Negotiating Peace - Cover

Negotiating Peace

by Jean G.

Copyright© 2023 by Jean G.

Coming of Age Sex Story: She needs to study. Her brother is extra noisy while playing video games. Her parents were of no help. She needed a solution. She had to negotiate for what she wanted.

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Fiction   Incest   Brother   Sister   Anal Sex   Oral Sex   Illustrated   .

David was bitchy as hell. He was playing some sort of videogame in the next room and I was trying to study. I told him to shut up like 17 times, and he would, but five minutes later, he was yelling again. Something about campers and newb-tubes or whatever. I wasn’t even paying attention any more. I just knew I lost my concentration every time he screamed.

“Mom!” I yelled into the phone after dialing her number. “I’m trying to study! And Dave’s in the next room screaming at some random idiots online! When are you guys gonna be back!?”

Mom and Aunt Clarissa were in Minneapolis, shopping. They’d left that morning, leaving Dave with me to play his games. They told us to fend for ourselves and drove off.

“We’re gonna be back tomorrow. Probably in the afternoon. We told you that six times.”

“But I have to study!”

“You’re a big girl, Beth. You’re sixteen. He’s fifteen. You should both be mature enough to settle this. Handle it.”

She said goodbye and hung up.

“Dammit!” I yelled, throwing the phone at my pillow.

I tried once more to ignore him, but it was useless. And I was getting desperate. I had an exam on Monday, and it was for 20% of my final mark!

I ran down the hall and tried pleading with him once more.

“Please shut up. Please, David! I have to study!”

“But these assholes ... my kill death ratio! It’s ruined. FUCK!”

Useless. He calmed down for about four minutes, and then he was screaming again. This time he rumbled the whole house stomping on the floor too.

“That’s it!” I muttered. It was time for drastic measures. “Handle it, she says. I’ll fucking handle it alright!”

I went to my closet, pulled out my skimpiest outfit and put it on. I grabbed a short tartan micro-miniskirt and a low-cut top. I tied the little white blouse off above my tummy and unbuttoned a few buttons above my cleavage. And then I threw on some make-up and whipped my hair into two pony tails. Then, just to be cruel, I pulled on some thigh-high stockings and knee-high boots. I looked in the mirror. I looked devastating. And it only took five minutes.

Then I grabbed a lollipop from the candy dish in the living room and carried my homework into the den.

“God damn piece-of-shit camper! Son-of-a...”

He trailed off when he saw me standing there. I was leaning against the door frame with my back arched. My tits were thrust out. I had my textbook under one arm and I was slowly pumping the lollipop in and out of my mouth with the other. His eyes widened. His mouth dropped open.

“Beth?” he said, as though aliens had kidnaped me and replaced me with a sex drone.

“Mind if I study in here, Davey?” I said, demurely. “I really wanna get this done. It’s so important to me.”

“I ... uh ... um ... sure...” he said.

I walked in and flopped down onto the carpet in front of the TV. I lay with my legs slightly parted, my little round butt slowly waving back and forth in front of him. I opened my book and started reading.

He was quiet. He was so quiet it was almost beautiful. But the game was still kinda noisy.

I turned around, onto my side, stretched, lifting one leg straight into the air, and flashed my panties as I pretended to scratch an itch on the back of my thigh. He gawked. I heard him get shot on the TV behind me, but he barely even noticed. I pulled downward on my bottom lip, pouting cutely.

“Can you ... just ... turn it down an eentsy-weentsy bit? Pretty please, Davey?”

He obeyed. I turned back to my book, grinning.

I actually got some studying done for about fifteen minutes as he silently clicked and mashed away at his controller. But after a while he started getting madder and madder at his game again, and not even the gentle wiggling of my bum or even hiking up of my skirt could calm him.

“Why so grouchy, Gus?” I asked him sweetly.

“These damn idiots ... I ... never mind.”

I was desperate to get my homework done and I knew I had to take some serious measures if I wanted to pass on Monday.

“I think I know something that might make you feel better?”

“Nothing will make me feel better. I’m getting creamed by these punks!”

“Oh I think I know something that will make you forget all about that silly little game.”

“What?” he asked, grumpily.

I got up, sat on my heels, and began unbuttoning my top. His jaw dropped. He stared in shock as one, two, and three buttons popped open on my shirt.

“What’re you... Beth?”

My top was completely unbuttoned now. My C-cup boobs were moments away from being exposed to his stunned gaze.

“Turn it off,” I told him.

“But ... I...”

“Fine then,” I said, and started buttoning my shirt up again.

He immediately reached down and clicked the power off.

“That’s better,” I said, and slowly pulled my top open. My breasts dropped out, jiggling before his eyes, and my little pink nipples pointed out at him.


The look on his face was somewhere between sheer amazement and terror.

“Why are you showing me your boobs?” he said.

“I told you I had something that’s more interesting than the game. Aren’t they pretty?”

I played with my nipples, teasing them erect. I rubbed the lolly on them, making them wet and sticky. Then I bent down, lifted my breast up and licked the sticky sugar off again.

“They’re very pretty,” he answered, sounding a little drunk.

“Have you ever seen a girl’s boobs before? No. Of course you haven’t. You spend far too much time worrying about your silly little game.”

“I uh ... I just never had a chance before...”

“Do you think they’re nicer than a video game?”

He nodded. I beckoned him over with a wiggle of my finger. He put his controller down and came forward, kneeling on the floor in front of me.

I whispered, as though I had to tell him a very important secret.

“If I let you play with them, will you promise to let me study quietly for ten minutes?”

I slowly pumped the lolly in and out of my mouth, waiting for him to answer. He nodded with his mouth hanging open stupidly.

So I let him grab them. He leaned forward and took them in his hands. His hands were warm. He squeezed them. He tugged gently on the nipples. He stroked them with his fingertips. He made me shiver.

Then I pushed his hands away. I leaned in and whispered again.

“If I let you kiss them, would you promise to let me study quietly for twenty minutes?”

I slowly pumped the lolly in and out of my mouth, and this time I swirled my tongue around it, waiting for him to reply. He nodded. So I pulled my hands back to my sides again, and thrust my chest out. This time, he leaned forward all the way and took my right nipple into his mouth. He suckled on my fat round little boob, tonguing and kissing the nipple for a whole minute while massaging the other with his palm and fingers. Then he switched. I was starting to tingle now. My panties were getting wet. Damn. This was nicer than I’d wanted to feel.

Then I pushed him away again. I whispered to him, right into his ear this time.

“If I took my panties off and showed you my privates, would you let me study quietly for thirty minutes?”

He nodded.

I stood up, unlatched the clip that held my skirt on and let it fall away. Then I shrugged my shirt off my shoulders. I turned around slowly and seductively, in only my panties and stockings. My little pigtails bounced and tickled at my shoulders. I pumped the lolly in and out of my mouth a few times, watching him stare at my ass, my tits, my thighs, my tummy.

And then I very slowly slid my panties down. They dropped to the floor and rested on top of my little black boots. I had to pull each foot out one at a time and then kick them away. Now I was naked, except for my stockings and boots, and the little red elastics in my hair. He leaned in for a closer look. I could feel his breath on the skin of my pubic mound. It tickled. It made me shiver. He stared for a long time. I turned around and around for him, showing him my every curve and crevice.

I leaned down and whispered to him again, this time kissing his ear a little with my soft, pouting lips.

“If I let you touch me down there, will you let me study quietly for forty minutes?”

He was nodding before I even finished. But I made him wait a moment while I suckled on my lolly some more. Finally I lifted one leg onto the coffee table, exposing myself to his gaze and his touch.

He reached up and slid his hand up my thigh, slowly, hesitantly. But he didn’t go straight for my privates. The first thing he did was reach around to grab my ass. He squeezed it and teased it with his fingertips for a bit. He lifted each cheek and let it drop again, making me jiggle. I giggled. He patted it, making me jiggle even more. Then he turned me around and gave me a playful little swat.

“Ooh!” I cried out, flinching and blushing. “Be a good boy, now. No hitting.”

He just stared, his face a daze of lust. I began to worry I might be seriously messing with his mind.

Then his hands started wandering again. When he got to my privates, he brushed over them with his fingertips. I shivered again. And then he touched my clitty, so soft and gentle I nearly moaned. He rubbed at it for a few moments. I just let him, gasping out little whimpers and sighs.

And then he slid his fingers down my slippery pink slit and found my hole. Apparently he knew at least enough to know where all a girl’s parts were, probably from porn. He slid a finger inside me and I tensed all over, squeezing on it, very tightly, shivering again. Fuck that felt nice. I was now pretty much soaking wet, and I had goose bumps all over me. His finger tickled inside me for a few minutes, probing and exploring, stroking and fucking in and out of my tight little girl-squeeze.

And then I pushed his hand away. I pulled him by his shirt toward me and kissed him. When I broke the kiss, I whispered into his ear again. I was trembling. So was he.

“If I let you kiss and lick me down there, would you promise to let me study quietly for fifty minutes?”

He nodded, and so I thrust my pussy forward, inviting him in. He brought his mouth to it and suddenly I felt his tongue whipping and slathering all around and over my clit. He missed the mark more than he hit it, but it felt gorgeous and ticklish and pretty nevertheless. My pelvis kept jerking and flinching when he hit the right place, and I kept gasping above him. I held his head, trying to guide him, but he was clumsy and random about it.

Then he started gently sucking on it, and that felt just amazing. Now he was sucking the little nub into his kiss and massaging it directly with his tongue. He never missed once like that, and soon I was moaning out loud, and non-stop too.

“Uh ... Oh, God ... Oh, fuck ... Yes, Davey ... Right there...”

And then he added his fingers to the mix as well, thrusting one back up inside me and probing around in my lady parts while he licked and sucked me. The combination of sensations was enough to make my knees nearly give out a few times. Finally I pushed him away, with the heel of my hand on his forehead. I shoved him off me. He let go of my clit with a slurp. A little string of saliva stretched between his lip and mine as he looked up at me.

“Yes?” he said, prompting me, eagerly excited now.

I whispered, pointing downward this time.

“If I let you take your privates out and I touched them, would you promise to let me study quietly for a whole hour?”

Without answering, he stood up and unbuttoned his pants. I sucked on my lolly while I waited, feeling pretty weak in the knees at this point, and more than a little fluttery in my tummy. My nipples were tingling too. He shoved his pants and shorts down together and a long thick rod of boy flesh came flipping out.

“Whoa,” I said. “That’s big.”

Now, I wasn’t a virgin at this point. I let my ex-boyfriend Jeff have his way with me one hot summer night, the night before he was to move away to a whole other city. After probably two or three hours of desperately making out and feeling each other up, I finally told him he could have the ultimate going away present. The poor boy lasted only four or five strokes in me, but he took my v-card anyway.

David’s was only the second dick I’d ever seen. And David’s was much longer and thicker, six and a half inches and nearly an entire handful around. Now it was my turn to stare in a daze. It was beautiful and strong-looking, smooth and sexy, and hard as a rock for me. And as soon as I saw it, I realized how much I’d missed fooling around with boys. I hadn’t dated anybody since Jeff had left.

I reached out and wrapped a hand around it. I gave it a few tugs, the way my ex-boyfriend had liked it. It felt heavy. It felt thick. It was warm and pulsing. It was alive. I reached out with my other hand and wrapped that around him too. I stroked at him for a minute, breathing heavy, hypnotized by the motion and heat, and the look on his face.

We kissed for a moment, and then I dropped to my knees in front of him to work him over properly. I took him in both hands at the same time and jerked him up and down eager and excited. His moans made my head spin.

I reached down and played with his balls too. They were round and heavy, but the skin of his bag was soft and smooth. I tickled at them with my fingers, making him whimper and sigh above me. And then I went back to stroking and massaging his shaft, pulling the skin up over the head and back down again, over and over, jerking him off.

And then I stopped, suddenly and cruelly. I just let go of him and dropped my hands away.

“What the...?” he stammered, snapping out of his daze.

“David,” I whispered, this time from down on my knees.

“Yes?” he whispered back, looking down at me with a look of desperate desire.

“If I put it in my mouth and sucked on it, would you promise to let me study for seventy whole minutes?”

He nodded vigorously. I opened my mouth, inviting him in. He grabbed me by the hair and shoved his cock in, in one swift thrust. Suddenly my mouth was full of dick and all I could do was pull my teeth away and moan. I closed my mouth around it, the first cock I’d tasted in months since Jeff moved away. I used to give Jeff head all the time. I knew what I was doing, but David’s sudden thrust surprised me. I pulled away at first, nearly gagging, but then I just closed my eyes and went for it.

I closed my mouth around him and felt him tense everywhere. Then he released a long, happy sigh as I pulled my head back, dragging that slippery sweet wetness right off of him in one slow, delirious stroke. It was only off for a moment before I was sucking him back in again. And when I got him in as far as I could go, I wiggled and flickered my tongue against him, exactly the way Jeff liked.

And for the next five minutes, I was giving head again, for the first time in way too many months. I’d forgotten how much I actually loved doing it. The feelings, the sounds, the motions. The thickness throbbing in my mouth. David closed his eyes, threw his head back and just let me suck on him. He thrust in and out of my mouth, gently, but firmly. Each time he’d pull out, I’d suck him back in. Each time he thrust forward, I’d pull the suction off of him, slurping my mouth along the length of him until only the tip was still inside.

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