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Jealous Mom

by Anonymous

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Incest Sex Story: A demented mother abuses her son

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   NonConsensual   Rape   Fiction   Incest   Mother   Son   FemaleDom   Sadistic   Anal Sex   Analingus   Oral Sex   Pegging   Sex Toys   Tit-Fucking   .

Jean treated her 14-year-old like a baby, a rich woman wanting for nothing. Jean was a very jealous possessive woman, especially with her son Lenny. He in effect was not allowed girl friends without Jean’s strict approval; she more or less frightened them away.

Lenny was a small fellow 5’ 4” tall, 122 pounds.

Jean a 39-year woman 8 inches taller than her son with an incredible 40G-32-46 figure, 200 pounds, muscular stomach and a broad strong back to compliment her large thighs. She loved to wear very skimpy bikinis while sunbathing in her garden and always wanted her boy near her.

“Come sit next to Mommy baby,” Jean said to her son.

They both where sunbathing, Jean in a white brief bikini flattering her tan, while Lenny had a pair of long shorts on. Lenny came over to his Mom as she immediately hugged and cuddled him, her voluptuous body pressing and rubbing on her son.

“Hmm, I love to cuddle my baby,” as she kissed him on his chest. “Did I see my baby with a girl last night?” she enquired.

“Err yes Mom you did,” he replied.

“You didn’t ask your Mommy for permission did you?” she said angrily. “She looked like twiggy, you have no taste boy,” she teased.

She held her son while caressing him.

“You don’t need a girl baby when you have your sexy Mommy,” she whispered smiling mischievously, while stroking his legs. Lenny’s head was now cradled in his mom’s massive mammaries while she wrapped one huge thigh around him.

“Their, does that feel nice, Mommy’s big body on Baby?”

“Yes Mommy,” Lenny replied.

Jean kept rubbing and caressing her son while her huge breasts wobbled.

“Is my baby happy to be with Mommy?” she whispered in a low tone.

“Yes Mommy.”

“Come on Lenny it’s getting late.”

They both stood up, Jean’s arm around her son’s waist, her superb body gyrating making her son look very small indeed. As they walked her huge thighs almost at her son’s waist, her massive tits swaying as she walked, and of course she was wearing stilettos which emphasized her height which made Lenny look even smaller. Jean got ready to go out and dressed modestly in a knee length skirt hugging her massive shapely body.

“Be a good boy, Mommy will be back in a few hours.”

“Ok Mom,” Lenny replied.

Later that evening the doorbell rang; it was Lenny’s girl come to visit. They sat down and generally cuddled each other watching telly; unfortunately Jean came back early and caught them both on the sofa.

“Who are you?” Jean shouted.

“This is Lisa Mum,” Lenny answered.

“Can I have a quiet word Lisa?”

Jean took Lisa by the hand towering over Lisa’s diminutive frame, and went to the kitchen. Without warning Jean pushed Lisa hard on to the floor and kneeled over her. Jean’s huge breasts almost spilling out, her long legs showing up to her stocking tops. Jean slapped Lisa hard about the face and body making her whimper.

“If I see your fucking face in my house again I’ll fuck up you bad.”

With that Jean grabbed Lisa’s small breast and squeezed them hard making Lisa scream.

“I’ll rape the shit out of you, now get!”

Lisa ran out the house crying while Jean fixed herself a whisky. Jean walked up to her son and slapped him hard across the face.

“Don’t you ever bring that slut in my house again.”

“Sorry Mommy,” Lenny said pitifully.

“Put your pyjamas on baby while Mommy slips into something more comfortable.”

Jean went upstairs to change, she picked a sheer blue short nightdress, exposing her heaving breasts and massive thighs, Lenny just wore normal pyjamas. Jean came down stairs body wiggling like a goddess and sat on the sofa. She started caressing her son, kissing and hugging him.

“Do you like Mommy’s new night dress baby?”

“Yes Mom, it’s nice.”

Jean crossed her legs exposing her massive thighs.

“Do you think Mommy’s got a sexy body baby?”

“Err yes Mom,” Lenny stuttered.

“Do you think Mommy’s breasts are too big?”

“No Mommy.”

“And what about Mommy’s legs and thighs, does baby think they’re too large?” as she sexually rubbed her leg up to her thigh.

“Is my baby’s little soldier getting hard? Is Mommy getting baby hard?”

Lenny’s Mom was making him hard, he just couldn’t help himself. Jean was showing an awful lot of her full voluptuous body to her shocked child. Jean crossed her huge thighs while kissing him.

“Can you feel Mom’s tits baby? Why don’t you rub Mommy’s legs,” she whispered teasing him.

Lenny’s cock was now very hard.

“Hmm, I can feel my baby’s cock, OOH it’s hard.”

Jean’s huge tits were now spilling out, her big nipples hard. Jean started rubbing her foot up and down her son’s leg gently massaging his cock and balls.

“Does that feel good baby? Mommy rubbing your cock? Mommy wants to wank your cock baby, would you like Mom to Jack your Prick with my feet?”

Lenny’s cock was now dribbling; the sight of his Mom’s huge tits and thighs, her feet working on his dick. Lenny started to whimper. Jean held her son to her huge tits while masturbating him with her large feet.

“Did that Fucking little slut do this for my baby?” as she started to squeeze him harder.

“No Mommy,” Lenny replied.

“Only Mommy can wank baby until he shoots cum over Mommy Ok?”

Jean was talking very dirty to her child, her huge semi naked body heaving as she started caressing him with her big tits.

“Mommy wants to tit Wank you, take all your clothes off now.”

Lenny stripped off as Jean sat back her massive thighs and huge cleavage exposed to her now very erect son.

“My my, look at baby’s big cock, has Mommy made baby’s fuck stick hard? Does Lisa make baby’s cock hard like Mommy?”

“No Mommy,” he replied.

“Come here, let Mommy Wank you?”

Jean lifted one of her pendulous breast and started to rub Lenny’s prick, her tit the size of a basketball massaging his cock and balls.

“Does that feel good baby? Mommy rubbing her big juicy tits on your hard wet cock?” Jean lay back, crossed her humongous legs and beckoned her son to lay over her thighs while she stroked his genitals.

“Suck Mommy’s tits baby while Mommy wanks your hard cock.”

Lenny held his Mom’s left breast his small hands hardly able to grip her huge breasts as he suckled her.

“That’s it baby, suck Mommy’s big udders while Mommy Jacks your dirty prick, Mommy wants to cream my baby good.”

Jean’s expert hands wanking her son as drips of cum covers her hand while forcing her tit in her son’s mouth.

“Come on fucker, suck tit, suck Mommy’s big tasty melons.”

Jean was jacking her son hard and fast, her son bucking with each stroke.

“Come on, spunk for Mommy, shoot your fuck cream for Mommy.”

Jean wrapped her huge thigh around her son and finished him by rubbing his cock over the top of her leg.

“Mommy, Mommy, I’m coming!”

Lenny came.

“OOH baby that’s it spunk for Mommy, shoot your fuck juice over Mommy’s legs, spunk on my tits baby.”

Jean’s leg was soaked in cum as she kissed her boy hard and rubbing his head into her huge tits. She continued squeezing her son’s cock until the last bit of cum dripped from her son’s cock.

“Was that nice baby?”

“Oh yes Mommy,” he replied.

“If baby’s good Mommy might fuck her baby hard, would you like that, Mommy fucking her baby with Mommy’s big titties and thighs. And maybe I’ll show baby Mommy’s juicy cunt, maybe Mommy will put two fingers and wank for baby then baby could suck Mommy’s cunt juices.”

Jean started sucking her own tits while thumbing Lenny’s cock. Jean straddled her son and fucked him between her large thighs fucking him hard all night, never to have another woman for the rest of his life, his mother performing vile acts of incest to keep her insatiable appetite fed. She used a lot of breast play on her son, tit wanking him so her udders would be continuously soaked in spunk them she would lick it off slowly teasing him while sucking her own nipples. She also thigh wanked him, rubbing her hands over his cock and her legs while he shot his cream up her thighs, while rubbing it on her crotch; she was a pervert. At times she liked licking and sucking Lenny’s cock and arse until he shuddered to a climax, her tongue right up his hole lapping the shit out of him, she then licked him clean. Poor Lenny never got to know normal sex; his mother literally raped him every day.

Jean wore every skimpy type of sexy garment she could find to enhance her well endowed body, mostly garters suspenders stilettos, sheer stockings of every colour and smaller bra’s usually two sizes smaller to boost her massive 40G breasts.

One day she was sitting in the bathtub with her son caressing him and generally keeping him permanently hard and wet.

“Let’s try something different darling, you be the girl and I’ll be the boy,” as she rubbed his now huge cock.

“What do you mean Mom?” he enquired.

“I mean baby I fuck you with my cock as I bend you over.”

Lenny did not understand what his horny Mother was talking about, as she continually stroked him.

“You see baby, Mommy wants to dress you up in stockings and a bra, lie you down and fuck the arse off you while I rub your little boy tits. But maybe you’re not ready to fucked in the arse yet, come on squat beside Mommy while she wanks you with her soapy hands.”

Jean liked to squat behind her son and wank him with her hands caressing his arse and cock, lathering him, her big thighs pressing him from behind as he shot his lot. Jean got a big kick out of sitting on her boy’s face with her huge arse as she arse fucked him, at times he was soaked in his mom’s cum while she forced her strong body against him.

“Baby I think were ready to swap roles now, come with me while I dress you up as a little girl whore.”

Even before they reached the room she accosted him sexually rubbing her huge tits over his naked body and tit raped him shouting obscenities, lying on top of him and fucking him hard her tits bouncing off her son’s face.

“Baby you make Mommy fucking hot, I need your cock between my tits.”

She lifted her cunt off his cock dragged her tits down to his cock and tit wanked her son again.

“Baby Mommy can’t get enough of you, get up, Mom’s going to fuck your arse hard.”

With that she licked her son’s cock from the base to the top paying attention to his little piss hole, spitting on it and hissing like a snake as she wrapped her full lips around her son’s very wet hard rod.

“Mommy likes sucking baby’s big cock, Mommy wants to suck cum out of baby’s balls and swallow all of baby’s spunk.”

Jean sucked powerfully on Lenny’s now very bloated cock as she stuck her fingers up his arse and started frigging him.

“Mommy wants to dress my baby now.”

They both got up and headed to her room, where she proceeded to dress Lenny in her underthings. “Wear this black bra baby,” she commanded.

Lenny put the bra on but because of the size it hung very loosely on him.

“Oh dear, baby hasn’t got very big tits not like Mom’s big breasts, has he,” she teased as she fastened the bra on him.

It was a smaller bra that Jean used to wear to force her tits out and make them look like gigantic melons but looked very big on Lenny. She put a pair of black panties on him that tightly fitted Jean but again fitted very loose on her son.

“Oh dear, baby’s got a small arse not like Mommy’s big sexy arse, but Mommy likes to fuck little holes, Mommy’s going to like fucking baby’s shit hole with Mommy’s big hard cock.”

Jean licking her lips enjoying tantalising and whispering dirty words in her boys ears. She finished dressing him with her black suspenders and stockings which of course did not fit his much smaller and thinner thighs and legs. The poor boy looked pathetic as his mother looked on stroking her tits and pinching her now large nipples.

“Baby, you look very sexy, you’ve made Mommy’s pussy wet, Mommy’s feeling so horny.”

Jean went to her dressing table and brought out a large black strap-on dildo and proceeded to lick and suck it in front of her boy who now was sitting nervously on the bed.

“Hmm, Mommy likes to suck my hard big black cock.”

She then slowly rubbed the dildo in between her massive cleavage.

“Oh this naughty cock is fucking Mommy’s big tits baby,” she teased as she slid the dildo in and around her heaving bosom. She moved the dildo to her thighs massaging her inner leg her tongue forced out and lapping.

“Baby Mommy so fucking hot, Mommy needs baby.”

She placed the dildo in her pussy and frigged herself while Lenny watched, this big voluptuous erotic woman wanking herself shouting obscenities at her son her huge tits jiggling.

“Baby I’m fucking my wet smelly cunt, Momma going to fuck baby now.”

Jean took the dildo from her pussy and strapped on the dildo, this now semi naked woman with a black cock pretending to wank herself, this dirty Amazonian woman wanted to defile her son.

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