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Daughter-in-law Wants a Baby

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Chapter 2

Drama Sex Story: Chapter 2 - His daughter in law comes to him crying. His son seems unable to get her pregnant. Can he help her? Should he help her?

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Fiction   Incest   Mother   Son   Brother   Sister   InLaws   Oral Sex   Pregnancy  

As I pulled in the driveway I was about to hit the button to raise the garage door when I remembered Nancy was most likely parked there. My daughter-in-law had been staying at our house whenever her husband, my son Todd, and I went out on our seminar tours. A rape and burglary had taken place a few doors down from their house last year and she was still nervous to stay home alone when Todd went out for an extended period.

I parked in the driveway, turned off the engine and just sat back. I needed to go inside and talk to my husband but I was not ready for the talk yet. He was not expecting me for another week so there was no hurry. Frankly I was not looking forward to it. There was going to be a lot of anger. I didn’t know if my marriage could withstand it.

I looked around the neighbourhood. Except for one house all the lights were off. That house belonged to the busybody of the neighbourhood. She was most likely sitting by the window, wondering why I had not gone in yet. She probably was also wondering what I was doing here in the first place at 1 in the morning. I had started driving as soon as the seminar finished for the day. Todd stayed behind and I drove alone. Fortunately it was Friday so I had the weekend to recover and not too long a drive.

And so I sat thinking. So much had happened in this last year. It’s hard to believe it has been a year. It was all so easy in the beginning. How did things get were they are now?

A year ago Todd and I were giving a seminar at the one of the state university campuses? We were teaching business management techniques to the university professors. It had been a long week. Half the professors thought the class was useless, had no practical application to what they did and the other half thought it was great.

It was Friday afternoon, the end of a long week and we, my son and I, would be staying the weekend and working with another group of professors the following week before we would have a chance to go home and relax for a few days.

The room had finally cleared out, it’s amazing how many questions some of these teachers can come up with, when my son came up to my side. He is such a handsome boy, correct that, young man. I shouldn’t be calling guy 6’ 2” a boy anyway. Several of the younger female professors had hit on him the past week, a couple of the older ones also.

“Hey mom, how about we grab a bite and I’ll take you out for a drink. There is a bar right around the corner from our hotel that a lot of the kids go to. They have a band. If you are good I’ll spin you around on the dance floor.”

I thought about it, it was enticing, “I don’t know honey. You showing up with an older lady, one old enough to be your mother,” I said with a laugh, “that’s going to cut out any action for you.”

Todd actually blushed. “Oh Mom. You’ll fit in fine. You look like you would be one of these girls’, he paused and smiled, “older sister.” Then the smile was replaced with a blank look, “I don’t need any action here. I would just like to have more at home.”

I started to ask what he meant but decided to keep ‘mother’ out of it when he quickly began putting papers away in his briefcase. Maybe I should go out for a drink later. He might open up without my prying. “Okay, you talked me into it, but I think I’ll pass on the dancing.”

We had a light dinner that evening and walked over to the bar. It was definitely popular with the University crowd. A band was playing and a small dance floor was full. I wasn’t too out of place. There were quite a few people around my age there. The older men were probably there to hit on the college girls. I recognized many of them as professors at the University: again, they were probably there to hit on the University girls.

Todd and I found a spot to sit and over the course of a few drinks we enjoyed the music, the band was actually pretty good, and watched the dancing. I think both of us were feeling a bit lonely and not ready to go back to empty hotel rooms so we nursed our drinks and watched the action, listened to music. We talked off and on. It finally came out that he and Nancy had been barely having sex the entire past year and he was getting frustrated. I thought ‘welcome to my world’. I was used to getting it on a regular basis when I was home but for the last year my husband seemed disinterested. I tried to explain to Todd about a woman having less of a sex drive after having a baby and that it would get better but he had already heard it.

“Mom, this started before the baby came. It was even before she got pregnant. We had been trying so hard for a couple of years and then in the course of a month we went from constantly to once or twice a month. I tried to talk to her about it but she didn’t want to talk about it. She just said things would get better. And now it’s been a few months and she is talking about getting pregnant again but I don’t know how that’s going to happen”.
He took a long drink, finishing it and added, “You have to have sex to get pregnant.”

“Give her some time. Having a new baby is a lot of work and if she wants another she knows the two of you will have to, uh, get together more often.”

Todd just nodded and ordered a couple more drinks for us and then fell silent.

Most of the action was not on the dance floor. It was amusing to watch the age-old game. Guys, young and old, in the mating dance: birds strutting around, fluffing their feathers, trying to attract the female while the females sit back, pretending to ignore them. I was about to lean over and ask Todd if he was ready to go back to the hotel when two young things walked up to our table. One of them asked Todd if he would like to dance with them while the other, just too good looking her own good, gave me that ‘what is this fine looking young man doing with an old lady like you’ look.

Todd looked at me, hesitated, and then looked back at the girls, “Thanks ladies, but my mom and I are just having a quick drink. We’re going to be leaving pretty soon.”

The girls quickly turned to me, and the one for whom I was beginning to develop a dislike said, “Your mother, how sweet. You don’t mind if your son dances with us for a bit do you?”

Now I really did not have a good reason to dislike her, other than the low-hip pants she was wearing, showing a lot of hip bone, and I knew she has to shave her pubic hair as it should be showing an inch or two, or the short floppy top she had on where if you leaned down one inch you were staring at the bottom of her perky tits. No, I did not have any reason to dislike her at all, but Todd was with me. He was mine for the evening. Was I getting jealous? I wasn’t sure but I knew Todd could use some fun. I turned to him and said, “Go ahead Todd. Have some fun. I still need to finish my drink.”

Before Todd could say anything the two girls pulled him out of his seat and dragged him out on the floor. Todd, always a bit self-conscious, started slowly but in less than a minute the three of them were really enjoying themselves. I thought the girls were grinding against him a bit too much.

They stayed out on the floor for a couple of numbers and then Todd went with them to their table. He motioned to me that he was going to have a drink with them. Todd sat at their table with one of the girls on each side. I watched as they talked animatedly, waiting for their drinks.

I looked around the room, bored, listening to the music and waited for Todd to finish. Now that I was alone I was antsy to leave. In one corner I noticed a table with two girls and two guys. It was one of the few tables that had a tablecloth. The two girls seemed to be arguing about something to the amusement of the guys. It was too noisy and too far away to have any idea what they were arguing about but it provided the only drama in the room. After a few minutes of arguing and pointing back and forth at each other one of the girls looked around the room and then slid down off her chair under the tablecloth. Just for a moment I wondered what she had dropped. Then it was obvious when the guy next to her got a goofy grin on his face and slouched down in his seat. Just thinking about it my face was getting hot and I was getting the beginning of that tingle between my legs.

When I looked back at Todd’s table I saw the girl, who was destined not to be my best friend, put her hand under the table on Todd’s thigh. He was saying something to the other girl and did nothing to stop the action under the table. I could feel the anger build up in me. Who did she think she was, putting a move on my guy, well my son that is, right in front of me. As I watched, waiting for Todd to do something, the girl turned towards me and saw me watching. I could swear she smiled. She moved her hand up until it had to be right on Todd’s dick and then turned back to Todd who was still talking to the other girl. And then my mind took a wild turn, I wondered what it would be like, feeling Todd’s cock get hard in my hand: getting hard because I was rubbing it. Stop it. You are just horny. Your son is not the answer. But then I thought, if he wasn’t, then maybe I didn’t understand the question.

I was just getting up when I felt a hand on my shoulder. “Cheryl.” Oh crap. It had to be the one jerk in our class. He was good looking, had charm, but knew it. I had no doubt he used it on all the girls in his classes, and probably had much success. “What a surprise to see you here. I would have guessed you went home over the weekend.” He motioned to the empty chair beside me, “May I join you?”

Unfortunately he also had clout at the University. I forced myself to smile and nodded, “Gary isn’t it? I’m going to be going in a minute, but until then.”

“No, it’s Grayson.” I saw a flash of irritation just for an instant on his face as he sat down. I knew his name but another professor had told me it was a good way to get his goat. He put his charming smile back on his face and pointed at my drink, “Can I get you another one?”

I shook my head, “I’ve several ahead of you. I’d better stop while I still can.”

I looked back at Todd. The girls were sitting right up against him now, and while the one girl was very noticeably rubbing his cock under the table, the other girl, while I was watching, took one of Todd’s hands and pulled it over and rested in on her thigh. She was wearing a very short skirt. I was surprised when Todd did not move his hand away. The girl must have expected Todd would take the hint and take it from there because after a minute she reached back under the table and pushed his hand higher, up under her skirt. Apparently she was of the impression that my son was a gynaecologist.

“Todd seems to be getting lucky.” I turned around at the words. Grayson was looking over at the table where Todd was sitting. Then I felt Grayson’s hand on my thigh; pretty high on my thigh in fact. If I wasn’t of the opinion that his pen had been dipped in just about every inkwell on campus I could have been tempted. Just watching the girls with Todd was getting me hot.

Just as his hand began moving even higher I slipped my hand under the table and sank some nails into the top of his hand. It must have hurt, I heard him suck in his breath. “You should remove that before I leave you with a bloody stump.”

Grayson quickly removed his hand. “I just thought that you might be lonely, what you being out on the road all the time, and would like some company. Why else would you be here. No disrespect intended.”

I looked around the room and back at Grayson, “I’m fine. I think you will have better success out there.”

Without another word Grayson got up with his drink, nodded to me, mumbled something that sounded like ‘frigid bitch’, and went over to another table where several girls were seated. They must have known him and made room for him to sit down.

I looked back at Todd. The one girl was still rubbing his dick like it was a rabbits foot and she needed all the luck she could get. I was surprised she did not have it out of Todd’s pants by now jerking him off. Maybe she had, it had been a while since I last looked. The only thing saving him right now might be that their table did not have a tablecloth. Though it did not look like he was asking to be saved.

The other girl now seemed to be searching for something in Todd’s ear with her tongue. Todd was just slouched back in his chair with his eyes closed and one of those goofy guy grins on his face. His eyes opened slowly and he looked up to see me, across the room, watching what was going on. He pulled his hand from under the one girls skirt and pushed the other girl’s hand away from his cock. He spoke quickly to the girls and began getting up. They were pissed. They had some time invested and it was all going to waste. But they were young and had the right tools. They would find another opportunity in a minute or so.

At Todd walked towards me I noticed he was having some difficulty walking. It took me a moment to figure out he was trying to conceal his erection. Either that or his balls were so swollen he was trying to keep them from exploding. I didn’t want to stare but I would have given odds that if I did, and the light was better, I would have seen a wet spot on his pants.

When he got to my table I stood up to meet him. Before I could say anything he said, “I’m sorry mom. It just got out of hand. Don’t tell Nancy okay? I won’t do it again. It’s just that it has been so long and the attention felt good.”

“Well I don’t think it was the attention that felt good. And no, I won’t tell Nancy. You have to be careful on these trips. Sure it would feel good to have some sex but you don’t know what you might pick up to take home to her.” And then, before I could stop myself, the words just came out, “If you are that hard up for sex you should just come to me. You know I’m in the same spot. We could help each other.” Oh, fuck. Did I say that out loud?

Todd had a stunned look on his face. He didn’t say a thing.

“Oh honey, I didn’t mean that. I’m just a bit frustrated and I’ve had way too much to drink. Let’s get out of here.” I turned and started walking to the door. Our hotel was just two blocks away. We walked side-by-side, staring straight ahead, not saying a word to each other. A couple of times I looked down, alright, I was curious. The bulge was still in his pants.

Our hotel was a suite hotel; each unit was two bedrooms separated by a living room/kitchen. We went inside, still not talking. I went straight into my bedroom and sat on the bed. What was I thinking? What is Todd thinking of me? Oh God, he’ll never speak to me again. I should go and talk to him. No, he’s probably in there jacking off thinking of those girls. What could I say anyway? Tomorrow I’ll think of something. I’ll say it was the drinks. No, if he brings it up tomorrow I’ll pretend I don’t know what he is talking about. With that impeccable logic all thought out I got ready for bed. It was summer and hot out. I did not like running the air conditioning, hotel air conditioning always makes me feel stuffy, so I pulled the covers down and got in bed naked with just a sheet on top of me.

I lay there, images of the girl rubbing Todd’s cock still going through my head. I tried to blank it out but I kept imagining the feel of his cock on the palm of my hand. Then I remembered the feel of Grayson’s hand on my thigh, now wishing it had gone higher.

Around 2 AM I had finally drifted off to sleep when something woke me. The little bit of light coming in around the drapes let me see Todd standing beside the bed near my shoulder. The window was behind him so he was in silhouette; just a dark shape. There wasn’t enough light to be sure but I sensed he was naked. It was just a little bit of shine coming off his body. The line of his shape was smooth, it had to be skin, not clothing. I didn’t say anything, just reached out to him. My fingers touched the skin at the top of his thigh and then slid up to his hipbone. His skin was hot to the touch. I slowly moved my fingers over until they moved into his pubic hair. Todd did not move. I lowered my hand and found he had a huge erection and wrapped my fingers around it. I don’t think I’ve seen my son naked since he was six or seven. I would not have imagined his cock this big. I moved my thumb around the head; it was wet, slick. His cock twitched in my hand and I responded with a squeeze.

Todd finally spoke haltingly, “Did you mean it?”

I didn’t say anything. With my other hand I took the top of the sheet and slowly pulled it off to the side, baring my body to him. I could not see his face but I knew there was enough light behind him for him to see me. As I watched, his head moved as he looked down my body. A feeling of guilt suddenly passed through me. What am I doing? This is my son. Then, just as quickly, the thought vanished. With my knees pressed together I slowly brought my feet up towards my butt, lifting my knees in the air and then spread my knees apart.

Humans are noted for rationalizing to allow them to do things they know they should not do. As I lay there, naked in front of him: waiting for him to do something I thought, I’m helping his marriage. He isn’t getting it at home and will do something out here he will regret and destroy his marriage. I’m saving him from girls like those two at the bar. Or, he’ll catch some disgusting disease and take it home. I’m actually helping. I focused on that, not the itch I wanted scratched.

He had stood there so long I was beginning to think he was going to walk away and leave me like this. I gave a little tug on his cock and Todd responded by getting up on the bed. He moved over above me, his hands outside my shoulders. I spread my legs wider as he put his knees between them. I let go of his cock and let my hands slowly move up his stomach, to his chest and finally to the top of his shoulders.

The combination of drinks, the hand on my thigh and watching the girls grope Todd had me ready. I just wanted to get fucked, and soon. But I had kind of expected Todd to be reluctant if not totally reject me; well I wasn’t totally prepared for the rejection but I did expect to have to coax him along. After all I’m his mother. What young man would want to fuck his mother when all these young women are all over him?

I was very, very wrong. Once Todd’s legs were between mine he lowered his body until it was just barely touching mine: his chest brushing my nipples. They were so hard it was almost painful. He still had most of his weight on his hands and knees but I could feel his the head of his cock sliding up, pushing up the inside of my thigh, feel the wet trail it left behind.

When the head of his cock finally reached the lips of my pussy he barely hesitated, just pushed into me hard. In one stroke he was completely buried inside of me. Later he told me he was in such a hurry because he thought I would change my mind. As soon as he was inside of me he lowered his body on me, pressing me down into the bed, my chin at the top of his shoulder, and began in earnest; long hard strokes. The feel of his cock completely buried in me, his body repeatedly pounding against the inside of my thighs, the slap-slap-slap of his body slamming against mine: that familiar heat began building in my stomach. I opened my legs as wide as I could and brought my knees up to his side. I wanted him deeper in me if it was possible. I moved my hands down and tugged at his butt trying to pull him deeper into me.

Todd groaned, pushed hard in me and held it. I wanted to tell him, beg him, to wait for me but it was too late. Without pulling back he again thrust hard against me. I knew the first torrent of cum was released in me. A half second later he pushed hard again, followed a second later by a smaller thrust, and again and again for a few seconds, each thrust getting weaker. I could visualize the thick, white, milky cum emptying from his body into mine. I missed not having my orgasm, but it still felt fantastic just the same. It satisfied that first initial feeling of lust in me, but I wanted more. Besides I thought, he’s young. He’ll be ready again in a few minutes.

We lay there, our breathing slowly returning to normal. I lowered my feet to the bed but my thighs were still spread wide, held there by his body between them. I could feel his cock slowly began to deflate. It still felt good inside of me. I gave him a little squeeze with my pussy but no good deed goes unpunished, it only succeeded in pushing his softening cock almost out of me.

“So, which girl were you fantasizing about while you fucked me: The girl with the death grip on your cock or the one trying to get to your toes through your ear?”

“Neither, I was thinking about you. You are hot mom. Don’t you know that? You are prettier than them. They’re just younger, that’s all.”

“Oh come on. You had two beauties trying to fuck you right there at your table. You don’t have to flatter me. You are already on top of me.”

Todd turned his head to me. “Should I get off?”

My arms were wrapped around his back. I had moved them from his butt to hold him tight to me when he began cuming in me. Now I gently caressed him from his shoulders to his butt and back. “In a minute.”

“I’m sorry Mom.”

“Sorry for what?”

“I just jumped on you. I was just thinking of myself. I didn’t even think about what you might want. It was just everything that happened tonight and it’s been so long since Nancy and I had sex. Oh Christ. I didn’t even think about Nancy. And Dad, he’ll kill me when he finds out.” Todd hesitated before adding, “And I guess should have asked before cuming in you.”

“Honey, first of all, I enjoyed it. It’s just what I needed.” I gave his butt a little slap, “Next time though, you will go a little slower and think of your partner. And second, this was just between you and me. Nancy does not need to know. I’m not going to take you away from her. We are just satisfying some needs that are not being met. Third, I don’t think you could have stopped to ask, but it was fine for you to cum in me. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It certainly felt better than the last time you were in there. And finally, fourth, this was just between you and me. Your dad does not need to know. He has not been filling my need lately. You filled me just fine.” I said the last with a smile, filled me, drilled me indeed. “But now you are getting a bit heavy. If I haven’t missed something perhaps you should roll off me.”

Todd rolled off to the side and we both lay there. “Do you want me to go back to my bed now?”

“That’s up to you. If it’s all the same though, I don’t mind if you sleep here with me.”

I turned over on my side, facing away from Todd, to go to sleep. I did not want to be looking at him if he decided to go back to his own bed. I felt the bed move and then Todd’s body against mine as he snuggled up against me. He moved his hand up under my arm and then across my body. “You said next time. There’ll be a next time?”

“Yes,” I said. “But let’s get some sleep for now.”

We stayed like that for a few minutes before I felt Todd’s hand move up from my stomach and cup my breast. It felt so personal, a finger brushing against my nipple and then taking the entire breast in his hand. A few minutes before he was on top of me, fucking me, cuming in me and now I feel like a little girl getting her first titty grab. I felt that tingle begin again. I was about to turn over to get on top of Todd and scratch that itch when I noticed Todd’s slow breathing. Just like a guy; fuck your mother and drop off to sleep. Well morning would come soon enough.

In the morning a finger tracing around and over my breasts awakened me. As I tried wiping the sleep from my eyes the finger started moving lower. Todd cupped my mound in his hand, his fingers gently caressing the lips of my pussy. “You sure take a long time to wake up.” The tingle was back, assuming it ever left.

Todd leaned over to me and ran his tongue from the underside of one breast up to the nipple. Then he pulled his hand from between my legs and, using both hands, pushed my breasts together. He leaned forward again and took both of my nipples in his mouth. I put my head back on the pillow and groaned. Todd let go of my breasts and started to move between my legs.

“Oh no you don’t.” I pushed him onto his back and quickly got on my knees on top of him. “It’s my turn now.” I put my hands on his chest and began moving my pelvis around trying to line his cock up with my pussy but it just wasn’t happening. I reached down and grabbed his erection, lined it up where I wanted and then pushed back against him. Todd let out a sigh as he entered me again. With me sitting on him he was so deep in me it felt like internal organs were being pushed around. I began slowly rocking back and forth on him. It was perfect, my clitoris was finally getting the attention it wanted. I reached down, took his hands in mine, and lifted them up to my breasts.

We continued like this for what seemed like hours though it was just minutes: me rocking back and forth while my son fondled my breasts. I closed my eyes and just went with the motion. As his hands began working their way down my sides to my stomach and then back up to my breasts again I began rocking faster. The heat was building up in my stomach and groin to the point where I knew I was cuming soon. Todd must have sensed the intensity building in me as he began pushing up in me, sometimes lifting me several inches up in the air. I put my hands on his chest to maintain my balance. With just a couple more pushes back against him the orgasm washed over me, the tingling spreading from my pussy outward, down to my toes and up to the top of my head. I could feel my pussy spasm, clutching my son’s cock repeatedly. As my orgasm began to wane I collapsed on Todd’s chest and heard him groan. His hips thrust up against me hard, three, four, five times, and then he let out an even louder groan, grabbed my butt and pulled me tight against him: he was cuming in me again.

Afterwards we lay there in the bed, me lying on top of him. I didn’t move, wanting him to stay inside of me as long as possible. It was a Saturday and we had no plans, nothing to do. We could stay in bed all day if we wanted.

We both dozed off for a bit. When I awoke he had slipped out of me. I tried to get up without waking him but he felt me move and pulled me tight to him. “I need to take a shower. Why don’t you sleep until I’m finished? We’ll grab some breakfast and then lets go to that Farmer’s Market by the campus.” He nodded, gave me a little kiss and then turned over as I got out of bed.

I stepped into the shower and let the hot water wash over me. It felt so good, energizing. I was rinsing the shampoo out of my hair when I heard a click and felt cool air behind me. Todd had opened the door and was stepping into the shower with me.

“Todd, there’s not a lot of room in here for two.”

“It’s okay, we don’t need much room.”

I resumed rinsing my hair. I felt Todd’s hands begin rubbing my back. I realized he had a bar of soap and was lathering me up. His hands worked from my shoulders down to my butt. Then his hands moved around to the front. He held me by the hips and pulled me back against him. I could feel his hard cock pressing into my back. This wasn’t going to be just a shower.

“Didn’t you get enough in bed?”

“I like being inside you; rubbing against you, cuming in you.”

I laughed, “An old woman like me. Why, I’m old enough to be your mother.”

“And that’s the best part. I get to fuck my mother.”

Todd stopped talking and began moving the soap around my stomach and breasts. I said, “I think they’re clean.”

“I’m not sure Mom. They’re awfully big. They need a lot of cleaning.”

“That’s nice of you to say so but they aren’t that big.” I wasn’t being humble. I knew my figure was very good but I did not have huge, or even big, breasts. But I was thankful I was not suffering the effects of gravity, at least not yet.

“You know the saying Mom, ‘more than a mouthful is a waste’.”

“Yes, I know. But why do men have such big mouths?”

Todd chuckled, “Every school kid knows that.” He leaned forward and licked the back of one of my ears and then whispered, “Why to eat their mothers of course.”

I felt my knees get weak, and as Todd reached around to soap my pubic hair, an electric shock seemed to originate in my pussy. I let my arms dangle as his hands moved from the top of my thighs, around between my legs and then up to my breasts.

Todd turned me around and we began kissing. It was more erotic than when my husband and I first dated and made out. Our tongues danced together then explored each other’s mouth. Todd lowered his head to suck on my nipples. He started to get down on his hands and knees in front of me but there was not room to do it properly. “No Todd. Later, just fuck me now. Hurry.”

Todd picked me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck. Todd had no problem holding me up with his hands under my butt. He had played football for four years in high school and two years in college before quitting to concentrate on studies. He still worked out religiously.

The warm water was beating on my back as Todd lowered me an inch. I felt some pressure on my pussy and then his hips thrust forward and his cock drove up into me. How could he be so hard? This is the third time in less than twelve hours.

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