Buying Fishfood - Cover

Buying Fishfood

by Erotic Girl

Copyright© 1996

Erotica Story: Her online sex chat interrupted, she head out to find somebody to tease and ends in the fish store

Caution: This Erotica Story contains strong sexual content, including Fiction   .

I was on-line chatting, yes hot chatting, Sensuous Erotic Chat!! I was so turned on, so excited. I could feel an orgasm building deeply within. He had taken me right to the very edge and just held me there for so long, not allowing me that final pleasure. I am sure my neighbors next door could hear me as I moaned, groaned, swore a lot!

I could only type with one hand as the other one was quite busy. Actually, I am getting rather good at typing one handed! Thanks to him! I had removed my panties and I had one leg up on the table next to the keyboard ... my chair sporting a wet spot. He was driving me insane!

And then it happened... “Sorry, I gotta run.” appeared on the screen. I wanted to choke him! I swore ... I yelled ... I almost cried! Something had come up (besides an erection) and he had to sign off.

Was I ever in a mood now! Rather hatefully, I decided to make someone pay for this! I had to go somewhere, get out of the house, find some poor unsuspecting guy, and tease him with body language. Make him want me, desire me, and then merely say good-bye to him and leave him suffering as I was at that moment!

I dressed in quite a plain outfit. Plain, but tight fitting. And I just happened to forget to button the top two buttons on my silk blouse. The black leggings I had chosen exposed the curves in my thighs quite nicely. Makeup applied perfectly, hair in a slightly wind blown fashion, I toped it off with a three quarter length black leather coat, tied snugly around my waist. Did I look just a little slutty? A little too hot? I hoped so! I was ready!

I proceeded to drive into town. Well, I was there, now what? I wasn’t sure! I was low on tropical fish food ... so, into the tropical fish store I went. Not knowing if this was a good place to start or not.

It was! As soon as I walked in, I could feel his eyes surveying me. He was standing at the cash register, not a customer. He apparently worked there or maybe even owned the establishment.

Had he not been so interesting or so interested, I would have paid for the fish food and left, I decided to play. I began browsing up and down the isles looking at every fish tank, still aware of his eyes on me. Though there were several customers in the store, it wasn’t long before he stood at my side.

“Can I interest you in something?”, he asked.

‘Huh,’ I thought, ‘I should be asking that question!’ I answered, “Haven’t really made my mind up yet, it may take me a while.” He was standing so close now, I could smell his cologne, I could see his nostrils flare slightly as he sniffed for my body scent.

I indeed had him. He was mine, at least for the moment. I had to bend over slightly to view the bottom row of fish tanks, I accidentally brushed my hips on his thigh as I did so. (well, maybe intentionally) I could hear his breathing increase in intensity as though he was having trouble catching his breath. I was smiling now. I looked up into his eyes, eyes that now appeared a little glazed over. I couldn’t help but notice the bulge in his jeans. It was quite obvious that he had quite an erection.

I continued to browse the isles, showing great concern for the beautiful fish he offered for sale. I asked many questions of him, brushed against him every so often, quite accidentally of course. I finally advised him that I had decided on two little Dalmatian Mollies. He hesitated for a moment, then he went to get a net and a plastic bag to put the fish in.

I realized his hesitation was because he was so erect now that he was having difficulty walking, not wanting anyone to notice the huge bulge in his jeans. His jeans were already too tight, now even tighter! I stayed a little longer, played with his mind a little longer, teased him just enough. I picked out two more tropical fish and some shells for my fish tank, (maybe due to feeling a little guilty) paid for my purchase, said good-bye to him and went home.

The last thing he said to me as I was leaving was, “Pp-lease c-cumm ba-ack sooooon.”

I may, I just may indeed!

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