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There Is Something About Mandy

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Chapter 4

Young Adult Sex Story: Chapter 4 - Jeremy's cousin Mandy is visiting and she's borny. She demands Jeremy do something about that. Jeremy seems to be clueless. Will it take long?

Caution: This Young Adult Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Fiction   Cousins   First   Oral Sex  

Finally, she reached out and took me by the chin, turning my head toward her. I gave in and looked down at the most beautiful creamy white, silky soft, roundest, fattest, perkiest most swollen little boobies a man ever saw. They were capped with the prettiest pink nipples I could have ever imagined, and as she’d promised, her nipples were hard as diamonds, pointing out at me, so stiff, I could almost see them tingling. She looked at me, desperately worried they’d somehow be inadequate to reduce a man to a drooling wreck.


I stared for far too long, my mouth hanging open in awe. She let me, fidgeting nervously.

“Well?” she said, snapping me out of my daze.

“Those are ... I can’t even ... I just wanna...”

“Just wanna what?”


“Everything? What do you mean?” She sat up straighter. Then she reached down and cupped them in her hands, pushing them upward, together, fuller, rounder, more jiggley. She tugged at her nipples a little too. Oh my...

“Yeah. That,” I said. “Everything.” And I looked away again, fighting with all I had to keep from grabbing her and ravishing those big beautiful boobies of hers. Staring at her playing with them so freely was not helping the cause.

“Hey! You never answered my question! You just wanna do what everything?”

I didn’t look back. I answered her as though talking to the wall across the room.

“I wanna grab them, play with them, jiggle them, squeeze them, suck on them, stick my dick between them, fuck them, cum all over them, lay down and sleep on them... everything. God, why are you making me answer these crazy questions!?”

“So they’re nice? Like nice-nice?”

“What are we, in grade two here? ‘Do you like by boobies? Check yes or no... ‘“

“Well? Do you?”

I looked at her like she was insane, shaking my head. And then I dropped my face onto my palm, hiding my eyes.

“Put those away before you hurt somebody.”

“You never answered my-”

“Yes, I did! I just told you I practically wanna rape you! But obviously I can’t! So put them away and stop torturing me! Please!”

I was almost screaming at her at that point, but she was undeterred.

“Well, suck on them, then! Go ahead. Try them out. Tell me if he’ll like them.”

“No, Mandy. Stop it. Put them away.”

“But Jeremy ... I really need to know. You have to help me!”

Now she sounded all cute and whimpery and pouty again. There was no way I could be mad at her, especially when I looked up and saw her holding her own tits in her hands, desperately offering them to me like a beggar on a roadside trying to sell his magic beans.

“You’re insane.”

“Suck my tits!”


“Do it! You know you wanna!”

“Want to? Yes! Allowed to? No!”

“But no one will ever know...”

She got up and straddled my lap again, just like at Brian’s. Only this time her tits were naked when she pressed them into my face. I could have shoved her away, but... boobies.

“Mandy! I- ulmph...” was all I could get out. She shut me up with a beautiful fat round tit right in the mouth.

It was too much to take. I gave in. I decided to just enjoy them and worry about the consequences later. When I opened my mouth and sucked her nipple into a kiss, she moaned a little. She shivered and wiggled in my lap.

“Oh, Jeremy ... That feels... nice ... Don’t stop.”

So I grabbed them and squeezed them and suckled them and played with them, and tugged the nipples to wet slippery points in my kiss, making her gasp and squirm in my lap. I basically played with her tits like a kid in a candy store for nearly ten minutes. It was the first time I’d ever done such a thing, outside of my fantasies, and she made it a truly beautiful experience, eagerly and energetically sharing them with me, laughing happily at my exploration, and gasping with surprise when I did something that felt nice. Mostly, she giggled and squirmed.

“Ooh! That tickles! Again! Again!”

Eventually, she got almost as excited as I was, breathing hard and grinding down firmly in my lap. And that’s when I realized something very important about women. For as much as we guys like to play with their boobs, they like their boobs being played with just as much. It feels sexy and sensual. It turns them on about as much as we get when they play with our balls. I don’t know why I’d never realized that before. Probably because of the way Heather had acted when I felt her up, like I was trying to rob her of something. But when Mandy got all quiet and breathy and dizzy in her eyes, looking down at me like she wanted to rape me right there, it seemed so obvious it was almost silly. Women actually like getting felt up when they’re into you. Who knew?

So knowing that, I took more care, making it even sexier for her. I shouldn’t have, though. She was already far too worked up. But I did because I was having just way too much fun getting those beautiful sexy reactions out of her.

Finally she’d wiggled and wriggled around until her skirt was yanked aside and her little panty-covered crotch was pressed right exactly onto my dick. I could feel the heat and dampness and softness of her, right through my pants, and I throbbed involuntarily. She felt it against her most sensitive part, and jumped off me, looking down in shock like a snake had bitten her. She pointed in surprise, not saying anything. I nodded. Yup. I was so hard it had grown painful. But what had she expected?

“Satisfied?” I said.

Her face flushed into a hot pink blush, and she nibbled at her finger. Apparently, she hadn’t expected that at all.

“Okay. Well, that definitely answers that question! At least one boy on earth likes my boobs enough to get hard over them. Yay!”

“I’m amazed you actually doubted that. There’s gonna come a day when you get sick to death of beating men off with a stick every time they see your boobs.”

“Or maybe I’ll just beat them off.”

“Hardy har. The point is, I’m hard, you caused it, and I’m sure Devon’s gonna have the exact same reaction! Probably moreso, because he doesn’t have all the weirdness to fight through.”

“I really made... that?” she said. She sounded kinda like a mad scientist, marveling at having created a monster.

“Yup. And now it kinda hurts too.”


She put her tits away and sat down again, smirking awkwardly, but trembling quite a bit too.

I let out a tense sigh. “You’re forgiven. Just take it easy on me, wouldja?”

“Wait,” she said. “How big is that thing, anyway?”

“What thing?”

She gestured down to my lap. “That... thing...”

“I don’t know. Like six ... six and a half, maybe.”


“Of course, inches. Why?”

She held up two fingers, about six inches apart and then glanced back down at my bulge, curious.

“Just wondering. It looks ... big.”

“Maybe I should whip it out and wave it in your face and ask you if you think girls would like it.”

I was trying to make her feel bad for torturing me, but it kinda had the opposite effect. She was actually intrigued by the idea.

“Go ahead,” she said, grinning.

I didn’t, though. I just stared at her for a moment, thinking she really was insane, and I shook my head again. Things were weird enough. If I’d whipped out my dick right then, I had no idea what she might actually do with it. She might ... do something ... very ... nice...

No. I couldn’t. Not with Mandy.

She pouted when I remained sitting.

“Now you’re not gonna do it, after getting me all excited!” She poked at my erection with two fingers and then gave my thigh a little punch. “Fine. Be like that.”

But before I had a chance to tell her how silly and awkward all this was, she got up and stood right in front of me, facing the opposite wall, thrusting her butt out at me like some kind of stripper about to do a routine. What now? I thought, trying not to stare.

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