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There Is Something About Mandy

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Chapter 1

Young Adult Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Jeremy's cousin Mandy is visiting and she's borny. She demands Jeremy do something about that. Jeremy seems to be clueless. Will it take long?

Caution: This Young Adult Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Fiction   Cousins   First   Oral Sex  

Mandy showed up at our door Friday afternoon with an overnight bag. Apparently her parents had some out-of-town thing and she was to sleep on our couch for the weekend. We had pizza and played board games with mom that night, and we were all in bed by 11.

Mom went out Saturday after breakfast, and Mandy spent the morning moaning and groaning about how insanely bored she was. I offered her my other game controller, but she kicked at it with disgust.

“I’m trying to end the boredom, not make it worse!

“Suit yourself.”

I went back to shooting at random strangers online. Mandy got up and went to flop down on my bed down the hall. She came back a few minutes later, and just stood in the doorway, looking a little dazed. The boredom was apparently really getting to her.

She was wearing these short little shorts and a tight little shirt that pretty much only covered her chest and a little bit of her tummy. She had boobs. So much boobs. So round and perky and firm. She had the kind of chest that made you have to remind yourself not to stare. They thrilled you and tortured you at the same time. Her body in general was so amazing it was almost painful. And she had a nice round bum that was enough to make you forget your own name. Don’t get me started on how sexy her long, lustrous blonde hair looked, flowing down over her shoulders all random and wild, as though she’d spent all night having wild passionate sex and hadn’t done anything to touch it up yet. I glanced up at her as she leaned in the doorway, thinking how cruel it was that she was my cousin.


“What?” she said, noticing me look.

“Nothing. Just wondering why you’re standing there.”

I patted the couch beside me. She let out a breathy sigh and fell into sitting, complaining again.

“I can’t stand this! We’re wasting the whole day! We should be out doing something!”

“Like what?”

“I don’t know! Anything! Something fun!”

I didn’t have any suggestions, so I just continued mashing away on my controller. She got up again and strolled around the room, giving me some very nice peeks at her bum as she reached up to pull pictures down off of shelves for a better look. Then she sat down on the floor for a few minutes. After that, she just kind of flopped over, lying there like a rag doll, first on her tummy, propping herself up on her elbows, showing off her pretty, round bum, and then on her back, giving me a deliciously guilt-inducing view of her chest. And then she started doing splits in the air, spreading her legs wide, pretending to exercise, but probably just trying to distract me. I was getting killed like crazy in my game.

“Think I should try out for gymnastics, Jeremy? Look how far I can do the splits.”

I looked. She was pretty much spread 180 degrees on the floor in front of me. I looked away again. She giggled.

“That’s ... great, Mandy.”

And then she got into this little routine where she kept kicking my controller out of my hand, nudging my wrist with her toe and making me fumble.

“Whoops,” she said, giggling again.

“Please don’t.”

“I’m bored! Amuse me!”

“What are you, the Queen of Sheba?”

She nudged my controller again. This time I missed a grenade throw and blew myself up. I grabbed her by the ankle and shoved her leg away, but that succeeded only in throwing her legs wide open again. The girl sure was flexible. She giggled, holding the pose for a moment. I tore my eyes away and went back to the game, moving down the couch to get out of her range. But then she just got up and laid down on the other end of the couch. This time she nudged my waist instead of my controller. It tickled. I jumped a little. Then she kicked her feet into my lap and just rested them there as she laid there staring at me.

“Must you?” I said, nudging at her foot.

“I have to put my feet somewhere!”

I squirmed, and when she went to poke me with her toe again, she nearly got me in the privates. Maybe she was actually aiming there deliberately.

“Go ... masturbate or something!”

“Already have, like three times.”

I turned to look at her, and realized she wasn’t even kidding. She was dead serious.

“Um ... I was just joking, but... okay ... Girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do, I guess.”

Now I was distracted by the idea of her diddling herself right in my bed, getting off and cumming with soft little gasps and moans into the pillow.

“Like you don’t do that,” she teased.

“I don’t announce it.”

She tried poking me in the privates again, but I shoved her feet right off my lap and the couch. She slid off onto the floor again, groaning in the agony of boredom. I ignored her.

Finally, she was literally writhing on the floor, groaning in agony, and I began to think something was seriously wrong with her.

“You gonna live, or what?”

“Please, Jeremy! I’m gonna die I’m so bored. Don’t you have any friends we could hang out with? Like... Guys, maybe? Hot guys with pretty eyes and muscles?”

“Oh. So you’re that kind of bored.”

“Yes. That kind! Borney!”


“Yes, Borney! Bored and horny mixed together. It’s horrible! The only cure is messing around with someone.”

She spread her legs wide and inviting again. Then the crazy girl started making humping motions at the air, right on the floor in front of me.


“Oh, God! Somebody fuck me, please! I can’t take it anymore!”

She moaned it out exactly like a girl who’s dying to get laid. My controller slipped out of my hand and clattered to the floor. Some guy blew my head off with a shotgun. I barely noticed.

That’s the funny thing about Mandy. She’s kind of insane.

“Is this a common problem with you?” I picked up the controller again, trying to pretend like I wasn’t paying any attention to her.

“It is lately. So what are you gonna do about it?”

“Why do I have to do something about it? Don’t you have a boyfriend you can call up for that kind of boredom?”

“I’ve been single for four fucking months. And even when I had a boyfriend, he never did anything but kiss me and grab my tits. He was a perfect gentleman!”

“That asshole!”

“I know, right!?”

I went back to gaming. That seemed to piss her off more than ever.

“Jeremy, if you don’t find us something fun to do this minute, I’m gonna lay here on the floor and masturbate right in front of you!”

“Yeah, right.”

But she did it. The next thing I knew, she was lying there stroking herself, above the clothes. I lost all train of thought, just staring in disbelief and morbid fascination. She was staring right back at me and panting heavily as she did it. And after about thirty seconds, she got even more into it. Her eyes went half-closed and her breathing got deeper. She rubbed herself even harder. I just watched in a daze, half expecting her to burst out laughing like she was only joking all along.

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