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There Is Something About Mandy

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Chapter 8

Young Adult Sex Story: Chapter 8 - Jeremy's cousin Mandy is visiting and she's borny. She demands Jeremy do something about that. Jeremy seems to be clueless. Will it take long?

Caution: This Young Adult Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Fiction   Cousins   First   Oral Sex  

“We’re doing this,” she told me. I didn’t bother arguing.

She closed her feet together and her panties fell to the floor. She stepped out of them.

Our first attempt had me struggling to put it in her up against the door. We grunted and gasped and tried all sorts of angles and jabs, but it wouldn’t go in. She was too tight, and the angle was wrong. She even tried lifting one leg straight into the air and dropping it down onto my shoulder, but when I aimed, found the hole, and thrust, it slipped away again.

“Oh God. Fuck!” she whimpered, frustrated.

And then she just kissed me again, wrapping her arms around me and digging into the moment, hot and eager. It was a pretty moment, in an otherwise desperate few minutes.

Then she took me by the hand and walked me to the window. There, she bent over at the waist, dropped her elbows to the window sill, flipped up her skirt, and offered herself to me with a deep arch of her back. Her wet little slit glistened invitingly now more red with desire than pink, way more swollen and pouting.

“Do it,” she whispered. “Put it in...”

“I...” was all I could stammer out. “Mandy ... we shouldn’t.” Now that she was right there in front of me, in the sunlight, it seemed way more real.

“If we don’t like it, we can stop. Just put it in once, just to see how it feels, doing it for real...”

I almost felt like an insane man trying to argue with her, but my brain was frazzled with 10,000 thoughts all at once. She just wanted me to put it in her, just one stroke, just to try it. But I knew we would never stop there.

“But what if we like it too much? What if it feels too good? What if we don’t wanna stop?”

She knew exactly what I meant. She turned back to look at me, over her shoulder, tossing her ponytails to one side and arching even more deeply, thrusting her pretty round ass even higher. Her legs were slightly parted and her pussy lips had opened like a flower to receive me. It was a display that was meant purely to entice a man forward. She apparently knew this by millions of years of female instinct.

“If we like it too much, we can keep going. And if we like it even more, we can finish the whole thing, maybe. Just don’t come inside me, or I’ll be even more messy.”

Her logic seemed fool-proof. I surrendered once again.

I stepped up behind her, accepting the offer. Moments later, my own pants were back down around my ankles. We were ready.

“Kay. Here goes. Ready?”

She nodded, thrusting back a little more, waving and gyrating in front of me, as though searching for the penetration.

“Do it. Put it in me. I need it so bad...”

She wasn’t exaggerating. There was a trickle of juice oozing down the back of her thigh.

I took her hip in one hand and my erection in my other. I poked into the wetness of her slit and pulled upward, searching for her hole. She jumped a little when I found it. And then she pushed backward. My dick was much bigger than my finger had been. But the head went in with a sweet, ticklish, slurping little pop. We both gasped, startled by the intensity of the sudden connection. I reached down to spread her inner lips a little more. She was even more slick and wet on the inside than outside, and when I pushed forward it slid in, nearly to the very bottom, stretching her slick silky squeeze wide enough to receive all of me in one thrust.


Soft, slippery wet silky squeezing heat engulfed me. It felt like love. I pushed it in and froze, overwhelmed by the delicious beauty of it. Apparently, she was as instantly overwhelmed as I was. She tensed, inside and out. She pulled away a bit, but didn’t yank right off me. The motion felt pretty and sweet, yanking on me, tight and slippery. I shivered intensely myself.

“Oh ... oh ... Oh my...” she stammered out in her cute girly voice. “It’s in! It’s in!” She sucked in a few little gasps. I pushed forward and slid even deeper into that pretty wet squeeze. She tensed even harder inside, nearly crushing me, but I slid in all the way, until the base of me bumped into her outer lips.

“Okay, ow! Stop. Wait. Hold on...” she stammered out, twitching and trembling like a bunny in a trap. I held still. Our hearts were pounding hard. “So big...” she said. “Holy sh- shit...”

“Does it hurt?” I asked.

“Yes. I think you just ripped something,” she said, and she actually laughed a little. Crazy chick. “Holy fuck. It’s huge!”

“Should I ... should we ... stop?”

“No. Not at all. It just feels ... so big. Too big. It stretches, like... ouch ... but not really. It’s ... nice too. So fucking wet. Just be gentle. Just go easy. Careful as can be.”

“Oh God, Mandy. I can’t even explain how gorgeous it feels for me.”

I couldn’t even find the words. I just pulled back a bit and thrust in even deeper, making her cry out. I took a few sweet blissful thrusts and froze again, just reveling in her sweet slippery squeeze crushing and shivering on me with its pretty little spasms.

“Wow. That ... That actually felt nice. What you just did there.”


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