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There Is Something About Mandy

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Chapter 2

Young Adult Sex Story: Chapter 2 - Jeremy's cousin Mandy is visiting and she's borny. She demands Jeremy do something about that. Jeremy seems to be clueless. Will it take long?

Caution: This Young Adult Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Fiction   Cousins   First   Oral Sex  

I wasn’t entirely sure if she liked him when we got there. She’d been giddy and bouncy at my place, thrilled at the very idea of meeting him, but when we got there, she kinda went all quiet. I hoped she was just nervous, or maybe trying to play it cool. But she probably just didn’t think he was all that attractive. They say women know within thirty seconds if they would fuck a guy or not. In Mandy’s case it was more like five.

He on the other hand was very excited to see her. She was as hot as I’d promised. Maybe more so, with her amazing tits and ass, blonde hair, blue eyes, full lips, short skirt.

It was very obvious he was interested in her. Maybe that’s what had cooled her off right away. He was too eager, too quickly. Not cool at all.

“Hi, Mandy. Nice to meet you!”

He was grinning way too big, and he had to wipe chip crumbs on his pants before he shook her hand.

“Hi ... Brian.”

We hung out for a while, playing games. Brian kept making a lot of really dumb dirty, suggestive jokes. I was actually embarrassed for him after a while. Mandy wasn’t rude about it or anything, but you could tell she wasn’t exactly swooning over him either. She looked like she wanted to leave, just strolling around the room looking at everything but him.

At least she wasn’t masturbating on the floor.

“Watch this, Mandy! I’m gonna ram this rocket right into that big old hole!”

There was a hole in the side of a building in his game. He fired a missile and it went in. He laughed, exactly the way an immature teenage boy would.

“Good shot,” she said, and looked away at the pictures on the wall of his den, obviously bored out of her mind again, but not complaining out loud.

And that’s when she saw Brian’s brother Devon. He was in a football uniform in the photo and apparently Mandy completely creamed her panties the moment she laid eyes on him. She actually snatched up his photo off a shelf, and we heard a little gasp from her.

“Who is this!?” she asked.

I answered with a sigh. “Brian’s brother, Devon. Jock type. More muscle than brains. Kinda guy who revs his engine and squeals his tires to account for a lack of actual testicles.”

“Yeah,” Brian added, “Thank God he’s moved out now. We finally get some peace around here. What a tool.”

She seemed completely deaf to our criticisms of him, though. He was older and hotter than both of us, and that piqued her interest. It was like a switch had been flipped inside her somewhere. She suddenly had a new fascination. And the more she questioned Brian about him, the more he babbled, and she got more excited by the moment. Devon had his own place, his own car, he was single, he did nothing but work-out at the gym all the time.

“And he’s got tattoos too,” Brian muttered, rolling his eyes as though that were the most disgusting thing a man could ever do. Of course, this only served to seal the deal for Mandy. She let out a little gasping squeak noise, and I imagined the crotch of her panties was now officially 99% liquid.

“So gorgeous hottie bad-boy with his own house and car, and the body of a trained athlete,” she said, summing it up. “Yup. He sounds like a real tool, alright.”

“He is a tool,” Brian said. Then he got up and went off to the bathroom, apparently growing as bored of her as she was of him.

The moment he was gone, she grabbed me by the shirt and pulled me to her.

“Oh man! I am so gonna give up my v-card to this guy!”

“Who? Brian?”

“No! Ew! To Devon, stupid!”

“Devon!? Devon is even more ew than Brian!”

But she didn’t hear it.

“You have to find a way to get me down to his place! This minute!”

“What the fuck. Mandy!? I thought you were all into Brian half an hour ago! I believe your exact words were, ‘this dude is so getting laid tonight.’”

“Brian doesn’t need me. He’s firing his rockets into holes in that stupid game.”

“But you dragged me all the way down here. We were supposed to hang out!”

“But then I saw Devon! We have to go meet him. Figure it out! Make it happen! Oh, please! Oh, please!! You have to do this for me!”

She nibbled on her finger a bit, staring up at Devon’s picture, looking completely gorgeous in her longing. She was even panting a little. Her boobs rose and fell seductively. I didn’t know how to be mad at her.

“You’re completely mental,” I said.

“I know! But I can’t help it! Eyes! Hair! Lips! Muscles! I want him! I want him on me. I want him in me!”

“You don’t even know this guy. Why does it have to be him? Why right this minute?”

“I didn’t know Brian either, and you had no problem throwing me away to him.”

“Brian is at least mostly a decent guy!”

“Boring, in other words.”

“Mandy, you’re being stupid here. Devon’s ... You don’t know him like we do. He’s just so ... If you throw yourself at him ... I ... Shit!” I was so frustrated I couldn’t even form complete sentences. She sighed, as though it were difficult explaining simple concepts to a silly little boy. She leaned in, close to my ear, whispering so Brian wouldn’t overhear.

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