There Is Something About Mandy - Cover

There Is Something About Mandy

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Chapter 7

Young Adult Sex Story: Chapter 7 - Jeremy's cousin Mandy is visiting and she's borny. She demands Jeremy do something about that. Jeremy seems to be clueless. Will it take long?

Caution: This Young Adult Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Fiction   Cousins   First   Oral Sex  


“After all I did for you, are you gonna say no to this!?”

After a moment’s thought, I shook my head. She smiled, stepping forward. She came so close, our noses were almost touching. I reached down and slid my hand up under her skirt.

“You gotta tell me what to do, now. I’ve never really done this before.”

She just nodded, breathing hard, trembling like she was terrified.

“Just don’t be rough. Be strong without being careless or... mean, if that makes sense.”

It sort of did. I wriggled and twisted my hand into her panties and down over her privates. She grabbed my arms in each hand, trembling nervously. My fingers found her slit. She was indeed sopping wet, swollen, and almost feverishly hot. I told her so. She just nodded, agreeing.

“I just sucked a really beautiful dick, Jeremy. Wud’ you expect? The Sahara Desert?”

She flinched a bit when my finger slid into the sloppy wet groove of her slit. Her mouth dropped open. She gasped. She stared into my eyes in awe, looking a little drunk.

I wiggled my finger around. Her breathing increased to soft panting. I could smell her sweet girly breath. She was hot and eager. Her breasts rose and fell with every gasping little breath. I found her clit at the top of her slit, a little bump at the apex of her feminine folds. I toyed with it gently but she flinched, gripping my arms even harder and yanking her pelvis backward a bit. Apparently it was too sensitive there.

“Sorry,” I whispered.

“Get me worked in first, turned on, jacked up. Then go there.”


I was breathing almost as hard as she was. The feel of her soft wet pussy against my fingers was incredibly beautiful. Every little fold of skin and slippery surface felt amazing. And the heat coming off her was as gorgeous as a summer’s day.

“Put it in ... put your finger in me, Jeremy.”

I found her hole at the bottom of her slit. I pressed inward and her clench gave way a little. My finger slipped in. I wriggled myself upward. She was even smoother, slicker, hotter and wetter on the inside. It made my heart jump and my guts burn with desire, just feeling it. And damn, was she tight! Her pussy hole was tensed shut, strong and firm, almost to the point of straining. But she was sloppy wet too. She gasped. She gripped me tighter. She got even tighter as I slipped deeper inside. She pulled me forward, pressing her breasts into my chest. She tensed all over.

“Feels good?” I asked in an excited whisper.

“Uh-huh ... Hell, yeah. It ... It feels like getting fucked, almost. Except ... not.”

“And you know this because...?”

“Because you’re sticking something up in me! That’s what happens when you have sex, isn’t it?”

“Well, that something is usually much bigger.”

“Can’t wait...”

I twisted even more and thrust my finger deeper. She flinched, but it was a nice kind of flinch, like I’d surprised her with more pleasure than ever. Her breathing was heating up into steady gasps now and then. It was turning me on. She sounded like a girl actually having sex for real every now and then.

“Goddamn, am I soaked!” she said. “Now that you’re really in there, I feel it more than ever.”

I answered my agreement with a little swirl of my finger, pushing deeper. She tensed even more.

“Does it hurt?”

“No! Shit, does it ever feel nice!” she said, in a breathy whisper.

“You want it deeper? You’re gonna have to lie down or something. I can’t...”

She tugged her panties down more, wriggling her hips until they slid down her thighs. She caught them at her knees with a wider stance. Now I had better access to her privates and went even deeper.

“Yes ... There ya go...” she stammered out. “I knew it would feel good. I’ve done it myself a million times. But somehow it feels like a thousand times better when you do it.”

“Cause you’re so turned-on?”

“Must be. My toes are tingling. My knees are going weak. I ... Keep doing... that. Don’t stop.”

I was moving my finger in and out in slow, gentle thrusts, and stirring it in a little circle, sliding it against her inner walls, around and around, probing as deeply as I could get. She wrapped her arms around behind me, pulling me into a trembling hug. She pressed her face into my neck and I shivered as her lips touched my skin. She was moaning, too, right near my ear. God damn. I just kept fingering her until she finally reached down and pulled my hand away.

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