The Dog Lover - Cover

The Dog Lover

Copyright© 2021 by Jon Reskind

Chapter 9

Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 9 - Bored housewife and her sister find entertainment with the neighbour's dog

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Ma/ft   Consensual   Fiction   Anal Sex   Bestiality   Oral Sex   Voyeurism   Novel-Pocketbook  

In those few paralyzing moments of standing in the doorway to her sister’s bedroom, Sharon Baker’s life did a topsy-turvy twist. Morals, ideals all turned around in that one moment...

At first she couldn’t believe the fantastic sight confronting her youthful eyes. She had frozen there in the doorway as if struck by lightning. Her sister was sucking like a madwoman on the neighbor’s German shepherd’s thick red penis while the animal licked at her openly exposed cunt!

A combination of horror and ... strangely ... jealousy made her knees buckle, and she gripped the doorframe for support, frustrated sensuality raging like a forest fire through her sensitive loins. She couldn’t believe it — her own sister’s mouth working on that huge dog’s penis. Sucking ecstatically with her throat full of husky guttural moans!

The nubile platinum blonde teenager shook out her long white-blonde hair, her ripely swollen breasts heaving with emotion. Every time the brute snarled, his powerful flanks pumping his cock furiously in and out of her sister’s mouth, it sent wild, flashing thrills shooting through Sharon’s nerves. Her sister’s hungrily working lips and tongue made the animal whimper with lust, until finally his loins began jerking and spasming out of control, spewing out a scalding load as if from an inexhaustible source.

Sharon watched hypnotized as stream after stream of the visciously gushing dog-sperm erupted into Rhonda’s ovalled mouth, filling her throat faster than she could swallow it. It seemed forever before the semen-drained cock slipped wetly from her sister’s cum-filled mouth and she seemed to be groaning erotically through a really savage climax of her own...

Sharon gasped and clutched her throat. She had to flee before she went stark raving mad, because watching her sister with the dog, in addition to everything else she’d seen that day, was upsetting her loins to stir in a furious turmoil of desire. She had to get away — and swiftly. Before she went out of her mind with lust. All she could think of now was that bright red dog cock and the way it slid in and out of her sister’s mouth ... and of how it might feel if it was being stuffed up into her own hot, wet and willing young cunt.

Racing down the hallway, her budding young breasts bobbing, their pert little pink crests becoming stiff with teen age desire, she finally made her way into the bathroom and shut the door. Panting for breath, she slid gasping to the floor, one hand reaching up under her short cut-offs to rub willfully at her seething young loins.

She had to get her head together — but how? Her own sister — God, it didn’t seem possible. How could she do that awful thing, with the huge, obscene German shepherd? While it was true that the dog was desperately attractive ... still she thought ... It was quite one thing to catch a hellion like Marla ... but her sister? It didn’t seem real.

Sharon shook out her long hair, her dark eyelashes fluttering the way her belly was fluttering, filled with sexual butterflies.

Her sister had always been so respectable; her mother had reminded the younger sister of that on several occasions. And then to find her in bed with a dog! It negated everything her mother had ever told her about sex, for if Rhonda, the prissy-sweetheart of the family, could indulge in animal sex it had to be allright.

Adults were always keeping secrets from youngsters. Perhaps this was one of those secrets, the fact that adult women took dogs, big good-looking dogs, for their lovers while their men were away. A secret that everyone knew? Except her?

Considering all this, the beautiful fourteen year old blonde continued to run her fingers absent-mindedly into the soft, hair-fringed folds of her rapidly moistening young pussy, the elastic waistband of her panties gripping tight against her slowly moving wrist. The heated moisture from her vagina was increasing at a rapid pace, but Sharon didn’t seem to notice, she was so deep in thought. The fact that the clear sticky liquid was inundating her fingers didn’t quite dawn on her.

But did all this mean that her sister loved Bob any less? They seemed happy together. And as attractive as Cesar was, Sharon still couldn’t imagine anybody not loving her sister’s fiancee, who was darkly handsome and probably wonderful with sex as well.

And didn’t this free her now to love her brother-in-law all the more? Knowing that her sister was not being faithful to him? She could make him happy, she was sure. They could all be happy.

The sweet, honeyish feeling in her loins escalated as the confused teenager daydreamed on and on. She imagined her brother in law with all of his clothes off, his immense hard cock springing up dangerously at a sharp angle to his dark haired loins, jutting out at her lewd invitation. She could imagine herself with her legs spread widely, welcoming him, her pale soft pussy hair all wet and slick with her incestuous excitement pointing right in his face.

And then he would move forward into the warmly scented circle up between her open legs and the soft rubbery end of his penis slowly parting the sparse curls around her cuntal mouth before moving into the wetly glistening folds of pussy flesh.

But then, suddenly there was something else in her daydream — yes, the big dog that had been fucking her sister’s mouth! His enormous pink cock was sticking out a mile and he was slipping it slowly through her eagerly rounded lips, stuffing it all the way down her throat, fucking her mouth just as her brother-in-law’s long hard penis had broken through her virginal hymen before going all the way down into the hungering depths of her cunt ... so that man and dog were both fucking her at once in her two gaping holes.

Sharon gasped and opened her eyes. Her cuntal hair was all soaked with a warm, pearl-colored cum. She drew out her fingers she’d been using to relieve herself and looked at them startled. Even as she stared at them, she saw her hand rising of its own volition to her mouth. A moment later she began sucking on them, swallowing all of her own tasty juices. Her tongue licked lavishly around her fingers until she thought she would swoon from the heady, heavenly taste of her cuntal fluids.

I’ve got to get out of this, she thought tremulously. I’m doing all sorts of filthy things I’ve never done before. I’ve got to get my head together!

She staggered upward to her feet, her breasts heaving irregularly beneath the tight tee shirt. Then, wiping her fingers on her levi shorts, the girl moved toward the connecting door to her bedroom.

Once inside, she began swiftly stripping off her clothes. First came the tee shirt swinging up and over her head to reveal her resilient white mounds joggling within her bikini top. She pushed her hands in back of her and undid the hooks and eyes, watching herself carefully in the mirror on the vanity. She could see her long platinum hair floating all around her back.

Now she removed her bikini top and let it fall to the floor. Her high-set white mounds, topped with their berry-like nipples and oversized pink crests, sprang into view. She gripped them in her hands, smiling slightly, and squeezed. Fluttery sensations burst through her chest and rippled downward to her wetly throbbing pussy.

Sharon’s nostrils flared as her hands dropped to her waist to fumble with the fastenings on her levi cut-offs until they came undone. A second later her levis fell in a soft pool around her long lithe legs. The cotton of her shorts caressed her slender young ankles lovingly, and she shivered involuntarily from that soothing caress.

Now her thumbs hooked into the tight elastic waistband of her white bikini, and she drew them down, watching herself the whole time, even as her long blonde hair fell about her shoulders, and her fulsome young breasts swayed like ripe pears as she bent over.

The bright-eyed fourteen year old virgin could see all of herself now. Revolving, she put her hands on the moonlike dimpled mounds of her gleaming ass cheeks and dug her fingers into their fleshy softness like the talons of a hawk. Her thumbs moved up between her buttocks, deeply into that hot hairless crevice, until she remembered the obscene way she had stuck her finger up inside her puckering little anus at Marla’s house, and, blushing with shameful remembrance, she steeled herself and forced her fingers to slide out again.

Then she was facing frontward again and cupped her ripened breast mounds to offer them erotically to her reflection in the mirror. These were what men loved to suck on, she knew, and Bob should love hers especially. For wasn’t she a loving little girl?

And then there was the fact of her sparse platinum pubic hair. She knew that this coloring was unusual, and she often doted on studying herself in the mirror this way. For what could be sweeter than a natural blonde?

Sharon smiled to herself. If Bob ever saw her like this, he couldn’t fail to love her! She stepped daintily out of her panties, breathing hard. If only Bob were here now to see her in all her loveliness.

And then she heard it — the creak of the bedroom door opening slightly...

She looked at the door — startled and apprehensive — to find that big handsome brute Cesar coming smoothly in through the open door.

“You!” she cried reflexively. “What are you doing here?! Get out!”

But Cesar only snarled unintelligibly. He understood what the beautiful young girl was saying, but he chose to ignore her. He had to ignore it, for the fiercely ruttish pounding in his genitals would not let him rest.

He had noticed the platinum-haired fourteen year old when she’d first stepped out of her sister’s car a few days ago, and he’d wanted her ever since. With her long hair and the sweet scent of youth, she was totally the most attractive female he’d ever seen. The redhead was a voluptuous woman, but this girl had such an essence of purity about her that the urge to slip his cock up through her trembling white buttocks and make it disappear through her virginally snug anal ring was fairly compelling — indeed overwhelming.

So that when he had heard and sensed her presence when he was finishing his scene with his redheaded mistress, he had scented keenly in order to keep track of her smell as she moved off down the corridor and about the house. Then when he had broken from the redheaded female, leaving her breathing brokenly in an exhausted nakedness, he took off after the young blonde.

His keen nose had followed her to the bathroom, which had been closed, and he had waited here for some time until he sensed her departing for the room next door. With this one, the door had been slightly parted, and he had been able to push it open further and ease his sleek body through the wide-spread portal.

Now they were face to face, she standing naked there in the center of the room, he with his eyes and nostrils devouring the total compelling magic of her scent.

He could feel his cock gradually filling with blood and sliding out through its softly furred container. He was all ready to go again — this girl was so enticing that he needed no further rest. He was becoming fully aroused at the sight of her glorious loveliness. He wanted to sink his penis up into her belly and hump over her until that moment when, convulsively, his animal hunger was appeased.

“Get away! Get away, bad dog!” snapped Sharon, backing away, her long hair flying around, her breasts quivering in fright. The big dog growled and moved closer toward her, its sharp canine teeth showing in a menacing snarl. This produced a blast of fear in the trembling young girl’s loins, and the fright was in some way a more sexually exciting element than kindness.

“Get away! Leave me alone!” she moaned, backing off until she fell against the bed. But the big dog only growled in warning, making her loins cringe with primitive thrills, and she stumbled backward and up onto the bed as fast as she could.

Suddenly he leaped at her, landing right in front of the bed! Sharon cringed and her voice came out in a piteous, helpless moan: “Please — I’ll do anything you want!” And oddly, as she spoke, the young girl realized she wanted him to do something ... something naughty.

Cesar grinned evilly, showing his teeth, then suddenly jumped up on the bed and began nosing at her with his cold, wet snout. Trembling with fear and terror, Sharon allowed herself to be nosed about and pushed around by the dog.

By now the heated flow in her wetly throbbing loins had become a perfume that was stronger than soap, she was terrified of this shaggy lover who could not be understood or implored, who only knew how to demand and force her to do his bidding.

But at the same time she found Cesar savagely exciting. There was something marvelously masculine about the way he terrified her into submission in a way that all females secretly love. The raging fire in her loins required satisfaction desperately now, and as he was obviously intent on forcing her to do his bidding, Sharon had the perfect rationale for being compliant. This was rape! After her initial resistance, God could scarcely hold it against her if she was terrified and allowed herself to be mauled and pushed around by this magnetically dominating animal. She had done her best, after all. She was just an innocent virginal fourteen year old, completely pure, while Cesar was obviously a dangerous, brutal beast who had been trained to do this. What sort of competition was there in that? What sort of defense could a weak, delicate young thing like herself present?

“Please — please ... what are you trying to do to me?” she continued to wail helplessly as he forced her to get on all fours on the bed, her long hair streaming all over her neck, shoulders, and back, her budding young breasts swaying and jiggling over the coverlet, her naked buttocks waving high in the air.

Cesar drooled as his eyes fastened on her fleshy white ass cheeks. Growling low in his throat with desire, he got up on his hind legs and staggered forward awkwardly, his feet digging deeply into the softness of the bed, until he was able to clamp his forelegs firmly onto her smoothly muscled long back.

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