. Janine moaned and pushed back against her hand again. When Janelle pulled her finger out I could see it was wet.

Janelle pulled her hand away and reached over and took Todd’s cock from me. She motioned for me to continue with Janine. I was hesitant; this was way more than I thought we were going to do but I reached up and continued lightly rubbing her.

I thought Janelle was going to take over jacking Todd off but she completely surprised me. She pulled his penis over towards her and then lowered her head it looked like she was going to swallow him whole; his penis just disappeared in her mouth. Todd let out another groan and his hips lifted up off the bed.

“What are you doing?” I whispered to her. “We were just going to jack him off.”

Janelle pulled him out and said, “What difference does it make? Either way he cums.”

“It makes a big difference. He’s our brother.” I had stopped rubbing Janine when Janelle tried to swallow Todd and now she was rubbing back against my hand trying to get me moving again. The direction everything was going in was beginning to really bother me so I pulled my hand away from her entirely.

Janine lifted her head from Todd’s chest and tried to look around at us, “Come on, don’t stop.” Todd took advantage of the move to reach up and take both of her breasts in his hands and pull one of them to his mouth.

When I looked back at Janelle I saw she had pulled Todd’s penis from her mouth. Good, maybe she is getting some sense. But instead of just jacking him off she guided Todd’s penis up between Janine’s thighs and began rubbing her pussy with the smooth purple head of his penis. Every couple of passes Janelle would push him a bit harder at Janine’s pussy and the head of his cock would push her lips aside and he would slide an inch or so inside of her. ‘This is so wrong’ I thought.

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