Maddy - Cover


by Jean G.


Coming of Age Sex Story: His bratty, clingy little cousin had turned into his hot big cousin and she needed a place to crash. Is that all she needed?

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Fiction   Incest   Cousins   First   Oral Sex   Illustrated   .

Cousin Maddy got in a fight with her mom, so she called and asked if she could stay at our place for the night.

“I just have to get out of here! I can’t stand it anymore!”

My mom and dad weren’t home. They were gone for the night, actually. I didn’t know what to tell her. I wasn’t allowed to have people over. But she was my cousin. Did that still count?

“Well, I guess they wouldn’t say no. They wouldn’t want you out on the street or anything.”

“Awesome! I’ll be over within the hour. It’s just for tonight. Don’t worry.”

“What was the fight about?” I asked her. “Just curious.”

“She threw a big fit just because I came home late last night. God! It’s not like I’m a child anymore! She said if I don’t want to live by her rules I can just get the fuck out. So maybe I will.”

“She was probably just mad. And so are you. But come on over. Maybe you’ll both feel better tomorrow.”

I hadn’t seen Maddy in years. Since we were eleven or so. Our family used to have get-togethers. But since grandma died, that’s kind of fizzled out. The last time I saw her, she was a dorky, skinny little thing with pigtails and a My Little Pony shirt. I was twelve at the time, and I actually found her irritating. She used to say she wished cousins could get married because she loved me so much and every other guy she knew was mean. I was still in the stage of thinking girls were weird and silly. She hugged me too much. She was so clingy and girly and annoying.

That was five years ago.

I hardly recognized her when she rang the doorbell. She was a woman now, basically. She was wearing a baby-blue T-shirt with a big pink heart on it that was way too tight for the amount of tits she had. And boy, did she have them now. Wow. No wonder her mom was worried about her being out late.

She was wearing cut-off denim shorts that rode up a little too high. She had little white stockings on that came up to her thighs. She had make-up that made her look like a centrefold model. Her hair was blonde now too. I guess she’d dyed it. She had light-brown hair in all the pictures we have of her family.


She rushed in and gave me a big hug. She was kinda petite for her age. At least smaller than me anyway. Her cheek pressed into my chest.

“Cody! I haven’t seen you in so long! Look at you, all grown up and shit!”

“You too,” I said, trying to ignore the feel of her big jiggling breasts pressing into me as we hugged. I had to remind myself that she was my cousin. If I’d seen her on the street somewhere, me and my buddies probably would have whistled at her.

She smelled pretty sexy too.

She pulled away and held me by the hands at arm’s length. “God! You’re gorgeous now! I don’t remember you looking this hot! I could just eat you up!” She ran her hand down my chest and abs and whistled appreciatively.

It was an awkward thing to say to your cousin, but she always was a giddy type of girl.

“Um. Good genes, I guess. You ain’t so bad yourself, Maddy.”

“Come on! You used to think I was just an annoying little brat back in the day. Remember? I always said I wanted to marry you and you would run away all weirded-out. Ha! Those were the days. I got curves now. Check it out. Boys don’t run away from me anymore.”

She turned sideways and arched her back, thrusting her tits and ass out. I raised an eyebrow, but then gave her a disapproving fatherly type look for flaunting her body like that. She just laughed and jiggled her tits at me in defiance. Then she kissed me on the cheek.

She had a little school bag with her with a change of clothes and her personal items. She dropped it by the door and walked in.

I showed her around and then took her down to the guest bedroom in the basement. It was actually my game room, but it had a hide-a-bed that could be pulled out when someone needed a place to sleep. I actually hadn’t been in there in a long time, since I’d gotten a computer in my bedroom. I did all my gaming on there these days.

“Thank you so much for letting me crash here, Cody. I don’t know if I could handle another night with my witch of a mother.”

“Aunty Paula isn’t that bad. Come on.”

“She’s such a hypocrite. She goes out all hours of the night with that boyfriend of hers—who’s a fucking creep, by the way, always staring at my tits and ass—but I come in at 1 AM one night, and all hell breaks loose! It’s so not fair! Dammit, I didn’t even do anything either. Some guy was trying to grab my ass and kiss me, but he was a total douche about it. Not even trying to be cool. I might have done him if he was at least trying. And now my mom’s all pissed at me. So not worth it!”

“It is her house, I guess. My parents can get pretty bitchy too.”

“But you’re supposedly this absolute angel, with perfect grades and everything! What could they ever be bitchy about?”

“You’d be surprised.”

“Probably not.”

We watched a movie. It was lousy. Some space alien thing with lots of monsters getting machine-gunned down by soldiers who were way too stupid to have survived all that. But all through the movie, Maddy kept jumping and cuddling me whenever a monster burst on the screen. “Eeek!” and “Oh-ma-god!” Once again, it was awkward. But my erection sure didn’t mind the feel of nice soft boobs pressing into me every three minutes. My erection didn’t seem to know that she was off limits, no matter how much my brain screamed.

“I need a blanket to hide my eyes!”

I went and got one, and for some reason she covered us both up with it and cuddled really close.

After the movie, with nothing else to do, we just went to our separate rooms. But not before I got her a couple pillows from the linen closet and helped her fold out the bed.

She got changed in the basement bathroom while I was doing that. She came out wearing basically nothing. Just a long pink T-shirt that had a picture of a sleepy-looking teddy bear sitting on a crescent moon. It stopped just below her ass and I could see that she was wearing little pink panties. The nightie was threadbare, almost see-through. And she wasn’t wearing a bra. I could see that quite clearly. Her nipples were poking out of the thing. It was tight on her too. I could see the curve of her waist flare out into her wide, girly hips. I also noticed she’d left her ponytails in. She noticed me staring and did a little courtesy.

“I really should get rid of this old thing. But I’ve had it for years, and it’s so comfy.”

And she flipped it up and gave me a quick flash of her panties. Her little privates looked puffy and pretty down there. I could see the crease where the cloth was sliding into her slit. My mouth dropped open a little. I stood there for a moment, wondering if she was trying to drive me crazy. But then I decided she was just being silly and girly as usual.

“Don’t go sneaking out at 1 AM, young lady,” I teased her.

“I’m in for the night. Promise.”

And she kissed me on the cheek and hugged me again, pressing her tits into me again for longer than could be considered accidental.

“Mmmm. You give such nice hugs.”

“Sleep well,” I told her, pulling away finally, after thirty seconds. I was getting hard again, and it would be difficult to hide in the pajamas I was wearing. Getting hard over your cousin was just plain weird.

“Night, Cody!” she said, and hopped onto her bed with a bounce that made her ass jiggle. Damn, she had a nice ass.

I played a game for a bit, but none of my friends were online. Then I thought about firing up some porn to relieve some of the tension that had built up inside me, but I was worried Maddy would come barging in and catch me with my pants around my ankles, dick in hand. How would I explain that? Um ... your tits and ass, Maddy. They’re driving me crazy ... No. That would just be weird.

Finally, I climbed into bed. It had been a long day.

I got a text at 1 AM. It was Maddy. It just said, “Help!”

She hadn’t screamed or anything, so I assumed she wasn’t actually in any danger. I got up to go see what was bugging her. Maybe she was playing my old game system and got stuck on a level.

As I got to the bottom of the basement stairs though, I heard the sound of sex. Someone was fucking. What the hell?

I opened her door and looked in. It was dark in the room, except for the TV. She was watching porn. I could see her well enough. She wasn’t even under the covers. She was on the bed, laying on the pillows. She looked over and me and grinned sheepishly, gesturing toward the TV with one hand. She shrugged. She giggled.

“What the...” was all I said.

Some guy with a big rod was drilling himself firmly and deeply into a hot little blonde with big tits. The young lady on screen was fucking him back like a champion and apparently loving every moment of it, moaning and squealing like she was in the throes of one long, steady, non-stop orgasm. I got hard in spite of my mental resistance to the idea, and before I knew it, my erection was bulging in my pajama bottoms.

“I was lonely down here, and kinda scared. I can’t sleep when it’s so quiet, so I turned the TV on. This is what popped up on the screen. And I can’t change the channel.”

She offered me the remote. I walked up and took it. I jabbed a couple of buttons on the thing. Nothing worked. The batteries weren’t dead. The little light flickered when you pressed buttons, but you couldn’t change the channel, turn it off, or even turn it down.

“Um ... sorry. Was this channel on when you turned it on?”

“Yup. Someone must have been having their fun and then just shut it off like that when they were done. Was it you?”

“No. I haven’t even been in this room for like ... months. Honest.”

“Sure, Cody,” she said, smirking. “You can tell me. I’m not gonna say nothing.” And she parted her legs a little. Very subtly. But I noticed it.

“No. I’m serious. If I was gonna do this, I have all that shit on my computer anyway ... if I wanted it, I mean.”

“Like you’re gonna stand there and tell me you never watch porn, you never jerk off.”

“I ... only sometimes ... now and then.” Then I tried to change the subject. I jabbed a few more buttons on the remote to no avail. “I think it’s because the satellite receiver is upstairs. You have to change the channel from up there. How long have you been laying here watching this?”

The girl on the screen was now going down on the guy, sucking and slurping her own juices off her lover’s cock.

“For about twenty minutes now,” she confessed. Her eyes flicked downward at my bulge. I shifted awkwardly in the dim flickering light of the guest room.

“Why didn’t you unplug the TV or something?” I said, laughing.

“Cause then it would be too quiet in here. I’m kinda scared, after that movie.”

“Why don’t you sleep in the living room then. You can turn on the stereo and-”

“Can you sleep with me?” she said, cutting me off. My head nearly popped. It’s not every day you hear a pretty female voice utter those words. “I don’t wanna be all by myself.”


Her legs parted a little more. She pouted cutely.

“Please? Just for a little while.”

“Alright,” I said. And I walked over to unplug the TV.

“No! Leave it on! I’m scared of the dark!”


“Come on. You’re a big boy. You can handle a little porn without going nuts, can’t you?”

“I probably can’t,” I confessed.

“Well, it’s not like I’m not going crazy too. But what can you do?”

I knew very well what we couldn’t do. Nevertheless, I walked over and laid down beside her, leaving the couple on screen moaning and panting like a couple of horny animals.

She grabbed me and pulled me close. But I shifted away again, and arranged myself into a semi-comfortable position beside her. I was trying my best not to touch her in any way. I didn’t want things to be even more difficult than they already were.

She protested of course. “You have to cuddle me, Cody. I’m scared!”

“You’re seventeen, Maddy. You can’t be that scared.”

“It’s dark in here.”

“Except for the porn?” I said.

“Yeah!” she replied. “How about I turn away from you, and you can hug me that way? Come on. Like this.” And she pulled me onto my side and snuggled her backside into me in the spoon position. I held my arm about a foot above her, not knowing where to put it. There were nice, soft, hard-on enticing curves everywhere. “Hug me!” she demanded. So I lowered my arm onto her waist, and rested my hand on her tummy. “That’s better,” she said.

But then she started wiggling and squirming into me. Her beautiful round ass nestled into my erection like it was created for that very purpose.

“Maddy, I-”

“Oh quit being a baby!” she said. “We’re not little kids anymore. Stop acting like I have cooties.”

“It’s not the cooties I’m worried about,” I muttered. And my erection throbbed involuntarily, as though to prove the point. She felt it and bumped it with her bottom, as if in rebuke.

“Apparently you think I have a nice ass. Thanks for the compliment.” And she giggled. I groaned, as though tortured.

“I’m never gonna be able to sleep like this,” I told her. “Porn playing in the background. Soft, warm girl rubbing up against me. How strong do you think I am?”

“I think you’re incredibly strong. That’s why I want you with me. To protect me.”

I said nothing. She finally stopped wiggling and jiggling and lay still. But even her fuckin’ breathing was sexy. I let out a quiet sigh, wondering if I could sneak off to the bathroom and jerk one out just to clear my head. But she was holding my arm tight and wouldn’t let me go.

The couple fucked away on the screen. And even though I was trying not to watch it, I could still hear it. And even if I could have somehow muted it, this beautiful, sexy young girl was nestled up to me in real life, in the dark and breathing long, slow, and deep, with heavy tense sighs now and then. She was watching it!

“That’s pretty hot,” she whispered.

“I’m trying not to look,” I told her.

“Look,” she said in a hot whisper.

I looked. The guy was doing her from behind, holding her hair in one fist and banging her hard as he gripped her waist with his other hand. Then he pulled her up, held her by the throat and kissed her while they fucked.

“Damn...” Maddy said. “Now I wanna get fucked.”

That was an obvious hint. Even I could see that. But what was more obvious to me was that it would be so wrong, and things would be weird between us after. I had to be the strong and mature one. I had to be wise, even if she wasn’t. But if I’d had any brains to speak of, I wouldn’t have even gotten into that bed. Not with the porn playing. Not with her half dressed and all hot and bothered like she was.

I just laid there in the dark, smelling the beautiful smell of her hair, listening to her breathe, feeling the warmth of her body against mine, and resisting the now constant urge to just grab her and have my way with her. I kept trying to talk sense into myself, telling myself I should just get up and go back to my own bed. But her body was too nice and soft and curvy and warm. I wouldn’t have been able to sleep in a million years no matter what bed I was in, knowing this beautiful young thing was in the next room.

She was quiet for a few minutes. And then, ever so slightly, she began rocking her bottom back and forth against me. Her ass was soft and round and it felt heavenly. I was worried my dick would pop right out of the elastic of my pjs the way she was rubbing on me. I was also worried that if she kept it up, I might splooge in my shorts. That would be even worse.

“Maddy ... maybe you shouldn’t...” I whispered in the dark.

“Shhh...” she said. And kept right on going, slowly, gently rocking back and forth. Her breathing got deeper too, more shaky. And then I realized where her right hand was. Her left hand was holding my left hand, which she’d slid under her neck and up across the top her her shoulders in front of her. But her right hand was nowhere to be seen. And then I put two and two together and realized why her pelvis was grinding in those sweet little circles, why her breathing had gotten so ... erratic.

“Maddy...” I said, but I didn’t really know how to finish the sentence. How do you ask a girl if she’s playing with herself?

“Shhh...” she whispered again. And the couple fucked on. “Uh ... God...”

It was now obvious Maddy was masturbating right in front of me. She was letting out these soft sweet gasps of girly pleasure and grinding around in circles, and her whole body was rocking a bit from the jerking motion of her arm. I was nearly losing my mind.

And then she took my hand and placed it on her breast. She just took me by the wrists and slid my hand down to cup her firm round tit. And she moaned softly.

“What’re you...” I began. But she closed her hand around mine, making me squeeze her breast, and I lost all train of thought. She held my hand there, not letting me pull away, and so I just gave in and massaged her breast on my own, feeling my head go swimmy as I did. Now I was thrusting against her a little too. Now I was breathing hard.

I wanted to take my cock out, tug her panties down and slide it in her, but I knew I couldn’t. It was wrong. But the couple fucked away on in the scene on TV and we both got hotter over it. We both wanted more.

“You’re breathing on my neck. Keep doing that,” she whispered. “Kiss my neck.”

I was going kind of crazy in my head with the this-should-not-be-happening conflict, but I obeyed her request nevertheless. I pressed my lips into the back of her neck, breathing softly on her skin as I did, and she moaned. I kissed her all over and massaged her breast with careful little squeezes.

“Damn, you know how to turn a girl on,” she said, after a few minutes.

“I think you were already turned on when I got here.”

“I think you were too,” she said. She nuzzled her pretty little butt into my bulge as though to prove the point.

“Admit it, Maddy. You weren’t even scared at all. You just called me down here to-”

“I am so scared! I’m very scared. But that’s part of the turn-on. I feel scared and helpless, and you’re here protecting me.”

“I think you’re more horny than scared.”

“Well no shit, genius. I’ve been masturbating down here for nearly an hour now!”

“I thought you said twenty minutes.”

“I lied. So sue me. I don’t see you running away...”

And then she went quiet again and went back to it.

“We should stop. We shouldn’t-”

I pulled away from her, tugging my privates from her sweetly gyrating ass.

“Don’t go!” she said, grabbing at me. But I pulled away and got up.

“Maddy, we can’t-”

But instead of stopping, she just laid on her back, spread her legs even wider and masturbated vigorously, holding my wrist as she did, keeping me from leaving. I could have easily shook her off and walked out, but I didn’t. She was too damn sexy to walk away from. It would have taken more strength than a hundred men had. I just stood there staring, mesmerized as she brought herself to a pelvis-thrusting climax in front of me. She cooed and gasped and tensed all over, thrusting and bucking upward as she came, and she twitched and flinched as her fingers diddled and milked some secret pleasures only she could feel. I saw a damp wetness spread across the front of her panties in the dim light from the TV.

“This is so not fair,” I moaned.

Then she reached her hand out and gave my erection a little squeeze. I jumped a bit. She hummed softly, and it was almost scary how aroused she sounded. But I didn’t flee, and she took that as a go-ahead. She squeezed it again, stroking it above my pjs.

“Mmmm ... big,” she whispered.

“Maddy, don’t...” I pleaded, in a last ditch effort to retain some willpower. But she was having none of it. She was now turned on to the point of insanity and there was no saying no to her. I tried to shove her hand away, but she grabbed me again without hesitation, over and over.

“Ooh. It’s throbbing,” she whispered. “I think it likes me.” And she grabbed at it again, giving it a nice firm squeeze and licking her lips.

Finally, I quit resisting. She knew I wanted it as much as she did, or I would have just walked out. I decided to let her jerk me off maybe, and then I could go to sleep in my own bed and things wouldn’t be all weird. Well, not as weird anyway. Maybe that’s all she wanted.

She was stroking my dick more boldly now, more directly, squeezing and playing with it above my pjs for a few minutes, until there was a little wet stain of precum soaked through the front of the flannel and I was moaning out loud. And my moaning only seemed to embolden her more. She actually sat up and kissed the little wet spot, making me shiver all over.

Somewhere in the insanity of the moment, I reached down and started playing with her tits. I did it without thinking, and she absolutely loved it. She flopped down onto her back and yanked her shirt up for me, inviting me forward. I grabbed her breasts in my hands and squeezed and massaged them, feeling their weight and softness, and the stiffness of her little nipples. She shivered. She arched her back. She squeezed and massaged my cock more eagerly. I was entranced.

So was she, apparently. “Feel how wet I am,” she told me.

“What?” I said, stupidly. I was already pawing and playing with her tits, but that invitation seemed somehow strange and alien to me.

“My pussy,” she said. “I’m so fucking wet right now, it’s insane!”

I didn’t resist at all when she took my hand and slid it into her panties. Everything was hot and damp down there. And when she shoved my hand even further down, my finger went into her slit and I found that she was indeed soaking wet.

“You’re pretty wet, alright,” I said, giving her an appreciative little stroke with my fingers. Her panties were pretty much soaked right through.

But then she wouldn’t let me pull my hand away. I tried to, trying to be polite or whatever, but she held me there. And then she used her own hand to make me masturbate her down there. And she started moaning almost as loud as the girl in the porno.

“Maddy ... don’t. You’re gonna make me go crazy and I’ll want to ... do things we shouldn’t.”

“So then do things,” she said. “I want it. I won’t stop you. I won’t say anything...”

My heart was pounding hard. My head was feeling tingly. I found her hole and slid a finger inside her. Her hole was tight and she squeezed my finger with an almost angry grip, moaning even harder, shaking all over.

“Oh, God, that feels nice!” she whispered, shivering.

And then she slid her hand into my pjs too, and stroked my erection directly.

“Why are you doing this?” I asked her, stammering in the dark.

“Because I need to.”

It was a strange answer. I didn’t ask her to explain it though.

“You’ve done this stuff before?” I asked her. “With other guys, I mean.”

“Uh yuh,” she said, holding my probing finger in place with one hand and fucking it with a swirl of her pelvis.

“Like, all the way with a guy?”

“Once,” she said, panting. “But he wasn’t very good. Are you good?”

“I don’t know,” I said. “I never done it.”

“Really!?” she said, stopping everything suddenly and looking at me amazed. “You’re a virgin!? Oh my God!”

“I just never got this far with a girl before. All I’ve ever done was kiss. One girl let me feel her boobs, but then she stopped me.”

“You’re joking, right? Are the girls in your school fucking insane!? If you were in my school you’d have done half the girls by now!”

“Our school is different, I guess. The girls are all about getting good grades and planning for the future.”

“But they still have hormones, right? They’re not robots!”

“I asked a few girls out and they said no. I always thought I just wasn’t good looking enough or whatever.”

“Cody,” she said. “Look at me.”

I looked at her.

She looked right into my eyes and said, “I want ... to fuck you.” She said it slow, enunciating every word.

“But, we’re...”

“Shhh! I don’t care. Just pretend I’m some random girl from school. Call me ... Chloe or Tiffany or whatever! Something slutty.”

This was pure insanity, but apparently it was really gonna happen. I was up to the second knuckle in her tight little pussy. One thought popped into my mind immediately, though.

“Are you ... safe?” I asked.

“On the pill,” she told me.

“But what if you regret it later and things are all awkward forever?”

“They already are awkward. I got wet in my panties the moment you opened the door. At least if you fuck me, I’ll be able to sleep tonight.”

I didn’t know what else to say. The next thing I know, she was kissing me. And then she was whipping her nightie over her head and shoving her nipples into my mouth, cradling my head lovingly as I suckled and kissed them. And she was bucking her hips up and down as I fucked her with my fingers.

I got back into bed with her, and that seemed to end any idea of putting a stop to everything. As soon as I lay down, she went crazy, kissing me all over and stroking me like a hungry animal. She was moaning into our kisses and grinding her pelvis wildly, like it was my dick inside her instead of merely a finger.

I was above her, sucking on her nipple and fingering her, and she pushed me backward, toward the foot of the bed, onto my back. And then my head was sort of hanging off the end of the bed as I felt my pjs come down. I felt dizzy hanging there like that, watching the upside down porn for a moment as her hands wandered all over my now naked body and finally slid up to wrap around my erection. I shivered. But I just lay there enjoying the feel of her soft girly hands on me.

“God, you got a nice cock...” she whispered. She caressed it, stroking it, measuring it. Her hands went up and down it, stroking lightly at first, and then gripping it to pull the skin along its length. Then her fingers fluttered down to tickle my balls. I was in heaven, hanging upside down while a girl jerked me off, and watching some dude get a blowjob on TV.

And then I felt the sweet young girl’s mouth close around it. It was cool in the basement, and I almost had goosebumps from the feel of her hands sliding all over me. But then her hand closed around my shaft, aimed it upward, and there was suddenly hot, slippery wet warmth around the end of my dick. It tickled and tingled so beautifully, so shockingly sudden, I cried out.

“Maddy ... Oh my God...”

The entire universe faded away for a moment, and there was only the feel of the soft warm wetness of her pretty little mouth around the end of me. And she moaned. And then she moved up and down on me a little, and that made me moan. And then she popped off me for a moment and I died a little, gasping desperately, wanting her to continue.

“It’s so big,” she said. “I wonder if I can...”

And then the pleasure resumed. I sighed happily. She took me in as far as she could go. And then she pulled off, spit on me, and stroked the wetness in with her hand. And then she took me in again. She moaned as though my dick were delicious.

“Uh ... fuck...” I babbled.

I just lay there with my head hanging off the bed, watching the girl on the screen slowly bobbing up and down on the guy she was with, while Maddy slowly bobbed up and down on me. She even matched her motions to the girl on the screen. When the girl pulled off and jerked at her guy, Maddy did the same to me. When the girl went down and suckled on his balls, so did Maddy. When the girl took long slow licks all over the guy’s erection, so did she. It was bliss.

“Ah, God...” was all I could say. Her mouth was like hot, slippery honey, engulfing me, sucking gently, making the pleasure of the motion squeeze a little tighter. Her tongue tickled at me as she pulled off, and I shivered again, I moaned again. Her pigtails tickled at my thighs, and even that was beautiful. Then the girl sped up to wild slurping bobbing, sucking so hard her cheeks pulled inward. Maddy tried to do the same thing to me and got a mouth full of come for her trouble. I tried my best to hold back, but she was just too sweet, and pretty and eager. Something gave way inside me and next thing I know, I grabbed her head and blasted away, without giving her any warning at all other than a long hard throb and a loud groan.

She squealed when she felt it suddenly spurting out into her mouth. But instead of pulling off, she sped up even more, taking me over the brink with so much enthusiasm, I think she was trying to suck the very soul out of me.

“Maddy! Uh ... stop, Maddy...”

Her hands were fluttering and tickling and stroking as her mouth sucked and wriggle and bobbed on me. I thrust my hips right up off the bed and just spurted, emptying myself into her sweet slippery slurping oral suction. But she didn’t slow down one bit, and finally it was shocking me and almost stopping my heart with too much pleasure, too fast, too intense, for too long.

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