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There Is Something About Mandy

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Chapter 5

Young Adult Sex Story: Chapter 5 - Jeremy's cousin Mandy is visiting and she's borny. She demands Jeremy do something about that. Jeremy seems to be clueless. Will it take long?

Caution: This Young Adult Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Fiction   Cousins   First   Oral Sex  

She nibbled a knuckle, glancing around the room like someone would burst in on us at any moment. Then she looked back at me with a pleading look in her eyes.

“Please, Jeremy? You can let me practice, like ... on you! We still have time. He’s not home yet. We can go into one of these empty rooms and you can let me practice on you. Then we both win!”

“Practice...? Practice what?”

She got up and dragged me with her by the hand. “Come on!”

I didn’t put up much of a fight. I just went, following her up the stairs, admiring the way her gorgeous little backside jiggled and swayed with each step she took in front of me. I still wasn’t exactly sure what she meant by practice, but when she pulled me into that empty, echoey second-floor bedroom, pushed me back against the door, and dropped to her knees in front of me, I began to get a pretty good idea. And when she reached up to unzip my pants with trembling little fingers, I nearly had a heart attack. I grabbed her hand, stopping her. It took all the willpower in the universe.

“Mandy ... we can’t...”

“Please, Jeremy. I wanna get good at this, for ... for Devon ... or whoever! I’ve never done it before and I don’t wanna embarrass myself. And I know you want it even more than I do. So stop fighting. Nobody ever has to know.”

Her eyes melted me. She looked sad and sweet and full of pleading. And when she licked her full, pouting lips, inches away from my dick, I gave in. I surrendered. I let her slowly tug her hand from my grip and grab my belt buckle. She grinned up at me as she flipped it open.

“This is gonna be great. I promise...”

My belt came undone. Her little fingers popped my button open. Then my zipper came down. Her look of nervous concentration faded, and she smiled up at me again as my pants fell to the floor around my ankles. Her hands were shaking. She licked her lips, and then nibbled one side of her bottom lip as she reached for my underwear. She dipped her fingers into the waistband and tugged downward. My erection flipped out, nearly smacking her in the nose. She yanked her head back a bit, dodging. Her eyes widened. Her mouth dropped open.

“Jeremy Stipson!” she said, scolding me like a little boy caught stealing candy. It was apparently much bigger than she’d imagined. And I was so hard it almost looked painful. It was fiery red and twitching. She exhaled, making me throb compulsively as her breath whispered over its skin. Then it just hung in the air in front of her, heavy and thick, eager for attention. She let out a little sigh, just staring at it like it was the most beautiful object she’d ever seen in her life.

“This is your fault. Don’t blame me.”

Her hands slid up and wrapped around it, and then she stroked it up and down, exploring it, weighing it, measuring it. Her hands were so soft and gentle and girly and ticklish. My brain melted. Any thoughts I’d had of stopping her melted with it.

“Ooh. It’s hot. It feels so hot...” she said.

“Yeah...” I stammered out stupidly, breathing hard, like an athlete in the middle of the big game.

“But the skin is so soft! Like a puppy’s tummy.”

She stroked and tickled at it. I shivered. I stared down at her. She studied my dick with her hands and eyes, turning it left and right, lifting it, pushing it downward and letting it spring back up again. She giggled.

“This thing is way bigger than six inches,” she said in an accusing tone, like she’d caught me in a grievous lie.

“I haven’t checked lately. Sorry. I’m not exactly measuring it every morning.”

She lifted it again and looked underneath at my balls in their sack. Then she reached up and gave them a curious little fondle.

“They actually move around in there! That’s funny. I always thought it was like a beanbag or something.”

I let her explore and play. Her fingers felt so pretty, I could barely stay on my feet. Lucky for me, the door was right behind me. I leaned back on it, just watching her stroke and tickle me with her hands.

Finally she looked up at me with deadly serious eyes. “Okay. Here I go. I’m gonna suck it. First time ever. Tell me everything I need to know. Stop me if I do anything wrong, okay? Help me become an expert.”

“Mandy, you’re crazy,” I stammered out, half terrified but never more excited in my entire life.

“I don’t see you running away.”

“Ah God...”

Then the dear sweet girl giggled nervously and opened her mouth, checked the width of me, and then opened even wider. But she didn’t dive in right away. She just stared at it.

“So I just put my mouth on it and sorta move back and forth, up and down on it?”

I get the idea she was nervous and just kind of stalling a bit. I released the breath I’d been holding in anticipation and answered.

“I guess that’s how it’s supposed to work. Your mouth is supposed to be sort of like ... a vagina. All wet and slippery and sliding on and off. Keep your teeth far away, get everything wet, and just keep moving.”

“Makes sense. How long is it supposed to last?”

“I don’t really know. I guess if you’re really good at it, it’ll be over in a few minutes.”

She grinned, taking that as a challenge. Then she turned all her attention to my dick.

Without another word, she suddenly slid down onto it, taking half the length of me in with one quick downward bob. She opened wide enough to pull her teeth far back, and took me in as though she’d been doing it all her life. I of course gasped a little, and shivered. But all she’d done was take me into her mouth and then held still, looking up at me, expecting me to be screaming with delight. I wasn’t. It wasn’t really a blowjob yet. Everything was just soft and wet and warm at first. It felt nice, but not amazing. Even Gina’s twenty seconds felt better than this. The dear sweet girl had taken my dick in her mouth and that was it. As grateful as I was, it would take a lot more to get me off. I lifted a hand to my mouth, cupped an imaginary dick and made head bobbing motions on it, showing her what to do.

Mandy pulled off until just the tip was still in, and then she pushed back down again, and stopped again. She looked up at me, inquiring about her skills with a glance. I nodded, but then gestured at her to keep going without stopping. So she did. Now she was sliding the weakest little squeeze of a kiss up and down on me, back and forth, over and over. It was better, but not great. I could only really feel her lips sliding up and down.

But I didn’t want to complain. So I just let her continue, and I sighed happily now and then to let her know I was enjoying it. I think she figured out pretty quick that I wasn’t overwhelmed with blissful ecstasy like she’d expected. She pulled off and looked up at me.

“What’s wrong?”


“No. Something’s wrong. You should be shaking and moaning and babbling like a drunk about how amazing I am. I’m not doing it right. What am I doing wrong?”

“You’re not ... well ... you should suck on it, maybe. Make your mouth tighter around it as you move. Not like you’re tryna rip it right off my body or anything. Just nice and snug, so I can feel it.”

She blushed right then, embarrassed. “Right. Now that you mention it. I guess that’s why they call it sucking dick. Sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry. How the hell are you supposed to know this stuff? This is why you’re practicing, right?”

“I guess. But I kinda wanted to be like, an instant expert or whatever. I feel dumb.”

“Don’t worry. Just ... suck.”

She took it back in her mouth again, carefully, cautiously. It felt pretty much the same for the first ten seconds or so. But then she tightened the kiss around it with some very hot slippery suction, and pulled slowly off of me. The difference was immediate and astonishing. My whole body tensed with the sudden spasm of pleasure that shivered through me. Her giggle turned into a soft, sighing moan when I throbbed in her mouth. My own moan echoed off the walls. She watched my face carefully as she secured me in that suction and began those slow gentle bobs of her head. All I could do was gaze down at her, worshipfully, nodding approval as I felt her wet little mouth slide up and down the underside of my erection. I moaned again. She finally broke the eye contact, closing her eyes, and slowly bobbed on me, panting and sighing through her nose in excited little gasps.


<p class=”c”>209-mandy-18.jpg</p>

Mandy had my dick in her mouth. I’d watched it go in, and now I could feel it. Her little blonde head moved up and down, stroking her hot, wet little mouth along my cock. She was giving me head. Oh my God. I was getting my dick sucked. It was really happening. I had to keep looking to make sure it was real. She was slowly bobbing up and down on it, exploring the feel of it sliding in and out of her mouth, eyes closed, discovering the intimacy and sensuality of the act for the very first time. Her mouth was all gorgeously wet slippery pleasure and motion on me. I sighed, half whimpering, half laughing, and she opened her eyes to look up at me.

I could see the curious little looks in her eyes changing from one moment to the next. She was feeling me in her mouth. She was tasting me. She was experiencing having a guy’s dick in her mouth for the first time, and she looked partly confused, partly nervous, and partly thrilled, but completely focused. She looked a little slutty sucking dick, but the curious little looks of surprise and discovery she gave betrayed her complete innocence. It was a brand new experience for her. And it was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen.

Wet, pretty, ticklish, gorgeous, sexy, sweet, glorious. These are all just words. Five minutes before, I was just a guy standing there with his dick sticking out in the empty air, dry and lonely. The next moment, I was in heaven as her wet, pretty, ticklish, gorgeous, sexy, sweet, glorious little kiss slid down over me, gently sucking me in and gently sucking on me.

I didn’t say a single goddamn thing for three whole minutes. I just let her have her way with me, listening to her breathing, smelling her perfume, lost in all that twitching, throbbing, sucking, shivering bliss. My silence seemed to trouble her after a while, though. She pulled off me, making me shudder all over as she release my dick with a gorgeous little slurp.

“Okay. You gotta make sure you tell me if I’m doing it right. I need to practice on you and get really good at this. Am I doing anything wrong so far? What else do I do? How fast do I go? How hard do I suck? Help me!”

“I’ll let you know,” I told her. “Rule number one: don’t stop. If I moan, you know you’re doing something amazing.”

“Oh. Right. Okay...”

And she went back to it. I stood up against the door and got my cock sucked. But for some reason, I was as terrified as I was thrilled and elated. My stomach was churning and grinding with so much anxiety I was nearly in a panic. But her mouth felt so damn good on me, I was nearly dying with delight as well. I decided I’d better say something, to reassure her, so she didn’t stop again. But I didn’t know what to say, so I just moaned, long and loud. And I didn’t have to fake it at all.

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