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There Is Something About Mandy

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Chapter 3

Young Adult Sex Story: Chapter 3 - Jeremy's cousin Mandy is visiting and she's borny. She demands Jeremy do something about that. Jeremy seems to be clueless. Will it take long?

Caution: This Young Adult Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Fiction   Cousins   First   Oral Sex  

As predicted, when we got there, Devon wasn’t home. I tried telling Mandy it wasn’t happening. “Oh well. Too bad. He’s not here. Let’s go.” But she insisted we stay.

“Brian said he goes to the gym Saturdays. We can wait. Where’s the key?”

She gripped my arm with a strength that told me she wasn’t gonna be talked out of it. Dammit.

We went around back. I dug the key out of its little hiding spot under the back steps. We let ourselves in.

It was a two-story house with a full basement, but there wasn’t much in it. Half the rooms were empty. He had a couch, a kitchen table, a single chair, a couple plates, cups, and utensils. He didn’t even have a TV or a stereo. He had a couple of girly posters on the walls, and a pin-up of a muscle car in the bathroom. That was the extent of his decorating. I was surprised he even had toilet paper to be honest.

We peeked in his bedroom. Unmade bed, dresser, girly posters. Blonde chicks with big tits and fine, round asses, just like Mandy. She would apparently be a dream-come-true for him, and she planned to throw herself at him, no questions asked. There’s no way a prick like him deserved that kind of luck. Uhg. It made my stomach churn.

She walked right in the bedroom, threw herself down on the bed, and spread her legs wide and wanton. My eyes gaped at the flash of panties as her skirt rode up. She kicked her knees up to her chest and made little humping motions at the air above her pelvis. Her tits bounced and jostled up and down with every move she made. I almost whimpered.

“How do I look?” she asked, grinning. “Fit right in, don’t I?” And then she started moaning, and cooing and writhing around like she really was getting laid. “Oh yeah! Stick it in me, Devon! Fuck me, baby! Oh God, it feels so good. Oh, yesssss!”

I shook my head, pretending to be amused, but secretly hating him with a passion. She rolled over onto her side, shaking all over with laughter

“Oh man! You should see your face!”

“Hardy har. You’re a real comedian. Let’s go.”

After a quick tour to make sure he wasn’t home, we sat down to wait.

We waited a long time, on the run-down old couch he had in the living room. I felt all twisted around with anxiety about Devon walking in, and what would happen after that. At the very least, I could be sure he’d be cool toward me in an attempt to look like a nice guy to Mandy. That was small comfort though. She was just way too giddy about meeting him.

“So what’s gonna happen, then?” I asked. “He walks in the door and you just let him take you up to the bedroom for an afternoon of hot sweaty fucking?”

“Depends how bold he is. I love it when a guy is bold and brave and confident. If he just comes right out and says, ‘Wanna fuck?’ I’m totally gonna do it. I don’t even care. It’ll make me melt! In fact, any good looking guy could probably say that to me, and I just might go for it.”

“It’s just that simple, huh?”

“Why does it have to be complicated?”

“Don’t girls usually wanna get to know the guy first? Make sure he’s not a fuck-tard or whatever?”

“I’m not tryna have sex with his brain, Jeremy. As long as his dick’s not a fuck-tard, we’re good to go.”

“Why can’t every beautiful girl be as eager as you?”

She patted my cheek, thanking me for the compliment. And then she went almost immediately back to worrying.

“The only trouble is, I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing ... Like, in bed with a guy. All I know is a chick spreads her legs and the guy slams it in there. But what do I do? What do I say? How do I move? Where do I put my hands? What if I’m all dorky and weird and make a fool of myself?”

It honestly astonished me that a girl like her could ever be self-conscious about anything. But she apparently was, and very much so.

“I don’t think he’s gonna complain, being balls-deep in a wriggling little cutie like you.”

“But what if I mess something up? I want it to be perfect.”

“Then you probably shouldn’t be doing it with a guy like Devon.”

“Maybe my instincts will just take over, and everything will be just hot and sexy and perfect and gorgeous and flawless and amazing.”

“I think you read too many books.”

“Well how did humans have sex for millions of years? People don’t gotta go to school for shit like that. A woman’s body just knows what it wants and just goes crazy, doesn’t it?”

“I have no idea.”

“You’ve never done it before?”

Why did she seem so surprised by that?

“I got a ... sort of a blowjob once, but that’s it.”

She laughed. “Sort of a blowjob? How do you get sort of a blowjob?”

“She did it for like twenty seconds and then quit.”

Mandy laughed out loud, almost falling over. “You poor bastard!”

“Tell me about it. Other than that, all I’ve ever done is feel up a chick’s boobs, above the shirt.”

“Same girl as the blowjob?”

“No. Blowjob girl was Gina. Boobs girl was Heather.”

“Nice boobs?” Mandy wanted to know.

“Sorta. Not as nice as some people I know.”

She took that as a compliment, especially when I nodded my head sideways toward her. She sat up straighter, showing off a little now. I tried not to look, glancing at a girly poster on the wall instead.

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