Camping - Cover


by Jean G.


Young Adult Sex Story: Cousin goes camping and get stuck in the same tent under the rain

Caution: This Young Adult Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Incest   Cousins   Group Sex   First   .

Corey had this ridiculous tent that wasn’t even fit for a dog. It was orange and grey, and it looked like a tree had fallen on it at some point, and somebody had done a piss poor job of patching it up with duct tape. It wasn’t so bad the first night out at the lake, but on the second day, it started raining.

“Corey’s gonna have to sleep with you girls tonight,” mom said.

“But mom!” Jenna complained. I pretended to grumble a bit, but I was actually glad. I hated sleeping alone in a tent at night, and having a guy there with us sounded like a great idea, especially with the wind howling like it was.

“No buts,” mom said. “He can’t sleep in that leaky old tent. He’ll catch his death of cold.”

“There’s not enough room! There’s barely enough room for me and Holly!”

“You two can sleep side by side, and Corey can lay down by your feet. At least you’ll all be warm and dry.”

“Great. Stinky feet all night,” Corey said. He didn’t actually look annoyed though. He was just teasing. I smacked his arm.

“This whole trip is ruined!” Jenna went on. “Why did it have to start raining!?”

“Sometimes it rains. Just deal with it,” dad said.

“Can’t he sleep in the camper, next to Julian?” Jenna asked. Julian was six. He was Corey’s little brother.

“Jenna, there’s barely enough room on that little bunk for him, and he’s tiny. How is Corey gonna fit-”

“Phooey!” Jenna said, and she stabbed a stick into what was left of the fire.

“You’re 14 now, Jenna,” mom said. “I expect you to act a little more mature than this. Corey can’t sleep in that tent and he can’t sleep in the camper. And he can’t sleep out in the rain. Have some consideration for your poor old cousin, would you?”

“I could sleep under the camper,” Corey joked.

“Nonsense,” mom said. “Corey, get your sleeping bag and put it in the girls’ tent. Once it starts raining too heavily, it’ll get soaked. Holly, go help him.”

We went. He got his sleeping bag and his pillow and went to our tent. I shoved Jenna’s sleeping bag over into the back corner, and laid mine next to the door, sideways. Corey rolled his out at our feet, though it did indeed seem like he would be laying on top of our feet. We would have to tuck our knees up.

“Pretty sure I’m gonna get kicked all night,” he said.

“I’ll try to be careful.”


Already the rain was pattering against the roof of the tent. It was a nice sound, but it was chilly. It was sure to be a long night.

“I want marshmallows!” Julian said when we came back to sit down.

Mom had to go get them from the camper. She called dad to help her when she couldn’t find them.

“Why are you making such a big deal out of Corey sleeping in our tent?” I asked Jenna when they were gone. “You’re such a pain in the ass.”

“I was up half the night with just you in the tent! Now I gotta listen to two people snoring?”

“I do not snore!”

“Maybe it was a bear she heard,” Corey joked.

“Oh my God! Are there bears out here?” I asked, grabbing his arm.

“Maybe,” he said. Now even Jenna looked worried.

“There’s no bears out here,” she said. “Come on. Dad would have said something.”

“Maybe,” Corey said again.

“That’s it! I’m sleeping in the camper. Even if I have to sleep on the floor!”

“More room for us,” I said.

Mom and dad came out of the camper, holding a bag of marshmallows.

“Dad, Corey says there are bears out here. Is that true?”

Jenna sounded panicked.

“There are no bears around here, Jenna.”

“There better not be! If I get eaten, it’s your fault!”

We ate our marshmallows mostly cold. The best we could muster was slightly warming them over the dying embers of the fire. And by the time we’d done a couple each it was raining hard.

“Stupid rain,” Jenna said, eating a soggy marshmallow.

We eventually gave up on the day and decided to just go to bed. It was dark and cold and rainy, and we didn’t even have a fire anymore.

“Let’s just all go to bed,” dad said. “With any luck the rain will clear up by morning.”

Even as he said that, the wind and rain picked up even worse. Now it was a dull roar in all directions. We all scattered to our beds. Jenna screamed as she ran.

It took us a few minutes to arrange ourselves in the tent. We clicked the flashlight on and twisted and turned ourselves this way and that, but nothing seemed comfortable. It turned out all three of us had to tuck our knees up. The tent wasn’t wide enough for Corey to stretch out. But it also turned out to be extremely difficult to tuck our knees up inside the sleeping bags.

“This isn’t going to work!” Jenna said, complaining some more.

I had to agree with her.

“The only way all three of us can fit in here is longwise, laying on our sides,” I said.

“But...” Jenna began. And then she trailed off, looking worried again.

Corey looked puzzled too, in the light of the flashlight.

“My sleeping bag is kinda wet too,” he said. “Damn.”

“Where did you get that stupid tent anyway?” Jenna asked.

“It’s my dad’s. He’s had it since the 1980s I think.”

“Well, you can’t sleep in a wet sleeping bag,” I told him. “Mom doesn’t want you to get sick.”

“Well what other choice does he have?” Jenna asked, annoyed again. “I’m not giving him mine! What will I use?”

“Here,” I said. “If we both unzip ours, we can spread them out like blankets, and they can cover all three of us.”

I began unzipping mine. It was big enough to cover two people. When Jenna unzipped hers, it was big enough for three.

“Fine. But nobody better kick me.”

I felt better already. I was terrified half to death all night the night before. But now, I’d have a guy lying right next to me. I’d had Jenna next to me the night before. But what could she do? She’d probably run away screaming if anything happened. At least Corey would protect me. He was 16. A year old than me, and two years older than Jenna. He was big for his age. And strong. I called him my big teddy bear.

“Turn around, Corey. We have to change into our pyjamas.”

He tried to turn around, but there wasn’t really much room for him to move. He was already on his knees, half slouched over.

“Maybe I should just close my eyes,” he suggested.

“Fine,” Jenna said. And she clicked off the flashlight.

I pulled my sweater and T-shirt off and slipped my nighty over my head. Then I took my pants off and pulled up my pyjama bottoms in their place. They were loose and they barely stayed on anymore, but they were warm. I left my socks on.

Jenna meanwhile slipped into her tops and bottoms. She had a button-up flannel pyjama top instead of the nighty I wore. And her bottoms went all the way down to her ankles where mine only went down to my knees.

Then we got under the covers.

“My turn,” Corey said. Though he hadn’t brought his bag with him. He just shucked off his pants and got under the covers in his boxers and his T-shirt. It wasn’t until after he was already getting under the blanket beside me that I realized I hadn’t even looked away. I’d just watched him get undressed. Whoops. I wasn’t sure what Jenna had done. But there wasn’t much to see anyway. Just a silhouette.

Corey laid down next to me, by the tent door. I slid over toward Jenna to give him room. She shoved me back though.

“Get off me! I’m already against the side, and it’s cold!”

So I slid back toward Corey again. He started out with his face toward the wall, turned away from us, but there just wasn’t enough room. The tent wall was angled toward the centre and his weight was almost pulling it down.

“Turn over,” I said. “Face me.”

He did. But now he was practically laying on my left side. He had nowhere to put his arms.

“You’re gonna have to lay on your side too,” he suggested. So I turned my back to him, and laid on my side. I was able to shove a little closer to Jenna that way too.

“That’s better,” he said.

“Do you have enough room?” I asked him. “Your back is still against the wall. Isn’t it cold?”

“A little,” he confessed.

“Come here then.”

I pulled him toward me, and he pressed himself into my back. He adjusted his pillow a bit and then lay still.

It was beautiful. It was cold outside, and rainy and windy, and kinda scary. But I felt safe and warm in that little tent. I even took his arm, and pulled it around me, across my tummy, into a hug. Then everything was nice and cozy.

A few minutes later however, I felt something poking my bum. I wiggled my bum a bit, trying to shove his arm away. I thought it was his right arm at first. His left arm was around my waist. His right arm must be-

Wait. His right arm was up underneath his pillow. Something else was...


I stopped my wiggling and jostling immediately. My little round bum had been rubbing and bumping against that bulge for nearly half a minute. Whoops.

“Sorry,” he whispered. He pulled his pelvis backward.

I couldn’t answer him without Jenna hearing me, so I just patted his hand. The naughty boy. What was going through his mind to get him in that sort of condition.

And then I tried to fall asleep. I couldn’t though. And it wasn’t his bulge that was bugging me either. That I probably could have ignored. It was his breath. He was right behind me and his breath was blowing across my ear every time he breathed. And for some reason it was making me tingle. I tried to turn my head away, but there was nowhere to move it. So I just lay still again. There was nothing I could do.

After a few minutes, I actually started to kind of like it. His body was right next to mine. I could feel his warmth. I felt safe and snugly. And his breath was tickling across my ear. I wasn’t sure if he was awake still. I had no way to find out. I just laid there feeling his hot breath on my ear, shivering every once in a while.

My tummy was getting warm and tingly. And then, when I turned my head toward him a bit, his lips touched my ear lobe. That’s how close he was. And then he was breathing right into my ear, and I shivered all over, and my backside pushed backward as my back arched, pressing into his bulge again.

I gasped a little. And I was trembling. It felt so good, feeling his hot breath on my ear. Everything was starting to get gooey inside me. My brain was going fuzzy. I began to wonder if maybe this is what it felt like being drunk.

And then, for some reason, my privates got warm and tingly too, and I felt really damp down there. And I couldn’t seem to lie still. I wasn’t thrashing around or anything, but I was making these weird slow little thrusting movements with my pelvis. I don’t even know why. Unfortunately, there was not really any room to thrust anywhere, and I wound up grinding against Corey again. He reached down and put a hand on my hip, stopping me. But he didn’t pull himself away this time.

“Please don’t, Holly,” he whispered. “That’s very ... nice.”

I tried to lie still, but as soon as we relaxed again, his breath was across my ear once more. And now his arm had moved so that it was just under my breasts. And they were starting to tingle too. For some reason, it felt like they wanted to be touched.

And my privates were downright hot now, and soaking wet. I couldn’t believe it. Just from feeling his breath on my ear. I had to struggle to keep from moaning. I had to struggle to stay still.

And then he sighed, long and heavy, and it went right into my ear. I lurched backward with my pelvis, grinding into him again. I gasped a little. I shivered all over. My tummy flip flopped.

I turned my head toward him, trying to face him, to tell him to please not sigh in my ear like that. But I didn’t know how to word it without sounding awkward. And because of the way I turned his lips were right against my cheek. He pulled back. I turned even more, leaning my body back against him, trying to gesture to him to turn his ear to me. I wanted to whisper to him so Jenna wouldn’t hear. But then, when I turned my head a little more, my lips pressed into his.

There was a great hot flash through my whole body in that instant that felt like lightning, and my heart jumped like a great silent boom had gone off. He pulled away instantly. But I reached a hand up and grabbed him, pulling him back again. And then we were kissing. Our mouths met. Our lips pressed together. And then my lips parted, and our tongues touched. Another shock of lightning went through me. And I sighed into the kiss. He kissed me for several minutes. And I melted, just like the romance stories say you do.

Then he pulled away, trying to be noble. “Holly ... I...”

I think he was gonna say that it wasn’t right to be doing that. I think he was gonna say that it might lead to something we shouldn’t be doing. But all I wanted was more kissing. My brain was drunk and my body was humming, and I couldn’t really think about anything else.

And we kissed for a very long time.

And then as we kissed, I realized his bulge had slipped right out of his boxers and was now pressing into my waist. My shirt had slipped up somehow (I think because he was softly stroking my tummy as we kissed) and I felt something wet touch me. It surprised me at first, and I reached down. And that’s when I felt the soft warm skin of his erection for the first time. His dick was stiff as wood, but the skin was so beautifully soft somehow. I touched it with my curious little fingertips, squeezing and stroking it, just on the end, and he moaned softly. And his moan sounded sad.

“You okay?” I whispered softly. It was hard to whisper softly with my heart pounding so hard and my breathing so heavy from excitement.

He nodded. I couldn’t see it, but I felt his lips move up and down against my cheek. I tickled him some more. I found the tip of his erection wet and a little slippery. I rubbed that wetness into him with my fingertips and this seemed to make him shiver as violently as I had. And then I reached down and tugged at his underwear down a bit. His erection came free, and so did his balls. I reached down, searching, and found them too. That skin was even softer and silkier. I tickled them softly. I played with them.

“Holly, don’t. Please...” he begged quietly.

“What’s wrong?” I whispered. “Don’t you like it?”

“I do. But I’ll want more. And I can’t have more.”

I pulled my nighty up, lifting my bum off the ground. I took his hand and slid it up to my breasts. I wasn’t wearing a bra.

“Have all you want. Just keep kissing me.”

And so he did, for a long while. I stroked and tickled his manhood, and he tugged and teased my nipples. And he squeezed my breasts, adoringly. And he kissed me like he worshipped me.

And after a while, my privates were screaming this silent song, long and hot. I could feel it squeezing and churning, tingling and oozing. And I started grinding again, involuntarily. And then I did a crazy thing. I took his hand off my breasts and slid it down my body and into my panties, not even breaking the hot sexy kiss. The next thing I know he was softly tickling my sweet little button. His finger pressed onto it and moved in a little circle. I gasped again and thrust at his hand. It felt so good. I moaned softly into the kiss. The rain roared on outside the tent.

And then his finger was inside me, just the tip, wiggling in slow circles. I squeezed it hard. It felt so oozy tickly sweet. He wiggled it deeper, thrusting it slowly in as my muscles lovingly crushed him. I was soaked and slippery and I was shivering and flinching with sweet little spasms, but he managed to keep his finger in. And he kept kissing me.

“Oh God, Holly...”

“Corey...” I whispered back. And then I went back to kissing him.

“We should stop...” he said. “This isn’t...”

I shook my head. I reached down and stroked at his erection some more, wrapping my entire hand around it now and sliding my soft warm skin along the shaft. His shaft was thick. I had no idea how big a dick was supposed to be, but it seemed too big for my tiny little hole. For some reason, that was the only thought in my head. Not, should we be doing this, but how will it ever fit inside me? My only guess was that there was a reason I was so soaking wet. It would slip right in and my tiny little hole would just have to stretch around it. And I was also thinking, judging by the tickles his finger was giving me, that it would would feel too beautiful for words.

I decided that I wanted it right there and then. Mom had put me on the pill a couple years ago to help with the menstrual issues. So there was no worries about getting pregnant. The only real worry was Jenna. We would have to be insanely quiet.

I lifted my hips and started pulling my panties down.

“What are you doing?” he said, and he sounded terrified.

“Shhh. Take yours down too.”

“Holly! We can’t!”

“Shhh,” I said again. “I’m on the pill. Don’t worry.”


But nothing. My panties were down. I was stroking his dick steadily now. His fingers moved back down to probe me some more.

“Are you sure?” he asked.

I just nodded. I twisted around and laid on my back. I pulled at him. He got on top of me, between my legs.

I moved my lips to his ear. “Just be extremely gentle, or I won’t be able to keep quiet, okay?”


He pressed his erection to my slit. His first push sent it sliding up across my clit. I squeaked out a gasp.

“It’s lower,” I said.

He tried again. This time he found the right place, but it wouldn’t go in.

“There?” he said.

“Yes,” I answered, hugging him tightly to my body, trembling wildly. “Put it in.”

He pushed forward but it wouldn’t go. So I reached down and spread myself open and then he slipped right in. We both gasped. There was suddenly a thick round bulge of flesh inside the opening of my pussy. He’d gotten his head in, and that’s it. He tried to go deeper, but I wasn’t spread wide enough. I had nowhere to move my legs. So I pulled them upward, toward my chest. And when he pushed again, more of him slid in.

“Oooh ... there...” I sighed. Now I could really feel the size of him. It was hot, stretching, hurting a bit, like a pulled muscle, but not unbearable. Everything just felt tingly and slippery and deliciously ticklish and pretty. I squeezed at him. He throbbed in response.

And then he just slowly worked himself deeper until he got to the very bottom of me. At first it had just hurt a bit. Now it was as much pain as it was pleasure. All I can say is, it was a damn good thing I was so wet. He got all the way in and then just held me, kissing me.

“Oh, Holly ... Oh my God...”

“Feels good?” I whispered.

“I can’t even believe it...”

And then he started making love to me. We kissed and cuddled. We pressed our flesh together. We kept each other warm in that cold rainy night. And we made love. He moved in and out of me slowly, so slowly. He was so gentle it was almost agony. Part of me wanted him to move faster. I wanted to feel those hot ticklish strokes, moving more steadily. I wanted the sweet burning ache to be drowned out by the pretty fluttering pleasures I was feeling. But he went slowly, pushing all the way to the bottom and then pulling all the way out.

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